Internationalism: The Issue Of Transitional Crime Essay Example


Transnational crimes can be seen to affect the democracy of a nation and the economic growth of that country in that it affects the trade of that country by draining the available assets of that country and hence as a result, transnational crimes should be discouraged. Also, transitional crimes affect the security of that country in that the criminals threaten the citizens of that country by robbing off their properties including the assets they have and hence you find that at the end if these transnational crimes are not curbed, then, in the long run, you find that the developed and stable societies are affected due to the arising threats and lack of security.

Transnational crimes affect the democracy of that country in that if they are allowed to persist, then you find that these citizens do not enjoy being citizens of that country since they always live in fear so there is no need to be proud of that country and at the end, you find that democracy is not depicted in such a situation. (Edwards, and Gill, 2002 pp. 23-24)

Transnational crimes in a wider sense can be seen as a challenge to international security and international order. Some of the examples of transnational crimes include mere smuggling of goods and services and you find that smuggling of goods and services has taken place ever since the imposition of economic exchange controls between countries. Cross border corporation and strategic alliances between criminal organizations is actually a new phenomenon to be discussed. Another effect of these transnational crimes is that they threaten the integrity of states and the international system in which these states actually operate. (Edwards, and Gill, 2002)

It is known that the scope of transnational crimes as a component of the global economy has massively increased and it is actually known that the massive increase of this crime would actually qualify as a major growth industry since they actually deal with large quantities of smuggled goods that’s why they can qualify to be a major industry but at the wrong way. The provision of illegal goods and services is not actually a new phenomenon in almost all of the states globally.

You find that transnational organized crimes have a connection with economic globalization. Several related factors have actually led to an increase in transnational crimes like the political changes at the end of the cold war which eventually led to the international movement of people and trade and the free market movement of goods and services. Transnational crimes hence in this case refers to the movement between western industrialized countries and the developing countries in the process of free trade and hence you find that since these people have to intermingle, then you find that make cases of transnational crisis eventually occur. Some of the negative impacts of globalization are noted to be an increase in criminal activities.

These globalization factors have in the end opened roads for transnational crimes like the technological changes. Due to the cheaper and faster transportation accrued, you find that there has been trafficking of illicit goods and services, the improved technology in computer systems which has led to rapid cash transactions. (Edwards, and Gill, 2002 pp. 25-26)

The social economic and political changes

It is known that the most significant social-political event of recent decades that has created opportunities for transnational crimes is the Perestroika which is the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the market-oriented economies. It is known that by the year 1990s, Russia organized a crime and had secured fifty percent of the economy and some of the secured economies included the possession of 1800banks, 4000 companies, and 1500 state-owned companies, and these transnational crimes by Russia operated in forty countries.

This can be a clear example of a transnational crime by Russia by operating in forty countries and securing most of the competitive firms of the economy in that country. These crime groups by Russia infiltrated both public and private industries and in the end, they legitimized themselves so that both the licit and illicit products all became blurred and of course it is a crime. Due to this, they have replaced the labor markets and the existing trade unions. As a result, you find that most of the investors have a negative attitude in these countries and hence can’t invest in them since they are dominated by the criminals of trade and hence as a result, the economy of these countries has eventually gone down.

Also, you find that there are large capital flights from these countries estimated to be $1 billion per month and hence the economy goes down. You find also that Russia is a country, which is fully developed with high technology and high business practices, and hence as a result, you find that they make fraud documents and credit defaults, and hence this makes their criminal activities difficult to establish and more complex for people to detect. (Edwards, and Gill, 2002 pp. 27-29)

Due to the liberalization of trade in the developing countries, you find that most of these developing countries are in a position to compete with the already developed countries due to the liberalization of these markets and hence as a result, you find that these markets act as markets for trafficking goods and services since these are usually ready markets which deal with sophisticated goods, goods e.g. high technology and the quality of goods here is usually high. You also find that due to the liberalization of these markets there is increased shipping and aviation since these countries actually deal with large quantities of goods and services.

Tourism is also depicted in this case since you find that most of the tourists actually come from the developed countries to the developing countries since the various scenes in these countries like agriculture and wildlife attract them. Due to the introduction of NAFTA, you find that there is free movement of the goods and services and hence you find that there is a ready market for trafficking of these goods. Political integration has also led to trafficking in that due to the political integration of Eastern Europe and South Africa, the increased trade to new markets has led to goods trafficking in these countries. (Edwards, and Gill, 2002 pp.30)

NAFTA and Social-economic growth

NAFTA is an agreement between three North American countries that is the United States, Canada and Mexico is a trade agreement in order to protect the exploitation of developing countries by the already developed countries. Since the formation of this agreement, these three countries have been in a position to expand massively. Since the establishment of NAFTA, these countries have had fabulous growth in their economies and the citizens are actually prosperous..

It sets to reduce all tariffs and quotas for all goods and services leaving and entering a country so you find that there are no border checks and hence goods and services are in a position to enter and leave a country freely. Today the global economy is characterized by various things which include global communication systems, movement of goods and services, transnational corporations for instance like the case of Wal-Mart, and the global agreements that help to promote trade like NAFTA and various other trade agreements like the WTO and GATT which are actually established in order to protect trade in the developing countries.

And hence, as a result, you find that the poor countries are in a position to compete effectively with the developed countries in the trade markets Despite the advantages of NAFTA, it is facing various challenges in migration, labor, security, and monitory policies and in transportation. (Edwards, and Gill, 2002 pp. 31-32)

NAFTA and transnational crimes

NAFTA has led to the loss of 350,000 jobs in the United States. It is also due to the removal of all these barriers that there is the existence of a free market which actually allows free trade from all countries and hence as a result, you find that many countries are in a position to compete effectively with the developed countries and hence eventually you find that there is the trafficking of goods by the well-established countries like Russia since they are fully developed and with high technology to fraud some of the goods and services. There is also high corruption with the introduction of these trade agreements since you find that the most developed countries since they are developed, can fraud most of the goods. (Edwards, and Gill, 2002 pp. 33-34)

Fighting transnational crimes

In almost every country, democracy has to be shown by observing the law since they are integral to the success of foreign policies. The growing transnational crimes if not controlled can destroy the economies of the countries affected and hence it should be stopped and one of the most effective ways to curb transnational crimes is by providing law enforcement training in most of the affected countries like Russia. (Collins, 2000 pp. 63)


Transnational crimes can be seen to affect the democracy of a nation and the economic growth of that country in that it affects the trade of that country by draining the available assets of that country and hence as a result, transnational crimes should be discouraged. Efforts are been made in Europe and North America in order to control transnational crimes arising in many states. Measures relating to drug offenses, bribery, fraud, and embezzlement should be curbed in order to ensure that the markets of these economies actually develop.


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The Motivational Potential Of Family-Friendly Compensation Program

Case Scenario

Being a manager I feel that the Motivational Potential of DHC’s family-friendly compensation program should be applied to each store for the growth of its business. Even before advertising or closing the majority of their store brands to think on running Target, the previous Dayton-Hudson Corporation unspoken that to have the most outstanding stores, it had to pull towards you, retain, and motivate the best workers. Since women customers account for the majority of the retail-shopping dollars exhausted, DHC also required attracting and motivating women managers; it, therefore, urbanized various policies to create the company good-looking to potential women workers.

DHC was winning in its labors to promote women managers. The company’s majority fresh Equal Employment chance (EEO) report noted that in older management, 26% of DHC managers at the stage of vice leader or higher are women. Of the center organization at the corporation, 37% are women. Women lately comprised additional than 66% of DHC’s worker inhabitants (Gellerman S, 41-45).

Motivational Program for Women at DHC Stores

Occupational flexibility is an important motivator in feminine entrepreneurship at the store. It is a more dangerous factor for women compared to gentleman business enterprise owners. Furthermore, this flexibility assists with the wish and need of both employment and hoists families. For feminine entrepreneurs with kids, their venture option offers more suppleness to house both their business/financial and relations everyday jobs at DHC.

Women entrepreneurs also come across problems not characteristically knowledgeable by males. Gender stereotypes, along with incomplete access to networks and mentoring, may make barriers to the effective organization of a business. Culturally compulsory attitudes concerning masculinity remain barriers to women in achieving higher monetary rewards and status in the commerce world (Manoria C, 76-80).

Breastfeeding Facility

This report focused on this truth that present is several benefits that the DHC can harvest by supporting place of work lactation programs. “Workplace lactation programs decrease health worry costs and worker absenteeism caused by baby illness since breast-fed infants are healthier, ac-cording to AAP”. “Its research has exposed that these babies have smaller amount allergies, respiratory infections, ear infection, and grave diseases, such as diabetes”. “Breastfeeding also keeps mothers better by reducing the risk of ovarian and breast cancers, say the AAP” (Desimone R., Harris D, 187-90). Studies show there is less illness in the middle of breastfed kids and consequently lower health cover costs. A healthier youngster in turn means less worker absence. It can also be a boost to employee confidence. Diane Cushman, a manager at a property-casualty corporation in St. Paul, Minnesota, states, “It’s a great confidence builder, even for populace who aren’t using it”. “It’s a inexpensive, high impact program”. “And it’s not hard to put into practice” (Michael V, 81-90).

Health care at Store

If we analyze then we come to know that a lactation program, the distance end to end of with the more ordinary physical state care, 401k, and retirement fund benefits, can in adding be a good incentive to attract new workers. Many companies who frequently create the “Top 100” lists provide breastfeeding grasp-up programs. “Providing lactation somewhere to live is a high-quality recruitment tool for women of childbearing period” (Decenzo D., Robbins S, 121-130).

Pay Schedules

In universal woman gets salaried less than men. Woman’s yearly earnings were seventy-four percent of men’s last year at the DHC store. It’s alluring to say this is due almost entirely to bias. Some women have less work experience since they may leave their jobs for motherhood leave. Women old sixteen from side to side twenty-nine who have no brood now make on the standard, ninety-eight percent of the salary of childless men of a similar age. Pay favoritism because of a person’s sex is against the law.

It is a straightforward procedure for DHC to set up a workplace lactation program. Simple strategies can allow infants, foliage, attractive income to women, and DHCs to experience the reimbursement of the place of work breastfeeding hold up, health care, and unwind timing. Lactation programs are comparatively easy to set up, plus they require little cash. The programs have been proven to be effective in all types of corporations and organizations.

Compensation Programs Help To Motivate Women in DHC

According to the expert analysis, an additional distinction is that men tend to have stronger commerce backgrounds and knowledge, whereas women characteristically are additional highly cultured, but their education is less connected to business organization explained lesser size and slower increase of income in women-owned ventures as a be short of experience working in alike firms and starting up preceding businesses. However, their learn did indicate that resemblance of output rates and returns strength be explained by the aptitude of these women to recompense for their lack of convinced knowledge and skills.

Compensation Program

According to DHC executives in “Creative Compensation”, compensation packages can be connected to staffing and retention. This is true to a great extent as dissimilar pay systems will attract dissimilar people with dissimilar traits. Organizations that link pay to personality performance from side to side use of methods such as merit pay and individual incentives will tend to pull towards you more distinctive employees. Vice versa, associations relying on team rewards such as gain-sharing will draw squad-oriented employees.

Equal Level Incentive

An incentive diagram can consist of together ‘monetary’ in addition to ‘non-monetary’ rudiments. Mixed elements can give the variety wanted to match the needs of female employees. Flourishing incentive plans are based on the timing, correctness, and incidence of incentives. The incentive plan is supposed to be properly converse to the employees to give confidence individual performance, offer feedback, and give confidence redirection.

Dissimilar female employees have a differing insight of incentives, whether financial or non-monetary. Good managers are familiar with this fact and act accordingly. The work state of affairs is made up of 4 significant elements as Technology, rewarding job assignments, feedback, and evenhandedness.

Reward Base Program

Rewards or incentives can be secret into direct and roundabout compensation. Direct compensation comprises the basic salary or earnings, which the individual is allowed to for his job, Overtime labor and holiday premium, bonuses based on performances, earnings sharing, and occasion to stock options, etc.

Defense Program

Circumlocutory compensation includes defense programs (insurance plans, pensions), pay for time not worked, services and basics. But these are made obtainable to all female employees, irrespective of performance. Hence, they will tend to keep people in the association, but not to rouse them to better effort and enhanced performance

DHC Programs Also Needs To Motivate Managers

Managers need to give the right organizational type of weather to make sure that their workers can see that by operational towards the organizational goals they are as well achieve several of their possess goals. These goals might be such things as monetary rewards or individual rewards such as the admiration of their generation or job satisfaction or a mixture of any figure of things that the worker considers being significant. It is no good giving an important being a pay rise if they are disgruntled with the work and they do not see cash as an extremely significant factor in their operational existence.

DHC targets a customer group that is mainly the middle-upper class. They generally focus on females, which is why their staff consists mainly of females. DHC also tends to target a mature group, as young people often tend to ignore excellence for quantity. This consumer group is characteristically well-cultured and understands how important excellence is. This type of customer also tends to express a need to distinguish themselves from the lower social classes and does this by buy products that are acceptable inside their peer groups, reflecting social rank in their community.

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Hitler’s Berlin: Proclamation To The German Nation


Despite brutal and inhumane methods Adolph Hitler used during his rule in Germany, no one can neglect the fact that this person remains one of the strongest and effective leaders and orators of all time. He was able to rely on human feelings and emotions, as well as outside political and economic factors, to convince people and make them follow his plans and dreams. Hitler proved his intention to unite Germany and save it from the unpredictable outcomes of communism that spread a considerable part of Europe and caused poverty. In his “Proclamation to the German Nation”, Hitler demonstrated his perfect oratory skills and conviction about the worth of German nationalism, the necessity to take action and solve Germany’s problems, relying on specific internal and external factors.

Internal and External Problems

To make sure his speech was effective and working, Hitler paid attention to a number of internal and external factors that resulted in Germany’s problems. On the one hand, he blamed World War I and communism that resulted in the misery of people and the loss of honor and freedoms (Hitler, 1933). These were the two major outside factors to blame Germany’s problem on and analyze. At the same time, Hitler focused on personal challenges and national concerns that prevented Germany from its success and development. The desire to defend the Fatherland and the belief that equality and fraternity could be achieved were examples of blinded trust and hope. The inability to take the right course and find a good leader was the current problem of Germany. Hitler was ready to support people and offer a plan that was characterized by a properly developed line of nationalism and governmental measures on people.


At the period when the speech was pronounced, no one could guess that it would be a new era for the country. Hitler offered to use the chance, re-establish the nation, and demonstrate people’s pride, abilities, and readiness to fight for their safer future. There were several evident examples where Hitler appealed to nationalism. Firstly, he used the word “we” many times in his speech, underlying the fact that Germany’s problems were not the problems of the government or a certain group of people but the whole nation. Secondly, such elements of national identity like culture, territory, and emotions were recognizable in his proclamation. Hitler (1933) said that “the very foundations of morality and faith and scoffs at culture and business, nation and Fatherland, justice and honor” were challenged and broken by the supporters and developers of communism in Europe (para. 4). Hitler (1933) used the basics of Christianity and family as the “foundation of our national morality, and… national life” (para. 7). In his speech, he was confident in the future greatness and glory of Germany if people understood and supported him, giving him all powers and rights.


Hitler did not want to give the promises and build plans for several decades. His speech was definite and smart. His goals had specific time frames – four years – to solve the country’s problems and re-organize several industries. It was necessary to focus on commerce and trade, so the German farmer could be rescued and “supplied with the necessities of life” (Hitler, 1933, para.10). Then, labor-service principles could be underlined to reduce unemployment rates. Finally, a chaotic state of affairs could be controlled to restore community (Hitler, 1933). In other words, the two major measures were identified: the way of how the nation was supplied and the way of how the nation contributed to its development. Still, the demands and expectations of the nation were high, and the government failed to avoid armament increases, which resulted in World War Second and the Holocaust.


When one reads this “Proclamation to the German Nation”, the ideas of fascism, cruelty, and danger cannot be ignored. However, if I were a German who was not aware of the measures Germany could take and the sufferings that millions of people would experience, I would probably admire and follow Hitler at that moment. In his words, confidence and desire to change something were present. His words were not empty, and clear goals and time frames were defined. He used a good emotional background to underline what mistakes were made in the past and created an evidence-based future for the country in case his plan worked. I would positively respond to this speech because, for that period when despair, grief, and the fear of communism covered the nation, some hope and inspiration were obligatory.


There are many reasons for hating Hitler and considering him as a person who made World War II possible. However, despite the harm he made to different nations and the number of innocent lives that were lost because of his decisions, his leadership skills deserve attention and recognition. He combined his charisma with facts and made thousands of people sympathize with him even if he ordered to kill children and women. His goals were breathtaking and horrible at the same time. Still, regardless of the quality of his decisions, his personal weaknesses, and the lack of political experience, his “Proclamation to the German Nation” served as a strong example of how a great orator should talk and a strong leader had to behave.


Hitler, A. (1933). Berlin: Proclamation to the German nation. Web.

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