Marijuana Legalization Research Paper I Personally Free Sample

The topic of marijuana legalization is explored in an essay and research paper.

Although I personally have no desire to consume marijuana, I tried it once and quickly changed my mind due to its negative effects on my respiratory system. However, about 75% of my acquaintances engage in smoking marijuana, which does not bother me as I believe individuals should be allowed the freedom to pursue what makes them happy. If my friends choose drug use for contentment over enjoying themselves without it, that is their choice. In my opinion, law enforcement or any external entity should only interfere if it involves their parents or loved ones.

Furthermore, there are other factors beyond just my personal viewpoint to consider. The United States could generate millions of dollars by taxing marijuana alone. Additionally, hemp can be a valuable resource for manufacturing paper and clothing items and has the ability to thrive in different climates. Based on my research findings, I am inclined to believe that alcohol should be illegalized in the U.S., rather than marijuana. From what I have observed and read about both substances, marijuana is less costly and less hazardous compared to alcohol consumption. One distinction highlighting this is alcohol toxicity; unfortunately, I have personally witnessed several instances where excessive drinking has caused severe physical distress among my friends.Despite this, it is crucial to acknowledge responsible usage and moderation when consuming either substance. It is important for individuals to be aware of their limits and inform others about the availability of emergency services at 911 in case of any urgent situations during consumption episodes. However, I have witnessed a notable incident involving one of my friends who was under the influence of marijuana – he simply ran circles three times before eventually passing out on the ground. In comparison to alcohol, marijuana tends to be less problematic due to factors like individual behavior. From my own experiences, I have never observed people visibly high on marijuana getting into fights, which differs from those intoxicated by alcohol.

When individuals consume alcohol, they often exhibit aggression and disruptiveness. Another observation is that intoxication frequently leads individuals to have the desire to drive, resulting in hazardous situations. In contrast, people who smoke marijuana tend to lean towards idleness, with their only motivation for leaving home being to satisfy their hunger by ordering food. Additionally, marijuana is often viewed as a gateway drug as it can lead to the use of more harmful substances such as speed or acid. However, it’s important to acknowledge that this phenomenon may occur due to the illegal nature of marijuana. Seeking out a dealer for marijuana could expose individuals to other illicit drugs sold by the same dealer for profit. Nevertheless, most sensible individuals would not willingly choose to consume damaging substances like crack or acid due to their potential harm on the brain and body. Nonetheless, after consuming marijuana, people become more susceptible to suggestion; however, if marijuana were legalized appropriate regulations would be implemented. The regulations for marijuana would resemble those for alcohol including age restrictions and licensing requirements for sellers. Furthermore ,individuals have the choice go into mini-marts instead of dangerous crack houses .The environment could be benefited by using hemp instead of trees for paper production. Furthermore, the government has the chance to use additional income generated from marijuana sales to enhance schools and support law enforcement agencies like the DEA.

Environmental Management System For Monitoring

MAT in order to providing reliability service to customer, they has different quality management system to ensure that the service can maintain highly stability. The MAT is created Integrated Management System (M’S) for achieving and maintaining an effective level of control in railway safety, safety and health, environmental management and quality management which all section achieve SHOOS 18001, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 requirements. In environmental management, MAT has environmental management system for monitoring and controlling all environmental impacts.

Besides, MAT also has Automatic Noise Data Management E-system (ANDANTE) and air quality monitoring system. In quality management, MAT has Octopus Access Control System for providing reliability of octopus to customer. In safety and health, MAT has Corporate Safety Policy for meeting statutory requirements, maintaining the ‘safety first’ culture and employing management systems to consistently meet safety goals. C. The quality objectives a).

The mission of MAT MAT is regarded as one of the world’s leading railway for safety, reliability, customer service and cost efficiency so they would provide reliability train service run about 1 9 hours a day, 7 days a week, from early morning (5:mama- 6:mama) to 1 :Roan the next morning. Besides, MAT has other five missions. First, understanding customers as well as the market to provide products and arrives beyond their expectations to enhance their quality of life. Second, proactively engage and interact with our stakeholders and contribute to the community to become their preferred product and service provider for better living.

Third, becoming the employer of choice by providing an open platform for staff communication, development and recognition to enhance the self- initiatives in pursuing excellence for staff to take pride in, pursuing sustainable profit growth and market expansion in our development, investment and managed properties, Four, continuously look for ways to improve against our own standards and other leaders in the property market through innovation Finally, managing growth in both quality and quantity in Hong Kong and capture opportunities in the Mainland of China by transfer of knowledge and core values The mainly objective is MAT need to provide proper and effective service to public for achieving the service standard based on the Mass Transit Railway Ordinance and the Operating Agreement,. If the MAT cannot achieve the standard, the government will sue the MAT through legal channels. Thus, MAT has many quality management systems to ensure that achieving the service ND provide high quality service to customer. The standard of Operating Agreement Standard Requirement Train travel in accordance with scheduled trips 98. 5% Passenger journeys on time Train on time 98% Reliability of Vending machine 93% Reliability of Access gate 97% Reliability of Escalator Reliability of passenger lifts Reliability of machine 95. 5% D.

Quality policy or system MAT in order to achieving the international standard such as SHOOS 1 8001 ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 , MAT develops different management system on quality of railway, safety and health, environmental management and quality management. A) Environmental management MAT develops Environmental Management System which ensures all environmental impacts are monitored and controlled and guides resource use, waste reduction and specific environmental initiatives. This system achieves the standard of ISO 14001 so MAT gains ISO 14001 certification. MAT shows off their environmental management on noise can air quality. First, MAT develops the Automatic Noise Data Management E-system (ANDANTE) is a network of CATV for monitoring noise and weather equipment at 35 locations. It can monitor the magnitude of noise created by current and true construction activities by railway operations.

MAT can effectively control according to the data which stored at ANDANTE. Then, MAT can accurately and effectively to take action for reducing noise. Besides, MAT would use the low-noise machines, temporary noise barriers and noise- insulating fabric to effectively mitigate noise in rail construction sites. Also, MAT also take measures to reduce noise generated by running trains and undertake noise monitoring along the railway lines to ensure compliance with regulations set by the Environmental Protection Department. In addition, MAT assurance the rails and wheels regularly and properly maintain the trains and rails, lubricate the tracks and wheels and construct noise barriers.

Second, MAT develops Indoor air quality monitoring kits for measuring indoor air quality at station and train compartments. The Indoor air quality monitoring kits include different equipment air quality achieve the standard such as CO monitor for measuring CO, temperature and relative humidity, DRAMA for measuring resalable suspended particulates and Bio-Air sample for measuring total bacterial count and fungi. ) Safety and health MAT develops the Corporate Safety Policy is the highest-level corporate safety document and governs safety for meeting statutory ARQ reorients, consistently meet safety goals. Also, it sets out responsibility for safety and safety management. ) Quality management In product, MAT develops Octopus Access Control System for providing high quality and reliability octopus service to customer. Nowadays, most of people are rely on octopus because it is convenience for payment, purchasing goods and transportation. In order to satisfying customer needs, MAT should effectively and accurately control quality of octopus through Octopus Access Control System. In train, MAT in order to achieving ISO 9001 and Operating Agreement requirement, MAT would provide policy. First, MAT need to achieve 98% on time requirement so the MAT promise passenger the train will on time at different line Line Time passenger Tissue Wan Line 2. Minutes 70,000 West Rail Line 3. 5 minutes 39,000 East Rail Line 64,000 Airport Express Line 10 minutes 34,000 Dung Chunk Line 4 min tutees 50,000 Besides, MAT in order to achieve the level of safety performance on train, MAT would adopt mechanical perfection which ensure the maintenance crews leave nothing to chance when it comes to the safety, reliability and efficient operations of rail service. E. Discussion a)The track happening Mass Transit Railway (MAT R) is the rapid transit railway system in Hong Kong. Although MAT was gained different international certification such as SHOOS 18001, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, MAT have many accidents was happened in nearest year.

Thus, we criticize MAT quality management system may have decrease trend. According to the research, we can find that MAT had good layaway control system so they just only happened six times accidents which including 5 times of entering wrong track during 1995-2007 and 1 times of railway carriage break off in 1 993 before merging. However, after merging 4 years, MAT has dramatically increasing on track accidents. According to research, MAT has 902 times of track delay accidents from 2007 to 2014. The serious period are 2011 which happened 300 times track delay and happened 6 times in 21 days and 2014 which happened 75 times track delay over 8 minutes.

Most of the reason of track delay is mechanical failure. Thus, we can b)The time line of track happening F. Suggestion We would suggest some solution to MAT for improving quality management of train. First, we suggest MAT can develop a extra power generator. In 3rd May, 2012, MAT happened power failure so it made 900 passengers was stayed in the train ours. Besides, this accident made the train need 10 minutes per each and the service was delayed 2 hours. When the power generator was failure, the extra power generator can ensure the train can run so it can increase the quality of train. It also avoid passenger would stay in the rain at long time.

Second, we suggest MAT should find one high quality maintenance depots for repairing because MAT has three maintenance depots at Ho Dung Luau, Tat WA and Pat Hung. We think that these three maintenance depots do not have consistency maintenance skills so it makes the train easy happen mechanical failure. Thus, if one maintenance depot responsible for maintenance trains, it can maintain the consistency and ensure the quality of train. In 8th December, 2008, MAT service was delay 4 hours because maintenance depots do not check and repair the mechanical Leary. Third, we suggest MAT can find some high quality supplier for supplying mechanical. In 9th February, 2014, MAT happened mechanical failure so it leads to the service was delay 20 minutes.

According to the research, we know that the reason of mechanical failure is MAT purchased some inferior insulator from the supplier. Thus, we think the merchandising department has problem because they do not ensure the quality of goods from the supplier. Thus, we think MAT can develop a merchandising system which store most of information about high credibility of supplier. It can ensure that MAT can find some high credibility supplier for purchasing so it can ensure the quality of train.

Micro Versus Macro Economics

Ladies and gentlemen, today, I would like to discuss the major differences between microeconomics and macroeconomics and how both these fields of study impact and influence decisions made by me in the work and home environments. Microeconomics is the study of decisions that people and organizations make regarding the allocation of scarce resources and prices of goods and services (Perloff, 2007).

Microeconomics focuses on the patterns of supply and demand and the determination of price and also output in individual markets. These decisions are also nfluenced by government. It is the smaller or micro picture of economics at the individual, household and company level. Macroeconomics is the bigger picture of economics. It studies the aggregate or combined impact of certain consequences such as inflation, unemployment and economic growth that were the result of social decisions in both the public and private sectors. It examines whole economic systems and the interaction of the different areas such as inflation and unemployment.

An example of a microeconomic phenomenon is the impact of a change in the price of good or service on the spending decisions of a household. Also changes in the unemployment rates will influence a decision to stay or leave a present position. Examples of macroeconomic phenomenon include looking at changes in interest rates, employment and unemployment numbers, government economic policies and trade on global economies.

I would like to discuss an example of a microeconomic decision that was made in the home environment. The decision was to file bankruptcy and relieve ourselves of large amounts of debt incurred because of medical expenses due to infertility issues. One factor as our decision to have my wife leave work to stay at home with our children. This eliminated a source of income for us but it was the right thing to do. As a family, we had to decide to allocate our scarce resource of discretionary income towards day to day expenses rather than try to pay down debt that would have taken years to pay back. We sacrificed a good financial history and immediate future credit to regain control of our financial future.

The bankruptcy influenced our buying tendencies and sparked a move toward trimming the fat and saving where we could. In the long run, we have improved ur financial standing and we were able to have children. There were trade-offs, but the ends justified the means. An example of a macroeconomic decision that impacted a personal decision can be found in my decision to remain with my present company rather than accept a new position with another firm. The phenomenon was the impact on the economy and employment of the attacks on the World Trade centers and the Pentagon. I was in the process of accepting a new position with a new company when the attacks occurred. The immediate effect on the aviation industry caused me to pause and wait to see how things would change.

I did not accept the new offer and chose to remain with my present employer. The end result was that the employer I was leaving for ended up going out of business and I would have been unemployed. I remained with my company and have since been promoted and upgraded to captain. Microeconomics and macroeconomics affect all of us on a daily basis and influence how we live our lives. Decisions based on these principles happen every day in home and work environments and also on the global stage with world economies.


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