Madame Bovary Research Paper Sample College Essay

Madame Bovary Research Paper

 In Gustave Flaubert’s Madame Bovary, the characters Leon Dupuis and Rodolphe Boulanger portion similar properties every bit good as contrasting 1s. The similarity and contrasting features of their personalities are illustrated through their actions, words, every bit good as by the comments made by the other characters in the novel refering them. Leon and Rodolphe are both admired by their equals, and they are both lovers of Madame Bovary, nevertheless, the resemblance ends at that place.

Leon’s personality is the exact antonym of Rodolphe? s. Leon is low, unassertive, and compassionate, while Rodolphe is disdainful, grim, and obdurate. Leon’s modestness, shyness, and kindness are depicted through Flaubert’s description of him. “ [ Leon ] was shy by nature, with the kind of modesty made up of both modesty and deception.

” Flaubert besides makes it apparent that Leon is good liked and admired by others. “In Yonville, it was found that he had “ really elegant ” manners [ ? . ] Monsieur Homais valued him for his instruction, and Madame Homais was fond of him for his friendliness since he frequently took the kids to the garden. ” Leon is besides really timid and has trouble showing his feelings towards Emma.

Leon “ tortured himself to detect how he could declare his feelings to her [ . ] ” “ Leon, between the fright of being indiscreet and the desire for an familiarity that he imagined about impossible, did non cognize how to continue. ” Rodolphe, in contrast to Leon, is bold, ruthless, craft, and oblique. Rodolphe is “ heartless and highly intelligent.

He is besides a really “ experient ” adult male ; “ he had spent a batch of clip in female company, and was really knowing about adult females. ” He is so captive on doing Emma his that “ [ he? ll ] be bled, if [ he has ] to. ” Rodolphe uses assorted gambits to seek and court Emma. He attempts to pull strings her by spiting forth sweet prevarications and portraying to be a raphetic, miserable man in order to gain her affections.

Rodolphe claims that he “arose and came [to Emma?s house] every night [?.and] little did [she] guess what was there, so near and yet so far, a poor miserable-” Leon?s love for Madame Bovary is actually genuine, unlike Rodolphe?s. Emma “continually rose in his heart, detaching herself from it in the magnificent manner of a goddess soaring to heaven.” Leon expresses to Emma how his mind is always thinking of her and the countless times he had visited her home.

Leon recalls every single minute detail concerning Emma, the clothes she wore, and the furniture in her room.He exclaims that “he had loved her at first sight and he was in despair when he realized the happiness he would have had if, by the grace of fate, they had met earlier and been indissolubly bound to each other.” Unlike Leon, Rodolphe?s love for Emma is purely feigned. Emma is simply another mistress to Rodolphe, a passing fancy.

He has no feelings for Emma at all and “When he was sure of being loved, he stopped trying to please her, and his ways changed imperceptibly. He no longer used words so sweet that they made her cry[?.]nor were his caresses so ardent that they drove her mad.” Rodolphe soon became disinterested in Emma, and she “resembled all his old mistresses, and the charm of novelty, falling away little by little like articles of clothing, revealed in all its nakedness the eternal monotony of passion.

” In this manner, Leon and Rodolphe are -depicted as two characters with similar and contrasting qualities. The juxtaposition of their differing personalities aid in adding distinction and emphasizing their personalities. In juxtaposing Rodolphe to Leon, Rodolphe?s true character can be seen. He is a manipulating, lying, duplicitous individual, while in contrast, Leon is a kindhearted, sincere, meek individual.

Their contrasting and yet similar attributes accentuate the other character?s disposition.

Chet Arthur, President Of The United States?

Good God! That is what many of us were stating when former President Garfield died and Republican Chester A. Arthur took over. However, Chet Arthur has proved us all incorrect. We are populating in a clip of prosperity, good after the Civil War. Arthur, even though he will non travel down into the history books as one of our greatest presidents of all time, Arthur has done nil to halt to advancement of our great society.

Even the recent illumination dirt has been proved incorrect. After studies that Arthur has been telling new flowers for a image of a adult female on his desk every twenty-four hours, guess rose that Arthur was holding an active life. However, the image turned out to be of the late Nell Arthur, his married woman who died old ages ago. While President, Arthur has wholly redecorated and cleaned the White House, something former President Hayes ne’er did.

The White House now genuinely looks like a edifice tantrum for a president. Arthur did all of this with his ain net incomes besides, non doing the American public wage for this. Arthur has maintained peace with foreign states, the federal exchequer has remained full and there have been no major crises while Arthur has been in office.

Arthur vetoed the controversial Chinese Bill which would censor any Chinese immigrants from coming to the United States for the following 20 old ages. He managed to acquire the Chinese-hating Congress who likely would hold overruled his veto to merely restrict the figure of Chinese and non forbid them to immigrate wholly. Arthur has made important with the Navy. Before this term, our U.S. Navy was one of the weakest among major powers.

The U.S. had non upgraded to steel ships and hoped to acquire along with wooden ships. Arthur ordered the building and purchase of 84 steel ships, and besides got rid of the long tradition of seting presidential friends who cognize nil about the Navy in charge of operations. Chet Arthur, President of the United States. That sounds better now that it did in three old ages ago.

Evaluation Of The Selection And Recruitment Process Of British Airways

In a human organic structure, bosom is the most of import portion signifier where we can judge whether organic structure working all right or non. In the same manner in any organisation the most of import plus is employees. And to maximise their assets, direction should ever cover with the staff working status with intelligence every bit good as efficiency. If employees of any organisation are good managed, the organisations largely do really good. It is hence indispensable to work on growing, edifice, development, enthusiasm, motive, enrichment and betterment of the employees.

In general every organisation believes that Human Resource ( HR ) offers them sensible advantage. These advantages can be

  • Quality work force
  • Choice civilization etc.

The Strategic Human Resource Management ensures that the employees or human capital of an organisation contributes towards its accomplishments with their public presentation, cognition and accomplishments. The Traditional Human Resource is merely concerned with the execution of the policies like:

  • Recruitment,
  • Staffing,
  • Reward,
  • Appraisal

But when general HRM stopper into the organisation ‘s scheme the result of HR section more range to increase the abilities of their work force and concentrate on the vision and mission. This connexion is made to better the organisation public presentation and develop organisational civilization which in bend facilitates invention and flexibleness. Overall the cardinal rule of Strategic HRM is to accomplish organisation ‘s vision and mission.

But in this globalized and altering universe organisations has to show the importance of an effectual human resource by and large refer to the set of the policies or rules planned to do the most of the organisational integrating, quality of work, employee committedness and flexibleness. So that organisation achieves their ends. To understand more about HRM, I have chosen British Air passages for this class.

Overall about British Air passages

British air passage is the biggest air hose in United Kingdom and 3rd in Europe. It is based at the busiest international airdrome in the universe i.e Heathrow Airport, London, and has a worldwide flight web with spouses as Qantas in Australia, USAir in the United States and TAT European air hoses in France. With its Alliance spouses and its ain operations, British Airways in a twelvemonth serves on an norm of 95 million riders, utilizing more than 1000 air-planes and around 441 airdromes in approximately 86 states. The major activities of the British Airways is the international and domestic scheduled operations and charter air services for the passenger car of cargo and mail, riders and other extra services.

To do certain that a procedure of this size works as expeditiously and successfully as possible, needs good organized Strategic human resource direction ( SHRM ) . There are several attacks and theoretical accounts by which Strategic HRM can be applied but basic strategic HRM theoretical account is widely accepted by many writers, research workers and even critics as good ( Kane and Palmer, 1995 ) . This basic theoretical account is based on the external and internal environment and basic organisation schemes.

Basic Model of Strategic Human resource Management ( Adapted from Kane and Palmer, 1995 )

In order to carry through its mission and aims, BA needs qualified employees for that the HR section is responsible to publicize the vacancy and choice suited campaigners. The enlisting of staff is one of the most critical undertakings within the administration.

Peoples are considered to be the most of import plus for an administration. The success of the administration depends on the abilities, cognition and accomplishments of the people working in that administration. They are the most of import benefit for any industry or administration. Therefore to guarantee that an administration hire the right people, a criterion and formal construction must be used.

Recruitment and choice

So, it can be concluded that BA is following a balanced combination of both theoretical accounts in order to keep efficiency and cost effectivity by carefully engaging and developing employees and on the other manus complacency and benefit of workers by utilizing a humanistic attack.

In the FactBook 2007 BA claims: “ British Airways places great accent on ‘Investing in its people ” . This investing is ever really considerable because of its effectivity and the indefensible effects if it is non made harmonizing to the demands.

British Airway ‘s focal point on constitution of effectual enlisting and choice methods and more significantly on preparation and development of employees can be understood by this addition of 5 % on the employee costs.

Townley ( 1991 ) argues that  administrations are progressively likely to concentrate on more general properties and values than narrow task-based standards. ” Barclay ( 1999 ) explains the fittingness of administrations are expressed in footings of personality, attributes, flexibleness, committedness and ends instead than the ability to make specific occupation for which individual is being recruited. Torrington and Hall ( 5th Edition: P 142 ) termed these general but valuable properties as organizational standards. It now depends on the nature of administration that what attributes are much valuable for them than other. In instance of British Airways, the bulkiness and spread outing nature of administration requires campaigners with flexibleness and adoptability and ‘utmost professionalism ‘ . Apart from these, in the Fact Book 2007, BA claims that  The motive and committedness of employees remains cardinal to the success of British Air passages. ”

Commercial section

Second, there is Commercial Department which recruit people for Gross saless, Alliance, Marketing and Strategy. The administration is looking for campaigners holding ability to work in a dynamic, fast traveling environment with first-class communicating, organizational and be aftering accomplishments to work in this sector. Experience of Customer Service here is besides desired by the pickers.

Technical section

E-Business and IT section and Technical and Operations section covers e-Commerce, e-Procurement, IT and e-Working and pilots, technology, flight preparation sectors severally, which are working for the administration to get by it with the latest technological demands for success. The employees must hold advanced and originative thought with an ability to believe beyond the engineering. Good dialogue accomplishments, job work outing accomplishments and considerable experience and making in occupation related engineering is required.

Corporate Servicess

Corporate Services includes HR, Finance, Health Services, and Legal services, PR & A ; Communication, Safety, Security Community and Environment. This section expression for motivate and committed forces which have same involvement as the aims of administration. Experience and standard making in the related field is normally required.

Alumnus strategies

At the last, there is Graduate Opportunities and Training Schemes sector which hire alumnuss, pupils for industrial arrangement, trainee pilots and technology strategies. The exhilaration and challenge of air hose industry along with the sheer diverseness in company ‘s construction and chance to take the calling in coveted manner by geting valuable accomplishments and experience make BA a precedence for immature alumnuss.

Methods to pick the appliers

Administrations have different ways to choose the campaigners depending upon different factors including clip, cost, administrative easiness and choice standards for the station to be filled. A list of choice methods as described by Torrington and Hall ( 2006 ) includes, Application Forms, Self-Assessment & A ; Peer Assessment, Telephone Interviewing, Testing, Group Selection Methods and Assessment Centres, Work Sampling/Portfolios, References etc. British Airways ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) usage CV and Application signifiers, Interviews, Assessment Processes, Criminal Record Check.

Applications Forms are the written paperss which normally reflect personal, educational and employment information of the campaigner. Application signifier has been extended by some administrations to inquire much more and much detailed information from the campaigners like about their accomplishments abilities and besides some situational inquiries are made to measure believing attack of campaigner. British Airways emphasis more on the CV and directed the campaigners to develop a well organised, logical and easy apprehensible CV.

A brief treatment about the related accomplishments is required with no spelling and grammar errors. The chief aim of Application signifiers is to shortlist the pool of recruited campaigners. Application signifiers can be used to obtain campaigners ‘ signatures as to the truth of the information provided. Application Forms are somewhat better and just index of campaigner ‘s possible due to their standardise format doing the comparing of the information during winnow and short listing easier and less prone to error

Assessment Procedure

Assessment Process incorporate multiple choice techniques normally involves Leaderless groups, Command or executive exercisings, Group Problem Solving, psychological trials, in-basket undertakings and assortment of interviews and presentations. Due to the multiple steps IRS ( 2002d ) noted that these are the most effectual ways of choosing campaigners. At the terminal of the steps, the assessors have to come to cumulative evaluation for each person, related to occupation demands. This choice method is dearly-won and clip taking but provide chance to measure the campaigner by in depth observation.

Group exercisings

Group exercisings will look into the squad working abilities and communicating accomplishments of campaigners.


Interviews contain slippery inquiries and critical state of affairss to make determination.

Psychometric Trials

BA claims:  The trials we use most frequently focus on verbal and numerical accomplishments. We may besides include a personality appraisal which another tool is designed to happen out a spot more-about campaigner. ”

Interpersonal accomplishments

Fact-finding explores interpersonal accomplishments to garner related information whereas Presentation shows communicating accomplishments of a campaigner with a group.

Role Plaies

In Role Plays, one of the assessors will move as a client and the campaigner have to undertake him harmonizing to the given state of affairs.

Testing method

Testing is one other beginning of choosing campaigners. It is a kind of option for the undependability of interview as an index of public presentation and potency of the campaigner. But positions against Testing dislike the objectiveness of the technique and the trouble to integrate the trial indicants with the remainder of the rating. In the signifier of psychometric testing, function dramas and fact-finding, BA uses this technique to measure the rightness of the campaigner with the demands of the occupation.

The other types of trial harmonizing to Torrington and Hall ( 6th edition ) are Aptitude trials, General Intelligence trials, Particular aptitude trials, Trainability tests, Attainment trial and Personality Trials. The elaborate nature of Testing may supply a sufficient analysis of one ‘s capablenesss but there are besides some jobs in utilizing this as a choice technique including a clip devouring nature, the unequal standards to develop the testing for a good occupation public presentation, ability to be sexually, socially or racially biased.

Consequence of Motivation

The top ranked order of factors which consequence the motivation:

  • Interesting factor
  • Good engage
  • Job security
  • Work done on Full grasp
  • Well and good working conditions
  • Promotion and organisation growing
  • Personal trueness on employees and staff
  • Bing experiencing in on things
  • Sympathetic aid with personal jobs
  •  Tactful subject

Maslow ‘s need-hierarchy discuss the theory which provides some interesting and entertaining penetration onto employee and staff motive by comparings of above consequences. The figure top one graded incentive is interesting work which describes the self-actualizing factor. Second ranked incentives ‘ good rewards which describe the is physiological factor. Third ranked incentive is full grasp of work done which discuss the esteem factor. Fourth ranked incentive is occupation security which describes the safety factor.

In June 1997, Ayling praised a dramatic new ocular individuality supposed to be based on market research but that generated emotionally charged contention. The alteration was extremist ; symbols were merely scrapped ( new design, new colorss, new slogan, denial of the psychological national belonging ) as if it was possible to get down from abrasion with new company individuality and civilization.

As work stoppages instantly showed it, BA ‘s civilization was still one of a public sector company. Alternatively of seeking to negociate, Ayling harshly condemned strikers without taking in history this populace sector company background. In malice of Ayling ‘s desire to eliminate “ British-ness ” from BA, employees and people in general ( clients, the imperativeness, Margaret Thatcher ) were non ready to accept it. Strikes were besides the consequence of incomprehension from employees: were the new salary strategy ( portion and package of the attempts to cut down country costs ) and the 60 million individuality alteration coherent Was it possible for employees to remain motivated and involved in BA under those conditions? Furthermore, 160 planes stayed with the Union flag alternatively of the new design in 1999 because BA lacked clip to repaint it. The individuality alteration was as a effect foremost of all severely accepted and in add-on severely implemented.

However, Ayling began to understand after the work stoppages the high necessity of human resources as portion of cultural background in a customer-facing concern. He launched a run to raise staff moral in October 1997 and started to believe about concentrating on people on the front-line through interviews and addresss praising communicating between direction and staff. He built a hotel and developed a new construct for BA ‘s headquarter ( no lasting desk-space ) . Again, in 1999, an sentiment study was sent to all employees, consequences were dismaying, and Ayling introduced preparation and motivational programmes.

Cost cut is a really unpopular pattern. Consequently, directors normally do it merely when it becomes an exigency. Bob Ayling did non take it like that. He anticipated the hereafter and he kept an firm stance to enforce the BEP steps while a record net income was announced for the twelvemonth: he sold reasonable activities, relocated the accounting departmenta

He asked for voluntaries to go forth the house non because he could non afford to pay them, but to replace them with flexible people holding more appropriate accomplishments.

At last he decided to concentrate BA scheme on high borders activities, and implemented a rationalization plan, paring down unprofitable paths and cutting extra capacity.

This anticipant attack triggered the esteem of fiscal analysts, but the effects inside the company were non so positive. Tonss of the jobs i.e. created in an organisation are the direct consequence of worker and employees neglecting to pass on.

Career direction and development

In an environment where endowment is rare and external chances are plentiful, British Airways believes that the employees will remain in the company merely if their part is valued. They will remain in the company every bit long as they are able to execute and make the utile work in the challenging and the stimulating environment. Directors to some degree are held responsible for development of their subsidiaries at British Airways. There are some concerns due to the gait at which the company is turning, this procedure in non in taking topographic point every bit fast as it needs to be, particularly around the development of the competences for the company ‘s many types of squads.

British Airways develops a batch of classs for their employees or staff to larn, and at the same clip, give them chances to travel outside to larn. All preparation every bit good as development programme are based on the house dedication to let go of and maximise the complete potency of each British Airways staff. Due to the big figure of occupations across the company it difficult to depict every development enterprise in item here.

Overall British Airways has a really good scope of preparation resources in manus, which there staff will be able to pull upon as they need them. These include classs like computing machine based synergistic e-learning Centres, mention stuffs, picture based e-learning and library installations. These programmes are offered to the staff, so as to develop a broad assortment of accomplishments like squad edifice, presentation, leading and dialogue. In peculiar instances the support is provided towards the proficient every bit good as professional makings. In all the above discussed countries, it is the duty of an person, through the treatments with their director, to take answerability for seeing their demands are met.

When it comes to the calling development for any staff British Airways ever aim to take up a really originative attack, and at the same clip reacting to the people ‘s aspirations every bit good as supplying a good cross developing where-ever it is needed. When the vacancies come up, they are ever advertised internally every bit good as they are promoted from within where possible.

Pay and Rewards

To honor the part of an employee towards an organisation, wage is used as a incentive. It is an of import issue in the populace every bit good as private sector. Many organisations have formed the wage methods to heighten the person and squad public presentation. Money acts as a incentive to honor their part.

Some of the expected impact countries of concern at the local degree are:

  • Pay acts as a communicator of rules in footings of teamwork, equity, equality, flexibleness and working across the company or with the external spouses
  • Pay acts as a incentive of an person ‘s public presentation, squad or organisational public presentation, development of an single, risk-taking, duty and trueness and experience
  • Pay acts as a payment factor for the production in footings of the cost ( execution/ control/ care ) and for the effectivity in the resourcing an organisation

Decision and Recommendation

The intent of this paper was to look into the human resource direction schemes of British Airlines. Judging the human resource direction schemes of British Airlines with the work of taking experts in the field of Human Resource Management schemes, we found out that:

At British air hoses direction has created a conductive environment, with more workers engagement, calling sequence planning, calling relevant preparation, greater chances for higher functions, occupation satisfaction, trust and committedness to heighten employee committedness and satisfaction.

In general British Airways has balanced scheme to enroll and choose employees make BA a joyful topographic point for employees to work in without upseting the cost graduated table much.

I think British Air passages should switch the accent from CVs to Application Forms in order to acquire accurate, related and required information about campaigners. Appraisal processs followed can be characterized as better method to choose campaigners and BA is following this rather expeditiously.

If these findings are decently implemented by BA, a figure of benefits could be achieved which include developing a set of shared values, cut downing costs when the relationship coatings and increasing profitableness as a greater figure of terminal users clients are retain.