Recommendations For A Travel Agency University Essay Example

Leading travel companies offer Customized Tours as a crucial service. Although the expertise in group tours is high, customized tours demand extensive involvement from travel agents due to their complexity. Therefore, a proficient and motivated workforce of travel agents who are responsive to customer needs is necessary. However, this sector has been encountering challenges in three areas: personnel, procedures, and systems for completing customer orders.

The analysis will focus on the People and Processes aspects of these agencies. This report will cover the analysis approach and propose a competency model as a basis for evaluating people-related issues, recruitment, and training. It will also outline insights from mystery shopping, identify problems based on this primary research, and provide a set of recommended solutions for both people and processes.

The client has the option to select a mix of solutions for different subheadings based on what is practical and appropriate for them. The recommendation has been made with the intention of suggesting an easily implementable solution that requires minimal changes in the organization, incurs little to no cost, and is practically achievable. The analysis assumes that the management policy supports a “customer first” approach and emphasizes the significance of human resources.

The excel sheet presents a comparative study where each company is assigned points on a 5 point scale (5 representing the presence of a trait and 1 representing the absence) for each competency within a competency area. These individual competency points are then aggregated for each competency area and multiplied by their respective weights. The sum total of these scores indicates the level of favorable competencies possessed by a company in the travel agent industry, with a higher score indicating a higher level of favorable competencies.

The prices and offers data are not received on a daily or monthly basis, but rather seasonally by travel agents. Therefore, the information does not need to be frequently changed or updated. Preparing and saving data about different countries and set tour packages in advance is possible. Additionally, travel agents can create a document including the prices of various destinations within the same country, along with price quotes for places to visit and accommodations. This document can be utilized to generate customized tour package quotes based on customer requirements. It is feasible to construct an Excel database with a consolidated interface and one Excel sheet per country to contain country-specific information.

Lack of information about the destination: If the staff members lack information about the customer’s desired travel destination, they have several options to obtain the necessary information. Most travel agencies have partnerships with local tour operators in various countries who assist customers during their visits. Therefore, staff members can contact the tour operator associated with the desired country to gather all the required information for the customer’s trip. These tour operators offer pre-set tour packages and provide a list of activities for tourists to enjoy during their visit.

This can easily be used to quickly obtain information on current rates and share it with the customer. If the travel agent doesn’t have a partnership with a tour operator in the customer’s desired destination country, they can use the internet to browse the tourism board’s website of that country. This website typically includes information on recommended places to visit and various activities that tourists can engage in. Therefore, a wealth of information can be gathered from this resource. If any specific information is not available on the website, there are always contact numbers or email addresses provided by the tourism boards to assist with queries.

Additionally, the national airlines in each country provide details about various tour operators that can be reached locally. In addition, the websites of these airlines offer suggested itineraries for tourists exploring their respective countries. Furthermore, if a travel agent wishes to arrange the trip for their clients, the airlines have partnerships with hotels and tour operators, enabling convenient bookings. As a result, the exchange of information has become rapid and easily accessible today, benefiting travel agents. What is the appropriate approach when a customer desires activities beyond the typical tour?

Once again, the tourism department website offers various options for customers to explore and experience in their country, in addition to the suggested itinerary. A dedicated section on the website provides details about these excursions. The tourism board website of Switzerland provides information on skiing lessons offered on the Zuomfrow glacier, including rates and timings. On the other hand, the tourism board website of Germany features details about their Beer festival, including timing and season. Similarly, the tourism board website of Egypt provides information on rafting locations along the Nile. As a result, the travel agent can gather all this information and effectively create a customized tour package for the customer.

The staff members catering to FIT (Free Individual Traveller) must act as co-ordinators between different office departments such as ticketing, hotel booking, Visa, and accounts. In this role, the employee ensures that air tickets, hotel bookings, and visas are confirmed while monitoring the progress of these departments. This enables efficient and timely completion of work and keeps the customer well-informed about their tour package’s progress. Additionally, timely payment for the FIT tour can be achieved, as the customer will know when and how much to pay, enabling them to arrange funds on time.

Therefore, customer satisfaction and the firm’s image and brand value can increase by implementing strategies such as creating a separate department for Free Individual Traveller (FIT). In the current agency, staff can be hired specifically for catering to FIT and trained accordingly, allowing for the customization of tour packages for these tourists. Alternatively, the company can establish a dedicated department at the company headquarters, comprised of FIT experts with knowledge about different countries. Their primary responsibility would be addressing queries from all offices regarding information needed to cater to FIT, as well as planning FIT packages for those visiting the headquarters.

By having this team responsible for updating information about tours, events, and excursions in different countries, time and efficiency can be saved. Alternatively, the company could establish a call centre specifically for answering inquiries about various countries. These call centre employees can become experts on different countries by completing free certified courses available on tourism board websites, enabling them to provide travel solutions with confidence.

The course includes:

  • The different places that a tourist can travel in their country, and what different activities that a tourist can explore in the country apart from the usual sight-seeing
  • The modes of travel available in the country and the pattern of operation of these modes of transport
  • The different events that take place in the country on a regular basis along with their timings, costs and frequency (E. G Opera in Sydney, Australia)

The tourism boards offer these certification courses at no cost for their respective countries. Upon completion, employees acquire comprehensive knowledge of the specific country. The obtained certificates are not lifelong and require periodic updates to maintain their validity. There are no limitations on the number of certificates an employee can obtain, allowing them to acquire as many certificates for as many countries as they desire based on their capabilities. Recruitment of suitable talents in the travel industry is a crucial concern.

Develop clear job descriptions based on the competency framework and utilize IT in recruitment. Establish a partnership with local colleges to provide them with a tourism diploma and an academic partner in their final year. Offer an industry-ready course for staff training, creating a mutually beneficial situation. Additionally, ensure that the staff catering to the FIT are knowledgeable about and practice essential skills.

If the staff can convince the FIT to travel on November 16th instead of the 18th, the travel agency would benefit in several ways. The agency has partnerships with the airline company for discounted bulk tickets and with hotels for group bookings. Therefore, the travel agent can book an additional 4 tickets at discounted prices and sell them at a higher premium to the FIT or pass on the discounts to the FIT. This not only gives the customer a cheaper deal but also a customized package tailored to their needs, resulting in a satisfied FIT.

In addition, the travel firm’s previous agreements with airlines and hotels based on volume are also accessible. This ultimately enhances the company’s brand value and increases their bargaining power when negotiating travel deals for their clients. Consequently, employees gain a more thorough understanding of their job responsibilities and have clearer guidelines to follow. This enables employees to educate customers in a more detailed and effective manner, resulting in higher customer satisfaction rates, increased repeat business, and an enhanced company image. Ultimately, these improvements lead to significantly higher profits. Performance evaluation serves as a tool to assess employee performance and is utilized for incentivizing, providing salary increases, and facilitating promotions.


  1. The travel agency can train the existing staff by providing specialized knowledge about the different countries by certified courses to cater to FIT.
  2. The travel agency can have or hire special staff for catering to only FIT.
  3. There can be a specialized staff only at the head-quarters with the overall knowledge about the different countries and can provide all the other offices with the information as and when required.
  4. The company can set up a call centre where the staff with adequate knowledge about the countries and all the activities and excursions possible in those countries, and their sole purpose would be to answer all the queries about the FIT about special packages for FIT in different countries.
  5. As the company has nationwide exposure, there can be a number of FIT at different places at one point of time, at different offices, in turn creating a pool of FIT for the company, which would then give the Management of the firm, a better bargaining power with the Airlines for tickets, the Hotels and Tour Operators for better deals, thus leading to better profits.
  6. The company can streamline the processes by giving a flowchart and a checklist which can be used during the first, intermediate and final meeting with the customer.


The client can achieve improved performance by implementing the recommended solutions, as long as proper periodic checks are conducted during implementation.

Computer Ethics Privacy And Security

Define encryption and explain why It is necessary Identify risks and safeguards associated with wireless communications Recognize Issues related to Information accuracy, rights, and conduct Discuss issues surrounding information privacy Discuss ways to prevent health-related disorders and injuries due to computer use 3 What is a computer security risk? Event or action that causes loss of or damage to computer system 4 Internet and Network Attacks What are viruses, worms, and Trojan horses?

Virus is a potentially damaging computer program spread and damage Worm copies itself repeatedly, using up resources and possibly hutting down computer or network Trojan horse hides within or looks like legitimate program until triggered s not replicate itself on other computers Payload (destructive delivered when you open file, run infected program, or boot computer with infected disk in disk drive 5 How can a virus spread through an e-mail message? Step 1. Unscrupulous Step 2.

They use programmers create a virus program. They hide the virus in a Word document and attach the Word document to an e-mail message. The Internet to send the e-mail message to thousands of users around the world. Step b. Other users do not Step AAA. Some sere open the attachment and their computers become infected with the virus. Recognize the name of the sender of the e-mail message. These users do not open the e-mail message. Instead they delete the e-mail message.

These users’ computers are not infected with the virus. How can you protect your system from a macro virus? Set macro security level in applications that allow you to write macros Set security level so that Nearing displays that document contains macro Macros are instructions saved in an application, such as word processing or spreadsheet program 7 Nat is an antivirus program? Identifies and removes imputer viruses Most also protect against Norms and Trojan horses 8 Nat is a virus signature?

Specific pattern of virus code Also called virus definition Antivirus programs look for virus signatures 9 How does an antivirus program inoculate a Records program file? Information as file size and creation Uses date information Attempts to detect if to remove virus tampers any detected Ninth file virus Quarantines Infected files that it Keeps file cannot in separate remove area of hard disk 10 “hat are some tips for preventing virus, worm, and Trojan horse infections?

Never start a computer with removable media inserted If the antivirus program flags an email attachment as infected, delete the attachment Immediately Install an antivirus program on all of [Our computers Check all downloaded programs for or Trojan horses Never open an a-mail attachment unless you are expecting it and It is from a trusted source Install a personal firewall program 11 Nat are a denial of service attack, back door and spoofing?

A denial of service (DOS) attack is an assault which disrupts computer access to an Internet service such as the Web or e-mail A back door is a program or set of instructions in a program that allow users to bypass security controls when accessing a computer resource Spoofing is a technique intruders use to make their network or Internet transmission appear legitimate to a victim computer or network (email spoofing) 12 Nat is a firewall?

Security system consisting of hardware and/or software that prevents unauthorized intrusion 13 Nat is a personal firewall? Program that protects personal computer and its data from unauthorized intrusions Monitors transmissions to and from computer Informs you of attempted intrusion Unauthorized Access and Use How can companies protect against hackers?

Intrusion detection software analyzes network traffic, assesses system vulnerabilities, and identifies Intrusions and suspicious behavior Access control defines who can access computer and “hat actions they can take Audit trail records access attempts – successful & unsuccessful attempts 15 Nat are other ways to protect your personal computer? Disable file and printer sharing on Internet connection 16 Nat is a user name? Unique combination of characters that identifies user Password is private combination of characters associated Ninth the user name that allows access to computer 17 How can you make your password more secure?

Longer passwords provide greater security Nat is a possessed object? Item that you must carry to gain access to computer or facility Often used with numeric password called personal Identification number (PIN) 19 Nat is a biometric device? Authenticates person’s identity using personal characteristic Fingerprint, hand geometry, v’ice, signature, and iris 20 Hardware Theft and Vandalism Nat are hardware theft and hardware vandalism?

Hardware theft is act of stealing computer equipment Cables sometimes used to lock equipment Some notebook computers use passwords, possessed objects, and biometrics as security methods For Pads and smart phones, you can password-protect the device Hardware vandalism is act of defacing or destroying computer 21 Software Theft Nat is software theft? Act of stealing or software, copying software or intentionally erasing programs Software piracy is illegal duplication of copyrighted software Nat is a license agreement?

Right to use software Single-user license agreement allows user to install software on one computer, make backup copy, and sell software after removing from computer “hat are some other safeguards against software theft? Product activation allows user to input reduce identification number online or by phone and receive unique installation identification number Business Software Alliance (BAS) promotes better understanding of software piracy problems 24 Information Theft Nat is encryption?

Safeguards against information theft Process of converting plaintext (readable data) into ciphered (unreadable characters) Encryption key (formula) often uses more than one method or read the data, the recipient must decrypt, or decipher, the data How do Web browsers provide secure data transmission? Many Web browsers use encryption Secure site IS Web site that uses encryption o secure data 26 Nat is a certificate authority (CA)?

Managed Health Care Philosophy

Managed health care encompasses the management of funding and provision for healthcare services within specific healthcare plans, like Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO) and Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO). The primary objective is to prioritize quality and affordability in patient care rather than solely pursuing profits.

The philosophy and initiatives of managed care focus on prevention and health maintenance. The goal is to prioritize health maintenance over costly interventions. Managed care plans receive a fixed payment per patient per month with the aim of keeping them in good health. These organizations strive to prevent diseases like heart disease and diabetes.

The discussion on vaccinations and vaccine accessibility is intricately connected to disease prevention and overall well-being. Health maintenance organizations (HMOs) contribute to preventive medicine, utilizing vaccines as a means of prevention. The availability of vaccines is directly linked to patients’ access to medical care. Nevertheless, specific demographics including the elderly, individuals with limited education, and African Americans encounter obstacles when attempting to access healthcare.

Although vaccinations are crucial for preventive healthcare, some studies indicate the necessity of prioritizing vaccine safety and accessibility based on age groups and ethnicities. The topic of vaccinating children remains contentious as certain parents hold opposing views. Moreover, a study highlighted the critical requirement for influenza vaccination in the winter season of 1997-1998 due to an increase in respiratory illnesses, leading to a scarcity of hospital beds and overwhelming emergency departments.

The local hospital and the Department of Health collaborated to improve influenza vaccine coverage in response to a significant scare. Their objective was to increase the number of people getting vaccinated, thus lessening the severity of winter respiratory illnesses. To achieve this, specific procedures need implementation. The foremost priority is raising public awareness about providers’ intentions. Additionally, action plans should be formulated to ensure smooth vaccine delivery.

The objective is to enhance quality. Steps must be taken to boost immunization rates and ensure a secure delivery. It is crucial to maintain immunization records at the federal level for an extended duration. The implementation of point-of-service data entry significantly improved the quality of immunization. Additionally, an automated immunization reminder and a monthly report on the patient’s immunization status were introduced to multiple providers. Furthermore, a comparison was made between immunization rates per provider.

Various initiatives were implemented to maximize the reach of vaccination. One of these efforts focused on diminishing the number of unvaccinated individuals by providing vaccines to patients, irrespective of their financial capabilities. Enhancing the efficacy of vaccines involves considering their clinical aspects, which are evaluated through FDA-approved studies that determine whether the vaccine effectively safeguards individuals against the targeted disease.

The vaccine’s cost effectiveness should prioritize saving lives and money. Most vaccines include disease burden criteria to prevent diseases with high morbidity rates, which helps reduce the transmission of the disease from person to person. Evaluating what works and what doesn’t, I believe that prioritizing patients’ well-being is essential for physicians, as it focuses on maintaining public health.

The utilization of HMO immunization registries increased with the implementation of point-of-service data entry. An effective measure is the automated immunization reminder for patients, as well as the provider’s monthly reports. However, in cases where physicians have a conflict of interest and serve both HMO and other communities’ patients, the best treatment options and access to vaccinations may not always be provided to the patient. Therefore, my recommendations for further or continued improvements are as follows.

To promote vaccination acceptance and encourage individuals, including children, to get vaccinated, it is essential to build trust between patients and healthcare providers. Moreover, it is important to identify effective strategies and use software to improve immunization records in managed care facilities. In relation to vaccinations, it would be intriguing to examine the connection between your prior essay on Breast Cancer screening and this issue.

The research I conducted on breast cancer screening is applicable to the subject of vaccination because both involve individuals hesitating to accept care in certain circumstances. Certain people decline to vaccinate their children due to health concerns or religious beliefs. Conversely, there are individuals who desire vaccinations but cannot access them due to specific factors, especially among disadvantaged communities and diverse ethnicities.

These are two current topics of discussion in the media: the recommended change in breast cancer treatment and the recommendation for H1N1 vaccines. According to a study, intervening by vaccinating older children and families with low educational backgrounds can improve vaccination rates among high-risk individuals. It is also important for researchers to focus on the quality of asthma care for children.


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