Sarah Spent A Total Of $10 On Oranges And Apples At The Supermarket. If She Paid $3 Less For Oranges Than

Sarah spent a total of $10 on oranges and apples at the supermarket. If she paid $3 less for oranges than she did for apples, how much did Sarah spend on oranges? (a)WRITE OUT THE EQUATION. (b) WORK OUT THE EQUATION.

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Let’s assume the cost of apples is x dollars.

She paid $3 less for oranges than she did for apples (Given)


According to the given information, the cost of oranges would be x – $3.

But, the total cost of apples and oranges = $10.

Cost of apples=x

Cost of oranges= x-3

We can write this as an equation:


x (x – $3) = $10

Solving for x:

2x – $3 = $10

2x = $13

x = $6.50

So, Sarah spent $6.50 on apples and $6.50 – $3 = $3.50 on oranges.

Therefore, Sarah spent $3.50 on oranges.