Journalism Practice In A Digital Age Study By Pantic & Cvetkovic Free Sample


The study investigated social media usage by news websites in the United States. The researchers used a sample of news posts from the most popular news companies to analyze the frequency of using social media in terms of source for the content. It also covered the quality of the used social media data and top social media as a source for news. The results showed that almost half of the chosen news articles referred to social media and used Twitter more than other platforms (Pantic & Cvetkovic, 2020). Furthermore, it was indicated that journalists tended to base their content on official written sources when utilizing social media in news creation (Pantic & Cvetkovic, 2020). Finally, social media application was noticed more in the news connected to entertainment and politics (Pantic & Cvetkovic, 2020).

Research Problem

The study’s primary concern was to investigate the modern trend of utilizing social media in news production in terms of its abundance and validity. The researchers were interested in determining the extent to which most popular news websites were applying social media, how they were using this data, and how it affected the quality of the news content. The insights from this study provided people with a more realistic picture of news creation trends.


The study was based on the analysis of the content sources in the most prominent American online news websites. First, the researchers investigated six typical sections among the news websites. Second, they chose the top ten news companies relying on several rankings. Then, the researchers applied a random number generator to determine the dates from which the samples of news articles would be obtained. In sum, they created a sample pool of 180 news posts. The study used writers to record various data about every sampled post. Finally, the researchers analyzed the data based on the following measures: number of sources, media posts, primary or non-primary sources, official or non-official sources, media items, and social media.


There were five key findings in the research. First, the study showed that 72 of 180 (40%) articles used social media sources (Pantic & Cvetkovic, 2020). Second, the study indicated that journalists generally preferred to use reliable, official sources from social media for their content (Pantic & Cvetkovic, 2020). Third, the majority of the journalists tended to refer to the sources in written forms, while photographs took second place in terms of frequency of reference (Pantic & Cvetkovic, 2020). Fourth, social media usage as a source of news was most common in the spheres of politics and entertainment (Pantic & Cvetkovic, 2020). Finally, the research found that Twitter was the most popular social media for reference as the source of news, highlighting the profound effect of this platform on newsrooms (Pantic & Cvetkovic, 2020).


The study indicated a common trend of using social media as source in the production of news. The findings supported the notion that the usage of social media in news-gathering was implemented in journalism as a normalized procedure. Moreover, the research confirmed that journalists tended to rely mainly on official social media sources in their practices. Finally, the study suggested an important role that Twitter played in influencing news websites in the U.S., especially in politics and entertainment.


I value this research for addressing such a relevant issue. With the abundance of misleading information in the modern world, it is crucial to know the requirements for distrusting a source. The article showed that the current trend of using social media in news production does not imply a decreasing quality of content. It also provided valuable insight into social media’s role as a contemporary news source. I noticed only one major weakness of this study: the sample size limitations that prevent receiving a more objective picture on the topic.


Pantic, M. & Cvetkovic, I. (2020). Journalism practice in a digital age: Utilization of social media in online news. American Communication Journal, vol. 22, no. 2, pp, 1-10.

Information Systems At Walmart, Netflix, And Apple


The three companies selected that use information systems include Walmart, Netflix, and Apple. At first, Apple used the supplier information system (SIM). The SIM is a database system deployed by the organization to collect, store, assess, and control its supplier data in a unionized locality (Reardon et al. 2021, 1247). Self-service onboarding, account administration, and information management may be performed by suppliers using SIM systems that are integrated into an online portal (Rainer and Brad 2021). Various approaches to managing suppliers exist, each with its merits and disadvantages. The supplier and the entity should work together professionally to ensure adequate undertakings.

Supplier Information Systems of Walmart, Netflix, and Apple

There are several ways in which Apple utilizes the system. The company maintains a Supplier Information Database to aid in searching for the finest suppliers to work with. Once a customer has signed up for SID, Apple will contact them to explore possibilities if there appears to be a need for the products or services provided by the vendors and enter into the discussion. Strategic sourcing may save money by managing supplier data effectively. Good supplier data helps the firm maintain and evaluate its supplier records while enhancing and optimizing its connection with its suppliers (Reardon et al. 2021, 1247). However, there are reasons why the company is mandated to install the SIM system. Many departments in a business have access to information on suppliers because of their importance. After deploying this system, the company will have a synthesized perception of vendor data, process status, and interactions.

On the contrary, Netflix deploys a customer relationship management (CRM) information system. The fundamental objective of a CRM is to trace all interactions between a firm’s clients and potential customers. Employing them may have several advantages for businesses, including increased customer satisfaction and earnings (Anshari et al. 2019, 99). There is an interesting way how Netflix utilizes the system. In order to better serve its customers, Netflix makes use of customer relationship management (CRM) software. For a CRM to work, the company must understand clients and their preferences. The data is stored in a data stockroom prior to being refined by the CRM system. CRM solutions should be designed and executed to put back adverse relationships with good ones in the workplace. As part of its overall CRM strategy, Netflix makes use of an intelligent agent that was designed expressly for the corporation. Artificial intelligence software that gives assistance or performs on the user’s behalf may be deployed when executing computer-associated activities (Anshari et al. 2019, 99). Netflix needs to install CRM to allow it to provide better services to consumers and strengthen the positive connection that exists between them.

Lastly, Walmart utilizes an electronic data interchange (EDI) system during its product acquisition process. The EDI system allows for the transmission and reception of data via the internet. Suppliers can monitor the success of their goods using this way. With electronic data interchange, trading partners trade commercial digital documents from one internet device to another, allowing them to conduct business more efficiently (Reardon et al. 2021, 1247). There is a unique way grounded on how Walmart uses the EDI system. Scanners in the system read UPC bar codes on containers and labels, which are incorporated and act as ‘eyes.’ Each piece of information is recorded into an understandable database for the local Walmart manager (Rainer and Brad 2021). Finally, there are reasons why Walmart requires installing the EDI system. Electronic data interchange (EDI) is a safe, standardized transmission of standard electronic business documents between business partners through computer-to-computer communication is referred to as electronic data interchange (EDI) (Reardon et al. 2021, 1247). EDI can help your firm save money by speeding up transactions, reducing human mistakes, and reducing costs by automating B2B interactions.


In conclusion, CRM, EDI, and SIM have helped the above-highlighted companies ensure effective delivery of products and services, thus positively impacting society. The technology of the systems has reduced human mistakes, carrying speedy transactions, driving effective interactions leading to customer satisfaction. Apple, Walmart, and Netflix will not have much impact without using the information system.


Anshari, Muhammad, Mohammad Nabil Almunawar, Syamimi Ariff Lim, and Abdullah Al-Mudimigh. “Customer relationship management and big data-enabled: Personalization & customization of services.” Applied Computing and Informatics 15, no. 2 (2019): 94-101.

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The Three Principal Aspects Of The Path

The Condition of Living Beings

The best way to help living beings is to show them the path leading to liberation. Thus, the best way is the unity of method and wisdom, which is the quintessence of the teachings of all the Buddhas, that is, these three essential aspects — Renunciation, Bodhicitta, and comprehension of voidness. After all, because of the three poisons of the mind, beings suffer and cannot find real happiness. People will never achieve happiness as long as we are under their control. However, to eliminate the impact of these obstacles, it is necessary to resort to some practices. That is why this text discusses three main aspects that allow a person to discover the true path.

Buddhist Approaches to Living a Meaningful Life

The explanation of the central part of the text consists of three parts, which explain renunciation, Bodhicitta, and the correct view of voidness. They represent successive stages of understanding how to act and exist. The stronger our renunciation of the so-called good things of samsara, the stronger our compassion for others will be. It is worth noting that renunciation has two directions. On the one hand, people look down on the sufferings of samsara without feeling any interest in them, feeling disgusted and a desire to get rid of them completely. On the other hand, people look up to liberation and want to achieve it. The stronger these two aspects of renunciation, the stronger will be the intention of Bodhicitta, which also has two directions.

Then, depending on these states of mind, people will achieve either liberation or enlightenment if they have the correct view of voidness. Renunciation should be pure; we should be completely uninterested in samsara’s brilliance and so-called good things (3). As a result, we naturally experience three types of suffering life after life, as the text says (8). It is the suffering of suffering, the suffering of change, and pervasive suffering. Since all our mothers are in the same position, we need to make efforts to help them by developing the goal of Bodhicitta (7,8). All phenomena of samsara and nirvana arise due to causes and effects. It is always immutable, always true. When we understand this, and our understanding is based on the aspiration for independent existence to disintegrate, we have entered the path that pleases the Buddhas. When we understand voidness, our cognition will no longer be directed to independent existence (10). The very foundation from which erroneous cognition arises, that on which it relies, that is, clinging to independent existence, will disintegrate and disappear.


I would like to compare this text with “Tao Te Ching, ” traditionally attributed to Laozi. Both of these works differ in some aspects related to the understanding of the state of living beings. For Je Tsongkhapa, the world is a place of suffering that must be left after reaching nirvana. People are in a state in which they need to find opportunities to change and overcome the principle of their current state. This position is quite similar to what is offered in Taoism; however, there is a significant difference related to what surrounds people. For Lao Tzu, the world is a place of realization of the Highest Principle, and our goal is not to leave the world but to achieve complete harmony with this Principle (Tao), becoming an immortal saint.

On the other hand, despite their differences, these two texts offer similar methods that will allow readers to make their lives meaningful. The basis lies in choosing the path of self-improvement through inner work, meditative practices, and performing good deeds. It is also expressed through a respectful attitude towards beings who were able to achieve the desired state – awakening or harmony – in the hope of help in life. Consequently, integrity is reflected in the pursuit of perfection, an unwavering movement toward truth, calming the mind, pacification, and peace with inner and outer nature.

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