In A Nutrient Bank, No One Goes Hungry Essay Example

A nutrient larder. or nutrient bank. provides nutrient to those who are unable to afford nutrient due to economic issues. These issues can run from occupation loss. homelessness. natural catastrophe. etc. Most commonly it is low income families that find nutrient Bankss most convenient as nutrient Bankss are. harmonizing to the Houston Food Bank web site. “a private. non-profit-making organisation. ” These not-for-profits organisations offer nutrient to in demand families at no charge as portion of their charitable services. This of class is ideal for those families that have merely one working or no on the job grownups. The demographics show in the chart below. taken from page sixty-one of a hungriness survey done by Houston Food Bank. show that the highest figure of use in all classs of service that Houston Food Bank offers is that of people who are unemployed. This fits with the claim that those who are portion of in demand and low income families take full advantage of the services and assist that Houston Food Bank. and other organisations like it. offers to the populace. Naturally those in charge of the Houston Food Bank. and organisations like it. cognize that these in demand and low income families rely on them for aid when it comes to remaining fed and maintaining their families from nutrient insecurity.

The account of Food Insecurity from the Texas Food Bank Network is. “Food insecurity means that consistent entree to adequate nutrient is limited by a deficiency of money and other resources at times during the twelvemonth. ” The graph to the side. taken from tfbn. org. shows a brief representation of the recent addition in nutrient insecurity in places as the old ages have progressed up until the twelvemonth 2010. Texas Food Bank Network explains “that the two primary causes of nutrient insecurity are poorness ( i. e. non holding adequate money to run into one’s demands ) and unemployment. ” This of class correlatives closely to the province of the economic system. which when it suffers consequences in unemployment and financess being cut short in families. When this happens families find themselves turning to alternative ways to maintain their households fed until the family can be supported independently once more. It is because of this ground that these organisations makes certain they are supplying healthy and alimentary nutrient for those people that come to them seeking aid. The web site for Feeding America lists themselves as being “uniquely positioned to assist those who struggle with hungriness while besides advancing better nutrition by increasing entree to healthful nutrients like fruits and veggies. raising consciousness of the coexistence of hungriness with other diet-related diseases. and by advancing nutrition instruction. ”

As a spouse of Feeding America. Houston Food Bank adheres to this and offers “a nutrition instruction plan to turn to nutrient insecurity and hungriness by utilizing USDA stuffs and guidelines to accomplish nutritionary ends. ” By making this nutrient Bankss are working to seek and forestall wellness related issues like high blood force per unit area. diabetes. and high cholesterin. Houston Food Bank is besides learning immature kids early on about healthy feeding and how to keep a healthy diet. This information is besides available to grownups along with several healthy repast formulas listed on the web site. However because Houston Food Bank is a non-profit-making charity it relies on contributions and without contributions these good plans would non be. Most contributions to nutrient Bankss are most normally made by: community nutrient thrusts. retail merchants. jobbers. makers. agents. agriculturists. and shippers. The flow chart below. pulled from Houston Food Bank’s web page. farther explains the procedure that follows after the contribution parts.

Contributions are taken. received by the nutrient bank. inspected. stored. so eventually picked up or delivered to spouse bureaus where the nutrient is either given to the individuals that requested aid or cooked in kitchens. Most normally to carry through the successful bringing of the nutrient to those in need a shopping list is comprised that lists the available picks from what is in storage. From there nutrient bank knows what to present and has a manner of cognizing what they might necessitate more of in the hereafter.

Thankss to nutrient larders like Houston Food Bank. who provide the charitable services they do. hungriness and nutrient insecurity are easy being minimized in an attempt to eliminate the issue of nutrient insecurity wholly. All the while an docket of healthy feeding and alimentary life is being promoted that could rather perchance hold an consequence in countries such as fleshiness in both kids and grownups. Food larders are making more than merely offering a service and charity ; they are offering healthy options to confronting hungriness in hard times.

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The Civil War And Its Turning Points

The period being covered in this presentation is the Civil War and its turning strivings following the Civil War. Thingss to be explored will be the turning points in American history along with historical events after the Civil War. segregation and it’s defining of American history. alterations in attitudes. and the life of an American along with the Torahs passed to know apart against the non-whites citizens. Other things to be explored will be the scenario if President Lincoln has non been assassinated. Basically. it will be an effort to touch base on state of affairss that have happened during and after the Civil War. that are of significance.

MAJOR TURNING POINTSA major turning point in history is when President Abraham Lincoln signed the Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation on September 22. 1862 and issued the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1. 1863. The proclamation’s impact was to free slaves merely in the Confederate provinces. while go forthing slavery intact in the other provinces. However. the freedom promised was contingent on the Union military victory over the South. It allowed 180. 000 inkinesss to contend for their freedom by going a member of the Union ground forces. Other major turning points were The Revolutionary War and the World War II because if they had non fought in these wars. they might still be portion of Great Britain. Germany or Japan and would ne’er hold become an independent and free state. Those states were barbarous. ruthless. and determined to infest the whole universe. They were of import triumphs in order to protect our manner of life ( Parker. 2012 ) .


A few major events were the innovation of the cotton gin and the innovation of the electric telegraph. The innovation of the cotton gin led to dividing the cotton from the seeds and made it easier to fabricate togss for stuff. This led to a higher demand of cotton and of the husbandmans. This besides led to mills. steam engines and subsequently railwaies. The cotton gin allows us today to execute and hasten and fabricate vesture. furniture upholstery. sheets and drapes at a much faster rate than of all time. The other major event is the innovation of the telegraph that led to the wireless and the telephone. transistors. vacuity tubings and later it led to the beginning of the station office. Today. about everyone has some kind of electronic device that originated from the innovation of the telegraph ( Institute. 2012 ) . SEGREGATION AND HOW IT SHAPED AMERICA’S HISTORY

Segregation has shaped the American civilization since the Civil War and the emancipation of African American slaves. There has ever been bitterness between the races that has resulted in segregation. hatred and even force. The force erupted and it about seemed worse than when inkinesss were slaves. Restaurants. hotels. bathrooms and Parkss have turned into topographic points that would divide races apart. Children non raised as slaves were out to pass on with friends of other races because of the on-going hate and bitterness. The hate and force is still in topographic point today. it is merely more utmost one manner or the other. Peoples today are get downing to digest the other races and acquire along. but there are still those that prefer force ( Clark. 1939 ) .


The attitudes of the American people changed because we are motivated to keep consistence. No 1 wants to look foolishly inconsistent. To avoid this. we can show attitudes that match our actions in order to look consistent. For illustration. in the 1980’s many authoritiess began necessitating the usage of place belts by all people siting in cars. Initially. these Torahs were seen as a hurting and they were opposed by many. but over clip. place belt usage has risen dramatically ( Clark. 1939 ) . Ad caused a important alteration in attitudes. They were invariably seting these trade names in forepart of the consumer and they were set on acquiring that point. If person was willing to pay for more advertisement so person else. that was the merchandise that was purchased the most due to the American people being really influential ( University. 2012 ) . LIFE OF AN Average AMERICAN AND THE LAWS OF DISCRIMINATION

The mean life of an American citizen was its American dream to prosecute freedom and a better life with a nice house. a auto. and more comfy being than our parents. This freedom fuels tonss of shreds to riches narratives and these narratives contribute to the American political civilization. This epoch of alteration in the ambiance brought in a alteration that comes with growing. The industrialisation affected the life of an American by the new railwaies. The railway companies were willing to engage workers with no accomplishments and allowed them to travel up in the company which offered a stableness that was non known to the inkinesss or most Americans. In Percy vs. Ferguson. Percy was a adult male who did non desire the inkinesss to be equal to the Whites.

He took his supplication all the manner to the Supreme Court and they passed a jurisprudence that started segregation. Segregation did non let inkinesss to sit in the forepart of the coach. eat in the same topographic points as Whites or travel to the same bathrooms as Whites. In 1775 in Philadelphia. the Continental Congress bars inkinesss from the American Revolutionary ground forces. even though about fifth part of the people of the mainland settlements were of African lineage ( University. 2012 ) . WHAT IF LINCOLN HAD NOT BEEN ASSASSINATED? President Lincoln was assassinated and this was a large Lashkar-e-Taiba down to the South because he was working on a rapprochement to unite the South and the North with the purpose of a smooth passage. Lincoln besides wanted to advance a loyal authorities and have them swear an curse to the Union. Due to Lincoln’s blackwash the Reconciliation effort failed go forthing a major job of a racial justness for future coevalss. If Lincoln would hold stayed as President. so the South likely would non hold the animus toward inkinesss as we still have today ( Foner. 1983 ) . HISTORY SINCE THE CIVIL WAR

After the Civil War. each province was allowed to go through their ain Torahs about inkinesss and Whites and if they were equal or non. In 1865. the 13th Amendment was passed to get rid of all bondage. Besides in 1865. the 14th Amendment was passed to province all people born in the United States will bask the rights of all citizens and non be deprived of life. autonomy or belongings. In 1869. the 15th Amendment was passed that stated no one shall be the right to vote based on race or colour. In 1955. Executive Order to set up a commission to implement non favoritism policies. In 1956. integration of public transit was considered to be unconstitutional. And in 1964. the Civil Rights Act was established to stop public favoritism of inkinesss ( University. 2012 ) .

DecisionThe rapprochement had many good points traveling for it. Slavery was abolished and Torahs were passed to assist the slaves and others. However. it failed because President Johnson failed to take part in the rapprochement and distribution of land meant for slaves. Besides. sharecropping paralyzed many black husbandmans. Finally. the force in the South erupted and the north chose to disregard this force. Soon. there was no 1 to supervise the behaviour of the South and it was left with its power to make as they wish.


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Explain How The DUP Dominates Unionism

It could be argued that the UUP has been unsuccessful in mounting any challenge to the DUP.

The DUP remains the dominant unionist party, and it has been since 2003. It was founded in the 1970s by Ian Paisley and was based on the principles of implacable opposition to nationalism and opposition to any weakening of the union with NI and Great Britain. It was the second party in unionism up until the Good Friday Agreement, lagging considerably behind the dominant UUP (which had dominated unionism for 70 years.Its support was based on a stronger form of ‘no compromise’ unionism/loyalism with a solid working class but also middle class, conservative vote.

It is traditionally linked to the fundamentalist Free Presbyterian Church, but in more recent times has tried to reach a wider audience. The Good Friday agreement was the point that marked the beginning of the UUP’s decline and also the beginning of the DUP’s rise to dominance. No amount of new strategies by the UUP can reverse the damage that agreeing to the GFA caused. DUP were of course firmly against the Good Friday Agreement in 1998.

However, this time it found itself at odds with the UUP and bitterly opposed the party as it tried to bring peace. Rather than being the odd one out the DUP set on a strategy of working against the Agreement from within the new NI Assembly in an attempt to destroy it from within. This was clearly succeeding. The UUP were being steadily undermined by their strategy of working with Sinn Fein in the absence of decommissioning of weapons.

Unionists felt as if they were making all the concessions (such as prisoner release and RUC reform) without anything in return. The DUP revelled in its opposition to the UUP and gradually took votes.It made the first Assembly almost unworkable – refusing to attend meetings with Sinn Fein or refusing to go to the NSMC meetings. Ironically, the agreement it set out to destroy was also the making of the DUP.

Their opposition to the GFA propelled the party to its present dominance. The St Andrews Agreement saw the DUP take the very risky and highly pragmatic step of sharing power with SF on the basis that the IRA decommissioned weapons (it did in 2005) and that SF signed up to support policing and justice (This was part of the Ministerial code signed by all parties after 2007.The very public acceptance by the DUP of SF was widely welcomed across the world as an amazing sign of peace. Paisley and McGuinness had a remarkable relationship as First and Deputy First Minister –becoming known as the chuckle brothers.

HOWEVER, this hid deep divisions WITHIN the DUP over the St Andrews agreement. Tensions were high and many harder line elements were jettisoning the party – such as Jim Allister (TUV) and 7 DUP councillors. Paisley was also a victim of this hardening stance.He was forced out by critics such as Dodds and Campbell and replaced by Peter Robinson as First Minister.

The hurt and division of this only really raised its head recently in a BBC documentary on Paisley, Genesis to Revelation – in which he slammed those who had forced him out. The DUP also uses the fear of Sinn Fein in order to dominate unionism. They claim that they are the only party strong enough to keep Sinn Fein out of power. In fact, in their election campaign they bluntly said that a vote for the UUP is a vote for Sinn Fein.

As Sinn Fein increases, people vote for the DUP out of fear. This is especially so after issues such as the arrest of Gerry Adams in relation to the disappearance and murder of Jean McConville, a mother of 10 in 1972. The DUP consistently opposes Sinn Fein on matters such as flags, parading and the past. The main way in which the DUP can maintain dominance against Sinn Fein and others is through the petition of concern.

All legislation must be passed by OFMdFM and this can lead to legislation getting killed before it is initiated if either of the ‘big two’ do not like it.MLAs have the possibility of raising a Petition of Concern if they believe there is an issue which is a serious concern to their community. To enact this they have to achieve the support of 30 MLAs. In such cases, a vote on proposed legislation will only pass if a weighted majority (60%) of members voting, with at least 40% of each community present and voting.

It gives each community a veto to prevent decisions or legislation being made which can affect them. Mark Durkan of the SDLP claimed that it was being, “played like a joker. ”A good example of the petition of concern being used is in the rejection of a Sinn Fein motion calling for same sex marriage. A DUP backed petition of concern was used to reject the motion.

The DUP is the only party with enough votes to reject a proposal outright as it has over 30 Assembly seat (38 MLAs). This proves that the DUP are the only party that can veto Sinn Fein, because the smaller parties are unable to use petition of concerns. For example, the UUP were against the devolution of Policing and Justice because they believed that the assembly wasn’t ready.However, they didn’t have the numbers for a veto.

Furthermore, it could be argued that the UUP has become too fragmented and this has led to its decline and the subsequent rise of the DUP. For example, Basil McCrea left the UUP to form NI21, yet another unionist party. Unlike the UUP which is a ‘broad church’ with a Variety of different opinions of all shades (left and right wing) the DUP is much more homogenous and ideologically fixed. It is a conservative party with quite a narrow and clear vision – socially, economically and politically.

Another reason that the UUP has been unsuccessful in halting its decline is that the DUP and UUP agree on many issues and therefore voters see no need for UUP. For voters the distinctions between the two parties are blurred. They are united in their opposition to an Irish language act, they both support grammar schools and academic selection, they both supported the welfare reforms and they were in agreement over most issues discussed during the Haass talks. The UUP has been partially successful in trying to create a new image, but ultimately one of its drawbacks is that it is far too similar to the DUP policy wise.

Finally, the DUP have very good vote management with the system of proportional representation. In the most recent election this was evident in the South Belfast constituency, where the two candidates were Emma Pengelly and Christopher Stalford. The DUP made sure they got an equal number of first and second preferences by managing the voting street by street. This was successful and both candidates were elected.

The UUP have been criticised for not having such a fine-tuned vote management strategy and this has cost them vital seats in the assembly.Its ascendancy would now seem complete: it has 38 MLAs, the DUP First Minister is Arlene Foster (ex-UUP), it has 8 Westminster MPs, and has a dominant position in local government. Arlene Foster’s leadership should be good for the DUP and should help it appeal to a wider audience outside of the traditional Free Presbyterian vote. This is very important.

It shows that a woman can lead a party as traditional and patriarchal as the DUP. To gain power without opposition is impressive. She is also not from the deeply conservative Free Presbyterian wing of the party but from Church of Ireland.Her Fermanagh background is also at odds with most of the party’s more traditional roots.

To conclude, the UUP has taken many successful steps to challenge DUP dominance, a while this has manged to win them some votes the DUP are still the biggest Unionist party by far. The decision of the UUP to go into opposition is very interesting and this may win them votes by presenting themselves as an alternative to the DUP/Sinn Fein executive. However, for now at least, the DUP is firmly in control of unionism.

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