School Uniform Policy Essay Example For College

Having a school uniform policy is necessary in the public school system. There are a few issues that can be prevented by having a uniform policy not just at school, but also at home. They are essential for school students because it allows them all to look the same and they do not have to keep up with all the current fashion trends while in school. It is also an economic factor with saving parents money. Parents will spend on average a few hundred dollars per year on clothing just to make their children happy and so they keep up with the latest fashion trends.

A store like Gap and American Eagle sells a piece of clothing for around $25 each. Parents can really find this money useful when it comes time to pay bills. Uniforms are cheap in the long run compared to having to buy five different outfits in the wintertime. Then another five outfits for the fall/spring time. That will total out to $500 a year on clothes for one child and that’s the minimal. If you had a school uniform you might only need three a week. An average school uniform costs around $36. 95. If you buy three of them for the year it will only be $110. 85.

Parents would be saving $389. 5 by having a school uniform. There is the possibility of violence due to what a person wears. If a student comes to school in new sneakers or new sports jersey there is the chance he or she could get robbed of those items. Having a school uniform can decrease the amount of theft on school property. When every student is dressed the same there is no reason for anybody to steal another person’s clothes or shoes. If a person comes to school dressed in gang colors, it can cause a hostile environment. Another student who might be wearing rival gang colors might attack the one student.

The attacks can lead to violence like stabbings and school shootings. A school uniform policy would make it a lot harder for strangers to sneak into a school, because they will stick out because of the way they are dressed. By having a uniform policy every student would be dressed the same. There would be no separation of class with how the students dress. There would be no class of students that wear high end expensive clothes and there would be no students wearing low end store brand clothes. Everybody would be considered equal by doing this.

This will also help identify students when they do out of school actives like field trips. This will help curb some of the bullying that involves kids making fun of other kids because they are not wearing the latest fashion trends. Many kids get bullied because they are poor. They are sometimes an easy target for bullying In conclusion the positive impact of school uniforms is by-far ahead of the negative Impact of school uniforms, Therefore I believe every school should use uniforms they help ensure safety and help stop bullying. They are also economical in the long run.

Increasing Popularity And Sales Of This Catering Service Business Research Paper

With the Philippines choice of their own events, people are becoming ideal of this kind of catering services to have their own alternatives of food and location. Such an alternative for this is that catering provides what choice of food to be served and location and meet up can be made without any problems at all. These qualities of catering have made it popular among consumers who are tightening their budget since some catering services offers various range of services with a low cost price.

This paper aims to show that the increasing popularity and sales of this catering service business are directly related to the ideal solution for Filipinos who are native and love the sense of their own culture in having this kind of service. When consumers experience busy lifestyle and providing what is best for their events they tend to substitute fast and reliable catering services for their needs. In this light, catering services are becoming an indicator of country’s economic performance.

Additionally, this increased consumption of catering businesses brings about best solutions for businesses and Filipinos occasions or events. ANALYSIS OF CHOOSING CATERING SERVICES AS AN IDEAL SOLUTION FOR MOST FILIPINO EVENTS The food services industry in the Philippines has improved over the years. It has been a part of the Filipino culture to dine out during work breaks and when celebrating different occasions. The introduction of foods like hamburger, spaghetti, sushi, Thai food and even Korean dishes has contributed to Filipinos’ food preferences.

Another reason is the industrialization and growth among the number of women in the workforce. Women traditionally do the cooking in Filipino households, but because they are preoccupied with work outside their homes, many of them buy cooked food, have them delivered or just dine out. Because of today’s fast-paced lifestyle, ready to cook and ready-to eat meals have become greatly in demand. The food service industry is sought after by a growing number of people who want to have filling meals in the shortest time and at the most reasonable price.

Back in the early history, in the middle ages, the cooks employed by nobles and religious orders served large numbers of people every day, and medieval travelers ate at inns, taverns, monasteries and hostelries. The earliest recorded guild for cooks was formed around 1311 to protect the cooks’ secrets. The tricks of the trade were only taught to guild members. West and Wood’s Introduction to Foodservice notes that “strict cost accounting was necessary, and here, perhaps, marks the beginning of the present-day scientific foodservice cost accounting…. .

Somewhat in the time of industrial revolution, during the thousands of years when most of the population lived in or very near farming communities, food did not travel far to reach the people who ate it. The Industrial Revolution and the mass migration of workers to cities meant there was increased demand to ship food longer distances. Trains, automobiles and trucks provided transport, while new preservation treatments and better storage devices such as refrigeration made it possible for the food to stay fresh longer.

The foodservice industry has been around for thousands of years. In fact its earliest records can be dated during the stone-age. During Pangaea the first recorded multi-person feeding was in the Denmark/Orkney Isles area. Around the same time there have been documents of Swiss lake dwellers eating in groups by 5000 BC. Later in 500 BC Egyptian and Assyrian records showed evidence of great feast that sported both beer and wine. Since then more evidences of lavish banquets and feats have been discovered.

From the stone-age to the ancient civilizations, to the age of the Romans to international renaissance eras large and small food-service events have dotted different cultural histories including right here in the states. Even before the US gained its independence, the colonies had many eateries. Places like general stores often also would sell food for people to eat right in the shop. Today many places have included the idea of shopping and eating. Many department stores have contracted other business to sell the food.

For example Malls target other food services like Chowking Restaurant to sell in their establishments. As time progressed more public places such as hospitals started to serve often low-grade meals to those coming and going or working there. Other places such as colleges would serve their students in a “family-style” where the food would be brought out and the students would pass the dishes around. After World War II the food service industry really took off.

Institutions, schools, and even non-food related businesses started to serve. Another thing that took off was the fast-food or quick-service idea. This included things like McDonalds or Wendy’s. Other business like Tamayo’s Catering Service, Restaurants and Flower Shop and Josiah’s Catering incorporated the concept of buffets with to-go or doggie-bags. In each of these places the development of menus has been vital to the success of the establishment. Menus are simply a list of items that an establishment serves.

Trends in the Food Service Industry continues to develop this kind of ideas like Heat and ready to eat, heat and eat packaged foods are on the rise, casual indulgence everyday foods should be little more gourmet, country charisma ethnic traditional and regional cuisine, simple solutions milk and cereals, snacks and mini meals, exceptionally pure, functional foods, desire for healthful fresh food, service formats that are easy to set up and clear away become more popular, growing demand for breakfast food to accompany breakfast meetings and global flavors will continue their march on menu.

From this kind of idea, the factors on which food service industry or catering services need to follow adaptation to locality, service, facilities, food quality, place to be and sales. Catering is a business of delivering a foodservice to a remote location where an event is being held. The catering business has been around for as long as people have been enjoying various celebrations with entertainment accompanied by great food.

According to an article by the website of Strapolska Restaurant entitled why catering your next event is the best solution, the article discussed that “hosting an event with friends and family is a big undertaking, you have to consider the guest list, the venue, and most importantly the food that you plan on serving during the get together. If you plan on hosting a sizable number of guests, do you really want to go with the trouble of cooking all the food? If your answer is no, then consider a catering service. ” (http://staropolskaofbelmont. om/why-catering-your-next-event-is-the-best-solution/). Catering as now part of Filipinos culture considered this service as more than having a good food.

There is an article by FoodEditorials. com; the yummy food guide discussed the reason behind this that, “Catering isn’t just about food any more. You need to find a catering company that will help you with every part of an event, from the tablecloths to great servers – but the food is still most important. Catering is becoming a more popular choice for events where everything, including the food, drinks and service, is important.

From weddings to business meetings, catering companies are handling more than just food. But, food catering is where it all begins and, if you are responsible for having an event catered, and then food is the first and most important part of your job. Tastes have become more sophisticated and varied and catered food menus are not the simple things they once were. You need a catering company that can provide food for vegetarians, special diet needs and many different cultures. More and more of your guests are health conscious and they want catered food that is delicious and healthy.

If food was the only part of hosting or having an event catered, your life might be a little easier. Unfortunately, while it might be most important, food isn’t the only thing and you need to find a catering company that can help you with a variety of other tasks that could make or break your event. Needless to say, food needs to be served on plates, with cutlery, so your catering company needs to be able to provide quality dinnerware – and tables, chairs, trimming – everything you might

Literature Vs Informational Text

Literature vs. informational Text Did you know that informational texts are more accurate than literature texts? In literature it haves less information unlike informational text that includes more information. Also in literature the purpose is to entertain/engage and in informational it’s to inform/educate. Another difference it that the tone for literature can take several tones and it haves different word choice and in information text it haves a more formal tone and the word choice is elevated. Last of all they both provide information on a historical moment.

Even though learning history through literature and informational text has some similarities and differences, informational texts are more accurate than literature texts. Learning history through literature text is different from learning it through informational text. The audience in literature text is more of a wider age group for example the Rosa Parks book, can be read by children and adults. The purpose of the Rosa Parks book is to entertain/engage the reader in her history of standing up to racism.

The information on that historical moment was that it was focused on one character and it states that Rosa Parks didn’t want to move because she was tired and her feet ached, the facts in that story weren’t all true. The tone in Rosa Parks starts off mellow then it gets to rage when she talks about boycott. Learning history through informational text is different from learning it through literature text. The audience in informational text is a narrower age group such as the Declaration of Independence, which is more for adults, who comprehend the document.

The purpose of the Declaration of Independence is to inform the people how we got our Independence. The information on that historical moment is that it included dates and facts, all the facts on that document were all true. The tone on the document was more serious and the word choice was more elevated. Therefore learning history through informational text is better because it gives more details/information on the historical moments. Informational text is better because it also gives more details/information to the audience, on purpose, historical moments, and tone. That’s why informational text it better than literature text.