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When we went to the airport at 5:20 am, we walked until we got in the Delta Station in the domestic side of the airport. When we get into the Delta station, they tell us again that our flight was cancelled. After one hour and a half, of hearing the screams of upset and angry people, the Delta Airline people decide to give us three options: wait until the next day and fly to Miami, FL like our regular flight and then fly to Totals; waiting until 1 0:00 am and taking a flight to Dallas Fort Worth, stay the whole day in Dallas, TX and fly the next day at 7:00 am to Totals; or get our money back and look for options in another airline.

After one hour of discussion, my dad decides to choose the second option. At 9:00 am we take the train to the E station to take our flight to Dallas, TX. After one hour, we finally arrive in Dallas, TX. When we get of the airplane, we wait fifteen minutes until somebody from a hotel comes to pick us up. After a site-seeing trip around Dallas, we came to a luxurious and elegant twenty floor hotel. In the lobby we tell the receptionist about our flight, and then we tell him our names and he gives us the keys for our rooms. Everything was a courtesy from Delta Airlines because of our flight cancellation.

The next day at 5:00 am we go to the airport and wait until 7:00 am to take our flight to our destination, Totals, Mexico. When we arrive in Totals, my uncle Sergei comes to pick us up and take us to our city, Memorial. In Memorial, by the next day we go to my uncle Lava’s wedding. At the wedding I met a pretty girl named Karen. After chatting for a while, we dance until the party ends, and surprisingly she kisses me. Two hours later, it was time to say good bye. She started to cry, then kissed her and after a hug, we ay goodbye to each other.

This pretty lady was from Chihuahua City, twelve hours from Memorial. It was the last time that I saw Karen. Later on, I go to a hotel with three of cousins and we have a big party with ladies, drinks, and very loud music, having fun the whole night. By the next day, we returned home to pack and get ready to go to the beach. After five hours of driving, we arrive at the beach. Another adventure was going to start. In the hotel we started to have fun by drink king, dancing, swimming, and singing the romantic Mexican music at karaoke night.

The next day I was sad because missed Karen. After two hours, I saw a pretty, very pretty, nice and sexy girl with white hair, and green eyes. She was tall, but the only thing that made me fall in love with her was her voice when I heard her singing. I told her how beautiful she sings. After hours and hours of talking, we decide to go to dinner together as a date. After the dinner she is sweet with me, so we hug and kiss. Even today we still talk and love each other very much. When we come back to the U. S. , decide that I would like to have other vacations like this one.

Every time when we go to Amoco, we do a lot of good stuff. We always have fun. Our goal with going to Amoco is to be united as a family and cohabit with each other. When we go to Amoco we always have a memorable vacation, but on the 28 of July in 2012 1 had the best memorable and the best family vacation. On this trip to Amoco, I learned that thanks to God and my parents, have the happiness, the pleasure, and fortune to go to visit my family in Mexico every year. This vacation changed my life because I visited new places and this made my family become more united.

Role Of Teacher In Students Life

The solvents used for the extraction of plant roots were n- butane, ethyl acetate and distilled water. The inviter antibacterial activity was performed by agar well diffusion method. The most susceptible Gram-Positive bacteria was Bacillus SP,

Bureaucratic SP, and the most susceptible Gram-negative bacteria was Brotherhood SP, Calibrated SP, and Incorrectly SP. The extracts of plant Cardiovascular holistically and Milometer heterosexual inhibited the growth of the bacterial strains investigated. The most active extracts was compared with the standard antibiotics, penicillin, Streptomycin and Inclining MGM/disc). The results obtained in the present study suggest that Cardiovascular holistically and Milometer heterosexual could be used in treating diseases caused by the test organisms. The results are discussed in detail.

KEYWORDS: Medicinal Plants, antibacterial activity, aqueous extract, n- butane excretory ethylated extract Medicinal plants are a source of great economic value in the Indian subcontinent. Nature has bestowed on us a very rich botanical wealth and a large number of diverse types of plants grow in different parts of the country. India is rich in all the three levels of biodiversity, namely species diversity, genetic diversity and habitat diversity. In India thousands of species are known to have medicinal value and the use of different parts of several medicinal plants to cure specific aliments has been in vogue since ancient times.

Herbal medicine is still the mainstay of about 75-80% of the whole population, mainly in developing countries. For primary health care because of better cultural acceptability better compatibility with the human body and fewer side effects. However, the last few years have seen a major increase in their use in the developed world . INTRODUCTION: Received on 11. 10. 2011 Accepted on 15. 11. 2011 C Asian Pharmacy press All Right Reserved Asian J. Pram. Rest. 1(4): Cot. – DCE. 2011; Page 111-1 13 Infectious diseases are the leading cause of death world – wide. Antibiotic resistance has become a global concerns.

The Clinical efficacy of many existing antibiotics is being threatened by the emergence of multitude resistant pathogens. Many infection diseases have been known to be treated with herbal remedies throughout the history of mankind. Natural products, either as pure compounds or as standardized plant extract, provide unlimited opportunities for new drug leads because of the unmatched availability of chemical diversity. There is a continuous and urgent need to discover new antimicrobial compounds with diverse chemical structures and novel mechanisms of action for new and re-emerging infectious diseases

Therefore researchers are increasingly turning their attention to folk medicine, looking for new leads to develop better drugs against microbial infections. The increasing failure of chemotherapeutics and antibiotic resistance exhibited by pathogenic microbial infectious agents has led to the screening of several medicinal plants for their potential antimicrobial activity,7. India is a varietals emporium of medicinal plants and is one of the richest countries in the 111 Asian J. Pram. Rest. 201 1; Volvo. 1. Issue 4, Peggy-113 world with regard to genetic resources of medicinal plants.

It exhibits a wide angel in topography and climate, which has a bearing on its vegetation and florist composition moreover, the agro-climatic conditions are conducive for introducing and domesticating new exotic plant varieties PLANT MATERIALS COLLECTION: The plant species namely Cardiovascular, holistically and Milometer heterosexual were collected in Thankful – scripturally cotta. The collected samples were carefully stored in sterile polythene bags and used for the present study. Sterilization of plant materials: About Lugar of fresh and healthy roots was taken for each solvent including aqueous.

The tots of both plants (Cardiovascular holistically and Milometer heterosexual ) were sterilized with running tap water and soaked in 0. 1% mercuric chloride F-anally, the roots were washed with distilled water ( three times ) and shade dried. Composition of nutrient Agar medium: Chemicals Composition Beef extract g Potent g Sodium chloride g egg Agar Distilled water loom PH 7. 0 Antibacterial activity of Cardiovascular holistically: The ethylated extract of Cardiovascular holistically, exhibited maximum zone of inhibition against Bacillus (1 mm), Brotherhood (1 mm), Calibrated (mm),

Incorrectly (mm) and Bureaucratic (mm) were observed. The n- butane extract of Cardiovascular holistically, showed maximum zone of inhibition against Bacillus (mm), Brotherhood (mm), Calibrated (mm), Incorrectly (mm) and Bureaucratic (mm). The aqueous extract of root showed the inhibition zone diameter ranging from 13-mm against tested bacterial pathogens (TABLE-2). Antibacterial activity of Milometer heterosexual: The ethylated extract of Milometer heterosexual exhibited maximum zone of inhibition against Bacillus (mm), Incorrectly (1 Mom) was observed.

The n-butane extract of Milometer heterosexual showed maximum zone of inhibition against Bacillus (mm), Brotherhood (mm), Calibrated (mm), Uncelebrated (mm) and Bureaucratic (mm). The aqueous extract of root showed no zone inhibition against tested bacterial pathogens (TABLE-2). Antibiotic sensitivity test (positive control ): The antibiotic sensitivity test using standard antibiotics, biz. V, streptomycin, inclining and penicillin were tested Preparation of plant root extract: About one gram of sterilized roots were ground in mortar against both bacteria studied.

The results of antibiotic and pestle with 1 Mol of aqueous and organic solvents (ethyl sensitivity represented (TABLE-3). Acetate, and n-butane it was filtered through Whitman Noel filter paper, the supernatant was collected and stored All the antibiotics used were exhibited higher antibacterial for antibacterial screening activity. The results confirmed that both the solvent extract Cardiovascular holistically and Milometer of heterosexual exhibited a higher antibacterial activity Antibacterial activity (Agar -well diffusion method ): The antibacterial activities of the roots were tested against against

Bacillus,Brotherhood, Calibrated, Incorrectly the selected bacterial strains. The ml of sterilized agar and Bureaucratic. Medium was poured into each sterile pipettes and. , allowed to solidify. The test bacterial cultures were evenly Similarly. When compared to the standard antibiotics. The spread over the appropriate media by using sterile cotton, solvent extract of Cardiovascular holistically and Swab. Then a well of 0. CM was made in the medium by Milometer heterosexual showed higher antibacterial activity using a sterile cork borer, 150 Pl of each ethylated, n- against the bacteria TABLE-3). Butane and aqueous plant extracts were transferred into separated wells. After these plates was incubated at ICC Antibacterial effect of solvents (negative control): for 24-48 hours.

Love At First Sight Between Romeo And Juliet

The story of Romeo and Juliet, is a world famous story created by William Shah speaker, the story was not only known for the “love at first sight” between Romeo and Juliet, but also their forbidden love because of a feud between their families.

But this didn’t stop t hem, for they cited to marry in secret with hopes from the friar that the feud between the e two families, would finally end. In Act 3 scene 5, it starts after their wedding night, in their bed, right at the morning. As the lark sang its song like every morning the couple woke up knowing that Romeo had to leave Juliet because of his banishment which was caused from killing table.

A t this scene we learn how Romeo tries to accept his faith and how he handles with the situate on, how Juliet isn’t want him to leave, and what the two lines at the end meant for Rome o and Juliet. At the moment, Romeo have to leave Juliet because of the banishment from the Prince because he killed table in a fight after Meretricious death. In the morning, they both awoke after hearing a bird’s whistle, at first Juliet tried to deceive Romeo by telling him that t it’s not morning yet, saying that the bird ‘Was the nightingale, and not the lark,” .

From this line it shows that Juliet isn’t want Romeo to leave her, even after Romeo have killed table for revereng, it also shows the loyalty of Juliet for staying with Romeo even though he has killed her own cousin. Later she says “Believe me, love, it was the nightingale”, this shows that she desperately wants Romeo to stay with her because of how she told him twice that it was only the nightingale e and to believe that she’s telling the truth.

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