My Own Conflict Management Style Free Sample

Conflicts occur whenever disagreements exist in a social situation over issues of substance and/or emotional antagonisms.There are three management conflict styles that one can use in solving conflicts. These are the cooperative, assertive and a compromise between the two.

Under the cooperative style, the desire is to satisfy the other party’s needs and concerns. Assertiveness is the desire to satisfy one’s own needs and concerns.With my case, I compromise between the two optimal styles i.e. I strike a balance between the cooperative and the assertive styles. I achieve this through the following three examples/approaches.

  • sacrifice:  I sometimes sacrifice the need to satisfy part of my goals for another person. At the same time, I persuade the other party to abandon part of his/her goals in order to reach into a compromise situation.
  • partial accommodating/smoothing and non-avoidance:  Accomodating is being co-operative but unassertive, while avoidance is being uncooperative and unassertive. By using my compromising approach, I tend to strike a balance between the two. As much as I may want to create a good relationship with the other party through satisfying his/her concerns (smoothing), I do not neglect my interests in totality. At least he/she should also put into his/her contemplation, my own interests and/or goals. In the end, the situation shall be that one of Loose-Loose.2).
  • Partial collaboration and competition (force):  As much as I feel that there shall be a Win-win situation through collaboration (problem solving), I also feel that I should have a bigger share of the ‘winning cake/share’. I therefore incorporate some little force (or power, if I posses one) to force through my ideologies. As the problem is being resolved, taking care of the other party’s interests, I tend to ensure that my own goals predominate as the resolution process progresses.


  1. James S O’Rourke, Management Communication, A case analysis approach

My Personal Experience

            I realized that being alive at this time is something that I have to be grateful about. I see that life changes quickly in a stressful way to be fully interacting in a world where people are greatly suffering from all kinds of varied natural and man made adversities. I was assigned in a ward where patients vary greatly in culture, practices, and beliefs. Honestly I am not comfortable to see people lying around waiting for their time. And guess what my first assignment was? I was assigned to a ward where one patient has cancer. It took me a lot of strength everyday to face the patient and to continue caring for him not because I don’t want to care but because I don’t want to watch death working on with people. Life is so precious to me and too beautiful to let me see life creeping out from cancer patients this way. We cannot separate feelings from assignments I have to deal with meeting the eyes of the dead and their pain. This has become an issue for me because I am denying death never accepting it yet and here I am in the midst of the room where a man lays waiting for it.

            Caring for this patient saps the life and energy out of me.   I don’t know if I can finish my term but I am trying to face the greatest issue of my life – death and its reality. I talk my feelings over and amazingly I was overtaken by the deep wisdom of this man. Death is something that is to be welcome for it takes you away from a world where humans become beast to their children and to their families. Waiting for time get people to look back at the past and contemplate life. What got me is the personal testimonial, the story of his choices and options, the regrets and the failures. It changed my perspective with death it changed my philosophy with life. I succeeded to meet my issues over death by listening and learning from the dying knowing that this knowledge indeed is a tool for my life and a tool for caring and understanding other people’s needs. In nursing you nurse their life and they give you back a piece of their life to live by: meanings.

My Role Honoring America’s Veterans

            Patriotism can be related to nationalism. Nationalism or patriotism is a feeling of devotion or loyalty to land or people. Nationalism arises from shared feelings and experiences among a people. These may include a common language, culture, religion, social order, historical tradition, or physical descent. The feelings of common background and destiny become nationalism when they are stressed by some process of education. Moreover, patriotism is usually understood to stress the constructive aspects of nationalism, such as good citizenship.

The American veterans totally understand the word patriotism. They have showed love for the country and countrymen. They preserve the integrity of the State and protect it from the enemies from within and from without. They respect and accept duly constituted authority and abide by laws of the land. In addition, they contribute and support public works and services through payment of taxes and promote personal hygiene and environmental sanitation.  Moreover, these American veterans contribute to progress and prosperity through honest work and industry and secure peace and order by respecting the rights of others. Furthermore, they fight oppression and denounce inequality; thus, develop oneself through education and to acquire a skill contributory to the progress of society. They also render public service efficiently and honestly and exercise vigilance and fight abuses of public officials.

            Therefore, I commend our American veterans for their braveness and love of our country and indeed, they are considered as heroes because they show their strength and give their lives unselfishly during the gloomy days of our motherland. Many of these veterans had experienced loneliness yet they fight on it and never turn their back because their noble vision is to uplift the morality of our country. Some of them had laid down their lives for the benefits of the many; thus, died peacefully because they bring with them the victory they have been dreaming of. What I have and enjoy right now are all because of them.