Puritans Viewed Individual And Personal Freedom As: Free Essay

A huge accomplishment made by the Puritans was winning the English Civil War, which showed the power Puritans had at the time. The Puritans were successful in their mission to build a “city on a hill” that would change the Church of England for the better. The Great Migration was in full effect and that meant that all different kinds of men and women were voyaging to Massachusetts. Nearly 20,000 migrants came to Massachusetts, and with that many people, there was bound to be rebels. One of those rebels were Anne Hutchinson. Hutchinson, in fact, did request to join the Church of England.

Her request was delayed because a fellow passenger on their voyage had been disturbed by some unorthodox opinions she had shown on the ship. The church saw past her different opinions and saw how talented and confident she was, and accepted her. Hutchinson went on to have her own meetings that seemed fine at first, but Winthrop started to take notice in what Hutchinson was saying. Hutchinson was not exactly preaching Separatism, or separating from a large group, but was not expressing the beliefs Winthrop wanted people to hear. Hutchinson went before a court and started some trouble that Winthrop did not like.

Winthrop felt a threat from Hutchinson and thought she would ruin his perfect Puritan society. He also thought that the Lord would punish Massachusetts if they did not punish Hutchinson. The trial ended with a win on Winthrop side, and Hutchinson was exiled to Rhode Island. Roger Williams, another rebel, was steered out of Massachusetts by Winthrop. Unlike Hutchinson Winthrop did not kick Williams out, he drove him away by showing him how they practiced religion. Williams was a promising Separatist and felt no connection to the Church of England. The Boston church offered

Williams a chance at joining them and proving himself holy but Williams felt as though the church was not pure enough for him. Williams left Massachusetts and made his way to Salem, then traveled to Plymouth, and then back to Salem. Williams was not done with his rebel ways just yet though, he went to court testing the ideas of the Church of England. Williams Went on to argue with Winthrop and the Churches of England, but in the end majority of the population kept their eyes on the goal that Winthrop had set them. Winthrop attitude also helped Massachusetts become as successful as hey did. Winthrop was determined, smart and unselfish.

Winthrop came up with a plan to move to new grounds and create a perfect society based on Puritanism. Winthrop devoted 20 years of his life to building the Massachusetts colony. Winthrop saw the hardships of his fellow colonists and wanted to do something about it. He put aside a chance at a high position to create a godly society. Winthrop believed that as long as the society was devoted to God then they would have good fortune, which he wanted for not only himself but for others. Towards the end of the book Winthrop made an extremely smart move and made a temporary alliance with Frenchmen of whose religion he did not wholly approve of.

Winthrop basically created the expression, “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. He knew what he was doing and needed to deal with the enemies as long as it made good. From 1642 to 1651 there were a series of armed conflicts over the manner of government. These conflicts were between Parliamentarians and Royalists. This was called The English Civil War. The Parliamentarians ended up winning the war and this was huge for the Puritans and John Winthrop. This showed how much power the Parliamentarians had. They had the support of a large number of land-owners and they also had better generals, one being Oliver Cornwall.

Puritan leaders in parliament had the King arrested, put on trial and beheaded. This victory truly showed the power Puritans had. The Puritans were successful in their mission to build a “city on a hill” that would change the Church of England for the better. With all the people migrating into Massachusetts the colony got many different minded people, some posing a threat to the perfect Puritan goal because of their willingness to go against the government, such as Anne Hutchinson and Roger Williams. John Winthrop was TABLE to handle those threats and keep his eye on the goal.

Winthrop never took his eye off that goal, that’s how determined he was. He was also smart with his battle tactics by keeping his enemies close. Winthrop was also a very unselfish man because he had seen the hardships his fellow colonists had gone through and wanted to create a new colony that God approved of and did not punish. Winthrop, being so determined, smart and selfless helped make the Puritans successful. The Puritans had obtained a significant amount of power at the time due to the large accomplishment of winning the English Civil War.

The Importance Of Food Labeling

It’s Important that food producers label foods so that people can choose to avoid irradiated or genetically modified food. Also, food labeling is crucial to people with certain food allergies. Some foods are irradiated to clear foods of food-borne diseases and provide support for unsafe factory farming practices.

When food is genetically modified the food is engineered with different strains of DNA mixed with different proteins and unnatural chemicals which lead to different health risks. Food labeling is also important because it informs consumers about the certain ingredients in processed odds that some people are allergic to. Labeling foods that have been modified trough genetic engineering lets people know that their food has been genetically altered.

Genetic Engineering involves the embedding of different strains Of DNA and the bringing together Of a variety Of bacteria and unnatural chemicals. There is still a lot of unknown risks about the effects of consuming food that has been genetically modified because scientists have not examined it enough Genetically Modified. There are However some studies that show some foods that are genetically engineered have potential o create new allergies that can be deadly.

For example, when a gene from a soybean is mixed with genes from other plants and bacteria, a new protein is created, and the protein can set of reactions in the human body because the crops with herbicides that leave behind a residue that is consumed with the crops, According to a report in 2004 by the Institute for Responsible Technology, the effects of consuming genetically modified soybean crops sprayed with herbicides involved people developing irri bowl syndrome, digestion problems chronic fatigue, headaches, lethargy, and skin complaints, including acne and eczema, all related to soy consumption.

It is also possible that glasshouse’s breakdown product AMP, which accumulates in GM soybeans after each spray, might contribute to allergies” (Genetically Engineered). The only way to tell if food has not been changed genetically is to buy food that is labeled organic Ii. ). Because certified organic foods are not genetically modified. “Seventy percent of processed foods contain something that is genetically modified” (Food Inc. ).

Labeling genetically modified foods is important because of the potential risk to humans. Labeling irradiated foods ivies the people the option of avoiding foods that have been irradiated. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention define food irradiation as “a promising new food safety technology that can eliminate disease causing germs from foods” (Food Irradiation). Along with treating food to rid it of food-borne diseases, another purpose for irradiation food is to increase the shelf life of food. In addition, food irradiation provides support for unsafe factory farming practices.

According to a 2001 report by the World Health Organization, Food and Agriculture Organization/ International Atomic energy Agency (FAA/lea)’s research in 1999 indicated that certain irradiated foods mutated and were toxic to cells in 10 lab animals and one human after being irradiated (Worth). Irradiated foods are labeled with the radar symbol but, food served in restaurants or added as minor ingredients that are irradiated themselves, are not labeled. Labeling foods that have been irradiated is important because it gives people the option to avoid irradiated foods.

Labeling processed foods is important because some foods contain ingredients that people are allergic to. These ingredients can cause life threatening reactions. There are many food allergies and food producers must label foods that have any of the major food allergens in them, like milk, eggs, fish, shellfish and tree nuts. According to the FDA two percent of adults and five percent of infants and young children have allergies n the United States and 30,000 people are treated in emergency rooms per year from eating something that they’re allergic to. The FDA also says that one hundred and fifty people die from allergic reactions from eating foods with ingredients that they’re allergic to (Food Allergen).

It is important for food producers to label foods so that consumers know if the food has been genetically modified, irradiated and fifth food has ingredients that people might be allergic to. Genetically modified food should be labeled because there is not enough research on the effects of eating Gems. Irradiated foods deed to be irradiated to give people the choice to avoid it, and labeling foods in general gives informs consumers what in their food.

Symbols In The Great Gatsby

Colors symbolize a great deal in The Great Gatsby, and different colors symbolize different meanings and motifs. In the book, the color gold presents money and even more, “Old money. ” In the book, Nick Caraway talks about how even the turkeys at Gatsby parties were, “bewitched to a dark gold. “

Also, Jordan Baker, who is the “golden girl of golf’, is connected with color, as evident when Nick says, “With Cordon’s slender golden arm resting in mine,” and, “l put my arm around Cordon’s golden shoulder. Jordan is also associated with the color gold because she is from “Old money’ and only attends Gatsby parties because she likes to show off and adores the gossip In addition, Gatsby wears a gold tie when he goes to meet Daisy for he first time, and this represents that he wants to fit in with the “old money’ so that he and Daisy can be together. In contrast, grey or the absence Of color represent poverty and are come across most in the Valley of the Ashes, where poverty prevails.

The only time these colors mix is when Tom goes to the valley to pick up Myrtle and when they are leaving Myrtle changes into brightly colored clothes, representing that she is leaving the poverty of the valley. Comparatively, the color yellow in The Great Gatsby represents fake money, as evident by Gatsby infamous car, which represents his aspiration, ND failure, to enter the elite group of New York. Also, Gatsby plays, ‘Yellow cocktail music,” at his parties, and the, “two girls in twin yellow dresses,” are not as appealing as the golden Jordan Baker. In the book, white represents innocence, and is centered around Daisy.

Nick talks about Daisy and how her clothes are white and the rooms of her house are white and her, “white neck,” and her, ‘Ignite girlhood,” and how she was, “high in a white palace the kings daughter, the golden girl… All of these represent Daisy’s innocence and how she was brought up that way. Also, when Jordan first meets Gatsby when he and Daisy are in the car, the car is white and this shows how Daisy was still young and innocent and how she fell in love easily. The last and most important, symbolizing color is green. Green, in the book, represents the future and the main image is the one Of the green light at the end Of Daisy’s dock.

The green light represents the future and what Gatsby wants for it and what he dreams of, to be with Daisy, but it also represents the past and what he had with Daisy and how he cannot relive the past in the presence. Also, Nick describes the New World as a “fresh, green breast of the new world,” and this is parallel with what Gatsby wants with Daisy because just as the Europeans saw the new world as great and magnificent and wonderful, Gatsby sees Daisy as great and magnificent and wonderful, but the New World was already inhabited, just as Daisy was already taken, by Tom.

Also, in Norman Holmes Person’s essay, he Uses a metaphor containing traffic lights in which Daisy is the green light and if Gatsby wishes to drive toward the green light, he will first need the money to buy a car, which is ultimately what e does, amassing enormous amounts of wealth to use in his pursuit of Daisy. Another main symbol in The Great Gatsby is the eyes of Dry. T. J. Cocklebur. To different characters in the book, the eyes symbolize different ideas and meanings, but they do seem to have an overall representation. To George Wilson, Dry.

Eagleburger eyes represent the eyes of God and he believes they watch over everything and see everything. TO Nick Caraway, the eyes seem to symbolize the waste of the past and how the past, along with its good virtues and morals, has vanished, just like Dry. Eagleburger business. Dry. Eagleburger eyes also seem to represent how commercialism has over taken America and how money is everything in America, but to go along with this, they also represent the failure of the American Dream and how it is mainly just a myth and how only very few people can become filthy rich through hard work.

The eyes are also a representation of Gatsby himself, for Fitzgerald describes their eyes in the same way and uses the word, ‘Vigil,” to describe both, Gatsby eyes and Dry. Eagleburger eyes. In addition, Daisy says that Gatsby, “resembles the advertisement Of a man,” showing how material lath has taken over what is important in the US, and how Daisy is more in love with what Gatsby represents than who he actually is. F.

Scott Fitzgerald used a great amount of symbols in The Great Gatsby and gave them many different meanings, which sometimes fluctuated dependent on the character. These symbols have many underlying meanings that tie back to the themes of the novel and further help the reader understand the book. Also, the symbols help the reader get insight on what the characters are thinking and how they feel based on the characters’ perception of the symbol.

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