Psychology Attachment Free Sample


Attachment is a type of an affecting connection that is normally formed by persons among themselves depending on the social environment of where the people live. It is also a long-lasting mental as well as an emotional felling that acts as a connection between human beings. Within the attachment concept there has to be a friendliness bond or a tie between a person and affection body for example an attachment between the mother and a child (Sterling, 2003). Therefore such connection can be applied in cases of adults or parents and their children.  These bonds define the child’s need for safety security in childhood stage as well as the time the child is growing. The child adult relationships define the attachment or else the child and his caregiver .In the attachment levels children show signs of anguish when they are not given the care and protection together with the attention that they should require from there parents as well as there caregivers. They feel secure and unable to depend on there adults for either security or protection because these concepts are limited to there lives. If the parent is not offering the best for her child then the child starts feeling upset.

 Children are able to know there parents and there caregivers in a sense that they feel comfortable and protected and they are ready to sick help from them (Field, 1996). Incase the child feels threatened or afraid the caregiver is always there to provide comfort. The caregiver provides protected and trustworthy environment for the child to picture the world. In this case Michael feels insecure that he sees her mother putting all the attention on the unborn child. Therefore Michael feels that no concentration is offered to him by the mother since all the concentration was given to him before the newborn baby. Michael decides to react in that particular manner so that he can win his mothers protection and concentration. In such a case the mother should talk to his son and explain to him on the current happenings, this will be of great importance because the child will be aware about the activities the mother is concentrating on and there importance. The mother should also introduce Michael to the unborn child. This will create an attachment between the son and the unborn child, and the son will develop a bond with the unborn child.


Field, T. (1996). Attachment and Separation in Young Children. Annual Review of Psychology. Vol. 47, p. 12-19

Sterling, H. (2003).What We need to Know About Attachment. Montessori Life, Vol. 15, p 16


Brandwashed, Martin Lindstrom

According to (33. Brandwashed), fear has a unique ability to unite people and create a sense of camaraderie. It acts as a powerful force that brings humans together in solidarity against a shared threat. Fear also possesses an alluring and captivating quality that can be both thrilling and tantalizing. This is why we have a tendency to enjoy spreading scary rumors, often exaggerating them to intensify the feeling of danger.

According to Martin Lindstrom, fear is utilized by large corporations and advertising companies to induce individuals to purchase products. Lindstrom suggests that fear not only unites people against a shared enemy but also fosters human connection. This idea may seem incredible, yet it is captivating. When individuals experience fear, their primary focus shifts towards eliminating the threat and ensuring their safety rather than promoting unity. Notably, during the H1N1 pandemic in 2009, sales of the popular hand sanitizer Purell surged by 50%. This surge is significant as it illustrates how people were afraid of contracting swine flu yet still came together to buy more hand sanitizer. It was their means of combating the threat and feeling secure. What adds further curiosity is that hand sanitizer does not actually prevent the spread of the H1N1 virus, which primarily spreads through respiratory droplets from an infected person’s cough or sneeze. One might question: “How and why did individuals choose to purchase Purell for protection against H1N1?”

According to the Centers for Disease Control, practicing good hand hygiene is one way to protect oneself from Swine Flu. Purell has emphasized this by stating on their website that using an alcohol-based sanitizer is effective. However, it is important to note that while the CDC acknowledges hand sanitizer as beneficial for hand hygiene, they have not confirmed that it specifically protects against Swine Flu. Lindstrom points out that Purell exaggerated the CDC’s statement to create a greater sense of danger. This example highlights how corporations exploit fear to manipulate emotions and drive consumer purchases, revealing a situation that is often unquestioned.

Zoom Out:
Fear is a powerful tool in driving consumer behavior, regardless of the specific fears individuals may have. While products cannot actually eliminate these fears, they can offer temporary relief. By effectively tapping into these fears, brands can establish long-term relationships with consumers who believe that purchasing their brand is essential for their safety. The existence of insurance policies serves as evidence that fear can drive sales over extended periods of time. For example, people buy life insurance because they fear for their family’s well-being after their own passing. Fear is utilized across various industries to sell products and services, using different methods to convey messages of fear. A prime example is the sunscreen industry, which shifted its messaging from promoting a tanned appearance to emphasizing skin cancer prevention. By evoking fear among consumers, sunscreen brands turned a potential branding disaster into an opportunity by persuading them that “Cutting your sun exposure is easier than cutting out a skin cancer.” This message instills fear about the consequences of skin cancer and motivates consumers to purchase more sunscreen.

Almost every person I know has experienced being convinced to purchase something through fear or have encountered an advertisement that utilizes fear as a means of persuasion. I distinctly remember watching an anti-smoking commercial on the morning news once. It showcased real footage of an open-heart surgery, including graphic scenes, to highlight the consequences of lifelong smoking. The intensity of the commercial was so profound and realistic that it compelled me to change the channel immediately. Since then, I have come across numerous similar commercials that intimately portray the devastating physical effects endured by long-term smokers, all with the objective of motivating people to quit. These commercials have successfully deterred viewers from ever considering cigarettes and have undoubtedly taught me that the negative outcomes of smoking far outweigh the temporary pleasure of lighting up. While these commercials employ fear as a strategy, their aim is not to sell a product but rather to convey the truth.

Office Adminstration

This School Based Assessment is worth 25% of my final CXC grade. This project comprises of three (3) sections which makes up the whole research and are as follow. Part 1: Preparation, which shows the topic selected, the aims of the research, a cover letter that is written to request permission from a company which you want to conduct the research and the functions of the selected company. Part 2: Gathering data, which states the methods and ways which the researcher uses to gather information about the company and also a questionnaire was issued. It also contains the activities that the researcher did while at the company and also company rules and legislation are listed in this section. Part 3: Presentation, this part gives a full detailed report on the topic that is researched on. The report contains an introduction that gives an outlined background on the topic as well as the company that the research is conducted, also contains the methods of research, findings, challenges faced while doing the project and a strategy used to solve the problem.


I will like to acknowledge my teacher for explaining this SBA causing me to have a better understanding of what is required to complete this research. I would like to thank Jamaica Teachers’ Association and also a special thanks goes out to their employees for their time in assisting me in gathering the relevant information. Last but not least my family for the encouragement and thank god for the strength.


Part1: Preparation

Topic: The Impact of Equipments used in Records Management in the Accounts Department.

The aims of the Project/ Research

Two aims of this project are as follows:

1. To discover the security and also the safety rules associated with using filing and storage equipments in the office.

2. To learn how these different equipment help in boosting both the productivity and efficiency of the company.

The Selected Department and its Functions

The department in which I the researcher chose is the Accounts Department. Two functions of such department are as follows: 1. Preparation of Payroll.

2. Treatment of Credit and Debit Notes.


176 Crystal Close,

White House H/S,

Ewarton P.O.,

St. Catherine.

January 5, 2013

Jamaica Teachers Association

97b Church Road,

Kingston 20.

Dear Sir/ Madam;

I am hereby requesting permission to conduct a research at your organisation on the topic; The Impact of equipments used in Records Management in your Accounts Department. This research is conducted to assist in the completion of my School-Based Assessment (SBA) and will only last for the period January 8, 2013 to January 12, 2013. I can assure you that any information given will be kept confidential. I will comply with the rules and regulations within your organisation and will not cause any inconvenience within this period. I can be contacted by a cell with number 364-2768 or by an email address . I patiently await your favourable response.

Yours truly,

O.Martin Okino Martin


Part 2: Gathering Data


The data gathering instrument which was used in completing this project is the Questionnaire. The Questionnaire was the primary methodology and was mainly used in acquiring the relevant and the most important information for this research. This instrument was Chosen because it was cheap, easily distributed to the employees and time consuming meaning less time to prepare. It is also a logical and easy option as a way of collecting information in which responses are gathered in a standardised way making it more efficiently. The questionnaire consists of eight (8) questions (see appendices). It was given to almost every employees of the selected department on January 10, 2013 for them to give their perspective on each question and was retrieved on January 11, 2013. This was also an easy way of analyzing the gathered data.


Five questions asked

1. What are the benefits of a good records management in the Accounts Department?

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages when using these equipments?

3. What are the names of some of the equipments used to manage records and also to store files?

4. How does these equipments in records management help to improve the company’s productivity and efficiency?

5. What are some of the safety rules that should be abided by the user when

using these equipments?


Schedule of Activities




January 8

I was given a brief orientation around the different offices located in the Accounts Department by the Office Personnel. As I toured the department I observed how neatly put together everything was in these offices.

January 8

I was given a copy of the company’s manual in which I read and got a field of the rules and also where in active files were stored. It was said that inactive files are stored in the storage rooms or basements at the company.

January 9

I observed and learned about all the documents used in the Accounts Department. On my observation I saw petty cash voucher, cash receipts and also weekly expense work sheet.

January 9

There was a meeting that I was invited in the Accounts Department. I observed how they used they use records and documents as reference in the meeting and also the company’s financial status.

January 10

I handed out my questionnaire to the employees in the selected department. They were all please to answer all my questions with the best response.

January 10

I observed how all the staffs communicated with each other and also how they get along together. They get along in the most professional manner and also possess good interpersonal skills towards each other.

January 10

I observed all the different storage equipments used in the Accounts Department. These equipment mainly include: Desktop and Laptop computers, Vertical Filing Cabinet, Lateral Filing Cabinet, etc.

January 11

I conducted an interview in which I learnt more about the equipments and records management. I was told that the duplication of records is the main protection method for vital records and is beneficial.

January 11

Under supervision I was given a chance of filing the Financial Documents in their respective places. I learned how files and records are stored in filing cabinets and on computer systems.

January 12

I observed their customer care services and watched how customers are dealt with. Customers are treated in the most respective manner and their customer care service is real good.

January 12

I observed their shut down activities at the end of the day which includes the proper safekeeping of records and equipments. Records and equipments are tucked away in vaults and secured rooms which are not accessible by intruders.


Regulations and Policies

Business Names Act 1985 – Trading Names

It is a fundamental right of your customers to know who they are dealing with .It is a criminal offence under section 4 of the Business Names Act 1985 not to disclose the owners’ names and also business details as required in a prominent position so that it can be read easily on business documentation which includes invoices, receipts, business letters, etc. I came in contact with this crucial legislation when reading a few pages of the company’s manual.

Health and Safety practice

There should be NO SMOKING as it can be hazardous to other employees on the job. I came in contact with this rule when entering the through the main entrance in which it was in the form of a sign.

Staff Rule

The staffs’ rule in which all employees had to comply with was to keep his/her work area clean and tidy at all times. I noticed this legislation when reading the Company’s Manual.


Part 3: Presentation

Major Accomplishment or Findings of this Research

After carrying out my research I have accomplished that the equipments used in records management includes some of the following: Printers, Fax Machines, Photocopiers, Desktop and Laptop Computers (see appendices) and the different types of filing cabinet (lateral, vertical and horizontal). According to question #4 of the questionnaire, safety rules that must be abided by when using office equipments are to cover and also unplugged to prevent any damage resulting from electrical shortage. Filing cabinets that are not reachable should be access with the use of a step latter and not a chair or any other movable objects which results in a higher risk of the employee falling. Question #2 asked about the advantages and the disadvantages of these equipments where the advantage is that it boosts the efficiency and the productivity of the company while the disadvantage is that it can be sometimes costly to maintain for example, the printer cartages has to be replaced when finished and also to service these equipments when needed. I learned that these equipments help to boost efficiency and productivity in the firm. In the firm, efficiency plays a vital role in the day to day activities and without these equipments there would be a draw back or the slowing down of the firm’s productivity resulting in the firm hardly going forward.

For example, there is a letter needed to be sent to a location to place an order for raw material, the firm would have to deliver the letter by means of transportation or pay someone to deliver it but with the use of these equipments for example the Fax Machine where the letter can be sent through the landline network or with a Desktop or Laptop computer, it can be emailed to the location by the use of the internet. In the Accounts Department, the use of equipments in records management is vital as it increases the level of security for both the customers’ records and for the company. If records are not filled or manage properly it can result in the customer obtaining less or more money than what he/she should acquire or the company loosing because of financial documents damaged. What I also discover was the Photocopier as it is used for producing multiple copies of the same document which can be a letter, memoranda etc that are to be delivered either inside or outside of the firm. Printers are used to create a permanent hardcopy of a document which can be distributed or stored in the different File Cabinets for later use. Employees are strictly advised to take proper care of these equipments as they are costly to be replaced. The impact of equipments used in records management in the Accounts Department has made recording and filing of documents and other records much easier. Modern records management equipments have improved the effectiveness in the working environment. Records and Filing equipments provides safe keeping and gives you quick access to information, to find a record you need quickly. I the researcher have come to the conclusion that the use of equipments in Records Management has impact the Accounts Department in a good way.


Major Challenge

One major challenge in which I encountered was when getting the questionnaires printed and the black ink for my printer had finished and I didn’t know where to turn for help in getting them printed. There were about 18 copies to be printed urgently and to be distributed to the Accounts Department in two (2) days time.

Problem Solving

I overcame this problem by asking my mother for the sufficient funds needed to purchase a new black ink. I was given the money in which I bought the ink and started printing again. I printed all 18 copies in time to be distributed.


Business Forms Used


Name of Document

Used for

January 8


An invoice is a bill sent by a provider of a product or service to the purchaser. The invoice establishes an obligation on the part of the purchaser to pay, creating an account receivable.

January 10

Debit Note

Debit notes are documents that provide a debtor with information regarding an outstanding debt. A debit note is issued by the lender or creditor and serves as either notification of a debt that will be invoiced shortly or a reminder of a debt that was previously invoiced and is currently outstanding.

January 12

Credit Note

A Credit Note or Credit Memo is a document used to adjust or rectify errors made in a sales invoice which has already been processed and sent to a customer.


The impact of office equipment used in the firm


Equipment Used

Purpose of Equipment

Suitability for Task

January 9


This used to produce multiple copies of the same document, the copies look exactly the same as the original This equipment is suitable because you can use it to make multiple copies of the original that is to be circulated to different people and places.

January 10

Desktop and Laptop Computer

Computers are very important in any business; they are used for entering, storing and processing data.

This equipment is suitable because they perform very useful functions in a systematic way, which help business to operate in a more efficient and effective manner.

January 11

Fax Machine

This is a device that can send or receive pictures and text over a telephone line

This equipment is suitable because it allows you to send a document to another office or company quickly.

January 12


Printers are used in offices to create permanent records of documents in the form of hard copy relevant to the business.

This is suitable because it can be used to print word documents, graphs and photos in the office and it increase speed and accuracy.



FINISTERRE, S. PAYNE,L. and REID,J.; Longman Office Administration for CXC, Carlong Publishers Limited. Internet JAMES, Duncan, Soft Chalk Lesson Builder,, Managing Public Records for Agencies,

Persons interviewed

GRAY, Pauline, January 9, 2013, Jamaica Teachers’ Association, Filing Clerk. POWELL, Michael, January 11, 2013, Jamaica Teachers’ Association, Internal Financial Auditor. ROBINSON, Novelette, January 10, 2013, Jamaica Teachers’ Association, Chief Accountant.



Laptop and Desktop computer Fax Machine




Answer each of the questions below on the line provided or tick your response in the boxes provided for that specific question.

1. What are the names of some of the equipments used to manage records and also to store files?

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages when using these equipments?

3. What are the benefits of a good records management in the Accounts


4. What are some of the safety rules that should be abided by the user when using these equipments?

5. Are the records needed for audit purposes? Yes


6. How does records management improves the company’s productivity and efficiency?

7. After what period do records become inactive?

8. Are these records equipment costly to maintain? Why?