Paul Cézanne’s “Still Life With Apples And A Pot Of Primroses” Essay Sample For College

Paul Cézanne
Paul Cézanne.

“Still Life with Apples and a Pot of Primroses”

It is primarily important to mention that looking at different art creations is a chance for every individual to develop themselves, look at the world from the perspective of the creator, and enrich their knowledge. I believe that every person has to take advantage of the possibilities offered and contribute to the development of art sense and understanding. For this assignment, I decided to choose a painting by Paul Cézanne that is called “Still Life with Apples and a Pot of Primroses.” This work of art can easily be found on the website of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the Open Access Artworks collection or be encountered with during the physical visit to this place in New York. It is a post-impressionist oil on canvas paining that was created by the artist in 1890. Since from many paintings that I personally saw on the museum’s website this interested me the most, the following paper will discuss it in more detail including a personal reflection and opinion about it.

Before discussing the work itself, it is primarily useful to gain more knowledge about the artist. Having basic understanding of his life and career, it can be easier for people to judge art pieces and understand their meaning. Paul Cézanne was a French painter who is considered to be one of the greatest post-impressionists and “whole works and ideas were influential in the aesthetic development of many 20th-century artists and art movements, especially Cubism” (Huyghe, 2021). Due to his unique personal expression and integrity in the paintings, it is believed that this artist challenges the traditional values and technique of painting in the 19th century; therefore, this is the reason why he is still popular and widely discussed in the field of art (Huyghe, 2021). In the final period of his career and life, the painter preferred solitude and connected with nature and its art. In his late years his diabetes, from which he was suffering for a long time, became worse and led to his death in 1906 (Huyghe, 2021). Thus, after learning this information, reflecting on his specific paintings becomes even more interesting and valuable.

It is important to mention that “Still Life with Apples and a Pot of Primroses” is not the only work of Cézanne that included fruits. He had a whole series of these paintings, which in art history are called by the collocation “still lifes” (Stanska, 2016). He loved to paint them and, throughout the career, changed perspectives and portrayed them in many different ways. For instance, at the beginning, his apples looked like simple apples; then, they became more modern and looked more like decorative objects; and then, he started painting them from a variety of viewpoints that made people reflect on the art pieces and think deeper about their meaning (Stanska, 2016). Therefore, talking about the personal meaning behind this painting, I would say that it represents one of the stages of artist’s development and professional growth.

Taking a closer look at the content and details of the painting, it can be mentioned that this art piece does not include many complicated details that are hard to understand. The painting is quite simple, the focus is clearly understood, and it does not include any metaphorical elements that have to be understood from a different perspective. However, the absence of people on the painting does not make it look artificial or free from emotion. The viewers of the painting can see a table with apples and a pot of flowers on it. The painting techniques used by the artists create a specific feeling of depth and portray the apples on the foreground and the pot on the background. The painting uses bring and warm colors that are pleasing to the eye and provoke positive emotions.

Talking about the historical context of “Still Life with Apples and a Pot of Primroses,” it can be stated that it was created by the artist at the time when he started experimenting, playing with his unique style, and representing different perspectives. This is one of the works where the viewers can see that his fruits became more abstract. At this piece of art that do not see to have any purpose that just to be decorative objects. In general, judging the historical context of this painting does not seem extremely valuable because the art piece does not represent any people or is not a metaphor for a specific even that happened in real life.

I have chosen to reflect on this particular painting mainly because it was the first one to grab my attention. Like I mentioned earlier, even though there were many different works of art and not only paintings but also sculptures, “Still Life Apples and a Pot of Primroses” was the one that interested me the most. When surfing through the website, this painting was one of the first ones that grabbed my attention. What I specifically liked in it is that it looked very bold and bright. In case you put it in the group of other paintings, this one will definitely stand out because of its bright colors and warm atmosphere. In addition, I am used to seeing paintings that depict people or objects of architecture; however, this one is definitely different and not the usual one that we can see online.

To summarize, taking a look at an art piece and explaining it in detail is a very valuable and beneficial practice especially for personal development and understanding of art. As explained earlier, the message of this painting is to represent one of the periods of Paul Cézanne’s development and professional growth. To show how he improved and challenged the traditional ideas about art and provided new perspectives. Consequently, it can be stated that the universal message delivered by this work of art is that everything changes with time, improves, and bring new ideas to the public. Even the apples can look different and carry a specific purpose each time they are painted.

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Comcast Integration Strategies

Strategies of vertical integration can have a positive impact on a company’s financial success since it helps to take control over several parts of a revenue chain. In this particular case, Comcast is corporate in the entertainment industry. To achieve such an accomplishment, this enterprise has also implemented methods of integration. However, before studying the examples, it should be noted that strategies can be either backward or forward. Backward integration is aimed at acquiring sources, content, or material and can help against large suppliers whose monopoly allows them to change prices however they want. On the other hand, the strategy of forwarding vertical integration is implemented by obtaining smaller companies and structures that are engaged in distributing the finished product to consumers.

After analyzing the activities of Comcast, it becomes clear that this corporation employs both methods to grow its business. For instance, regarding forwarding strategy, in 2008, the company purchased DailyCandy, which is a firm that distributed emails, for 125 million dollars. Plaxo is an additional example, where Comcast bought an organization that provided online services to customers. Another instance is the 2007 acquisition of Fandango Media, which is an organization that sells movie tickets, offers television, and media information.

Nevertheless, there is also a notable example of a backward strategy that was used by Comcast. In 2011 the corporation acquired NBC Universal, the company that was engaged in creating video programming. This service was provided to Comcast, and after that, the enterprise distributed it to customers. It allowed the firm to stream Rio Olympics in 2016, which brought major benefits to Comcast. For this reason, it can be assumed that even though the corporation uses both integration strategies, the backward method became the most profitable.

Malcolm X, A Revolutionary. Philosophical Theology

Malcolm X is the eminent personality of the 20th century, widely known for his combat against African-Americans harassment. Malcolm X had been frequently criticized for his policy, as a considerable part of the society had founded his attitude violent and racist. He had spread the point of view that European Americans and African Americans must be divided and shared black racism ideas. This essay will identify the topic through Malcolm’s background and provide my personal belief that he is the person who changed the world with the readiness to become an influencer and die for his ideology. Malcom’s power of persuasion, his ability to be a leader, and a radical decision showing the determination to changes expose him as a revolutionary.

Insight into the Controversial Persons Background

To understand the necessity to prove that Malcolm X is a revolutionary, it is worth deepening in part of his life story. He was the Nation of Islam’s leader whose purpose was to improve the oppressed population’s spiritual, social, and economic state. Later he left this group as he had become disenchanted with its views. Eventually, the representative of the Nation of Islam killed him for his beliefs and actions. According to Hayes (2020), “As a young Muslim minister, Malcolm X modernized the Nation of Islam, building it into a highly organized and nationally recognized Black formation” (p. 510). Throughout his life, Malcolm X was fighting for his ideology and changing society, which brings the question of acknowledging him as a revolutionary.

My Beliefs about Role Malcolm X Played in the History

Violent decisions are revolutionaries prerogative that should be used with extreme prudence. From my perspective, to bring changes to the world, Malcolm accepted black nationalism and eventually sacrificed his life, making him deserving to be considered a revolutionary. Therefore, I believe that a person who wants adjustments should become an influencer to lead people. From this point of view, this controversial person is definitely worth his title according to the reasons mentioned in the following paragraphs. Malcolm X is an extraordinary individual, as there were people who hated him, who respected him, but it is difficult not to acknowledge his significant role in changing the system.

Reasons to Claim that Malcolm X is a Revolutionary

History shows that many revolutionaries apply unpopular methods, as they are convinced that developments in society are often painful. Malcolm X is known for his radical views and approaches to achieving the goals. Henderson (2018) states that “Malcolm saw black nationalism as the transformation force in contemporary revolutions throughout Africa, and he maintained that the same was true for the US” (p. 165). The mentioned quote proves that Malcolm was willing to accept hard decisions as black nationalism was an intransigent ideology. To change the system, people’s appreciation and assistance are necessary. Malcolm proved himself as an eloquent and fascinating individual capable of conviction in his beliefs. A white college woman who is preserved in his autobiography may be an instance of his power of persuasion. According to Allies (2016), “she was among many young whites who found Malcolm both magnetic and convicting” (p. 182). In the matter of leading people, this famous person is also worth to be considered as a revolutionary. No revolution passes without developments in people’s awareness, and Malcolm’s actions are known for their strong influence on society. Pugh (2020) states that “Malcolm’s black nationalism elevated black consciousness to a new level” (p. 441). The mentioned quotes prove that he did not go without a trace in History and in the system.


To achieve the title of a revolutionary, a person should significantly influence society. During his lifetime, Malcolm X had caused a number of changes in the system. Confessing the violent ideology, he forced the world to respect African-Americans. Due to his power of persuasion, he makes people follow him and accept his beliefs. And finally, he increased society’s consciousness by committing the revolution entirely. Taking everything into consideration, Malcolm X is a controversial person who triggered world-wide changes and definitely can be regarded as a revolutionary.


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