Pro-life And Pro-Choice In Frankenstein Homework Essay Sample

We can all be monsters in someone else’s view, but what makes you a monster? Can it be a certain creature from ancient literature, a mass murderer or an organization. In When Faiths Collide by Martin Marty, he states “these monstrous figures serve as a metaphor for the unfamiliar, strange, and often menacing faiths that today are in collision” (Marty Pg 5). The strangeness that Marty describes best fits to Viktor Frankenstein’s monster and human creation. Frankenstein’s monster disapproval can be compared to Pro-life vilifying Pro-Choice.

Frankenstein is a novel written by Mary Shelley, that has been made into films and children’s stories. Most of the stories follow the same plot, that a young scientist named Viktor Frankenstein performs an experiment by connecting human limbs and using electricity to bring his creature to life. In Shelley’s version of Frankenstein, the creature that was created by Viktor did not have a name but was later known as Frankenstein in pop culture. Viktor created this creature in attempt to hide his grief of losing his family. Viktor made his creature out of human limbs gathered but did not have the same characteristics as humans. The creature ended up being tall and a yellowish color because it did not have blood flowing though it’s body. Viktor rejected his creature due to it being hideous, which led the creature to later escaped and took revenge on him. The creature Frankenstein endured a lot of hate and rejection throughout its life from humankind but he did not want to retaliate against them, instead wanted to live among them. In the film I, Frankenstein it has a similar story line as Shelley’s story. Instead in the film, Frankenstein is seen as a soulless monster that has created an unbalance to nature since God is not the only one who can create life. I chose Frankenstein as the monster that Martin Marty can describe as unfamiliar because he is someone that is different. Even though Frankenstein has the same anatomy as a human being, he is viewed as a monster since he was not physically born from a womb. Frankenstein can be used to compare what is life and who gets to decide that he is worth living.

In today’s society, Pro-Life organization vilifies Pro-Choice organization by saying that pro-choice are doing or supporting something morally wrong. In order to see how pro-life disapproves of pro-choice we have to consider both sides. Pro-Choice is a group of people or an individual that believes that woman should have the choice to terminate a pregnancy under any circumstances. Pro-Life is a group of people or an individual that believe an abortion or using contraception is morally wrong under any circumstances. Pro-Life believes that a human life starts with a zygote or a human cell and all stages of pregnancy, regardless of it not having a human baby appearance. Since the fetus is considered to be a human being or life, they believe the mother does not have a say in what happens with the unborn child. Pro-life believes that a zygote has the same equal value as any human. Pro-life deems pro-choice to be monstrous and their debate includes a religious theme. For example, in the Unites States, Christians who tend to lean on the Republican party are against abortion because in the Old Testament its say’s “you shall not kill”. Gall Up News did a survey in the United States in 2019 of the people who identify themselves as pro-life. The results showed 72% attend religious services weekly, 58% monthly, and 33% seldom or never. While pro-choice, 20% attended religious services weekly, 37% monthly, and 62% seldom or never. (Gallup) Even though the percentage for the pro-choice religious services is fairly low, they do have religious leaders who help individuals cope with their decision of abortion. An example of how pro-life vivifies pro-choice is how they manage Crisis of Pregnancy Centers, by indicating that having an abortion is morally wrong. The majority of the Crisis Pregnancy Centers are religious ran or pro-life organized, designed to deceive a pregnant woman into thinking they are at a clinic that handle abortions. Fake health care clinics, is what many Americans call it, are usually close by the abortion clinics and are not run by medical officials or have licenses. These centers try to sell you on the side effects of abortion especially the emotional distress it can cause and use false claims. The clinics are trying to give women the illusion that they have choices and that pro-life is the only option. I think that pro-life sees pro-choice as monstrous because they believe that a woman whom chooses to have an abortion is that same as murdering babies. They seem to have an alternative for every circumstance to make abortion not an option. (Playing Doctor) On the pro-life website, they have a page on how to respond to pro-choice arguments. I found it to be very interesting, because every argument is making pro-choice as an evil partaker. They consider it to be morally wrong and disagree because it’s something that does not correlate with their beliefs. The debate whether abortion should be legal or not has caused a drift in the population and has put people in boxes due to their beliefs. Martin Marty, states “To establish positive relations it is necessary for people to stop demonizing strangers, immigrants, and those who are religiously different, who appear to many of them to be monstrous” (Marty Pg 4). With that consideration, it all comes back to who knows when life began? Pro-life and pro-choice have always argued about when life began, but so have religion and literature.

In the case of Frankenstein, he is a creature or person who was created and brought to life when he was electrocuted but with abortion who is to say when life begins. I think Frankenstein and abortion have a lot of similarities due to the fact that it deals with the idea of when life begins. Frankenstein was shunned by everyone since he was not born from a womb and many people saw him as an immoral. Pro-life deems pro-choice and its beliefs as sinful. It all relates back to the perspective of the viewer on who or what is a monster.

Argumentative Essay: Abortion

Abortion is a sensitive topic to men and women throughout the world. There are many individuals and organizations that debate whether abortion ought to be allowed as a decision for women to make. The belief that abortion is unethical and should not be allowed at all is an issue that becomes a primary reasoning for some; those individual stand for Pro-life laws. The idea that abortion is murder as it is killing the human fetus is one of the main arguments that pro-life supporters use when debating abortion. Others feel that the parents should have the right to choose, and it is not murder until the baby is born these views are considered pro-choice. There is a plethora of factors that need to be taken into consideration when discussing abortion. Being pro- choice or pro-life both has its pros and cons. Having knowledge for the two will give a better understanding as to why pro-choice is the right choice.

Perspective on Abortion

The problem lies in how we define the term “human” in regards to a fetus. When considering an unborn as human it can be broken down into three categories. One being the conservative perspective; conservatives believe in the extreme, and are based from the Catholic Church. Believing life begins forming from the unicellular zygote stage. The conservative perspective’s definition of personhood creates abortion to be an unethical and unlawful act, resulting in homicide. The second perspective is the extreme liberal perspective. This viewpoint believes that the term human does not begin until after birth. The last perspective on abortion is the moderate view. This view lies in between the conservative and the extreme liberal views. The moderate view states that there is a point in a woman’s pregnancy that allows abortion to be justified. It does not define the fetus as human but as a human offspring that has its own moral status (Stewart.)

Anti-abortion (Pro-life)

“To oppose or legislate against medically induced abortion.”

The choice of anti-abortion (pro-life) forms primarily from the perception that personhood starts during the zygote stage. Due to these most pro-life arguments like to include the U.S. Constitution, and think an unborn child or fetus ought to receive the same rights that living individuals obtain. To disproof pro-life arguments one may argue and ask does being human make you a person? This question creates the ability to say as a person one must have the understanding to have self-consciousness and rationale. In return pro-life advocators use the comparison of a toddler or an individual who may be mentally handicapped. They are still human and a person. The decision to end their life is not available and if acted on would be murder. The reason why the decision of pro-life should not be made into a law for women in America is because the support pro life obtains tries to use biology as its main defense when the issue of abortion lies as a philosophical and theoretical issue. The conservative view uses the U.S. Constitution as support for their argument quite often. The use of the constitution contradicts their use of biology due to the fact that constitution lacks the definition of what is to be or not to be considered human.


“Advocating legalized abortion.”

Many claim the idea of pro-choice stems from a feminist mindset. This is logical, but does not necessarily fall under the feminist movement. This being because feminism is an act on the right for women and gaining equality associated to men. One may argue that men do not have to struggle with these types of battles so women should not have to either. But men also can not get pregnant. This leaves abortion to be a topic only defined by the choice of said women. When it comes to the unborn being human this choice falls under the liberal and moderate views.

As stated, liberals believe human life begins after birth, letting the option of abortion be considered justifiable. Whereas, the moderate view could side with either pro-choice or pro-life based on the pregnancy state that the mother is in. The stages of pregnancy are broken down into three trimesters (one, two, and three.) Each trimester has its own distinct set of developments. The reason many moderate viewers of pro-choice believe the idea of abortion being justifiable is because the embryo isn’t completely developed into a fetus or a human-like form until around 12 weeks, that being near the beginning of the second trimester. Most cases dealing with abortions happen within the first trimester of pregnancy making it justifiable. Once the second trimester starts the child has developed its sex genes and major organs and body structures; allowing the child to be in a human-like form creating the moderate viewer to believe the act of abortion as being injustice.

Most pro-life activists argue that abortions should be illegal because the unborn child is human, along with women should take the steps necessary to avoid pregnancy, they continue to argue that many American families would love to adopt children that are not accessible, along with the opinion abortion can cause medical complications later on in life, and also that rape victims can take steps to avoid pregnancy before they actually become pregnant. In response to those arguments pro-choice activists state that a fetus is attached by the placenta and umbilical cord defining the unborn as dependent on the mother and not a separate entity because it cannot exist without the mother. When it comes to women taking the steps to prevent pregnancy, of the women that do get abortions eight percent of them used no type of contraception. Contraception is not a 100% guarantee, like all things there are flaws. Pro-life activist always argue that there are over 1 million American families interested in adoption, but in return there are 428,000 children that are in foster care in the United States alone. The separation between mother and child even if the child is not wanted can cause damage within child and mother psychologically. This also goes along with the idea that abortion could cause later complications. Medical abortions have less than 0.5 percent for complications, and abortions do not harm women with the ability to become pregnant again. Whereas keeping a child that you are not ready for or giving it up for adoption can create a higher risk of complications than having an abortion itself. As for rape victims forcing them to keep a child can cause psychological problems for mother and child. When it comes to any woman who is pregnant taking away their choice of reproduction and the control of her body now becomes an issue within a woman’s civil rights. When it comes to pro-choice making it illegal would create an opportunity for underground abortions which would cause more harm than leaving it legal and safe. Also creating an even bigger issue within prison systems that we already have.

In conclusion, abortion is and always will be a sensitive topic in the USA. It’s an issue that doesn’t need to rely on the mass population in this country, or the government that runs it. It is a never-ending battle to end the legalization of abortions. But this is an argument that should not be up for debate but solely on the choice of the mother who carries said child. The argument of an unborn child being human is not justifiable to taking away a women’s rights. The arguments that conservatives and pro-life activists use lack the support needed to create validity. Pro-choice should be the only view towards abortions to keep the psychological problems and complications for both child and mother that could occur if a woman was forced to keep an unwanted child.

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Abortion: Pro Life Or Pro Choice

Where does life truly begin? This is a controversial question that varies in its answer. Abortion is the ending of a life by taking out the embryo or fetus before it can survive outside the uterus. Some people believe that a child’s life begins at a zygote, and others believe that it’s not wrong to take a child’s life before the baby is born. I believe that a child’s life begins at the moment of conception and it should not be taken away from them.

Each child goes through stages of development. There are four different trimesters during pregnancy. All pregnancies are different, and they do not all last the full four trimesters. The first trimester lasts from week two-thirteen. During these seven weeks, the fertilized egg is beginning to divide into multiple cells and enters the uterus. Implantation then occurs, which a ball is formed of hundreds of cells multiply and the ovaries stop releasing eggs. The ball of cells is officially turning into an embryo and the baby is now the size of a poppy seed. Week five the baby has heart beat and the circulatory system begins to form, the baby is the size of a sesame seed. After this, the nose, mouth, and ears form; the intestines and brain are now developing. The baby doubles in size over the next week which makes he/she the size of a blueberry. While continuing to develop, the nerve cells are branching out, and the baby starts moving. Breathing tubes extend from the throat and lungs form; baby is now the size of a kidney bean. Rapidly gaining weight, the baby’s earlobes form. At week ten, the embryo has completed the most critical portion of development. The skin is now translucent; arms bend and nails form. Soon, the baby is almost fully formed and is the size of a fig. He/she starts kicking, stretching, and hiccupping. Week twelve is when the baby’s reflexes kick in. Fingers and toes open and close, toes will curl, and the mouth will make sucking movements. Finally, the last week of the first trimester, the baby’s veins and organs can now be seen. (

The second trimester begins following week thirteen. After this trimester, morning sickness and the chances of miscarriage is slim to none. The second trimester lasts from week fourteen to week twenty-seven. At the beginning of this trimester the baby is the size of a lemon but will develop and get as big as the head of a cauliflower. Kidneys begin to work. Ultrasounds take place during week fifteen. The baby is now finally kicking, and hair is forming on the head. As the umbilical cord is getting thicker, the skeleton is becoming bone. The baby is at an heirloom tomato stage when all its senses form. Swallowing and full kicks then occur. At twenty-two weeks, the baby now looks like a newborn child. For the rest of this trimester, the baby’s brain is active, they are rapidly gaining weight, and the lungs could function outside the womb with help from a doctor. (

The third trimester could be the last trimester for some pregnancies. Week twenty-eight through week thirty-eight could bring pain and discomfort for some expecting mothers. During this trimester, the mother might have to go to the hospital and can even go into labor. Eyesight becomes clearer and eyelashes develop. After the baby reaches the size of a butternut squash, the head gets larger to complete the development of the brain. A fluid called amniotic fluid forms around the baby to make more room in the mother’s uterus. The baby could be ready to come out at this time in your pregnancy; Depending on the baby and the mother. Everything on the baby is becoming fully developed. (

If the mother hasn’t gone into labor by thirty-nine weeks, they will enter the last stage of pregnancy. This stage of pregnancy is called full term. This will last until the baby arrives. Thirty-nine weeks to forty-one. Most due dates take place during the third trimester. If you make it past your due date, it doesn’t always mean it’s a bad thing. These four trimesters show how much they are growing and developing into a human.

Many controversies over abortion all arise from the different views and ideas on when it is right to abort. The two main categories of abortion beliefs fall under pro-life or pro-choice. Anti-abortion movements are involved in the abortion debate advocating against the practice of abortion and its legality. Many anti-abortion movements began as countermovements in response to the legalization of elective abortions. Pro- life is the opposition to abortion. Pro-choice is the idea that you are given the right to choose. However, there are some cases when women are put in difficult situations that make the decision harder. For instance, women that become pregnant after being raped, face the decision of keeping or aborting the unwanted baby. The baby to the raped victim would be a reminder of a horrible memory to them. They might abort the baby out of shame, fear of genetic problems, or the oddity of having a child with a family member. Rape is a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse or other forms of sexual penetration carried out against a person without that person’s consent. Rape is a very violent crime that may unfortunately cause pregnancy. Rape and incest arguably the most common objections used in support of the legalization of abortion. Focus on the family states that about 15,000 abortions are attributed to rape and incest — representing 1.5 percent of all abortions. (

Pro-life is the belief that all life is precious and should be valued. They believe that even though at the moment of conception there is only one cell, that life begins there. Unlike cars or clocks which parts come together piece by piece, living beings are all one from the start; they gradually form into their full potential. All life has a history of unique genetics that make them who they are with the help of oxygen and nutrition. (

Many people that of different religions are pro-life. Christians and believe that God has a plan for each person’s life. They believe that there is a purpose behind everything that happens in life and the child was conceived because its apart of God’s plan. God says in Jerimiah 1:5 “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” ( . The bible also says in Psalm 127: 3-5 “Children are a heritage from the LORD, offspring a reward from him. Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them. They will not be put to shame when they contend with their opponents in court.” (

Many Catholics in Orthodox Christians think that morally abortion is wrong. They believe that human life begins at conception. However, they make an exception only if the mother’s life is at risk. They only make an exception if all efforts have been made to save the fetus. This is called “principle of double effect”. This effect states that some actions can have a good desirable outcome which is acceptable even though it might have bad consequences. Another big religion, Buddhism, also oppose on having an abortion. Buddhists think that the Buddha’s scriptures tell how no human life should be taken away from them. Most religions are against abortions. However, if going through with the pregnancy results in death of the mother they might reconsider.

Pro-life believe that choosing to abort is acting against natural law to the human inside the womb. They believe that “pregnancy termination” is contradicting human nature by stopping the heart beat of an innocent child. Statics show that over fifty-eight million unborn children have died since the legalization of abortion in 1973. This is one hundred and fifty babies per hour, and one every twenty-four seconds. Due to the choice of aborting, Americas population is having trouble repopulating itself. ( .

Some pro-life supporters believe that abortion violates the human rights of the unborn child. Human rights are rights that are given to a person that cannot be taken away from them by government or another person. The child in the womb can’t fight for their own personal rights. Pro-life supporter believe that the child’s life shouldn’t be taken away from them by an irrational person.

Pro-life supporters believe that there are other options besides killing the baby such as adoption. Adoption is act if legally taking and raising someone else’s child. Adoption is a good option for a mother who cannot financially afford to raise a child. By the mother putting their child up for adoption, it can provide a more stable life and future for the child. Many happily married couples struggle with getting pregnant or unfortunately can not conceive a baby. Therefore, they turn to adoption. So many women choose the awful act of abortion. What many people do not understand is why abort a baby when there are so many loving couples who can not get pregnant. Some women choose abortion over adoption because it can be done confidentially. However, they do not realize an adoption can also be done in a confidential manner. Where her family, friends, and community will not know about the pregnancy. While adoption and abortion are both difficult choices. Some women think abortion will be the easiest and quickest solution to their unplanned pregnancy. One reason they do not consider adoption is simply because they don’t understand the facts about adoption. By choosing adoption, they will give their baby the gift of a wonderful childhood, loving adoptive parents who may otherwise have no opportunity at becoming parents, and the mother has a better chance of moving on from a difficult time.

The other main category to the controversy about adoption is pro-choice. Pro-choice is the idea that you should be able to choose whether you keep the child or not. Pro-choice supporters vary in their views about when is the best time to abort, but they all agree that it should be the girl/woman’s choice. The main difference in the views of a pro-choice supporter is the timing of where life actually begins; up to what point is it still right to abort.

Pro-choice supporters believe that if it is before the child is born that it is not wrong to kill the child. They believe that the fetus cannot survive without the mother. Some believe that it is right to abort up until the baby has a heartbeat. All the views are centered around the baby is not a human until can survive on its own.

Pro-choice supporters believe that the women should be able to use their own rights to make their decision about the baby. They believe that killing the child is the same as refusing to donate your organs; that the right to life doesn’t apply to using someone else’s body. They think that women should have the right to not have somebody else’s will imposed on their body. ( they also believe that a child that small doesn’t hold human rights, whereas the mother does so she should be the one deciding. Pro-choice believe that the government cannot force them to not abort while the fetus is dependent on the mother. ( . Women that support pro-choice believe that if women have the right to chose to have children then can they be equally the same as men; men aren’t restricted to that because they can’t have children. (

Pro-choice support the idea that if you aren’t financially stable enough to raise the baby then you should have the right to choose whether you abort it. They also think that if the baby is an accident then it can be a choice to keep it or not. Some say that abortion is the best option for a woman that has been raped or if its incest. They believe that getting rid of the baby would cause relief for the woman and helps her forget what happened. (

Both of these views, pro-life and pro-choice, have times where the cases can make it difficult for them to make a choice. Some babies are born with disabilities or other diseases that could cause the parent to decide to abort the child. Christians would view the baby as a special gift from God, and that he would never give them something that they can’t handle, whereas others would see the child more ass a burden and not want to keep it.

When women are trying to get pregnant there is many options to take if they are having trouble. Planned parenthood is a non-profit organization that provides reproductive health care in the United States and globally. It is a trusted healthcare provider, an informed educator, a passionate advocate, and a global partner helping similar organizations around the world. Planned parenthood delivers vital reproductive health care, sex education, and information to millions of people worldwide. When a couple decides to have a child without taking birth control. They plan to get pregnant at a certain time in their lives. Furthermore, they determine the ovulation of the female. So she can possibly become pregnant. Many pro-life believers support planned parenthood because they think women have many options, whenever they become pregnant. Catholics call this Natural Family Planning. The Catholic Church supports the methods of Natural Family Planning because they respect God’s design for married love. It actually represents the only authentic approach to family planning available to husbands and wives, because these methods can be used to both attempt or avoid pregnancy.

I am a strong believer in Christ and believe that abortion is wrong no matter the circumstance. I believe that life begins at the moment of conception. Every human has a purpose and was formed by God for a reason. Life is a precious gift and shouldn’t be taken away from anyone because of the selfish acts of an irrational person. If you take away an innocent child’s life, I think that it should be considered murder.

I believe that we should not take advantage of children that small because they are unable to fight for their own life. All unborn children should have an equal right to life. Even if they were conceived in a harmful way. I believe that a baby is a gift from God and is considered a life when the mother finds out she is pregnant. If the mother’s health is at risk and may affect the baby abortion is still not an option in my opinion. The Lord will give him or her hope. God didn’t create abortion and he is against it.

I think teen pregnancy is a big issue. I feel that having sexual intercourse at a young age the girl needs to be aware of the possibility of becoming pregnant. People should be more educated about it and teen pregnancy should never result in abortion. I also feel that people should not put themselves in a situation that they know they could possibly get pregnant. If you take the chances of getting pregnant than I believe that you should have to suffer the consequences of your actions. Killing a baby is no option and should be illegal.

Abortion is a very big issue in today’s word. Supporters on both sides have valid reasonings for their claims. However, people should become more informed about the claims they are making. Through research and data, there is no definitive answer to whether or not abortion is right or wrong.

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