Movie Review: I Fine, Thank You, Love You Sample College Essay

As the title, “l Fine, Thank you, Love you”, implies, this romantic comedy puts its message across well, i. e. , be sarcastic, be fun, and be yourself. The plot focuses on an English tutor, named Tutor Pleng, who is asked by Kaya, her Japanese student who is leaving for the United States, to deliver the break-up message to her Thai boyfriend, Yim. Tutor Pleng gets into an awkward situation, as Vim, Kaya’s soon-to-be ex-boyfriend, does not want to break up. Instead, Yim blames Tutor Pleng for teaching English to his girlfriend, so she can get a job overseas.

Deviously, Yim decides that he will take an English lesson with Tutor Pleng, so that he can transfer his job to the States, in order to get his girlfriend back. Day after day, they meet at a beautiful coffee shop after work, and have English conversations. Gradually, they bond. Without noticing it, Tutor Pleng finds herself in a difficult position as the teacher who has fallen in love with her student. The leading character, Tutor Pleng, starred by “Ice” Preechaya Pongthananikorn, is pleasantly charming. Her acting deserves high praise.

She does not have to put out a lot of effort to play this role. In fact, she is playing herself, very natural and believTABLE. Her English accent is just music to my ears. There is no doubt that she could be a real and famous English tutor. Sunny Suwanmethanon, who plays “Yim”, a factory worker in a Japanese factory, also shines in his role, being very direct, often too blunt, and off-putting. At first, it seems that they won’t get along, and will have some kind of a personality clash. But the chemistry develops, and causes them to think more about what they really want.

The other characters are also worth mentioning. Supporting actor, Tu Poptorn, a singer in real life, plays “Pruek”, a rich and successful businessman, who is madly in love with Tutor Pleng. They start dating shortly after he tries to enroll in her class. At first, Tutor pleng thinks that she has met THE ONE’. Well, it does not take very long until Tutor Pleng realizes that he is too good for her, and simply out of her league. She feels uncomforTABLE being around him, and what she is looking for is just an ordinary guy to fulfill her life.

Movie Review: ‘l Fine, Thank You, Love You’ (2014) by Oat Chanukrit Thienkalaya What like most is how the scriptwriter cleverly uses explicit and implicit metaphors throughout the movie. An explicit metaphor can be seen in the 1- minute speech English activity scene. Pruek draws a vocabulary word, about which he has to talk immediately. It is an impromptu speech. He gets the word “mole”. The rich man can’t think of anything to say about ‘the mole’, until he compares “mole” to the “love” for which he is looking, giving a big hint to Tutor Pleng that he has his eye on her.

Another good example of how the movie uses great interpretations is when Yim narrates a famous fairly tale, the Cinderella story, in his poor English accent. The scene shows the modern twist of Cinderella at Pruek’s mom’s birthday party. The ‘Prince and Princess’ resemble Pruek and Pleng. And the ‘Cindys slippers’ are replaced by a modern smart phone. But the best romantic (and my favorite) part is at the gala dinner, where Pleng has to work as a translator, and she brings Yim along to accompany her. She tells him to practice speaking English with the

English-speaking guests. The band in the scene performs a beautiful theme song, entitled “Walk Me Home”. The stubborn Yim wants to show off his English ability by trying to translate the lyrics from English to Thai. It is the scene where Tutor Pleng and Yim express their true feelings through the song lyric. It is a simple, but meaningful, lyric that captures the truth of their hearts. And it is a very romantic moment. There are a few hiccups in this movie, though. At the beginning, many tie-in sponsored products are highlighted. It is too obvious, and a little bit nnoying.

Also, some of the crack joke scenes are predicTABLE and unnecessary. But the great acting and fun plot more than compensate for those minor deficiencies. In short, the movie, “l Fine, Thank You, Love You”, is a great gift during the holiday season of love and light. It makes you laugh and brings you to tears. came with high expectations, and left wanting to see it again right away. The incredible acting, fun story line, and beautiful soundtrack take the movie to the next level. This movie well deserves a thumbs up! Many thanks to GTH,

Project Management Pan Europa Foods Case Study

Problem Statement: Pan Europe Foods is facing a number of issues to be addressed. The company’s sales remain flat while net profits decrease. This is due to marketing strategy, operational inefficiencies, and minimal organic growth. There are a total of 11 project proposals with a capital investment budget of MOM (euros). The projects cover several aspects of the business including new product addition, market expansion, acquisitions, production & distribution improvements, and environmental enhancements.

Since ‘winning’ the price war, the company has lost stock value and dipped below the average ultimate of peer companies. It has amasses debt and needs to regain positive momentum to avoid being a target of a hostile takeover. Data Analysis: These problems are evident in Pan Europeans financial statement over the past 3 years. They have maxed out current market demand and operational inefficiencies continue to grow cutting into shrinking margins.

The board should consider expansion of product offerings and organic growth through existing distributors to add new growth in sales. With production operations cost continually rising despite the large investment capital built in the past 3 ears, there is a need to expand into new markets, create new products, and grow sales organically while improving production and distribution efficiencies. The fiscal data provided shows the past 3 years of Gross sales, net income, earnings per share, total assets, shareholder’s equity and dividends.

Alternatives Analysis: Based off financial data, ownership and sentiment of investors, and capital project proposed, the decisions on which projects to move forward with should create a balance between sales & operations, create benefit to investors, and create new growth opportunities. The capital investments would be made with long-term growth of products in its current portfolio and master the production and distribution to a scalTABLE model before taking off into too many new products and new product markets.

Key Decision Criteria: The decisions the shareholders have is whether to increase demand or increase supply capabilities. Current revenue is flat, yet solid. An innovative, yet fiscally conservative approach is needed to gain back profit and revamp sales in the current and new markets. Shareholders should consider projects which will lower production & distribution costs, innovate & maintain nominative edge, and what will be an overall benefit to Pan Europe, its employees, and its shareholders. Recommendations The first project would suggest is an immediate implementation of an inventory control system to improve efficiency.

This new system would be MOM investment which will improve inventory control, reduce back orders/ outages, reduce spoilage, create transparency between ordering/fulfillment, and report back sales & CRM much more accurately. Next, two synergistic projects would be implemented; Market Expansion Eastward $MOM along with Expansion of the Numerous plant $MOM. This plant will expand bottled eater, mineral water, and fruit juice output along with supporting the ice cream and yogurt in this new Eastward market. This plant is highly automated and would handle and actually benefit from the increased capacity to service these highly profitably markets.

This Eastward market also presents the lowest competitive market with superb market growth to efficiently add sales growth while expanding sales & growth opportunities. This presents a low cost, high reward opportunity. Replacement and expansion of Truck fleet for $MOM is necessary to increase operational efficiency while lowering overall distribution expenses. This is a 2 year running change significantly affecting output capacity, inventory management, customer delivery and would support long term growth overall.

Next, to add new & innovative products, Pan Europe should consider the research & introduction of artificial sweeteners for 1 MM. Market research proves it is a viTABLE product and will fit nicely in with current production and distribution strategies. It will be a complementary product line which will provide a new competitive advantage above our competition. It will provide a good return on investment and grow revenue. Finally, we must enact the eater treatment projects at four plants for $MM. They currently violate environmental codes and are a mandatory upgrade to comply with European Community regulators.

While there is a 4 year window to comply, cost estimations only grow over time, so this decision is in the best interest of both pan Europe, its investors, employees, and its surrounding environment. Action and Implementation Plan The stated step by step implementation plan is weighted in importance and urgency. Each board member heading one of these projects will work closely to ensure successful progress. Each step will be closely monitored and enthroned to ensure success and shareholder value.

The total for all projects proposed is $80 with an extra MM for the stated environmental upgrades. Each of these projects makes a strong case for leveraging our brand equity into new products & markets and increasing profits by decreasing our operational cost. Questions from Text: 1) There are a few things would recommend taking into serious consideration to avoid adding higher capital debt and leading to a possible hostile takeover. While overall gross sales remained relatively flat, net income, earnings per share and share holder equity have all declined each institutive year.

Their plan to invest with debt financing has gained some significant improvements, but a marketing strategy that gains market share without profits is a risky strategy. Now that they have won market share, I believe their best strategy is to utilize this brand recognition by focusing on operational and distribution goals to lower production costs and meet sales demand. There are certain area’s after reviewing the entire portfolio where the company must slow on capital investments, while also leveraging higher sales & profits from its ‘price war strategy. ) 1 . Strategic Acquisition – NAP=78. 6 Eastward Expansion – NAP=52. 15 3. Southward Expansion – NAP=47. 07 4. Snack Food – NAP=45. 07 Inventory Control Systems ” NAP=25. 19 6. Expand Truck & Fleet – NAP=20. 94 7. Artificial Sweetener – NAP=15. 31 8. New Plant – NAP=1. 14 9. Expand Plant – NAP=O. 32 10. Automation & Conveyor System ” NAP”-. 83 would evaluate NAP at minimum ROR because this would give you an idea of the minimum productive return on investment, therefore giving project results at a higher discounted rate.

I believe there is no correct statistic to look at, but understand them all to give you a better overall understanding. The effluent project view as a sunk cost, and therefore should actually be added on this list. Since this is a mandatory project, I would suggest investing into it at the lowest cost possible. 3) Looking at the list and analyzing non-numerically, I would probably drop the strategic acquisition and invest in better operational & distribution projects such as Expansion of truck fleet, automation & conveyor upgrades and one of the plant addition projects to meet demand, avoid product shortages and backorder.

I would also consider one of the R &D projects. To enact some of these projects, further research would need to determine a deter timeshare and payback periods. Some Of the projects such as Automation & conveyor upgrades or plant expansion sound like good projects but the payback, ROI and NAP are nothing to get excited about. 4) Based off each chairperson’s reasoning for each project, operational upgrades are necessary to keep up with demand, which is a good problem to have.

I would consider the Inventory Control system, Expansion of the truck fleet, and perhaps expansion of the plant 3 that could be considered ‘must- do’ non-numeric The strategic acquisition is by far the riskiest project followed by southward expansion and artificial sweetener development. The upside on the strategic acquisition in this case is simply too great, and if old Engel has his information correct, there should be a lot of businesses moving into the schnapps business. I would like to know where and how he got his ROI and how business jumps around 280% from year 9 to 10.

There are a few synergies between the projects such as the southern expansion and building a new plant. Neither seems like a good fit for pan- Europe at this time, but perhaps in a few years. If the company wanted to make a big push into the southern market which has a good chance for Success, they would also need to supplement these increased sales with increased production in that area, thus, building the new plant. The eastward expansion might be a less competitive market and would have a lower investment cost with the expansion of the Numerous plant.

The expansion of the truck fleet is not flashy, sexy, or giving a big return, but it is completely necessary to upgrade distribution, reduce product spoilage, and reduced backorder and product shortages. The artificial sweetener and the snack food development are two that may have some conflicts. Both give a decent return, but there is significant time hat must be invested to develop, that at this point, could be needs to be invested to maintain existing demand. The operational upgrades to meet existing demand and lower production costs, even as they may not yield the largest return, are crucial to run the business and maintain day to day.

The more I consider the strategic acquisition, the less like it, the upfront costs are half the annual capital budget, while it does show considerTABLE upside, it is a large gamble and at this time, could be a ‘make or break’ decision for this company. 5) The company must create a plan to leverage and take advantage of its marketing price war’ strategy. Significant resources and shareholder equity have been invested into this strategy, and according to Mr… Moron, it has paid off and demand is outweighing supply. Therefore they must factor out certain expansionary business ventures or new product offerings that they cannot adequately supply.

The screen/factors they need to consider are risk assessment, adherence to company core/values, stockholder sentiment toward a project, and long-term vs… Short term gains. The board would really need to question whether some of the new products and markets truly fit in the company’s core business, aloes, and market segmentation. The strategic acquisition, artificial sweetener, and snack line all create new markets of products, typesetter well on paper, but will they fit with the company’s business model, production, distribution, etc?

Examples Of Unethical Advertisement On Pakistan

Examples of unethical advertisement on Pakistanis electrical media. Baseline healthy white lotion: In the add a news reporter faces problem in bringing news because she is not fair and has even skin tone. When she uses Baseline lotion her skin becomes fair and gets even skin tone. When she goes in the public every man give her attention and after looking at her skin tone men give her interviews and she gets success. Unethical issue: This ads portrays that skin tone and the fair color is the reason of women success.

It’s in fact insulting the women that it is not talent that makes a woman successful but her physical beauty. It’s very harmful for our cultural, religious values and society. Boone: In the add it is claimed that we offer the cheapest call rate of this whole world. ‘dungy ski Saab SE sati tarter call kern jar aha hay he band’ Unethical Issues in this ad. The unethical thing is that they are delivering the false information to the customer. They are not giving consumers the worlds cheapest calling rate in actual.

They don’t have any prove that their call rates are on the top of the hippest calling rates Of this world. It is an unethical advertisement practice. Fair and lovely: In the ad a girl is tanned uses fair n lovely cream twice a day and gets a very fair complexion after 4 weeks. Unethical issues in this ad: It violates the Pakistanis advertisement ethics. According to their claim this cream gives you unmatched and fairer complexion than your own complexion in just 4 weeks. But it doesn’t work in the same way as they show in the advertisement. Milliner should not make the promises can’t be fulfilled.