Police Work And Related Fields Sample Paper

The working conditions of a police officer can vary fromeasy tostressful situations where the officers life and the lives of others arethreatened. The officer must deal with these situations in the way they feel is best but sometimes the officer cannot deal with this situation on their own andthey have to call in backup witch can help them deal with the situation. In these times of change many workplaces are finding it necessary to changethe ways in which they do business. The RCMP for example are moving into a more community based policing. This makes the police more accessible to the community. In this new system the RCMP try to solve the problem if they are repeatedlycalled to the same home for domestic disputes they will stay for how ever longit takes to find the route of the problem, whereas if they were to encounterthe same situation their policy was to arrive in two minutes and stay for 20minutes.

This new program is the starting stages and already it has had greatreviews and great public support, as it brings the police closer to thecommunity. Another part of this community based policing is that there are crimeprevention comities that are run by various community groups that have monthlymeetings with the police. A police officer starts their career with on the jobtraining and then they move on to become a constable where they must be able torelocate to any part of the country where they are positioned. In order for anofficer to advance tier career they may have to switch divisions where theircareers may excel. The work values for a police officer is to uphold the law,patrol assigned areas and maintain public safety. They also participate inpublic information groups and safety programs.

The nature of the work is always changing as crimes are becoming more andmore sophisticated, as well as there is no set times that any crimes will happenso their jobs are always different. The job of a police officer is alwaysdifferent as they could be talking to various groups on any number of topics. They could also be testifying in court in relation to an investigation theyparticipated in. Officers may also take calls on situations in which they canprovide counselling to the caller until help arrives or provide necessarynumbers of shelters and food banks.

The outlook in this field is good although an officer could go through thesix month training program at the ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE TRAININGfacilities in Regina Saskatchewan, but when an officer is finished they are notnecessarily guaranteed a job as the RCMP as the officers are selected as totheir qualities and what degrees that you may have from universities or colleges. This training that you receive may be useful in finding a career in a city orprovincial police department. The projected growth in the field of law enforcement from the years 1995-2000 is 0.65% and the projected growth rate for commissioned police officers is0.72% from the years 1995-2000. This doesn’t necessarily mean that there will bemore demand for commissioned police officers as the public is more and moredissatisfied with the RCMP and other police organizations.

This information wasprovided from the Canadian Occupational projection system (COPS). Commissioned police officers work for the municipal, provincial and Federal agencies. The starting salary for a police officer in at entry level is around $30,000and the average yearly wage of a regular officer is around $49,000 and those atthe top of the field can earn up to $64,000 per year. Commissioned officers earnat entry level $50,000 and the average commissioned officer earns $66,000 whilethose at the top of the field earn up to $80,000. Qualifications and or skills that would help a person to become a policeofficer are sense of responsibility, successful completion of CPR courses and survival swimming courses. You must also have a high school diploma and if youhave any post secondary education it would certainly be an asset if it is a degree in social sciences such as sociology and or criminology.

At the time ofentry into the RCMP training facility you must also have a valid drivers licenseand before you are allowed to drive a patrol car(once you have been posted) youmust have at least 16,000 km of driving experience. Some spin off fields of work that a police officer can use his/her trainingor skills in are: Police officer ^ Commissioned police officer^^Private Detective Sheriffs and Bailiffs ^ ^ Store DetectiveSecurity Guards7. Some advantages and disadvantages that are associated with this field of workas stated by officers in the field are: Advantages – A sense of good for helping others – The variety of the job in each day – Being able to help individuals who are victims of a crime orAn accident.

The probability of injury or death on the job – Working nights, weekends, and holidays – being on call 24 hours a day – Working long hours during an emergency – Moving around the country8. Post secondary education that is required for the job of a police officerare: A degree in sociology and or criminology, training at the RCMP trainingfacility in Regina or you could attend Holland college in PEI(Which is atraining facility were officers for city and commissioned officers) You shouldalso attend a university were you could receive a degree in sociology orcriminology. Entrance requirements for in trance into these courses atuniversities are English and it is suggested that you have a high school creditfor sociology, modern word problems and law.

Questions that you should ask yourself before perusing a career as a PoliceOfficer are:a) Do I have the necessary education to Perdue this career?B) Can I preform the to physical and mental demands of the job?C) Can I adjust to another part of the country if I am transferred?D) Can I handle going to a crime scene where there is a victim of a homicide orsuicide?e) Can I preform under a great deal of stress?F) Can I preform to the social and mental demands of this job?G) Can I keep my physical condition within the parameters of the job?H) how will this job effect my present and or future family?I) could I testify in court and participats in community outreach programseffectively?10.Steps that I will need to take to better Perdue this career are: To studyharder at my school work, take and pass both a CPR and survival swimming course,I must also get my physical condition up to the necessary levels and maintainthat level for the duration of my being a police officer.


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An Occurance At Owl Creek Bridge Short Summary

In the story, we witness the stark contrast between Ambrose Bierce’s world and our own. From the outset, it becomes clear that in today’s society, no one would be hanged or executed for tampering with a bridge.

Peyton Farquhar, a wealthy Southern man, was born into a life of luxury with a wife, children, land, and slaves. Despite his privileged upbringing, he constantly felt unfulfilled due to his inability to join the army, which he believed would make him a true man. Consequently, he eagerly undertook any task to support the South and prove his worth. Although Farquhar was unaware of the risks involved, his efforts to tamper with the bridge were not entirely successful. Nevertheless, the sense of liberation and heroism he experienced prior to his demise made him feel more alive than ever.

Looking back at Farquhar’s imagined journey back to his house, one starts to realize that the pains and emotions he experienced were akin to those of a man being hanged rather than someone who had just escaped. Firstly, upon entering the dense forest, Farquhar was taken aback by its wildness, being unaware of the region he lived in. The unfamiliar pattern of stars that night further added to his surprise. He also mentions the discomfort in his neck and congested ears, which can be attributed to the immense pressure exerted by the noose on his head and neck. Farquhar also endured an intense thirst causing his tongue to swell, yet this swelling was a result of the rope’s tight grip. Moving forward on the path less traveled, symbolizing death’s avenue, Farquhar lost all sensation of the ground beneath his feet. It felt as if he was walking on air, a clear indication of impending hanging.

Peyton is aware of a loud and distinct sound while he is trying to focus on his wife and children. The sound is coming from his pocket watch, which appears to be incredibly loud due to the perception that time is slowing down. In this moment, Farquhar employs a clever technique by closing his eyes and directing his attention towards the environment surrounding him. By memorizing these surroundings, he is able to mentally map out his escape plan and determine the specific movements he will need to execute.

Another inconsistency that could suggest to the reader that the escape was just a hallucination was the difference in water speed. Farquhar observes the slow movement of the water and driftwood while on the bridge. However, when he finds himself in the water, he is shocked to realize that the current has carried him far downstream from the bridge and into danger.

Bierce provides historical perspective by describing the military, including the positioning of the men and the attention to terminology. He emphasizes the language used by the military, which aligns with his theme of historical and geographical perspective.

When analyzing An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, the narrative explores how one man confronts his impending death. While some individuals accept their fate, others resist until the very end. However, Peyton Farquhar takes a different approach. Instead of following either path, he opts to envision himself as someone entirely different – a warrior. Throughout his existence, Farquhar yearned to be a soldier and a hero. Immersed in constant daydreams of valor, it comes as no surprise that he utilizes his final moments to indulge in this fantasy once more. In my personal viewpoint, I consider Peyton Farquhar to be an individual lacking courage who never had to exert himself throughout his entire lifetime.

Jaguars – Large Felid Species

  • Family: Panthera onca
  • Genus: Felis
  • Class :Carnivora
  • Species: Onca
  • Order: Felidae

The body length of the Jaguar is 44-73 inches long, the tail length is 18-30 inches and the total length of the Jaguar is 6 to 7 feet. The male Jaguarweighs 125 to 250 lbs. and the female Jaguar weighs from 100 to 200 lbs. andJaguars can live up to 22 years.

The Jaguar lives from Central America to Patugonia, but the largest arefound in Mato Grossa that in Brazil. The Jaguar often gets mixed up with thetiger even though they don’t really live in the same area at all, but they are bothrelated and are both also related to the Lion and the Panther.

Little is known about the family life of the Jaguar, but they do knowthat they have almost been hunted to extinction for their furs and that there areonly about 200 wild Jaguars left in the world today. Scientist find it verydifficult to study the Jaguar because the Jaguar is so rare of an animal. Mostof the information about Jaguars come from watching the ones in the zoo’sthat breed very successfully.

The Jaguar lives alone most of its life except forduring mating season witch is usually during autumn. The male Jaguar leavessoon after breedingleaves the female to raise the 1-4 cubs that are blindwhen born and only weigh 25-32 ounces. The baby Jaguars will startexploring about 2 weeks after being born and begin hunting with their motherin about 6 months. The cubs stay with their mother for 2 years before findingtheir own territory and hunting grounds. If the Jaguar finds a territory wherethere is a lot of food available the Jaguar might live in a 3 mile circulardiameter for its entire life.

But if the Jaguar is unsuccessful in finding a goodterritory with food the Jaguar might spend its life spanning over 200 squaremiles of land. The Jaguar can cover a lot of ground quickly but soon getstired. Because of this they don’t seem to hunt in the open but in the nightwere they can suprisenlly sneak up on their prey. The Jaguars diet usuallyconsist of forest animals ranging in size from a mouse to a deer. The Jaguaris a very good swimmer and an excellent fisher. The jaguar catches is fish byusing their claw to flip the fish out of the water and on to the riverbank.

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