Management Styles In The Military Field Free Essay

The issue of what constitutes the best management style is extremely relevant. Organizations want to outperform their competitors and choose management styles that fit their organizational and market realities. It would be fair to say that there is no best management style. Only managers who are flexible in their decisions and can successfully re-adjust to the changeable conditions of organizational performance have solid chances to meet organizations’ strategic objectives.

Therefore, it is essential that managers are able to define their best features and create a general picture of the preferred management characteristics and styles. This knowledge will help organizations to achieve the desired fit between management practices and their business and market ambitions (Barringer & Bluedorn, 1999).

Like any other manager, I find the process of self-analysis extremely fascinating. Based on Ungvari’s (n.d.) article, I exemplify a unique combination of a Logical Processor and Hypothetical Analyzer. Logical processing is my primary style, whereas Hypothetical analyzing adds value to my logical and methodological skills. According to Ungvari (n.d.), “logical processors are detail oriented and prefer clear, comprehensive assignments with logical outcomes.”

A mechanic in the military, I am bound to fulfill logical, well-structured, clear and comprehensive assignments on a daily basis. The army itself and its organizational atmosphere impose clear standards of performance and demand precise and comprehensive organizational responses.

As a Hypothetical analyzer, I enjoy task complexity and weight numerous alternatives, before taking a decision that will lead me to the desired outcome (Ungvari, n.d.). there is a positive relationship between managerial behaviors and organizational cultures/ styles (Saadler-Smith, Hampson, Chaston & Badger, 2003). My preferred style is equally the result of my personal features and character and the product of the organizational influences in the army.

The Logical Processor and Hypothetical Analyzer create a new, Conservator’s profile (Ungvari, n.d.). The latter is characterized by “strong adherence to procedural and methodological techniques” (Ungvari, n.d.). This style ideally fits in organizational environments with maximum stability and minimum downsize risks (Ungvari, n.d.). This is particularly the case of military organizations and environments, where strict adherence to rules and procedures, subordination and clarity of tasks and commands, as well as commitment to the basic standards of conduct predetermine the success of all practical initiatives. In 1977, Weigley wrote that strict adherence to approved policies and regulations had to become the defining feature of American military successes.

Little has changed since then. My striving to comprehensibility and logic facilitated my assimilation into the military culture. I am brief and concise in my communication with colleagues and supervisors. I am logical in my decisions. I realize that, at times, my conservative commitments and beliefs may become too rigid and unpractical. However, at the current stage of professional development, there is an optimal matching between what I do and what I am expected to do in this organizational atmosphere. Simultaneously, even the most stable environments require a certain degree of professional and managerial flexibility, to be able to satisfy the changeable demands of organizational performance.

The issue of what constitutes the best management style is extremely relevant. Based on Ungvari’s (n.d.) article, I exemplify a unique combination of a Logical Processor and Hypothetical Analyzer. Simply stated, I am a Conservator who demonstrates strict adherence to procedural techniques, enjoys complexity and stability, and weighs numerous alternatives before taking the best decision. Certainly, conservative beliefs may be too rigid and unpractical; however, in the current situation, there is an optimal matching between what I do and what I am expected to do in the military. My knowledge of the preferred management style will help me to re-focus my decisions and efforts in ways that benefit my organization and my professional career.


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Boots UK Company’s General Management Overview

Boots UK is a private company located in the United Kingdom. The company is a member of Alliance boots and has branches in Ireland, Sweden and many other countries. It offers skincare and cosmetic products; and prescribed medicines such as tablets, liquids, creams as well as inhalers.

A general management overview of the company reveals the following:

  1. The company is generally characterised by a flexible management scheme. This is in line with achieving its ambition to become the world’s leading health and beauty company. In 2008 the company restructured its marketing and trading departments by combining them to form one team known as a commercial. This move greatly assisted the two departments to combine their efforts in analysing the market demand for their products.
  2. The company faithfully adheres to value based management from the smallest changes in the products way up to the company’s grand strategy. This management policy requires that a project is only worth investing in if it creates additional value for its shareholders therefore implying that the long term return should be in excess of the cost of capital finally maximising the long term cash flow.
  3. Boot’s marketing team comprises three areas one of which is a customer communication department, a new strategy which has propelled the company’s customer rankings to much higher than they were before. Consequently this has translated to higher demand for products. It has been adopted to propel product and brand development from a customer led strategy. The team ensures that most if not all and even specific consumer needs are met.
  4. An innovative cross-channel marketing strategy is also in use by the company. It has optimised its customer contact strategy across a variety of marketing channels incorporating loyalty program declarations and in-store ‘kiosk’ marketing products. This balances marketing goals, rules; business constrains and contact preferences to determine the optimal contact strategy. However, innovation does not end there; the company also develops and sells its own-brand health and beauty products.
  5. The company operates different sick- pay schemes and ways of managing absence. It introduced a new sick-pay system that involves reduced sick- pay for some staff and initiatives such as rewarding 100% attendance. This greatly reduced both costs to the company and absence levels.
  6. A clear development framework is in place to achieve career development goals. This assists both internal staff and graduates new to the organisation, which, as Kotler (1998) stated, to progress into management roles either in store or support offices (Kotler, 1998).
  7. The governance structure is fully integrated and established. Management reports regularly to the boots UK steering group to provide robust operational management of the company’s agenda together with the full alignment of the overall business strategy.
  8. Despite the clear investment guidelines and strategically developed analytical tools, decision making in the company is made easier as it is delegated to junior management hence hastening the decision making process. The heads of the company’s nine divisions enjoy the freedom of a decentralised decision making system.

Boots UK should be a market leader in the product leadership discipline because of the following reasons.

  1. Its business structure is loosely knit and ever changing to adjust to current initiatives and changes that result from working in different conditions. This is a feature of Boots Company which is evidenced by its flexible managerial scheme such as restructuring of the marketing and trading teams. As stated by Christensen (1997), firms with few profitable investment opportunities should use high levels of debt and thus have a substantial interest payment, which means imposing managerial constraint through debt (Christensen,1997). The company’s adoption of new and innovative state of the art management techniques also attests to its adjustment.
  2. Managerial systems that are results driven, advocate for innovativeness and measure and reward new product success. This is evidenced by the company’s development of strategies to maximise the use of its human resources by offering an incentive for full attendance by its employees. Implementation of a cross-channel marketing strategy is a clear indication by Boots UK in advocating for experimentation of the company. Moreover, as research by Williams & McWilliams (2009) showed, the requirement by management to report to a steering committee is another obvious indicator of the company’s urge to obtain satisfactory results by close monitoring so as to make necessary changes and or adjustments (Williams & McWilliams, 2009).
  3. It embraces a culture that encourages individual creativity, unique ideas, great achievement and a purpose driven desire to develop the future. As Treacy and Wiersema (1995) stated, the existence of a clear development framework is evidence of this as offering career development opportunities to both graduates and in- house staff is a future asset for the company due to improved human resource (Treacy & Wiersema, 1995). The company managing director, Steve Russell encourages the staff to openly present their ideas when he says,” If you’ve got the ideas and can articulate them convincingly, nothing stands in your way”.


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Overstock, Officemax, Bebe Websites Analysis


The internet has altered the traditional distribution channel. Where companies depended on catalogs to inform customers about products, they can now access them easily on websites. Purchases do not have to be made on site. Customers purchase and pay for merchandise online. Thereafter, the company organizes to deliver the goods. This saves on time and space, therefore reducing the cost of the goods. However, there are items, which are best purchased in stores (Over Stock, 2011).

This paper seeks to examine the features of three such websites and their impact on me as a consumer. The websites have different features and deal in different goods. deals in furniture, bedding, electronics, gifts, toys among others. specializes in office supplies such as printers, computers, paper and pens. sells a wide range of women’s clothing.


Which website does the best job of marketing their merchandise? Explain your answer does the best job among the three websites. The layout includes a window, which shows items on offer and the discount available. This window contains pictures, which change every few seconds. This allows the consumer to view many products within a short span. It also attracts attention. The display of the items is quite appealing. There are also beautiful models that make one want to purchase the items (Office Max, 2011).

The company has displayed the shipping price at the right hand corner. This creates the impression that it is cheap to ship products with them. Further, down, there are various categories of goods and their pictures. The departments feature makes it easier for one to find whatever they are looking for. This is as opposes to other sites where one has to perform a search in order to find s product.

The website also allows customers to rate products. This rating is visible to anyone else who would be interested to purchase the same product. It helps one to know which products are popular with other consumers.

The website does not display their merchandise openly. One has to go through some procedure to access the clothes. is an efficient website. However, it is not very attractive to first time shoppers.

Find a product that you would be willing to buy over the internet and explain why you would buy it. Name the website and describe the product.

I would buy clothing over the internet. This includes skirts, blouses, sweaters and jeans. The site I would buy from is This is because their clothes are known for quality. Thus, chances of getting a raw deal are minimal. It is also possible to return the clothes within certain duration if I am dissatisfied.

Clothes come in sizes (Bebe, 2011). I can choose a suitable size since they are standard. The size is specified when making the purchase. This enables me to avoid clothes that are too loose or too tight. The website also has pictures of the clothes as they appear in real life. I can choose whichever colour I would prefer.

I would also purchase office supplies online. Examples of office supplies I would purchase are printers, toners, cartridge ink, printing paper and writing instruments. The store I would choose for this purchase is The company offers these supplies at a reasonable price.

Office supplies are standard goods. Once one identifies the brand they intend to purchase, the purchase is then made without much thought. It is also rare that I change the brands, which I purchase. I stick to one brand for each supply. Having a regular supplier works best for me.

Find a product that you would be unwilling to purchase over the internet. Explain your reasoning. Name the website and describe the product.

I would not buy items of furniture online. This includes beds, tables and garden furniture. These items are not clearly presented on website pictures. They are too minimized for one to see all the features. As such, it is impossible to get a true impression of the merchandise. In addition, they are usually displayed in specific arrangements, which are attractive but may not work in my residence. I may end up purchasing an item of furniture only to discover that it does not look as good as it did in the picture.

I would be hesitant to buy a mattress online. This is because I cannot touch or feel it before paying. Thus, there is a high likelihood of purchasing an uncomfortable mattress. The process of returning it is quite hectic. Some online companies do not permit a customer to return mattresses. The ones that permit charge quite highly for the process. It would be a loss-making venture if I was to purchase an unsuitable mattress then try to return it. Therefore, I prefer to go to a physical store to purchase a mattress. This will allow me to use my sense of touch and sight to choose the best product. Chances of making a mistake in such a purchase are almost zero.


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