Internet Promotion Of Radiusite Essay Example For College

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT In the name of Allah the most merciful, I am very grateful to complete this task as requested by Radiusite on 27 August 2012. Through this report, I have analyzed all the important elements to make sure Radiusite can improve the services. Thank you. TERM OF REFERENCE

To investigate about the internet promotion of Radiusite and how the business need to be improve based on customer perception, advertising model and marketing method. BACKGROUND OF STUDY Radiusite is a shawl boutique that is opened since 2009 with two boutique in Shah Alam and Rawang. This company seem to operate more on their online shop and this report is prepared to present the analysis and suggestion on how to improve the company services. Question A There are many ways to promote Radiusite Boutique through internet. One of the method is by using online public relation.

According to (Knowthis. com) Public relations involves the cultivation of favourable relations for organizations and products with its key publics through the use of a variety of communications channels and tools. The tools available in traditional public relation (offline) and online public relation is different. For online public relation the tools used include social media, website, online press conference, article and e-mail marketing. The online public relation method that has been used by Radiusite Boutique is by promote the business through social media.

The social media that has been used is facebook and Youtube. The customer can open the facebook page and click “like” to subscribe the latest information about Radiusite Boutique. The latest update from the company will be delivered to the customer as soon as they sign in to their facebook. This will directly promote the business through internet because customer also can interact with the company. Customer suggestion and comment can help the company to improve, other than that, give respond to the comment also can create a good relationship with customers.

The company also use youtube as a method for their public relation. They provide video on how to use their product on youtube, this provide aids for the customers so they can be more understand and if they don’t, they can ask the through the comment. Youtube also shows the customers the actual looks of the product. The benefit is they can reach the customer easily without paying anything compare to use the promoter in traditional method. Radiusite is well known with their online boutique rather than two of their boutique in rawang and shah alam.

This company used their official website as another tool to promote their product, the customers that visit facebook or youtube will be provided with the link to jump to the official website. This website provide the ordering form for the customer to make transaction, with this method the company can attain the customer detail like name, address, email and many more. This website also provide the customers with term & condition of the transaction that they will make.

The information provided with the term and condition will make the customer more understand about the product and build good relation between the two parties because they can avoid miscommunication. For example, the term and condition has explain that the customer has to sent the copy of the receipt to Radiusite for the process of validation, if not the process will not be proceed. Other than social media and website, there are many other tools that can be used like online press conference, online newsletter, article marketing and e-mail.

Firstly, I suggest to use online press conference, it is the method where the information is released and the public is allowed to give question. There are two ways of online press conference that is forum and online chatting. By using forum, customers can discuss about the topic in the thread, the moderator can control the content of the post in the forum. By using this, Radiusite can easily analysed the strength and weakness of their product based on the thread opened by the site’s user, they also can replay the question asked and discussed about any issues.

Online chatting also can be used by Radiusite as a online press conference. Radiusite can share the company latest news to the public and the chat room allow the visitor to communicate and give comment and suggestion on the business. This give advantage to Radiusite because they can interact with customer in real time. This is important because the customer can’t wait too long before their message will be reply, at least with this chat room, other user that online can response to the question, suggestion or comment. Article marketing is another tools that can be used in online public relation.

article marketing is used by a company to attract the public by releasing an article that the public has interest. This article then will be republish by other website or blog if it is really interesting, at the same time can help Radiusite to gain publicity. Other benefit of article marketing is it can generate awareness to potential customer that read the article, it also come with trust if the article is shared by other person. Lastly, I suggest Radiusite to use e-mail marketing. According to (homebusiness. about. com), e-mail marketing is a process of soliciting business prospects via email.

Radiusite for example can send e-mail to their potential or current customer telling about the promotion made. This will directly build awareness to the potential customer and loyalty to the current customer. When the e-mail is sent to the customers, they realized that the company valued them and wants them to remain as the customer of the next product. Question B Internet promotion is the method where the promotion is done by online and differ from traditional promotion method. The tools used in internet promotion are popup advertisement, banner advertisement, online public relation, social media, blogs and flash game.

For Radiusite the online promotional tool that has been used is banner advertisement, this tool is used by displaying a picture that give a message to the website’s visitor to attract them to buy the product. Example of banner advertisement that can be found in Radiusite is when the website placed banner with shows the user about their boutique operation time. Other than that, there is also a banner that promote their boutique shop in Shah Alam. The benefit of this tool is the customer will be more attracted to the message only by displaying a simple banner.

Other than that, Radiusite also use social media, it is one of the tools used in online public relation. This is a very affective online promotional tool because people nowadays spend more time in their social media. The information will be easily spread in the virtual world, for example by using facebook, the customer can share about Radiusite boutique to all his or her friend. Although with one share, the information is effectively reach the potential customers. Other online public relation tools also helping in internet promotion.

The tools that can be used for example are e-mail marketing and article marketing is very helpful. For example, the company can attract random customer by using e-mail marketing, by using this method, the company also can approach customers personally. Other than that, I suggest Radiusite to use pop up advertisement. According to (Webopedia. com) pop up ads is a type of window that appears on top of (over) the browser window of a Web site that a user has visited. This tool can attract more attention because the visitor whether they want or not will

open the pop up windows to see what is the content. The benefit that Radiusite can gain is although the visitor is not read the whole content, they will be aware about the existence of the product. Question C According to (entrepreneur. com) affiliate marketing is a way for a company to sell its products by signing up individuals or companies (“affiliates”) who market the company’s products for a commission . As a business organisation, we can offer an affiliate program to others or we can sign up to be another business’s affiliate.

In Radusite, I found that the website is offer an affiliate program to other business, we can see the notice at the left side of the page that inform about the affiliate program for those who are interested. The example of affiliate marketing can be seen in the picture below where two of the advertising in the website will be direct the user to the other website or blog that is owned by the affiliate business. The example in picture below will direct the user to princessvictoriastylo. blogspot. com and cheromforinlo. com Both of princessvictoriastylo. blogspot and cheromforinlo.

com used banner advertisement as a method for their affiliate program. This is a common style used in affiliation, it is effective for small business that want to develop their brand. The advertising is influenced by the popularity of Radiusite, so the affiliate will get more famous. There are many type of commission method, the common type used is PPC (pay per click) and PPA (pay per action). According to (Investopedia. com) a website that uses CPCs / PPC would bill by the number of times a visitor clicks on a banner instead of by the number of impressions.

The advantage of using PPC can be seen at the affiliate’s side, this is because the affiliate only need to pay the advertising based on how many times people click on it. According to (Marketingterms. com) PPA or CPA (cost per action) is a online advertising payment model in which payment is based solely on qualifying actions such as sales or registrations. This is the best choice for Radiusite if the boutique want to promote using affiliate program. This is because the affiliate does not need to pay if the visitor just click, the commission will be pay when a specific action agreed by both side is taken, for example registration or sales.

For the company that want to make affiliate program in Radiusite website, the commission has been set to be pay RM 200 for 1 month and RM 500 for 3 month. The advantage of this scheme is it generate constant income for every space of advertising. For better income in affiliate program, Radiusite can use pay per click. Although not all the visitor will click to the affiliate advertisement, once they click, the percentage will receive to Radiusite, the percentage of payment for cost per click is high, so it can generate better than current scheme.

Question D According to (Businessdictionary. com) customer perception is a marketing concept that encompasses a customer’s impression, awareness and/or consciousness about a company or its offerings. Customer perception is typically affected by advertising, reviews, public relations, social media, personal experiences and other channels. There are good and bad customer perception that can be found for Radiusite. From the facebook, I have analyzed several comment that can be used to understand customer’s perception.

Below are several example that we can use to know customer’s perception. From this picture, the perception that we can see is a perception that represent loyalty and trust to the brand. In the comment, the customer state that she used to cut her working time only to get the product, she also said that she met the model, this means that the customer knows the product from the source that use the model as a promotion method, it is by using social media and company’s website where the picture is placed.

In the other comment, the customer said that the product is very attractive and she wants to buy another shawl although she has bought 2 shawl before. In this comment, we can see that the customer is very confident to buy the product based on her good experience with the product. The promotion by using social media mostly from facebook has influenced the customers perception because it has frequently update and the update always reach the customers. So here, we can see the promotion through social media can attract customer to buy the product and create a good perception.

This comment shows the customer perception that satisfy with the services provided by Radiusite. Through the banner advertisement from the website, the customer can understand the step to be taken to complete the transaction. The banner advertisement in the website not only displaying the picture but also play an important role to deliver the information about the company. There are 2 comment from unsatisfied customers regarding the services of Radiusite. The first comment says that the product is not as expected, this may happen because lack of product description during the promotion.

The second comment is about the poor services of Radiusite online, the customer has make many order but she got no response from Radiusite. I suggest Raduisite to give detail explanation about the product before advertise it, customer sometimes confused by the picture advertising because they didn’t see it before. Other than that, Radiusite need to be more specific in explaining the step to make purchase through the website and social media, customer has complaint that Radiusite did not take action for the order made by call. This shows that there is lack of information for customers. Question E According to (Webopedia.

com) Internet marketing, or online marketing refers to advertising and marketing efforts that use the Web and e-mail to drive direct sales via e-commerce as well as sales leads from Web sites or emails. It is different from traditional marketing. According to (Investopedia. com) Marketing is the activities of a company associated with buying and selling a product or service. It includes advertising, selling and delivering products to people. Internet Marketing| Traditional Marketing| Objective| Accessibility| Marketing strategies| Both of traditional and internet marketing have the same objective which is to maximize the organization profit.

Through internet and traditional marketing, the organization can influence the customers to buy the product and services provided, beside that it also bring loyalty to the current customers. For Radiusite boutique, both internet and traditional promotion made is aimed to sell the product which is shawl. The accessibility of this two method is also same. Internet and traditional marketing is easy to access because nowadays everyone can access internet and everyone can have a television and radio. Same goes to newspaper and magazine, this material can be found in any local groceries. So the public can access the media freely.

For Radiusite, besides using online promotion, traditional promotion also can be used for example by advertise in the newspaper and television. The marketing strategies used for both method also same. It has the same strategies but the way it is delivered to the public is different. For example, both of the method apply 4ps of marketing mix because it is the basic for whatever method used in marketing. Radiusite has to pay attention on pricing strategy whether using online or traditional promotion. | Internet Marketing| Traditional Marketing| Cost| Low cost| High cost| Coverage| Wide| Limited| Feedback| easy| hard|

The different of internet marketing and online marketing can be seen in term of cost. Internet marketing is less cost compare to traditional marketing, this is because traditional marketing use approach like radio, television, banner, promoter and also paper materials like newspaper, magazine and many more. This will make the process of marketing become high in cost. In the other site, internet marketing only use online tools like online PR, banner ads, blog, pop up windows, social media and many more. Online marketing is more to virtual world, so it is paperless. There is also difference in term of coverage of the marketing.

Internet marketing cover wider area because it use internet to reach the target. The things needed is only a computer or devices that can connect to the internet. Compare to traditional marketing, the coverage is limited because it only concentrate to the targeted area, the wider the area its cover, the higher the cost needed. For example, if Radiusite use traditional marketing, by using banner, the marketing is limited to the resident, by using television or radio the broadcast is also limited but internet marketing is broad and across the country as we can see through Radiusite online Boutique. Lastly, the feedback.

By using internet marketing, the feedback can be attain more effective. Online marketing tools like social network allow its user to respond very fast. In the other side, traditional marketing a need face to face promotion to gain the response from the customer. More than that, face to face marketing is a time consuming marketing, it may takes time to get response from 10 customer compare to get comment from 10 user in Raduisite facebook page. CONCLUSION The internet has been used in promoting Radiusite Boutique by applying the use of online public relation. Website, social media like facebook and youtube has been used by Radiusite.

Other online PR tools is suggested to Radiusite for example article marketing, e-mail marketing and online chat. For internet promotion method, Radiusite has used banner ads and social media for the promotion method. It is suggested for Radiusite to use pop up advertisement, e-mail and article marketing. There are also affiliation business model in Radiusite website, most of the affiliate use banner ads as promotional tools. The commission payment method is not using PPC or PPA, Radiusite has state the payment scheme for those who are interested to advertise their product in Radiuside webpage.

Customer perception has been analysed based on several comment from the social media. There are positive and negative comment regarding the promotion that has been used by Radiusite. In the positive side, the promotion that has been conduct through official website and social media has successful to influence customer to make transaction. There is also negative perception for the promotion that has been made. Radiusite is suggested to provide advertisement with more product detail and full instruction for transaction.

Lastly is the similarities and differences between internet and traditional marketing for Radiusite boutique. Internet marketing and traditional marketing in Radiusite boutique has the same objective, both of this method has the same accessibility to reach the user and have the same marketing strategies. The differences of using this two method can be found in term of cost, the coverage of the marketing and the feedback receive. BIBLIOGRAPHY Public relations http://www. knowthis. com/principles-of-marketing-tutorials/public-relations/what-is-public-relations/

E-mail marketing definition http://homebusiness. about. com/od/homebusinessglossar1/g/email_marketing. htm Pop up advertisement definition http://www. webopedia. com/TERM/P/popup_ad. html Affiliate marketing http://www. entrepreneur. com/encyclopedia/term/82092. html Customer perception http://www. businessdictionary. com/definition/customer-perception. html Marketing definition http://www. investopedia. com/terms/m/marketing. asp#axzz25LjzVQhJ CPC http://www. investopedia. com/terms/c/cpc. asp#axzz25LjzVQhJ Affiliate APPENDICES Social Media Banner ads

“Fields Of Fire” Book Review

Fields of Fire, a historical novel by James Webb, was first published in 1978. The story takes place in 1969 during the Vietnam War and primarily follows three marines who find themselves in the same platoon: Robert E. Lee Hodges, “Snake,” and Will “Senator” Goodrich. While there are other significant characters, Webb focuses on these three individuals and provides detailed backgrounds through both direct and indirect characterization.

As the novel progresses, major events occur including battles and violence, loss and coping, and learning. The themes that naturally accompany these events given the setting are leadership, a loss of purpose, and the effects of war on people. James Webb wrote this novel to demonstrate the real gruesomeness of war in addition to showing that many soldiers involved did not even have a true reason for fighting. Before writing this novel, Webb was an officer in the Vietnam War himself.

Jim Webb served as a Platoon Commander in the United States Marine Corps from 1968 to 1972. He retired after earning an exceptional range of awards as a 1st Lieutenant Officer. Webb has been awarded the Silver Star, two Bronze Stars, and two Purple Hearts. He also received a Navy Cross, which is the second highest decoration in the Navy and Marine Corps. With his highly decorated military profile and experience, Webb easily possesses authority to write on subjects dealing with war, especially those related to the Vietnam War. In addition to his military history, Webb has a respectable background in education.

James Webb graduated from a high school located in Bellevue, Nebraska. He attended the United States Naval Academy and was a member of the Brigade Honor Committee, graduating in 1968. After serving in Vietnam, he returned to college at the Georgetown Law Center between 1972 and 1975, earning his Juris Doctor degree in 1975. Webb’s educational background, combined with his military profile, demonstrates his proficiency to write on the subjects discussed in his novel Fields of Fire.

James Webb’s novel centers around three main characters: Robert E. Lee Hodges, Snake,” and Will “Senator” Goodrich. Rather than drawing inspiration from a specific historical figure, Webb seems to have based these characters on the shared experiences of soldiers who served in Vietnam. Character development in the novel typically occurs after their initial introduction. Following this introduction, Webb often delves into the character’s life before enlisting and what led them to join the military.

Characteristics that are not mentioned during the introduction or those that change are usually revealed during or after intense and traumatic events, such as near-death experiences or witnessing the death of a friend. The novel focuses on only three characters, each representing a highly prominent reason why Americans enlisted: to continue a family legacy and protect their family’s honor, to escape the steep decline and unhappiness of their lives, or by accident or unwillingly being drafted. In this novel, the characters embody and portray the main themes.

Robert E. Lee Hodges claims that he is fighting to carry on his family’s military legacy, for honor, and “mostly for the bench seat in the town square,” and he embodies leadership. Upon arriving in Vietnam, Hodges is immediately put into action as a platoon leader where he demonstrates his natural ability as a powerful yet likeable military leader. The film Snake” primarily depicts the lack of real purpose for fighting. Snake, who had little purpose in life before enlisting, is easily shown without purpose in Vietnam.

Senator Goodrich enlists in the United States Marine Corps with false expectations of being a part of the Marine Band. He quickly recovers from the loss of fellow squad members and seems to have no reason to be in Vietnam, except to escape his unsatisfactory life back home. However, he is put into the field of battle instead. As a young and scholarly student who grew up in a middle-class home, Senator is wildly unprepared for what he finds in Vietnam. This helps him easily portray the effects of war on humans.

Senator is a character who is easily scared and sensitive. He tends to be the first one to whimper or cry in times of danger, and he is affected the most when he sees other squad members ripped apart by shrapnel. Through Senator, readers can see the psychological effects that persist for a soldier’s lifetime after experiencing war, particularly the Vietnam War.

The three main characters in Fields of Fire embody and portray the novel’s main themes. James Webb’s writing style also plays a significant role in how readers experience the novel. Using a third-person point of view that moves from character to character throughout the story, Webb creates an immersive reading experience.

The purpose of this is to show what each character is thinking and how they act and react. This helps to reveal more information about each character and advance the plot. The dialogue spoken between characters plays a major role in establishing a connection between the reader and the novel. Terms used specifically in the Vietnam War are prevalent throughout the dialogue, along with a certain dialect and manner of conversing that makes readers feel as if they are among soldiers receiving orders from commanding officers.

The use of gallows humor, particularly from Snake, in the face of seemingly certain death is crucial in helping readers understand the characters’ emotions. In addition to dialogue, the novel’s narration is more of a dictation than a traditional narration. While Webb does provide detailed descriptions for some scenes, many events and scenes are presented authoritatively to the reader. Webb’s combination of these styles brings his novel to life for readers.

The setting of James Webb’s novel Fields of Fire displays exceptional historical accuracy and corresponds well with the plot of the story. The book takes place in Vietnam during the Vietnam War. The weather is hot and humid, and the area is described as grassy and forested with bugs and insects everywhere. These environmental factors make both battles and everyday life in Vietnam seem even worse than expected. The soldiers are also depicted as having poor living conditions with little or no access to hygienic products.

Webb’s portrayal of the lack of sanitation among most of those who served in Vietnam clearly shows how disgusting and vile war often is. The setting in this novel is used effectively to convey the experience of war to the reader. Fields of Fire is one of the most powerful pieces of fiction written about the Vietnam War. Its author, James Webb, a highly decorated Vietnam War veteran, is undoubtedly qualified to write this book. The novel focuses on three main characters from vastly different backgrounds and explores through them the effects and conditions of war.

Critically Review The Evidence

Critically reviewing the evidence supporting Schneider & Shiffrin’s model of automation and evaluating the extent to which it explains evidence from studies of divided attention is important. In everyday speech, we use the word attention to include several kinds of mental activity. Psychologists also use the word in many different contexts. Attention can refer to the kind of concentration on a mental task in which you select certain kinds of perceptual stimuli for further processing while trying to exclude other interfering stimuli (Shapiro, 1994).

For example, during a written examination, you concentrate on the visual stimuli presented in the exam and exclude other sensory information such as small movements in your peripheral vision from fellow students, as well as insignificant sounds and smells in the room. Attention can also refer to being prepared to receive further information. For instance, being told to pay particular attention to an important announcement. Attention is an ongoing mental process that applies to so many everyday contexts that it is difficult to define the lines between different kinds of attention.

When taking an exam, it may seem like you’re only focused on the written text in front of you. However, it’s impossible to completely ignore other distractions in the room, such as students asking to use the restroom or coughing. Despite our best efforts, how can we block out so many stimuli? To better understand attention and its various components, I will examine different models and evaluate studies that provide evidence for these models.

I also intend to answer some basic questions, such as why we can do some tasks simultaneously but not others and whether attention capacity is fixed. Early studies of attention include methodologies like dichotic listening, which was conducted by Collin Cherry in 1953 and is the main model used in selective attention theories. The task involves participants listening to two different streams of information being played simultaneously through headphones, with one message going into each ear.

During this experiment, music is played through the left earpiece while a sequence of random letters is played through the right. Participants are then asked to repeat or shadow one of the messages. This allows researchers to assess how much attention the participant is paying to the data. Studies on selective attention often show that participants notice very little about irrelevant tasks. For instance, during variations of this study, participants reported not noticing a switch in language in the unattended message when it was actually switched from English to German.

Participants did, however, notice when the voice of the unattended message was switched from male to female. Therefore, some characteristics of the unattended message can be detected. Broadbent’s model of attention supports these basic findings from the dichotic listening task.

Broadbent’s model is constructed of two main stages. The first is sensory input (i.e., visual or auditory stimuli), which is then converted into memory. This memory store is not short-term but rather a very temporary one.

Information is then filtered, analyzed and selected based on physical characteristics only and not meaning.

The model supports the findings of the dichotic listening task by indicating that changing the message from a male to female voice is a physical characteristic. The second stage of the model occurs after the filter, which processes selected input for attention, such as semantic analysis to respond to information. However, the filter mechanism operates on an all-or-nothing basis. The model suggests that only one piece of information is analyzed for meaning, but distractions can capture our attention simultaneously.

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