Man’s Search For Meaning Free Essay


Man’s Search for Meaning is a book written by Viktor E. Frankl. Frankl is a survivor Jew who strives to break down his Holocaust experiences and the consequent development of a new school of psychotherapy dubbed logotherapy. This powerful book is significantly associated with Frankl’s three-year captivity at Auschwitz and other German concentration camps and argues against the perspective that human life revolves around biological responses to stimuli (Pattakos & Dundon, 2017). Instead, Frankl delves into the motivations that kept the survivors in the camps going even in the direst contexts. He stipulates that the three ways to ensure that one finds meaning in life are through creating and doing, loving and experiencing, and through the attitude adopted toward life’s unavoidable suffering. This piece aims to reflect on Frankl’s book and its implication in the contemporary world.

Reflective Quotes

While Frankl’s book is typically classified as a memoir of his years at the German prison camps, it is often perceived to be a unique piece linked to meditation on human existence and a constant reminder that a man’s will to meaning tends to serve as his core motivator in life. The varying quotes and concepts like logotherapy in the book strive to foster an individual’s understanding of themselves through uncovering patterns. This way, the ability to withstand adversity, also dubbed resilience, is enhanced as the book fosters the development of skills like courage, altruism, humor, optimism, acceptance, and responsibility. The seven core quotes in the book and how they resonate with life are discussed below.

Quote 1

In illustrating the experiences of the prisoners in the concentration camps, Frankl asserts that “What essentially was needed was the critical change in the attitude towards life. The prisoners have to learn and teach the despairing men that it does not matter what is expected from life but what life expects from individuals” (Frankl, 1985). The implication is that the prisoners needed to stop questioning life’s meaning and conversely think of themselves as being questioned by life. In this light, the answer should not be in meditation or talk but through the right action and conduct. At the camps, most prisoners would lose their way of living and ended up dying. Focusing on my life, socioeconomic challenges in the contemporary world tend to be unpredictable. I, therefore, have to stick to my why, and it assists me in enduring the situations. Moreover, I strive to ask myself daily whether I am staying true to what life expects. Despite Frankl losing his manuscript upon entering the concertation camps, he strives to re-write it in scraps of paper and his head.

Quote 2

Another quote in the book revolves around love. Frankl asserts that ‘his mind clung to his wife’s image whereby he heard her answering him, smiling and even giving an encouraging look amidst the camp’s struggles’ (Frankl, 1985). The quote inclines to the notion that man’s salvation is linked to love. In instances where man has nothing left, he may still experience and know bliss through the contemplation of beloved ones. Frankl seeks solace in the memories and thoughts of his wife even as the prisoners undergo a tough ordeal in the camps. One early morning, a man marching next to Frankl wonders how their wives would perceive them if they saw them in the current state. In my case, I have been able to undergo the loneliness and challenges linked to the first years of college by clinging to the memories of my siblings and parents.

Quote 3

Another quote Frankl offers is that ‘the medical men in the camps realized that textbooks tell lies, for instance, by asserting that man cannot exist without sleeping for a stipulated number of hours’ (Frankl, 1985). In this regard, Frankl strives to depict that an individual can get used to anything. He gives an ordeal of how the first night in the Auschwitz camp was characterized by sleeping in beds made in tiers. In every tier, nine men had to share two blankets. Such experiences of the prisoners in the camps end up instilling significant levels of confidence in the capabilities of my body and mind. At other times, I find myself working on my art hobby past midnight, and I am always amazed by my body’s resilience. Frankl adds that while the prisoners could not clean their teeth and had a severe vitamin deficiency, they possessed healthier gums.

Quote 4

The fifth quote in the book is that ‘human beings tend to get impacted by their environment unavoidably. However, man is not bound by his environment. For instance, the experiences of the camp depict that man possesses a choice of action. Enough examples prove that apathy can be mitigated and overcome, and man ends up preserving a vestige of independence of mind and spiritual freedom amidst contexts of physical and psychic stress (Frankl, 1985).’ The implication is that an individual can resist the influence of their environment. While Frankl undergoes numerous cruel ordeals like hard labor, being whipped, and starving, he does not let the environment shape his ambition. I resonate with this in life as I always understand that I have a choice in how I react to challenging circumstances like financial stress. In this light, my attitude is critical.

Quote 5

‘An active life offers man the opportunity to realize values in their creative endeavors, while a passive life linked to enjoyment offers him the opportunity to attain fulfillment in experiencing nature, art or beauty. Conversely, there is purpose in life that is nearly barren of enjoyment and creation. In this light, suffering exists as an ineradicable part of life; without it, life would be incomplete (Frankl, 1985). Frankl asserts this as most prisoners believed that life opportunities had already passed. However, Frankl realized that the experiences were an opportunity to turn life into an inner triumph. In my life, I have strived to choose my meaning even when faced with adversities. Most of the time, I remain brave, dignified and take up my cross, for instance, in striving to learn online amid the Covid-19 restrictions.

Quote 6

According to Frankl, ‘the prisoner that lost faith in their future got doomed. The loss of belief in the future meant that he also lost the spiritual hold. He consequently allowed himself to be a subject to physical and mental decay (Frankl, 1985).’ This quote aligns with losing hope and how it can negatively impact an individual. Frankl’s colleague had hoped that the prisoners would gain liberty on March 30th with the war being over. When this did not happen, he despaired and died. In my life, I have strived to encourage my neighbor who has prostate cancer that through hope and the right diet, they can extend their life.

Quote 7

In the book’s second part, Frankl asserts that ‘logotherapy links its technique to paradoxical intention. A phobic patient gets invited to intend and face what they fear (Frankl, 1985).’ Frankl ended up establishing logotherapy amidst his struggles and negative experiences at the camps. The author strives to develop a model that does not delve into blaming childhood or upbringing for varying woes. While psychoanalysis tends to be self-indulgent and backward-looking, logotherapy delves into the active construction of one’s future through restoring purpose. In my case, I once experienced artist’s block. I told myself that I would strive to see how badly I could paint, and my pressure and fear of painting got alleviated.

Closing Paragraph

The overarching theme in the book is that man possesses the right to determine and establish meaning in their life as it is their duty. In this light, the three core strategies that assist individuals in finding meaning in life include creating and doing, loving and experiencing, and fostering a resilient attitude toward life’s unavoidable suffering. Notably, suffering is not a necessary aspect of being loving or creative. It is, therefore, not something that individuals should seek. Nevertheless, suffering is a facet of human life. Only resilient individuals who have control over their attitudes can end up experiencing meaning and happiness in varying life contexts (Pattakos & Dundon, 2017). In the contemporary world, an important virtue revolves around taking action (creating and doing), which is a significant theme in the book. Most individuals do not like to take action and responsibility for their own lives. Conversely, consumerism has made most chase instant gratification, and they are unable to take action, especially when faced with adversity, and therefore lack the patience to wait for the results. At other times, individuals are marred by doubts and cannot find the meaning of life. Frankl’s book and logotherapy framework ensures that one can reframe the question from what is it that one wants from life to what does life want from an individual. This way, an individual can gain clarity and be free to choose how they react to varying contexts in life. Overall, the meaning of life is something that every individual chooses. Like Frankl, finding and pursuing meaning is a sure way to strengthen us in any adversity.


Frankl, V. E. (1985). Man’s search for meaning. Simon and Schuster.

Pattakos, A., & Dundon, E. (2017). Prisoners of our thoughts: Viktor Frankl’s principles for discovering meaning in life and work. Berrett-Koehler Publishers.

Which Candidate Had The Strongest Argument To Become The Governor? Essay Example For College

The New York gubernatorial elections under the state constitution of 1938 allow a governor’s term to be four years, after which a new governor is elected. Before the polls, candidates can attend different television and radio interviews to present their plans for the people of New York once selected. Before the previous election held on November 8, 2022, the contestants Kathy Hochul and Lee Zeldin attended the Eyewitness News gubernatorial debate giving them a chance to discuss different topics relating to the people of New York. Some of the debate topics included economic development, abortion rights, gun violence, and regulating casinos in New York. Kathy Hochul had the strongest argument for the debate because she candidly spoke about real matters facing New Yorkers and the solutions she would bring. Kathy kept her calm, citing relevant and statistical examples of existing policies as opposed to her opponent Lee Zeldin.

On Abortion Rights

While Lee Zeldin fumbled his previous statement on abolishing abortion rights against all women in New York, Kathy Hochul based her facts on women’s need for access to safe, legal and quality abortion services. Previously before the debate, Lee Zeldin had been quoted by the New York Times at a NY Right to Life stating that he “will appoint a pro-life health practitioner who respects life as opposed to what we used to have” (Zeldin’s Record par.1, 2022). Zeldin had also introduced a Bill to vote against abortion rights stating that abortion access should not be granted to any woman. Additionally, Zeldin banned the travel of pregnant women seeking to access abortion, claiming that abortion is illegal and should be banned. During the debate, journalists reminded him of his previous statements against abortion. Zeldin found himself trying to defend himself by stating that he did not intend to change abortion rights, contrary to his last press statements.

On the other hand, Kathy Hocul appeared calm and collected and pulled facts about how she intended to ensure New York women had access to safe, affordable, and legal abortion rights. Kathy reminded the panel that abortion had been legal in New York since 1970, adding that it was the right to protect the abortion rights of women. In a press statement, Kathy Hochul said, “I have three messages regarding the relentless assault on women’s rights and a woman’s right to determine and make her own decisions about her body. And they are simple messages: Not here. Not now. Not ever”(NewYork State, 2022). Kathy emphasized the need for people to respect women and their rights, adding that abortion is allowed in New York up to and on the twenty-fourth week, after which one can get an abortion in case their life is in danger.

On crime and Gun ownership laws

Zeldin spoke advocating for gun ownership among every one of the legal age of gun ownership. The Republican claimed that gun ownership was not the leading cause of crime in New York and said there is a need to allow anyone eligible by law to own a gun. According to another article by Samantha Rigante published by Pipe Dream, Lee Zeldin is known to champion the pro-gun policy, which researchers say would make New York more dangerous. In the article, Zeldin is reported to have been at the forefront of removing New York’s Red Flag Law, which “prevents individuals who show signs of being a threat to themselves or others from purchasing or possessing any firearm” (Samantha par.2, 2022). In the debate, Zeldin argues that the United States government should not pass stricter gun laws citing that people have a constitutional right to defend themselves and their property. In other previous interviews, Zeldin has been recorded advocating for even people of unsound minds to own guns. Zeldin does not consider the effects of mass gun ownership, including the rise of crime in New York, the death of innocent people and increased insecurity among New Yorkers.

Kathy Hochul, who during the debate was recorded emphasizing the need for stricter gun laws, cited that there was a need to regulate and monitor gun owners. Kathy Hochul touched on the consequences of crime, seeking to clarify that those found in possession of guns illegally ought to face the law. Kathy gave an example of a teenager who walked into a shop in Buffalo and was able to buy an assault weapon. Kathy goes further and mentions how in St. Louis, crime and murders had gone down by two per cent from eighteen per cent to sixteen because of the efforts she had made to fight crime in New York. To counter the supreme court ruling on striking down New York’s century-old carry law, Kathy Hochul stated that she would continue to lead New Yorkers in common sense legislation against gun violence. Based on previous statistics, increased gun ownership has been reported as a leading reason why gun violence is rising in the United States (Albany, 2022).

On economic development

In the debate, Zeldin questioned Kathy’s decision to initiate the multi-billion dollar Bufallo bill station that destabilized the economy. Instead, Zeldin suggests other methods, including cutting taxes across the board and removing the estate tax in New York. Zeldin adds that the old gas extraction method should be readopted and more gas pipelines approved, stating that such policies will help create more job opportunities and, thus, economic development. Zeldin when asked if he would still support the Buffalo Bills, Zeldin said that it was a bad project and he would not assign such a job to a billionaire club owner as Hochul did. Throughout the debate, the seemingly irritated Zeldin accused Hochul of selling the state to what he called the “pay to play” governorship which Kathy Hochul used to sell the state’s contract cash for campaign donations. Zeldin’s critics of the Buffalo Bills come amidst the initial approval by the state of 600 million dollars to build a team owned by a billionaire and a new stadium.

To counter the critics, Kathy Hochul mentioned that the bills “looked elsewhere” and their focus is not what Zeldin was attacking. Hochul was heard saying, “You think about the identity of the community — like Broadway is to New York City, the Buffalo Bills are to Western New York,” in response to Zeldin’s allegations of misuse of state funding. The governor, Kathy Hochul, in an article by Bobby Cuza published in New York1, is reported to have increased job opportunities for New Yorkers through policies such as increasing renewable energy projects, which led to the creation of green jobs. Other development initiatives led by Hochul include the deal to initiate a vast microchip manufacturing campus in the Syracuse area. On taxation, Kathy Hochul mentioned wanting to change the narrative that New York is a high-taxation city. To do this, Kathy said that her plans included reducing the middle-class tax by approximately $1.2 billion and banning gas tax (Bobby par.6, 2022). Throughout the economic development debate, Kathy mentioned tangible and existing projects she had started and which led to economic development.

Basing my argument on parameters like articulation, citing of facts, clarity and use of appeal, Kathy Hochul ticked all the boxes. Lee Zeldin would sometimes lose his temper, and at some point, Kathy Hochul is heard telling him, “Excuse me, I’m speaking,” which is not a quality of a good debater. Kathy Hochul remained composed and would answer her questions calmly based on her references to current events in New York City. Kathy Hochul managed her temperament and articulated her words, keeping her facial expressions, such as nodding and smiling, throughout the debate. Kathy Hochul used statistics, and upon my research, her wordings in the discussion did not differ from her previous interviews or press briefings as compared to some instances like the abortion rights bill in which Zeldin appeared to give contrary opinions from his previous statements. From the above incidents, Kathy Hochul was the strongest candidate for the debate.

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I used this article because it contains more information about Governor Kathy Hochul’s policies on gun laws and security matters in New York. The report also added more details to the sentiments given by Hochul on the need for stricter gun laws.

New York State. Abortion in New York State: Know Your Rights

I used this article because it gave the views of Hochul on abortion as discussed in the debate, and I wanted to learn why she allowed abortion in New York.

Pipe Dream article by Samantha Rigante October 27, 2022 “Lee Zeldin’s pro-gun policy would make New York more dangerous”,possessinganykindoffirearm.

used this article because it had more information about Lee’s policies on gun ownership, and I wanted to know Lee’s previous sentiments about guns and gun ownership in New York.

New York Mets Baseball Team Writing Sample

I recently had the opportunity to interview Ariel Speicher, head of human resources for the New York Mets baseball team. She shared valuable insights into the team’s scouting departments during our interactions. According to Speicher, governance has had a significant impact on the running of the group. The team’s operations are influenced by structures that impact their operations, decision-making mechanism and success. For example, the team is in charge of setting policies o team players’ contracts which both players and the team’s staff must comply with. Moreover, its management structure and ownership in control of major decision-making thus has a significant influence on New York Mets operations, committee and organizational structure. New York Mets baseball team might face leadership and management in the future. This is due to the recent updates of Steve Cohen taking over the team’s ownership with his recent purchase of the entire team and Sandy Alderson taking over the team’s executive committee chair. Throughout the interview, I learned that the team’s overall administration plays a critical role in shaping the team’s daily operations. Players, team staff and fans must comply with New York Mets baseball policies to maintain strong management structures by developing positive and productive relationships with the team’s major stakeholders to ensure its success.

The New York Mets comprise the American professional baseball team. The team is based in New York City and is called the metropolitan baseball club. Its committee structure comprises individuals that oversee its operations. They include owners, executive committees, scouting, baseball, player development, analytics, medical, marketing and finance committee (Horwitz, 2022). The owner is the team manager that sets and manages the league’s operations aligning with rules, regulations and bylaws. Steve Cohen, the owner of the team, controls its operations, as noted by his recent changes in the team. This can be noted in Cohen’s desire to hire two executives to run the team’s operations. The executive committee oversees the team’s daily operations, including finances and players. The team’s executive committee comprises Sandy Alderson, the chair who manages all of the team’s operations. Billy Eppler as the general manager whose role centers on formulating strategies to acquire new players, roster composition to determine eligible players for the team, staffing and player contract negotiations. Bryn Alderson as the assistant general manager is responsible for finding new potential players for the team.

The baseball operations committee makes decisions connected to player development, personnel, and scouting. Jonathan Strangio serves as the vice president, Baseball operations. Ian Levin as the assistant general manager. Elizabeth Benn is the director of major league operations. Nick Spar as the director of baseball operations (Horwitz, 2022). The individuals are tasked with making coach head recommendations, creating schedules and rosters, and mentoring the coaches. The scouting committee evaluates players and recommends suitable picks and trades. Tommy Tandus acts as the vice president amateur and international scouting department. Michael Schofield as the scouting performance coach.

The medical committee controls the team’s health issues and concerns, thus having a large team of medical practitioners encompassing an orthopedic physician, medical consultants, rehabilitators, therapists and health professionals. Dr. David Altcheck chairs the committee, while Dr. Harry Gulotta heads its orthopedic department. Brain Chickld as the director of player health (Horwitz, 2022). Sean Bardenett as the Coordinator of rehabilitation and reconditioning. Josh Bickel as the reconditioning therapist. Carsan Dittman as the performance dietician. The team is responsible for treating and diagnosing players’ injuries. They closely work with the training staff to ensure proper conditioning before any match.

The player development committee, headed by Kevin Howard as the Director, Player Development, accounts for the team’s players’ preparation for major leagues. Howard has two assistants, namely, Kevin Walsh. Assistant Director, Player Development and Andrew Christie, Assistant Director Player Development, along with Dick Scott, Coordinator, Coaching Development and Instruction and other important individuals, ensure players are well-versed in countering their opponents. The analytical committee headed by John Morris, Executive Director, Business Analytics & Intelligence and a team of other scouting directors utilizes data and statistics to make informed decisions on the team’s daily ventures (Horwitz, 2022). The marketing committee headed by Andy Goldberg, Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, deals with team promotion and its branding to attract global fans and potential financial sponsors to the team. The Finance Committee, headed by Jeff Deline, Chief Revenue Officer, and Marly Mensher, Executive Assistant, manage the budget and financial operations of the team.

New York Met’s organizational structure is categorized into major league coaching staff, major league performance staff, support staff, medical department, baseball analytics, baseball systems, pro player evaluation & personnel, amateur scouting, international scouting, player development, minor league performance, minor league operations and minor league coaching staff. Major league coaching staff leads and manages the team players. They equip the players with skills and techniques for a successful match against opponents (Horwitz, 2022). The team has one head coach with two assistants; however, in a major league, the team can have up to six coaches maximum. Two coaches are often in charge of the bullpen, taking players through warm-up activities. Major league performance staff chooses batting order and starting pitcher technique for each game. They make substitutions throughout the game.

Support staff includes medical practitioners tasked with providing healthcare in case of injuries. The medical department provides medical attention through care and treatment to treat and prevent injuries. Moreover, they partner with the team coaches and trainers to ensure that players are physically and emotionally ready to participate in the match.

Baseball analytics measure the player’s performance and trends to predict play character and improve on strategic decisions for better performance. Analytics enhances a player’s development skills and aids with spotting potential injuries. Baseball systems are tasked with developing and maintaining the team’s website package. They test and implement effective web-based packages and mobile applications reinforcing the team’s operations. Pro-player evaluation & personnel helps maintain the players’ physical fitness and guide the team on scoring approaches against their opponents. They determine payers’ abilities and skill levels in gaming activities.

Amateur scouting provides pro-scouting services by training players to improve their playing and scoring skills. Through this, players are assessed to pinpoint the best players to play on behalf of the team. International scouting provides players with an opportunity to learn at a global level. New skills are learned as the team attracts prospective contributors to the team. Player development provides players and team staffing personnel mentorship and life coaching services. Minor league performance and operations enhance prospects’ bids, improving players’ apprenticeship.

The New York Mets’ scouting department incorporates specific decision-making processes for the team’s success. The scouting directors begin by drafting players as the first step. The officials interact with the amateur team coaches to help in identification and recommendation processes to pinpoint the best player with the highest potential and possibility to score goals for the team’s success. However, the draft rotation incorporated follows a reverse-order approach. This implies that players from previous years are prioritized, and the best player is highlighted. The players are available in the organization’s draft. The drafting process is followed by the pre-draft mechanism whereby scouting directors hold an audition and hence have an opportunity to incorporate professional play and workouts to identify stronger and more effective players. After the pre-drafting, the scouting directors unify their work and create a list of potential players. Players are chosen from the list as they await the negotiation date to begin their contract with the team and affiliate with its members.

The second step is acquiring players through trade and agencies. The directors provide input to attract target players from potential agencies and trades. This comes through baseball transactions whereby teams trade for the best players through trade based on contracts as bargaining agreements between the players and the league. In this case, the team’s leadership can choose players from free agency or trade. It is important to note that players from free agents may include a player from a previously expired contract or a potentially known player who wants a resurgence. Similarly, the organization can choose players from a trade involving players’ bartering, encompassing monetary payments to the player.

The third step is the evaluation of opponents, which involves analyzing opponents’ strengths and weaknesses to help identify key players and make recommendations on strategic approaches toward the game. This helps to determine the level that favors players best and approaches to enhance players’ baseball skills.

The fourth decision-making step process is the team players’ evaluation. The players are tested on their skills through actual engagement with the game for practice. A maximum number of run scores quantifies the scouting director’s test for efficiency. The evaluation helps directors pinpoint areas requiring more practice while noting recommended changes to the players’ approach. Hence, full potential is analyzed for future development to become an effective baseball player. All stakeholders, such as health professionals, trainers and coaches, work together to improve playing skills.

The last step is the decision-making process during gaming activities. The scouting director works with the team’s coach to establish effective decisions based on reports and data to identify players with their roles and positions. For example, positioning fielders and substitutes.

Governing bodies from different departments have collaborated to manage change by embracing the pre-scouting team, amateur team and international scouting team, including a formal scouting director encompassing three regional scouting directors and dismissing ineffective scouting officers from various departments. The team’s departments are delegated to evaluate the league’s players at different levels. Thus, they must unite to pinpoint and help the player develop their talent following the teams’ objectives and goals. As a result, they have adopted the efficiency and restructuring approach to reinforce the scouting and talent development operations.

The dismissal of ineffective scouting officials from various departments comes after the New York City Mets lost six continuous games in their entry to Philadelphia Phillies. Thus, in 2020, scouting officials such as Jim D’Aloia and Andy Martino lost their professional positions on the team. The dismal was cited as necessary to improve scouting in the context of enhancing scouting talent crucial for improving player scores. Hence, improves efficiency because the team will regain its ability to run smoothly and efficiently its operations (Small, 2019). Similarly, it boosts team culture based on trust between players and shouting officials, hence improved fan perception vital for an expanded baseball fan base (Horwitz, 2022).

Adding three regional scouting regional directors within the formal scouting director improves expertise because the players are exposed to differentiated directors with distinct abilities to learn from. Moreover, it enhances communication because the director will succor an interactional bridge between players and the management to facilitate a connection that provides an opportunity to identify and address issues and encourage players to improve their gaming skills (Horwitz, 2022). Furthermore, accountability is enhanced because the scouting director can establish clear performance and professional parameters that ensure consistency and effectiveness (Russell, 2020). For example, Houston Astros and Jeff Luhhow were fired for sign stealing, which went against organizational ethical professional standards. Embracing a pre-scouting team improves preparation abilities (Horwitz, 2022). Players, coaches and health medics collaborate in preparing adequately before a match. This elicits an increased possibility of the team’s success over their opponents.

The players’ development is improved because they are familiarized with their strengths and weaknesses before the main match, thus improving decision-making skills regarding their playing role. Amateur teams allow coaches and directors to identify the best talents while improving others’ abilities through training. Therefore, the players develop the fundamental skills to establish a strong baseball player foundation. Such skills include hitting, pitching and fielding, as they determine the league’s success if incorporated effectively by the player (Horwitz, 2022). Accommodating the international scouting team allows the New York Mets access to diverse talents from which they can draw lessons to learn and improve their gaming skills. It expands its fan base, thus increasing revenue opportunities from exposure to global markets.


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