Memo To Sales Managers At Interclean Essay Example

Memorandum Memorandum To:First level sales managers at Interclean, Inc. From:Midlevel Sales Manager at Interclean, Inc. Date:July 12, 2009 Re:Managements Attitude toward the EnviroTech Merger Good Morning Team!! As you are aware our organization has been facing competition for a major market share and requires finding ways to reach out globally. The recent merger with Envirotech will provide us with the opportunity leveraging our business into a service oriented company. The merger announcement has been causing employees resulting in low morale.

It is important to understand to achieve success and show positive results; the company has to take many steps and face challenges to organize among employees. The changes implemented have brought about opportunities for new career paths for the existing company sales members. This has created apparent resistance to the company’s new change, evident by declining employee morale (University of Phoenix). When strategies change in organizations, it is normal to resist the change.

We need to support organization in helping the process run smoothly, the management team must implement ways to keep our employees focused on the mission and goals of the recent changes. One of the key ways to overcome resistance to the recent changes InterClean is holding up with EnviroTech merger, we should attempt to change the behavior of the employees by conducting workshops, enhance communication, organize training sessions, and motivate employees Management must emphasize and reinforce new behaviors to convince employees to embrace the changes.

I want to commend you all for handling the changes thus far. We must continue to assure our team that the merger will progress painlessly and provide utmost cooperation. Reassure them that this event will help reach our sales goals and increase profitability as much as 40%. This is in everybody’s interest. According to Forbes Survey of 500 CFO’s, top reasons for why mergers failed were not financial, but people related issues (Walker, & Price). It’s not only HR but also every mangers responsibility to consider people-related issues and individuals that will have impact by the two companies’ merger.

It is time to initiate a comprehensive plan to leverage and enhance communication that helps in maintaining trust with employees and job loyalty. This way we can keep employees informed effectively. Supervisors and managers need to begin meeting with individual employees to discuss options available if the employee isn’t interested in continue working with Interclean once the merger is taken place. Each of the managers should try techniques such engaging and resolving the problem of decreased morale.

Addressing these issues, staff and management can improve communication, clear off fears, increase job satisfaction, and make the organization a better place to work. “Humans crave meaning and purpose – When people believe they’re part of an organization with a worthy mission, and believe they contribute to the mission, they’re far more likely to be passionate and committed” (2002-2008, Humannature@work). Managers need to discuss with employees in the positive way about the merger, talk about mission, vision of two companies, and successive potential of a merged company.

Employees receive increased loyalty to the company when employees have job satisfaction, their morale is improved and commitment to work solidifies. Securing these feelings with the employees, we have a better chance of retaining our sales and marketing staff. Retention is one of many reasons how managers behavior will impact an organization’s productivity. It is vital that the management team and HR work together to address the concerns of the employees and make this transition run as smooth as possible.

Managing diversified culture is yet another challenge we have. It is imperative that management plays a major role in understanding of the culture that will exist once this merger is complete. We must challenge ourselves and ensure we are maximizing the ability of all employees to contribute to our goals. You must each realize every individual is different and we cannot address the needs of each employee in the same manner. We must remain respectful to their values and beliefs and take the extra time to be sure that information is conveyed clearly to everyone.

Conclusion In conclusion, as EnviroTech and InterClean companies get merged, we all must prepare and support the acquisition process by understanding how the managers behavior will impact the productivity of his or her workers. Employees also need to understand laws, impact of changed policies, and embrace diversity, and reduce resistance to change. Together we can be part of Company’s success and helping the organizing stepping up to be better in the marketplace. References

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Celta Assignment – Cases

The medication comes in a vial that needs to be stored at ICC to ICC. Convert this temperature to Fahrenheit. Hint: Refer to pages 129-130 in your textbook. OFF to OFF Based upon your calculation, where should this medication be stored until use ND why? This medication should be stored at room temperature. It cannot be warmer than 77 OF so it needs to say relatively cool and it cannot be colder than OFF so it does not need to be refrigerated.

Case 3: In a “24 hoot walk-in clinic, immunization are given only on Mondays between 1315 and 1615.

Which statement best describes these hours? Monday morning only Monday morning through Monday evening Monday morning and afternoon Monday afternoon only The clinic decides to offer immunization on Saturday between 10 a. M. And 2 p. M. How would you express this in international standard time? You can refer to ages 127 and 128 in your textbook. Saturday from 1000- 1400

Case 4: A mother calls the clinic because her son is not feeling well. You ask if the son has a fever and she responds that his temperature is ICC. Convert this temperature to Fahrenheit.

Hint: Refer to pages 129-130 in your textbook. 100. 40 F Does her son have a fever? Yes, the normal temperature is 98. OFF. There for, her son is running a low-grade fever.

Case 5: Annie is 3-years-old and is being seen for what appears to be an ear infection. Nannies mother asks if it is safe to give Annie children’s aspirin because she has some at home. Her husband takes it as a “blood thinner. ” What is your response to Nannies mother? Yes, it is meant for children so Annie is safe to take it. Annie will be given an antibiotic. Her mother mentions that she is allergic to penicillin.

What are some checks and balances that should be in place at the physician’s office and in the pharmacy to ensure that errors are not made with patients with allergies to certain antibiotics?

Case 6: Mr.. Smith has arthritis and is also experiencing muscle spasms. The physician prescribes an analgesic and a muscle relaxant. What is the likely drug class prescribed for arthritis? How does it act? Nonessential Anti-inflammatory Drugs (Nasals) Managing pain, swelling, and stiffness Mr.. Smith mentions he took acetaminophen for the arthritis but it did not provide relief.

Why is acetaminophen not very effective in treating arthritis? It has no effect on the underlying inflammation, redness, and swelling of the joint. What patient education should be provided with muscle relaxants? Muscle relaxants are not recommended for use by pregnant women, older adults, or people who have depression or a history of drug or alcohol addiction. Drowsiness or dizziness, possible addiction or dependence, dry mouth, urinary retention.

Case 7: Mrs.. Jones has chronic heartburn, also known as GERI, and was prescribed Maximum to relieve her symptoms.

Answer the following questions below concerning patient education for this class of drugs. Maximum is supplied in capsules that are delayed-release. Explain to Mrs.. Jones how these work and why she should not open the capsules prior to taking them. Take MAXIMUM at least 1 hour before a meal and swallow the capsules whole. The granules need to be swallowed all at once and never chewed or crushed. Explain to Mrs.. Jones the strengths of Maximum that are available. Maximum delayed release moms in strength designed for the needed treatment.

Healing of erosive Esophagi comes in 20 or man. Maintenance of healing of erosive Esophagi is recommended to use MGM. Symptomatic Gastrointestinal Reflux Disease comes with the recommendation of MGM. Mrs.. Jones has a limited income and is wondering if she has any other options given the cost of the prescribed drug. Does she have a generic alternative? Maximum does not have a generic equivalent prescription. What are the clinical indications for Maximum? Maximum is indicated for the short-term treatment. It is recommended to be only used for 4-8 weeks at a time.

This is usually the timeshare when there is confirmed esophagi erosion. If a patient hasn’t healed after the initial 4-8 week treatment, an additional 4-8 weeks may be necessary.

Case 8: Mr.. Smith is prescribed Privacies for chronic GERI, but is confused about some of the details of the drug he is prescribed. He has taken Maximum before for this same condition, and wonders if there’s any difference between the two medications – and if they can be used interchangeably. 1. Privacies comes in different dosage forms, one of which is a Solutes. What does this term refer o?

  1. Who might benefit from using a Solutes? Privacies is an antinuclear agent and proton pump inhibitor.
  2. Solutes would benefit someone who suffers from benign gastric ulcers, GERI, or Clinger-Ellison syndrome (ZEES).
  3. What is the generic name of Privacies? The generic name for Privacies is landholders.

Compare the generic names of Privacies and Maximum. Would you expect them to be in the same drug class? Why or why not? I would expect Privacies and Maximum to be in the same drug class since they treat the same issues and dosage instructions are similar. Their main use is to treat the GERI symptoms.

Character Analysis Pearl

One of the most complex and luxuriant characters in The Scarlet Letter is Pearl, the bastardly progeny of Hester Prynne and Arthur Dimmesdale. Throughout the narrative Pearl, becomes rather the dynamic small single, every bit good as an highly of import symbol- 1 who is invariably altering. Pearl’s engagement in the complex history of her parents unwittingly forced her to be viewed as different and is shunned because of her female parent’s wickedness. Pearl is a living vermilion missive to Hester, Dimmesdale and eventually the reader, moving as a changeless reminder of Hester? s, every bit good as humanity’ s defects.

Hawthorne uses graphic descriptions to qualify Pearl, as he dose to every character thought the narrative. Pearl is foremost described as the baby ;

Whose guiltless life had sprung, by the cryptic edict of Providence, a lovely and immortal flower, out of the rank lushness of a guilty passion.  From the beginning of her life Pearl is viewed as the consequence of a wickedness, and as a penalty. Physically, Pearl has a Beauty that became every twenty-four hours more superb, and the intelligence that threw its quivering sunlight over the bantam characteristics of this kid. ?

Pearl is described as beautiful, with a  Beauty that shone with deep and graphic shades? a bright skin color, eyes possessing strength both of deepness and freshness, and hair already of a deep, calendered brown, and which, in after old ages, would be about kindred to black. ?

Combined with her munificent beauty Hester dresses her kid in voluminous frocks that are the enviousness of even the finest appareled grownups in the town. The lovely frocks and her beauty cause her to be viewed as even alien from the other typical Puritan kids, whom are dressed in traditional vesture. As a consequence, she is accepted merely by nature and animate beings, and ostracized by the other Puritan kids.

Pearl was a born castaway of the childish universe? the whole distinctive feature, in short, of her place in regard to other kids.  Pearl was ne’er accepted by the kids even though her ineluctable privacy was due to the wickedness of her female parent. If by opportunity the kids would demo involvement in Pearl she would  turn positively awful in her puny wrath, snaping up rocks to fling at them Because of Pearl’s privacy from society nature apparently sympathizes with Pearl, which is apparent by eerie function of the sunlight in the wood.

The visible radiation lingered about the alone kid, as if sword lily of such a playfellow. The sunlight seams about thankful for Pearl presence, accepting her as an equal, and lighting her beauty. Possibly Hawthorn meant this as a scriptural semblance to the visible radiation of Gods salvaging grace, and it’s welcoming of even the most iniquitous individual.

Hawthorne describes another mark of credence as the Great black forest? became the playfellow of the alone infant. Proposing Pearl’s close association to evil. Eventually it is stated, The truth seems to be, nevertheless, that the mother-forest, and these wild things which it nourished all recognized abandon in the human kid.

As a consequence of Pearl non being accepted by the community she takes on the features of nature because nature accepts her as one of its ain. Pearl’s character Lacked mention, and version to the universe into which she was born. The kid could non be made conformable to regulations.

This quotation mark reveals a dramatic resemblance in description between Pearl and nature. Pearl and nature are referred to as non conforming to Puritan society. For the Puritan’s sought to destruct ( human ) nature, and in the Puritan’s eyes Pearl sought to destruct them. This characteristic makes Pearl so different from the remainder of society that she is unaffected by the community’s rough reaction to her being and changeless disapproval, and is a merchandise of nature and its ways.

She is highly intelligent and ever inquiring inquiries at the most unfortunate times, such as requesting of her bastard male parent to Stand here ( in public shame ) with female parent and me, to-morrow at twelve noon.

Her temper swings are besides rather curious. One minute she is express joying for no evident ground or at some sick signifier of maliciousness and the following she is filled with an eerie stillness. This anomalous behaviour is why she is sometimes referred to by the townsfolk as the “elf-child” or “imp.” The townsfolk even refer to her as a “demon offspring.” Hester nevertheless sees her as a hoarded wealth, a blessing ensuing from a bad pick, and therefore named her pearl for merely as a clam produces a beautiful creative activity as the consequence of a awful incident, so pearl was created.

This awful incident is the wickedness committed between Hester and Dimmesdale. In chapter two, the reader sees Hester declining to keep Pearl following to her chest with the vermilion “A.” Hester dose this because she feels that one symbol of shame would be unequal to conceal another, a truth illustrated by Pearl many times thought the novel.

By admiting the missive on her female parent’s chest, Pearl plays an highly active function in Hester’s repentance instead than a inactive 1. In Chapter 15, the reader sees Pearl attempt to emulate her female parent by puting seaweed in the form of an “A” on her ain thorax, one time once more proposing her active function in Hester’s penalty.

To Dimmesdale, Pearl is a living scruples. Pearl is continuously seeking public acknowledgment from Dimmesdale as her male parent, which is merely natural; nevertheless even from her babyhood her changeless seeking has presented an eldritch representation of the banal look? Your wickedness will happen you ought. ? She represents the drive force behind Dimmesdale’s tormented psyche, which seeks nil, but to be released from anguish.

In the 2nd scaffold scene, Pearl asks Dimmesdale to stand on the scaffold with her and her female parent in full position of the town’s people, but when he refuses she thirstily pulls her manus off, stating he is “non bold” and “non true.” In chapter 19, the reader once more sees Dimmesdale deny public acknowledgment of his girl. After being denied her ever-important petition, Pearl thirstily wipes away the buss that Dimmesdale had earlier given here.

In the concluding scaffold scene, Pearl’s function as symbol is completed. Dimmesdale publically acknowledges his girl and Hester, and so dies. Pearl so kisses her male parent meaning the terminal her male parent’s anguish, and the terminal of a great novel.


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