Macbeth Comparative Essay: Graphic Novel Vs. Film Adaptation Free Sample

The play ‘Macbeth’ by William Shakespeare delves into the life events of the Scottish general Macbeth and his ambitions for power after receiving a prophecy from a trio of witches. Driven by greed, Macbeth commits several murders and atrocities to maintain his kingship and safeguard it from aspirators, including King Duncan and close ally Banquo (Hinds 44). The tragedy is presented in various forms in contemporary literature, notably via graphic compilations, theatre, and film arts. The essay will compare Gareth Hinds’ graphic novel adaptation of Macbeth with the film adaptation directed by Dan Hodge. Although conveying similar settings, themes, and characters in Shakespeare’s classical play, the graphic novel and film versions have contrasts in the medium, language use, and visual style, which present unique perspectives to the audience.

One major difference between the two adaptions is the medium via which the authors narrate the events over time. In the graphic novel, the writer uses a combination of illustrations and dialogue to convey the tale to the readers. Macbeth is presented as a middle-aged muscular man with immense ambitions for political power (Hinds 25). On the other hand, the director uses various sets, props, special effects, and actors to deliver the story to the viewing audience. The stage is set in the olden times but incorporated with modernized elements such as the actor’s suits and attires (Hedgerow 2:36). The differences in the medium via which the story is told work to influence how the audience interprets and perceives the various events. The use of graphical illustration in the graphic novel allows the reader to effectively generate mental images of the different features of the characters and plot. However, the film presents a more concrete visual representation of the story; it offers a set of unique features on the characters and environment.

Another significant difference between the graphic and film adaptations is the creator’s language use. The original version of the play by Shakespeare was written in old English, often cumbersome for modern audiences to comprehend. The film adaptation by Hodge stays faithful to the original text, presenting the language in its olden syntax and phoneme. For instance, Lady Macbeth utters, “I am not without ambition but without the illness” (Hedgerow 13:01). Conversely, the graphic novel incorporates modernized language and simplified dialogues when demonstrating interactions between the various characters. Macbeth utters, “But still there is judgment here- do we but teach bloody instructions .”(Hind 29) Using simplified language allows the reader to effectively grasp the themes intended by the authors in each play segment. On the contrary olden language makes it difficult to grasp the verbal conversations between different actors in the play.

Another critical difference between the two adaptions is the visual style used by the creators. The film adaptation predominantly employs a dark and brooding style, with poorly lit backgrounds and shadows to suggest danger (Hedgerow 6:48). On the other hand, the graphic novel employs a more traditional approach with visible illustrations of the characters and settings, providing an accurate representation of elements in the olden times. The author illustrates castles in ancient Scotland when having the vision of the bloody dagger (Hind 33). The costumes used in the film are relatively modern, with actors assuming each character’s role. However, the graphic novel effectively presents the olden attire used by various characters in the play. The visual style is fundamental in delivering the themes the creator intends to the audience. The graphic illustrations are more comprehensive as they provide realistic settings and costumes that aim to transport the audience back to the play’s period.

There are a number of thematic differences between the two versions of the play. The graphic novel by Hind emphasizes the play’s supernatural elements, highlighting the witches’ role and their influence on Macbeth’s fate. Moreover, the illustrations emphasize the role of violence and the consequences of unchecked ambition. On the contrary, the film emphasizes the psychological aspects of the play, exploring the characters’ motivations, emotions, and relationships. On the theme of gender, the graphic novel portrays Lady Macbeth as a powerful and manipulative figure who compels her husband’s actions (Hind 37). In contrast, the film focuses on the sympathetic behavior of Lady Macbeth, a remorseful character who is haunted by guilt and regret. The audience can develop their conclusion about her character and role in the play.

Notable similarities between the graphic novel and the film adaptation include the use of visual storytelling to convey the story. The graphic novel uses sequential art, combining images and text to tell the story, while the film adaptation uses cinematography, lighting, and staging to convey the events and emotions of the characters visually. The mediums combine visual elements to create a powerful and immersive experience for the audience. Moreover, the author and the director pay close attention to the original plot, characterization, and themes as intended by Shakespeare. The graphic and the film remain loyal to the core storyline of the play, effectively demonstrating the key events. They employ different techniques to incorporate original dialogues into their work, effectively conveying the story to the audience.

Although expressing comparable locales, topics, and characters in Shakespeare’s great play, the graphic novel and cinematic versions have differences in format, language use, and visual style that provide the audience with fresh perspectives. The medium through which the authors tell the events through time is a significant distinction between the two adaptations. Another notable distinction between the graphic and cinematic versions is the creator’s choice of language. Shakespeare’s original version of the play was written in ancient English, which might be difficult for modern audiences to understand. Another significant distinction between the two adaptations is the visual style employed by the authors. The visual style is critical in conveying the creator’s desired messages to the audience. The use of visual storytelling to convey the plot is a notable similarity between the graphic novel and the cinematic version. These media employ a variety of visual components to provide the viewer with a compelling and immersive experience.

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Marketing And Finance Free Writing Sample


Finance and marketing are two key ideas that are related. IMM Graduate School (2019) asserts that the marketing department oversees and fosters a company’s expansion, while the finance department collaborates closely with marketing to track market trends and oversee the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. A corporation is less likely to see positive outcomes from marketing campaigns if both departments operate in isolation, according to Mikepye (n.d.), who supports the relationship between the marketing and finance departments of an organization.

Question 1: Propose a budget for a marketing campaign for a new consumer product in your country

Concerning the assignment, the selected company is Agility Logistics Company, a pioneer in supply chain services, investment, infrastructure, and innovation with more than 45,000 workers across six continents (Agility, n.d.). It’s important to note that the assignment assumes that the company wants to start buying and selling electric vehicles in Kuwait. Due to the difficulty of breaking into new markets, a workable marketing campaign budget must be prepared to adequately cover all the projected costs and expenses made by the company in promoting its electric vehicle products. As the company has experience with emerging economies and an extensive network, the proposed new consumer product is buying and selling electric vehicles.

Agility Logistics would need to market the purchase and sale of electric vehicle products aggressively to raise awareness of its brand as a supplier of supply chains and a dealer of electric vehicles in Kuwait and around the world. A great marketing and advertising campaign necessitates extensive strategic planning, brilliant implementation, and a substantial financial budget, according to TALENT EDGE (2022). Agility Logistics Company must therefore be aware of how expensive it is to buy, sell, and market electric vehicles, as well as the requirement to develop a successful marketing campaign to spread awareness of its new product portfolio.

To have enough money to run the marketing campaign, Agility Logistics Company’s marketing team should effectively communicate with its finance department team about the advantages that will come to the company after the successful launch of its new business division (the purchase and sale of electric vehicles). According to Mikepye (n.d.), a cordial relationship between the marketing and finance departments is critical to successfully implementing a marketing campaign.

According to BIG COMMERCE (n.d.), marketing campaigns are collections of tactical actions that support a company’s goal or objective. They are frequently used for advertising a particular good or service and the brand as a whole. Due to their significance, campaigns must be carefully designed for the best outcomes. Also, knowing the marketing techniques, tactics, expenditures, and anticipated outcomes over time would be the foundation for creating a realistic marketing campaign budget. A marketing budget details every dollar a company plans to spend on advertising a linked project, product, or service (Conley, 2022).

Agility Logistics Proposed Marketing Campaign’s Budget

The following expenses would be included in Agility Logistics Company’s suggested marketing campaign budget: first, Agility Logistics needs to set aside money for market research. According to Worick (2019), market research assists a business in setting realistic goals and thoroughly understanding its target market and competition. Because of the significance of market research, Agility Company must be ready to spend money on market research to determine how competitive its EV brands are.

Second, the company must be prepared for costs associated with online customer surveys once Agility Logistics’ EV product line is launched. According to SmartSurvey, the value of online customer surveys is a terrific approach to connecting and interacting with potential customers (n.d.). Because of this, the Agility Logistics marketing team should budget an amount equal to consumer surveys to be conducted to assess its EV brands’ performance regularly.

Thirdly, Agility Logistics’ marketing division must budget money for advertising campaigns. The creation of advertisement posters, billboards, banners, brochures, and flyers, as well as Pay-Per-Click and paid advertising, gifts, product discounts, and shopping vouchers, are some of the ways the allocated funds may be used for advertising. Fourthly, the marketing division must set aside money to update its website. Fitzgerald (2021), for example, claims that the most frequent motives are to rebrand your website, boost traffic, produce more leads, and add functionality to enhance the user experience.

Fifth, the company’s marketing budget should include public relations expenses. Since the product is new, there is a need to raise awareness. Before introducing this new product line, Agility should organize an event to grab Kuwaitis’ attention to raise awareness of the sale of the EV brand in Kuwait. As an illustration, Agility should organize a Kuwait Motor Racing Competition in Al Ahmadi. In addition, starting a charitable foundation would have a lasting effect on Kuwaitis.

Sixth, influencer marketing expenses would be included in the marketing budget. As its target clients would link the brand with the chosen celebrity, the corporation needs to collaborate with Kuwaiti celebrities who can assist in marketing its EV brands if it wants to grow its fan base. The expenditures associated with the EV’s actual launch must also be considered. I suggest a virtual/online launch that would be commissioned on Kuwait News TV and KTV 1 Channels for an efficient product launch. Mezyk (2023) claims that by holding a virtual product launch, a business is better positioned to increase website traffic and the visibility of the product being introduced.

Table 1: Annual Agility Logistics Company Marketing Budget

Category Projected Quantity Projected Sub-Total
Market Research Once in 3 months, @$10,000 $200,000
Online Customer Surveys Once in 3 months, @$3000 $36,000
Total Research Costs $236,000
TV advertisement 12 months@ $5,850,000 $70,200,000
Social media marketing 12 months @$70,000 $840,000
Print Media Marketing 12 months@$100,000 $1,200,000
Posters 12 months @$5,000 $60,000
Billboards 12 months @$40,000 $480,000
Brochures, flyers, and banners $100,000
Free Gifts, Discounts, and Shopping Vouchers $600,000
Other Advertisement Costs $8,000,000
Total Advertising Costs $74,280,000
Extra Employees 100 employees @$500 for 12 months $6,000,000
Website Revamping Once after 3 months $3,000,000
Website Updating $450,000
Total Technology Costs $9,450,000
Kuwait Motor Racing Competition Once $50,000,000
Establishment and annual funding of a Charity foundation $5,0000,000
Total Public Relations Costs $55,500,000
Socialite; Noha Nabil Per post $15,000 for 12 months, a single post daily $16,200,000
Total Influencer Marketing Costs $16,200,000
TV live streaming $50,000
Invited Guests Expenses $250,000
Other costs incurred in organizing and making the launch successful $200,000
Total EV Grand Launch $500,000

Table 1 shows the proposed annual marketing expenditure for Agility Logistics’ new product portfolio (EV brands) that will be launched in the Kuwaiti market. The budget follows the general guideline for creating marketing budgets, which states that big organizations should aim for 5-10% while small businesses should aim for 2-5%. (BDC, n.d.). Due to Agility Logistics’ size, their suggested marketing strategy falls within the 5–10% range. Interestingly, the net revenues for the Agility Logistics company in 2022 were $2.8 billion, according to Trade Arabia (2023). Due to this, the company’s suggested plan would cost it about $1.6 million, or about 5.5% of the total annual revenue of the company in 2022.

Question 2: Application of ‘communication model’ to Agility Logistics Marketing Campaign

A communication model is a methodological description of the process that aids in comprehending the human communication process (Indeed Editorial Team, 2023). Importantly, communication models represent the process graphically and theoretically, aid in the simplification of the intricate process of communication, and specify where and with whom it takes place. Moreover, if the marketing process lacks an efficient communication model, the Agility Logistics Company’s estimated marketing budget is pointless and a waste of time and resources. Having stated that, I opt for the interactive communication model, more specifically the Osgood-Schramm model, out of all the various communication models.

Electric vehicles, a new consumer product from Agility Logistics Company would require extensive marketing activities. Also, the marketing team would anticipate receiving fast feedback on how their marketing campaign message would be received and perceived. All of this is can be made feasible by the chosen communication model, the Osgood-Schramm model, because it permits two-way communication between the sender and recipient of a message (Smith, Hendricks and Chapel, n.d.). As a result, the Agility Logistics Company should use it as the basis for its marketing campaign for the proposed new product line (purchase and sale of electric vehicles).

According to Indeed Editorial Team (2023), this model performs three crucial marketing campaign-related tasks: encoding, decoding, and interpreting. This model includes the sender, the message to be transmitted, the channel utilized, the recipient, and the feedback. This enables all parties participating in the communication process to participate fairly and on time. Sender, receiver, message, feedback, and semantic barriers are the main elements of this communication paradigm, according to Smith, Hendricks, and Chapel (2022). The Osgood-Schramm model’s characteristics can be applied to the Agility Logistics Company’s marketing campaign in the following ways. Its successful application would raise much-needed knowledge about Agility’s new product.

First, the Osgood-Schramm communication model begins with the message’s availability for transmission (Cuofano, 2023). Because the company wants to introduce a new product to the Kuwait market, Agility Logistics’ marketing campaign will be digital. The slogan for the new product marketing campaign is “Choose EV, Buy EV, Love Kuwait.” The message of this marketing campaign is persuasive enough to convince Kuwaitis to think about buying EVs. As a result, the message to be delivered to the company’s target audience in relation to the Osgood-Schramm model’s application to the Agility Logistics marketing campaign, “Choose EV, Buy EV, Love Kuwait,” is: “Choose EV, Buy EV, Love Kuwait” (Kuwaitis). Interestingly, this message is promotional in that it supports sustainability in Kuwait and promotes the company’s EV brand. Together, these factors raise awareness of the importance of preserving environmental consciousness by purchasing clean, eco-friendly EV products.

Regarding the Osgood-Schramm communication model’s channel component, the well-planned marketing campaign message would be communicated and disseminated via various traditional and digital platforms. I suggest using popular social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. Using social media networks to promote the business’s new EV product line is a promotional activity. Also, the new EV product line from Agility Logistics company would be promoted on Kuwait News TV, KTV 1, Al-Kout TV, and Alwatan TV Plus.

In addition, I suggest advertising Agility Logistics EV on YouTube. The campaign slogan/message for the company’s product introduction and marketing would be “Choose EV, Buy EV, Love Kuwait,” It would be captioned in any company postings on its website and social media sites. I suggest using influencer marketing because Agility primarily uses its media center and rarely uses social media channels. In this regard, Agility Logistics must collaborate with Kuwaiti social media star Noha Nabil, who promotes premium companies on social media (Gordon, 2019).

Thirdly, the marketing campaign for Agility Logistics Company’s EV product line would target Kuwaitis with high incomes and affluence to satisfy the receiver component of the Osgood-Schramm communication model. Notably, this demographic will be targeted since they can afford luxury EV brands, which are pretty pricey and a sign of high class. Fourth, to address the Osgood-Schramm communication model’s semantic noise barrier, Agility Logistics must effectively communicate the marketing campaign message in Arabic and English. This will ultimately ensure that a large market hears the campaign message because the employment of these two languages will cater to both Kuwaiti Arabs and Non-Arabs.

Last but not least, regarding the feedback element of the Osgood-Schramm communication model, the effectiveness of the suggested marketing campaign would be evaluated based on the negative and positive comments made on its social media platforms. In addition, the number of likes, shares, and followers would provide insight into how the intended market has accepted the company’s EV brand. Agility Logistics Corporation has the opportunity to do additional market research and reduce marketing expenses thanks to the feedback from its online target customers. Feedback is the Osgood-Schramm communication model’s climax, according to Smith, Hendricks, and Chapel (n.d.). The preceding justifications make it abundantly evident that Agility Logistics Company has thoroughly utilized the model in its marketing effort. Using the Osgood-Schramm communication model in Agility Logistics’ marketing campaign for its new EV product portfolio has clarified communication’s importance in business. Business communication helps to express factual and clear statements regarding strategy, customer service, and branding and reflects a consistent message catered to its audience (Indeed Editorial Team, 2023).

Promotion Activities in Agility Logistics’ Marketing Campaign

First, the marketing campaign for Agility Logistics has used content creation as a promotional activity. Agility Logistics must engage in content creation and promotional activity in digital marketing campaigns to raise engagement with its digital/social media clients and attract significant attention to its social media posts and blogs. Indeed Editorial Team (2022) claims that businesses are using content production as a more and more common type of web promotion to raise brand awareness and familiarize the public with their products. Agility will therefore be able to write and arrange its articles, posts, and blogs in a captivating style that appeals to its target clients thanks to this promotional activity.

Second, influencer marketing has been used as a promotional strategy in Agility Logistics’ marketing campaign. Notably, the Agility Logistics marketing campaign’s use of influencer marketing as a promotional strategy successfully reaches more social media users in your target market and creates a brand that consumers can relate to (Indeed Editorial Team, 2022). A company’s brand can be strengthened by working with influencers, and audience engagement, conversion rates, and brand reputation can all be improved, says Grin (n.d.). As a result, Noha Nabil’s involvement would help Agility Logistics sell more EV brands in Kuwait.

Last but not least, social media advertising has been used as a promotional activity in Agility Logistics’ marketing campaign. According to Indeed Editorial Team (2022), Agility Logistics can directly market the EV product line to potential customers by using social media advertising as a promotional activity in EV product launches and marketing campaigns. Agility Logistics can also monitor engagement through the number of likes, comments, shares, and followers.


The report analysis has made it clear that finance and marketing departments must comprehend the advantages of a marketing plan to justify and release the investment/ marketing money to support their strategy. Due to these factors, any firm must make sure that marketing and finance have the same commercial vision and recognize each other’s contributions to manage resources effectively, track sales trends, and budget effectively for campaigns. To ensure a new product’s launch and successful performance in the market, creating product awareness is a crucial step that requires executive planning. Importantly, the budget for a marketing campaign should represent 10% of the company’s yearly revenues. A combination of different social media platforms and other forms of advertising is essential for the success of a marketing campaign to launch a new product.


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Persuasive Essay On Why Marijuana Be Legalized For Medical Purposes Free Writing Sample


What should be considered morally or socially right in society remains one of the mind-blogging debates in recent times, especially on issues regarding substance and drug use. For instance, why legalize alcohol despite its economic, social, and health implications while denying the population the freedom to use cannabis freely, considering its health and economic benefits? Legalizing or making marijuana use illegal has remained one of the predominant topics of debate in the last decade following the increased use of the drug for recreational purposes. According to Alharbi, marijuana remains illegal in the majority of the states in the United States, with only 37 states legalizing the recreational use of cannabis. At the same time, another ten, such as D.C. and the Northern Mariana Islands, have decriminalized the drug for commercial distribution and use (112). The use of cannabis should be legal mainly because of its profound medical benefits. For instance, multiple studies have demonstrated the health benefits of marijuana in treating appetite loss associated with ailments such as HIV and nausea. This essay will demonstrate the benefits of marijuana and why the drug should be legalized for both medical and recreational use.

Reasons for Legalization of Medical Marijuana

Diseases such as bacteria and viruses as increasingly developing increased resistance to antibiotics and other drugs, thus subjecting patients to heightened pain and stress levels. Although most doctors have sought painkillers to control the pain, it subjects the patients to an increased risk of internal damage and organ failure (Belyea et al. 259). Marijuana use is the best alternative to chemical drugs because of its naturally occurring nature, and its growth is compatible with all climates. Additionally, there is evidence that cannabis was used for a prolonged period in the early Chinese Dynasties instead of opium, which is highly addictive. Presently, marijuana helps relieve chronic pain, loss of appetite, muscle spasms, and nausea. Other research has demonstrated that ‘weed’ can assist advanced chronic diseases such as injuries associated with the spinal cord, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, glaucoma, cancer and AIDS, and other terminal illnesses (Gardenier et al. 116). Patients prescribed pain medication have also confirmed that it does little to ease their terminal pain. Considering that the acquisition of marijuana remains a challenge for most suffering patients, making ‘weed’ illegal by itself is morally wrong. However, there is a need for further testing and research to further medical knowledge in this domain to solve common societal challenges.

The use of marijuana for medical purposes is considered ‘safer.’ Compared to other standard drugs in the health domain, such as opioids, which are highly addictive, primarily when used long-term, marijuana provides a healthy alternative for easing chronic pain. According to Leung et al., the number of deaths from opioid overdose has increased by 30% from 2020 to 2022, higher than heroin overdose at 17% (1516). The only way human beings could overdose on marijuana and be exposed to the risk of death is through the consumption of synthetic marijuana, which is highly unlikely, as it remains highly unavailable in the streets. This shows that the medical use of marijuana will significantly reduce the occurrences of overdosage by patients seeking to minimize pain. Additionally, through the approval of the FDA, medical patients using medical marijuana will be assured that their painkillers are not induced with lethal substances.

Patients can administer ‘weed’ to manage their pain using several approaches. Apart from smoking ‘pot,’ non-smokers could consume marijuana by eating, inducing in butter, tropical pain relief approaches vaporization, and cooking oils (cannabidiol oil). This gives a healthy alternative, especially when medical marijuana attains FDA approval. Research has shown that patients using medical marijuana do not necessarily have to get high by isolating individuals’ components of cannabis. For instance, the isolation of compounds such as CBD (cannabidiol) produces pain-reliving options without the action of THC, the compound that causes the ‘high’ (Krishna & Vaidynathan 773).

Lastly, the natural aspect of marijuana is another reason the drug should be legalized for medical purposes. Hammond et al. proposed that the naturally occurring state of marijuana has been used for centuries to reduce pain successfully. The State of Colorado has made huge returns from taxing marijuana and related products, with at least $247, 368, 473 made in 2017 (Tanco et al., 82). The state has also proven that by legalizing weed, the country can deal with the opioid overdose pandemic.

Reasons to not Legalize Medical Marijuana

The quarters opposing the legalization of medical marijuana have argued that although the ‘weed’ brings significant health and economic benefits, the country will be taking a risky path by accepting a drug that has greatly overburdened and downgraded society. Medically, marijuana has proven to heighten the risk of short-term memory loss, primarily when used occasionally. The extent of memory loss is more profound in teenagers, as most of them use cannabis primarily for recreational purposes. Other effects of legalizing marijuana are associated with cognitive impairment, as the users typically demonstrate some challenge in their thinking abilities. This presents difficulties in problem-solving, especially in fast-paced environments and work processes. According to Wengi, the majority of the users of marijuana use the drug through smoking, commonly referred to in the streets as a ‘joint’ accounting for 85% of the users. Smoking damages the lung tissues, further enhancing the risk of lung cancer (7). Marijuana is also a highly addictive drug likely to result in addiction. Lastly, another reason people are opposed to legalizing cannabis is that it is likely to impair one’s judgment, thus increasing the risk of accidents.


The use of medical marijuana is increasingly becoming acceptable in the majority of the states in the United States. Currently, at least 37 states have made cannabis available for medical and recreational use. Medically, cannabis has proven helpful due to its health benefits, such as treating appetite loss associated with ailments such as HIV and nausea. Another reason why medical marijuana should be legalized is that patients can administer ‘weed’ to manage their pain using several approaches through edible products and cannabidiol oils. However, medical marijuana heightens the risk of lung cancer, memory loss, and accidents. Based on these arguments, I think America should embrace the naturally occurring hub for medical and economic benefits. Emphasis should be placed on research and testing to understand the benefits and how to limit the risks associated with the drug. Lastly, those considering using marijuana should seek directions from a qualified doctor.

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