Report Essay Of Make A Real Difference Organization Essay Example

Make A Real Difference Commercial organization (MARK) aim at satisfying customers’ needs by providing qualities services. The organization offers quality customer services, gives charities, and collides with the government to provide scholarships to needy students. Also, our company offers education services to the customers to promote public awareness in a community. The services we offer at our company enable people’s general well-being across the globe. The satisfaction of the peoples’ need has built a strong reputation for our company. The Make a real difference organization targets the less fortunate communities and help them acquire the most basic needs, including; food, housing, encouragement, and opportunity.

The organization visited Haiti, one of the developing countries in the United States. Haiti is in the Caribbean Sea and includes the highland of Hispaniola and other high lands. (Lawes, 2020). The country comprises 90% of Africans enslaved people in the European countries. Haiti has 27 750 sq., and most people occupy the urban areas, coastal plains, and valleys. Haiti consists of several mountains, which are mainly limestone. The karstic features, including limestone, caves, caverns, and underground, are in many parts of the country and are the primary contributors to frequent earthquakes that have destroyed properties, lowering the country’s rate of development. For instance, the frequent earthquakes destroyed several towns, including; Cap-Haitian, and Port-au-Prince, in 1852 and 1770, respectively (Lawes, 2020). The quakes killed many people and have left many homeless. The destruction of the towns has a significant effect on the country’s growth and development.

The major socio-economic factor in Haiti is agriculture. Nevertheless, the soil along mountain regains are less fertilized due to over-cultivation. Also, people practice deforestation, that’s has contributed to soil erosion, thus negatively affecting the agricultural activities in the country. The erosions have eroded the Haiti land beyond recovery and have lowered the rate of farming activities. The country gained independence in 1804 from the French government and was the second country to gain independence. However, the poor socio-economic factors in the country make it a centre of poverty. In addition, the frequent natural disasters in the country have resulted in chronic poverty and serious problems that have deterred the government from growing economically stable.

The Make real difference organization identified the agricultural challenges that contribute to higher poverty levels—the company aimed to improve the country’s economic status by laying strategical ideas. The Haitians experience a lower rate of agriculture and education that fosters growth and development. Many Haitians see no value in education and instead engage in agricultural activities. The high level of illiteracy remains a significant problem in the country. ‘Both public and private schools provide education in Haiti, and access to education, therefore, depends on some extent of income level’ (Sletten & Egset, 2004). High percentage of institutions are private schools that charge a high tuition fee. Generally, the quality of education in Haiti is low as many children a d youths have limited access to education. Above all, the high rate of corruption in the country contributes to the economic crisis.

The Haitian government practice no democracy, and the police use brutal force against the citizens of Haiti. As a result, the citizens fear to protest and bear the heavy economic burden. Excessive force and police brutality have led to injuries and loss of lives. The political instability within the country is among the significant problems that contribute to high poverty levels. The government instilled a tough economy that made many people settle in rural areas (Sletten & Egset, 2004). People living in rural areas are impoverished due to low standards of living. The poverty levels have resulted in poor household management in rural areas, forcing people to live across the mountains where natural disasters displace and kill them. Also, the majority who live in rural areas own less land, contributing to higher poverty levels.

The make a real difference organization aim at improving the agricultural sector in Haiti by offering free education to the farmers. Improving the farming sector in Haiti will naturally increase income rates, thus lowering poverty levels. Our organization initiated the most effective farming methods and facilitated the use of fertilizer to improve soil fertility. Most importantly, the organization has promoted advanced technology in agriculture to foster growth and development in Haiti (Reed, 2015). The Haitians only need the best agricultural practices to adapt and sustain them to improve hard economic times. Agriculture is the most significant contributor to the Haitian economy and employs two-thirds of the workforce (Reed, 2015). Agriculture creates high employment opportunities, thus lowering the poverty levels.

Furthermore, people living in rural areas were more advantaged because the organization offers free fertilizers. Therefore, they only provide farming land and create self-employment that would increase their income. People who live in rural areas experience adverse challenges that make their lives more miserable, and the improvement of the agricultural sector is a significant factor in their livelihood. The land of Haitians is generally infertile, and the government has made less impact on improving fertility (Reed,2015). The private investment is nonexistent to promote agricultural infrastructure, and the farmers repeat mistakes resulting in infertile land. Therefore, our company gave free fertilizers and education on farming methods that improve soil fertility. The farmers in Haiti live close to the larger market and efficiently transport their farm produce for sale. Effective farming methods will produce enough products for sale that generates income for the farmers.

Moreover, advanced technology will help the farmers perform their activities effectively. Also, the farming methods will facilitate sustainable agriculture in the country, improving the country’s general socio-economic status. Sustainable agriculture promotes healthy food production and forces the future generation to depend more on agriculture. The primary key for sustainable agriculture is to balance the need for food production and land preservation for future use. Most importantly, sustainable agriculture promotes economic growth and encourages farmers to have a better life. The Hattians will break from harmful economic times to a stable and sustainable economy.

The make a real difference company provided education on the importance of crop rotation. Crop rotation breaks the production cycle of pests and improves soil fertility. Also, farmers learned the permaculture design technique to use the available resources that increase the production of crops. The use of cover crops prevents soil erosion; hence, they will produce more farm products. The company also educated farmers to engage in agroforestry that maintains favourable temperature, minimize nutrient runoff, protects crops from heavy rains and stabilizes soil humidity.

Further, the company encourages using technology in farming to enable certain crops to resist droughts, pests, and diseases. Also, technology facilitates irrigation that boosts production and promotes frequent agriculture. Agroforestration will reduce the rate of occurrence of natural disasters in the country.

Due to the lower education rates in Haiti, my company offered education to the students who were unable to pay for their college tuition. The higher levels foster growth and development in a country. Naturally, education is the primary source of economic change because education enables people to acquire new skills and knowledge that help to achieve job opportunities. Moreover, the students will engage more in regional and development practices such as improving community health. The college students would become more productive and creative in society and would never be involved in harmful activities, including substance abuse, that may affect their health. Additionally, college students would adopt problem-solving skills that enable them to participate in the growth and development of the country.

Most importantly, education will enable the Haitians to understand the natural disasters that have destroyed their properties. The make a real company installed infrastructures and installation protection devices to prevent earthquakes in Haiti. The railways help detect disasters and enable people to prepare and avoid losses (Noguchi & Fuji, 2000). The machines installed on trains detect rainfalls and urgent earthquakes. The company built several railway lines that create awareness of the disasters. Trains fail to operate after detecting the tragedies. Therefore people become aware and avoid severe damage. The Haitians must take the necessary precautions after detecting any danger.

To conclude, the make a real difference company help people in a particular community to overcome various challenges and live a better quality of life. The different strategies and implantations my company impacted Haiti will improve their economic status. Haiti will never be the poorest European country. For instance, promoting agriculture in the region will improve every individuals’ living standards, thus reducing poverty levels. Also, giving educational funds to needy college students will enable the country to produce highly skilled individuals who will actively participate in the growth and development of the country. Reducing natural disasters in Haiti will further promote stable economic development. Make a real difference company positively impacts the socio-economic factors of the developing countries.


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Annotated Bibliography: Representations Of Indigenous Experiences, Colonialism, And Imperialism In District 9 Movie Sample Assignment

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The article presents the eco-sustainability language known for established intellectuals is represented in the film. It is timely and appropriate as it illustrates how most developing states such as African countries require immediate response plans regarding poverty and public health issues. The study aims to demonstrate how a revisionist and ecological film such as District 9 is made. Findings show evidence of the effects of colonialism, as seen in the District 9 film (Brereton pg. 219-235). The article indicates that the Hollywood films shot in Africa show a different picture of wars and unsustainability in the films, which is different from the real Africa. The article calls for further studies on identifying the richness of developing African countries rather than concentrating on civil wars.

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The article represents the film District 9 which shows how Hollywood bestsellers produce film narratives in African urban areas. The film depicts the southern African region and displays readable images as a dystopic idea concerning global prospects. The findings show how the movie has established concepts of racial discrimination caused by the apartheid rule. The article is timely and appropriate as it symbolizes the aliens as minority groups found in the 21st century and the racial discrimination they face (Frassinelli pg. 293-309). The article is also essential as it helps readers understand the challenges faced during the colonial periods, which calls for research on post-colonial effects in African countries

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The journal focuses on racial segregation experienced in the District 9 movie. It states that even though individuals look different, they should be treated equally without discrimination. The author argues that the film is powerful as it focuses on the spatial, systematic, and cultural catastrophes of post-apartheid rule in South Africa. The findings indicate that south Africa experienced multiple economic and social problems after colonialism and apartheid rule (Hairston). The journal is appropriate and timely as it symbolizes aliens with people of color in the 21st century who continue to face racism. Further research is suggested on completely eradicating the continuing racial segregation to have a generation free from racism.

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The article indicates that the schools of thought track black liberation projects based on the current race concerns crisis, including Afrofuturism and Afro-pessimism. The study aims to analyze the schools of thought based on modern racism. Findings suggest that Afro-pessimism provides insightful appraisals on contemporary and past racism while Afrofuturism envisions a future free from post-colonial racism (Marquis pg. 398-425). The article is timely as it projects a future without racial segregation and emphasizes the need for maintaining indigenous and traditional African values. It suggests studies on how Afrofuturism can be realized and how it can provide a strong foundation for the future of African countries.

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The article states that District 9 presents dramatically violent, racial revenge illusions focused on white representatives concerning systematized racial discrimination. The author argues that the fantasies come from a deep pool containing prevalent hatred against the existing status quo (Rieder pg.41-56). The article has identified the ways in which the film manages the scene regarding violence. The study is timely and appropriate as it points out how race tends to arouse chaos and violence even in the contemporary world. Following the scenes, the article has helped map out several existing conceptual and dire prospects in the film industry. The article details on the film help point out several research areas such as racialized scapegoats in society.

Trinder, Stephen. Neoliberalism with a human face? Critical perspectives on Hollywood science fiction. Diss. Anglia Ruskin University, 2018.

The author states that the film validates particular agitation with the idea that neoliberalism can realize worldwide stability up to a certain level. The study explores the movie District 9 based on concerns that they can undermine neoliberalism. It further suggests that re-evaluating the parameters on countries’ neoliberal uniqueness is essential (Trinder). The article is timely as it discusses neocolonialism and neoliberalism in modern society and western culture. The findings state that even though neoliberal faults are reflected in the film, the main aspects of neoliberalism and neocolonialism are separately endorsed. The author suggests further studies on countries’ neoliberal principles based on level-headedness and individuality

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The article claims that the District 9 movie supports neoliberalism through the creation of social realism that bypasses candid reproaches concerning neoliberalism part in the partial individual suffering and socio-economic ostracism. It is apparent in how corporate entrepreneurship experiences heavy criticisms. The purpose of the study was to explore anti-colonial and anti-capitalist predispositions in the film should be categorized. The study is timely as it shows ways to strengthen the main features of neoliberalism. The author suggests that the ‘traumatic kernel’ represents the unforeseen responsibility of concerned audiences in upholding an economically, socially, and politically manipulative agenda regarding neoliberalism (Trinder pg. 1-16). It indicates that further research should be conducted to identify the neoliberal power disseminated by corporates and neoconservative administration.

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Findings suggest that racism and post-colonial effects are evident in the District 9 film (Van and Mocke pg. 570-586). However, the article does not discuss in detail colonialism and imperialism concerning the movie. The author’s arguments demonstrate how individuals are misrepresented in modern society due to racial segregation after colonialism.

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The article claims that aliens in the firm are useless based on humans, and their space on earth is coveted. The research aimed to show that aliens can be compared to indigenous individuals during the colonial periods who were seen as an obstacle. The emphasis on immigrant colonialism has been timely, and emerging literature has in the past stressed the identification of variations between immigrant colonial and colonial aspects (Veracini pg. 355-367). The status and representation of indigenous individuals in colonial and post-colonial times should be highlighted. The article’s arguments call for further research on the misrepresentation of minorities in the contemporary world.

Wagner, Keith B. “District 9, race and neoliberalism in post-apartheid Johannesburg.” Race & Class 57.2 (2015): 43-59.

The article states that District 9 is a film focusing on the emergence of extraterrestrials in South Africa, exploring economic reigns and regulatory mechanism philosophies in the 21st century. The study attempts to recognize real-life aspects based on the film, such as post-apartheid discrimination, poverty in the urban areas, and economic suppression. The article is timely and appropriate as it includes political and commentary significance and the works of CGI unique properties. The findings argue that south African indifferences witnessed in the film have social solid and conceptual implications regarding the past (Wagner pg. 43-59). Following the passive aliens’ substitution representing black migrants in South Africa, the movie encourages debates and research on politics, inequality, race, and commemoration. The study also reveals past challenges and issues recalibrated in the District 9 film.

Research Paper On Online Marketing Essay Example


Marketing environment is constantly shifting and evolving, and the tools used in the decision-making process are changing along with it. Because of the rise in internet users and applications over the last three decades, businesses have begun to shift their attention away from offline marketing and toward online marketing in order to reach out to more customers. Therefore, many scholars do not consider online marketing to be simply another form of marketing promotion tools, personal selling, and direct marketing, among others. Buying goods and services through online retailers is known as online shopping. People who use the Internet for shopping have been a prime target for online retailers since the advent of the World Wide Web. The convenience of shopping from the comfort of one’s own home is one of the greatest advantages of the internet. Today’s contemporary culture, with its easy access to internet purchasing, allows us to save precious time by not having to travel to the store. Online shopping does not appear to be ecologically friendly, as seen by the increasing number of delivery trucks clogging our streets and the incessant drone of their engines. Studies have shown that online shopping isn’t as bad for our health and well-being as many people believe. According to the data, online shopping has lowered emissions of harmful chlorouorocarbons into our atmosphere and provided a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional retail.

Rather, they consider it to be a powerful medium for incorporating the various marketing techniques online in order to reach a more targeted domestic and international audience. The purpose of this study was to measure the efficiency of online marketing in the context of an enterprise ’s success. In particular, the research sought to determine whether or not the use of an online marketing can improve the effectiveness of an integrated campaign.


Traditional marketing is being phased out in this modern era due to the infiltration of online marketing, which has spread to many different branches such as social networking sites, and blogs. To promote products they believe in, individuals can use online marketing to provide extensive information about the product’s characteristics. There are many reasons why digital marketing is becoming more popular among marketing managers. (Bly, 2018). Online marketing has the potential to influence consumer purchasing decisions and brand perceptions for a wide range of products across a wide range of industries. Using consumers as a marketing asset, it is the goal of this research to examine the various methods and techniques that marketing managers can employ to influence buyer behavior and brand perception.

The electronic marketplace is a virtual online market platform where companies can register as buyers and sellers for commercial transactions over the Internet. The use of the Internet helps to remove intermediaries from transactions. It is a web-based information system that provides opportunities for suppliers and purchasers. Electronic marketplace enables buyers to compare products and services using several indicators such as performance, quality, price and so forth. Buyers receive access to a greater selection of items and services. On the other hand, the merchants can contact the customers more conveniently and inexpensively. By offering greater value for buyers, vendors reach new markets, acquire new buyers and enhance revenue.

Research questions

This study determines whether or not online marketing may improve the effectiveness of an organization’s integrated campaign in terms of reaching the intended audience. An accurate answer to this question is critical because it will offer the organization with the necessary information on the step-by-step process of adopting an integrated marketing strategy online, along with an indication of the expected outcome. Research will be conducted in order to provide answers for the research questions, in more specific terms;

  1. Online marketing has the potential to be extremely helpful in generating effective and efficient integrated marketing communication within an organization.
  2. What are the most important metrics for evaluating the effectiveness of online marketing communications?
  3. What are some of the most popular online marketing technologies that organizations are utilizing to reach a more targeted audience and achieve greater results.

Literature review

This section of this research is essential basing on the increase in the number of internet users throughout the world, as well as the fact that online marketing has persisted to shape the organization’s competitive edge, this aspect of the research is critical. Interestingly, every organization enters in business with the goal of producing a profit over the long term. In order to accomplish this, organizations use a variety of promotional techniques to promote a product to the target audience on a regular basis, depending on the situation. According to (Charlesworth, 2021), in light of the fact that many people are spending most of their time online and in various locations, it is possible for organizations to incorporate various promotional tools into their online presence in order to create the most possible impact on their target audience (Seymour et al., 2021).

Electronic Commerce (EC) has firmly established itself in today’s society, transforming the traditional business model. As an example of a B2B (business-to-business) activity, the E-marketplace allows buyers and sellers to interact. An overall view of EC activities shows that product trade, exchange, or bidding is an integral part of each and every one of them. On a network, only a few business organizations (say, retailers or brands) can make their catalogs available to customers. E-malls can now be considered a narrower E-marketplace. Improving communication between vendors and customers by establishing a B2C (Business-to-Customer) model of business operations. The market has grown so enormously with the advent of E-commerce that even the Big Business typhoons are struggling to reach every single customer, even if they are sitting thousands of miles away. This is where E-tailing enters the scene, serving as intermediates between the manufacturers and the final consumers. When it comes to “effective product distribution,” and, “e-tailing can help.”

According to research by (Cornell, 2017), the Internet is used by 70% of teen, and chatting is the most common attraction in which they participate. Although the study is still in its early stages, the possibilities for success appear promising because such a big number of young brains gathered in one place has a wealth of knowledge to give, including their own experiences with various items. Create ethical customer value does not only imply satisfying the customer’s needs through a manufactured product by a business that adheres to a wide range of ethical norms and values, but it also means creating value for the customer in a way that is consistent with those principles and values. Instead, it entails involving customers in the comparison of their product utilization experience with the expertise of using competitors’ products, and then publishing these blocks of information online through social blogs or relevant forums in order to allow enterprises with a competitive advantage to come forward.

Online marketplace e-commerce

In the electronic marketplace, companies can register as buyers and sellers for commercial transactions conducted over the Internet, and the marketplace is a virtual online market platform. The use of the Internet helps to eliminate the need for intermediaries in transactional situations. It is a web-based information system that connects providers and customers to create business opportunities. Using multiple metrics such as performance, quality, pricing, and so on, purchasers can compare items and services in an electronic marketplace setting. Buyers will have greater access to a greater variety of items and services. However, retailers will be able to communicate with their customers in a more convenient and cost-effective manner. Sellers may expand their reach into new markets, attract more customers, and raise their sales by increasing the value they provide to purchasers.2 (Cornwell et al., 2021)

Why online marketing is important?

Digital goods like music albums, films, and books may now be purchased instantly by customers thanks to e-commerce, and retailers can now sell as many copies as they want of these digital items as well. As a result, you no longer need to hire a large number of people each week to handle the sales of records, books, and movies.

Unlike a traditional store, which closes at night, you can shop online 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and year-round. As a result, a significantly wider selection of merchandise can be kept on hand than in a regular store. Product information can be gathered in a single distribution warehouse rather than being spread out across multiple physical locations, making it easier to keep track of inventory and keep prices low. There may even be a link to the official website of the product’s maker.

The ability to compare prices: Many websites claim to be able to provide you the greatest pricing possible. It is possible to compare prices using the information provided by these websites. Delivery to both towns and rural areas is the same: The fact that you may live in the countryside, away from civilization, is an advantage. When purchasing on the Internet, the location of the nearby town makes no difference at all. The right to return defective items: Most e-commerce websites will feature a “Returns Policy” that explains how to return defective goods. It is recommended that you read this before making a purchase. In many instances, you will discover that the law provides. You have the right to return damaged items, as well as goods that are not quite what you were expecting them to be.

Because of the rapid expansion and distribution of information technology throughout the world, website marketing has become increasingly popular in recent years. These days, the majority of established and new businesses are deciding to use web promotion as their primary method of advertisement and publicizing themselves. The increase in potential clients that visit their site and understand about their services or services as a result of this has enabled these businesses grow. It is a very efficient marketing medium because the advantages of website marketing outweigh the disadvantages of using it. A vast number of people have access to the World Wide Web on a regular basis. Many firms will find it quite simple to reach more people of clients with just a few mouse clicks as a result of this (Parkin, 2016). Because of the capacity of internet marketing, and specifically website marketing, to reach a wide spectrum of consumers, it has become a fairly prevalent marketing channel in many modern firms. The use of websites in marketing allows firms to reach potential customers all over the world, regardless of where they are physically located.

Furthermore, it is not even equivalent to billboards, which are only useful in reaching those persons who happen to pay notice to them while passing by the location where they are located. It is also usual for consumers to hang up on a telemarketer or put off communicating with them until a later time. Additionally, the time it takes to speak with a single customer could be used to engage thousands of buyers through online marketing efforts. Along with being quick, online marketing is also known for being relatively inexpensive when compared to other types of promotion. The only costs connected with website advertising are the initial fees associated with developing and hosting the website, as well as the costs associated with maintaining and updating the website, all of which are insignificant in comparison to other forms of marketing. Depending on the type of advertisements that are used, website marketing can become extremely expensive. For example, a banner advertisement or a link to a well-known webpage can cost a company a significant amount of money (Deiss, 2017). Website marketing may also be quite beneficial to organizations in terms of reaching their target audiences of customers. Website marketing in conjunction with email marketing makes this possible because it allows firms to reach thousands of possible clients at the same time.

Research methods

  • Data collecting method

This study relies solely on data gathered directly from the participants. Personal surveys were done and questionnaires were made available for people to fill out on their own.

  • Technique of Sampling

Unrestricted, non-probability sampling is used in this study. A total of 75 people from various locations, including offices and retail malls, were included in the sample.

  •  Means of Collecting Data

Using closed-ended questions, multiple-choice options, and a likert scale as the basis for your survey.

  • Mathematical Methods

The hypothesis’s dependence was tested using a single sample T-test.


Question: Does your company believe that a brand’s presence on social media is critical to its growth?

According to the One-Sample Test, the data was evaluated by assigning each participant a Test Value of 4, which ranged from 1 (strongly disagree) to 4 (agree). The chatting section, email marketing was found to be three of the most essential tools for online marketing during the research. It was clear and accurate among all four options examined that the results were correct across the full sample. Online word-of-mouth from consumers is the most effective strategy across all industries, although email advertising and chat rooms were not regarded to be effective strategies by all respondents. To back up this assumption, the three categories of word-of-mouth mean values are either the same as with the test value, or larger than 4, suggesting that people did agree with the word of mouth. In contrast, the overall mean of the chat section and email marketing is less than 3, showing that the participants are divided across the three categories.

One-Sample Test


In order to be an effective E-commerce in the market and to preserve one’s place and reputation, an organization must come up with additional tools and ways to satisfy its consumers in light of the numerous new technologies, competitors, and increasing numbers of international clients.

In conclusion, Online marketing is widely acknowledged to be a highly effective approach for the promotion of products and services, and it is becoming increasingly popular. Digital marketing has advanced significantly as a result of new technologies (Charlesworth, A. 2021). The marketing concept has also altered in tandem with the advancement of new technology in recent years. There have been numerous advancements and advances in digital marketing strategy, and it is crucial to understand the digital marketing strategy.


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