Research Paper About Nas Device Homework Essay Sample

What is a NAS device? A NAS device is a network-attached storage device which is an external storage unit in the form of a computer that usually has one or two hard disks, and is used solely for filed based storage, and operates over a network of computers. NAS devices are both controlled and configured over the network usually using a (Wisped, n. D. ) (HTH) browser. What is the speed of the network adapter available on a NAS device?

The speed of NAS devices are ere flexible depending on how much you are willing to spend, and whether you buy, or build your NAS device. Speeds are generally around KGB over an Ethernet connection. What is the capacity range? The capacity range can also vary depending on the number of port replications and add on hardware drive controller cards installed. For example, a board that has 6 SAT ports can be replicated allowing for thirty drives to be attached.

Is there any fault tolerance (such as RAID) built into a NAS device? Yes, with RAID or redundant array of disks, different levels allow for multiple drives to fail without the risk of losing data. Are management features available? Yes some NAS devices allow encryption of data, as well as user and permissions management. One of the major benefits of using a NAS device is that multiple computers can access it at one time at a faster rate than they could an external hard drive.

Also, data stored is safer because if one drive ails, the data stored is automatically backed up to another drive. This makes it a great place to store precious data such as music, family photos and videos, and important documents. For example, if a family of five, each member having his or her own computer, wanted to store these files externally, but wanted quick access to them, NAS would be a great option. Family member 1 could store videos and pictures, and family member 3 could simply type in their user info and view the files on their computer.

Similarities & Difference Between Nasdaq & Nyse

Similarities & Difference between NASDAQ & NYSE Similarities between Both Markets The NYSE and the NASDAQ have the following similarities – The NASDAQ and NYSE equally use and are screen based electronic stock exchanges which means they utilize electronic screens during trading. Both of these exchanges consist of the majority of the equities traffic in the United States. as well as the major exchange traders in the United States. These two exchanges are also synchronized by the Stock Exchange Commission. The NASDAQ and the NYSE partake in the trading of stock equities as well as help to meet the buyer and supplier.

Differences between NYSE & NASDAQ The NYSE and NASDAQ have the following inconsistencies. The listing requirements for NYSE are higher when compared to the NASDAQ. The NASDAQ is and over the counter market while the NYSE is auction market based. The NYSE deals with small and midsized organizations, while on the other hand the NASDAQ functions within the majority field of technological clients. While each stock within NYSE has specialists to manage that specific stock, this feature is not incorporated in to the NASDAQ.

The NYSE is not publicly traded while the NASDAQ is, allowing the public to trade stocks on it (NYSE And NASDAQ, n. d ) WorldCom Inc. The WorldCom Inc was a telecommunication corporation. Bernard Ebbers was the former Chief Executive of the corporation. He was ultimately found guilty of accounting crimes which lead to a huge scandal. He constructed the unification with MCI, which at the time was the largest technology company in the US. This merger allowed a breakthrough into the monopoly AT&T had on the telecommunication industry at the time.

The Scandal cause by Ebbers ultimately produced the ultimate demise and bankruptcy of the WorldCom Inc. Corporation. The accounting scandal comprised the sum of eleven million dollars, which in turn resulted in the decreased value to the investors. Mr. Ebbers created his crime by misrepresenting the financial statements and presented false reports to investors showing a more positive view of the company then was true. He did this to attract more investors to the company, which he felt would ultimately help the company with future projects.

However after the scandal broke, the company’s positive corporate image severely declined due to the Ebbers case, which ultimately lead to the companies demise (Crawford, 2005). Investors began to pull back from the company and many showed faltering investment interest in the stock of the company. This was due to alarm over the actual accounting abnormalities. Once accurate financial statements were obtained, there was a large reduction with the actual earnings of the corporation. The fraud perpetrated by Bernard Ebbers lead to an overall decrease in sales volume within the telecommunication industry.

The public became more leery of investments and wanted more safety from their investment, before increasing value/ or funds within their investments. This ultimately led to investors making less funds available within the tele-communication industry for their projects or the business operations. References Author Unknown (2008). NASDAQ vs. NYSE Tutorial. Retrieved January 11, 2010, from http://www. investopedia. com/university/electronictrading/trading1. asp Author unknown, The NYSE And NASDAQ: How They Work . Investopedia Staff(n. d), Retrieved on January 11, 2010 from http://www. investopedia. com/articles/basics/03/103103. asp

Definition Human Resource Management Analysis

The first step in job analysis involves determining information needs. Question 8 The prevailing wage rate for a given job in a given labor market is called the: market wage rate Question 9 A computerized job classification system that is a major source of job information is called the: Answer O*NET Question 10 The percentage of individuals looking for and available for work who are not currently employed is called the: Answer rate of unemployment Question 1 1 When an individual seeks additional training and education to improve her or his ability to find work, this is called: Answer human capital investment. Question 12

A can often facilitate the forecasting of the supply of human resources. Human resource information system Question 13 Which of the following is an accurate statement? Job specifications indicate the knowledge and skills needed to perform work Question 14 What is involved in the Fleischman job analysis system of conducting work assessments? Answer A taxonomy of fifty-two abilities that effectively captures variations in job performance, which are rated by job incumbents Correct Answer: performance, which are rated by job incumbents Question 15 When Hank needed to write a job analysis for a court reporter, he used the

O*NET online database. One section of the information stated, “Court reporters ask speakers to clarify statements, file a legible transcript of records, verify accurate transcripts, and record depositions. ” This information is part of the job’s Answer tasks. Question 16 The critical dimension Of procedural justice involving the perception that the person had some control over an outcome is called: Answer voice Question 17 Tom, one of Pinot’s employees, is failing to perform to standard. Pin wants to use progressive discipline to change Tom’s behavior.

What should Pin do the next time he observes Tom’s failure to perform? Answer Give Tom a verbal warning. Question 18 Ethics is formed primarily from the organizations function. Answer societal context in which people and Question 19 Which of the following disciplinary problems is MOST likely to lead to immediate termination? Answer Physically fighting another coworker Question 20 An advantage of seeking to retain effective employees is avoiding the expense involved in replacing employees.

Question 21 The critical dimension of procedural justice involving the perception that group opinions were considered when a decision was made is called: Answer representatives Question 22 The easiest way for a company to manage an increase in the demand for staff is through Answer overtime. Question 23 Synergy, a Midwestern gas and electric utility, agreed not to penalize workers who left the company before the age of 65 and also offered leaving employees a bonus equivalent to two weeks’ pay for every year of employment with Synergy.

Synergy is Answer encouraging voluntary early retirement. Question 24 Voluntary turnover occurs when employees choose to leave the organization for a variety of reasons. Correct Answer: employees choose to leave the organization for a variety of reasons. Question 25 Which of the following strategies would likely be MOST effective in allowing a high-tech company to retain its engineers and computer scientists for an extended period of time?

Answer Stock options that cannot be exercised for the first five years of employment Question 26 A shock, or profound event, can sometimes cause turnover if the Answer shock causes the worker to reexamine his or her fit with the firm. Correct shock causes the worker to reexamine his or her fit with the firm. Question 27 The critical dimension of procedural justice involving the perception that rules ere applied the same way to everyone involved is called: Answer consistency Question 28 Which of the following is NOT an exception to employment-at-will?

Answer An employee is terminated for cause. Question 29 Which type of justice refers to beliefs about the fairness of the processes utilized to determine consequences? Answer Procedural Question 30 Julie fired Annette. Which of the following circumstances would MOST improve the chances Of Annette getting her job back? Answer Julie did not document Neonate’s poor performance in writing. Correct Julie did not document Neonate’s poor performance in writing.

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