Science Project Significance Sample College Essay

Their intelligence based on the time taken to finish the maze and or If it finishes the maze. There is significance to this project in a way that hamsters are very common pets In a household. By testing their agility and speed, we can test their Intelligence by If they would be able to solve the maze faster trial after trial. This experiment can give an Idea as to potential hamster owners as to which hamster you would prefer In getting, Instead of owning a lazy unintelligent hamster that you leave In Its cage Its entire life.

Furthermore, understanding common pets Like hamsters mean that we also understand more about our environment and the world In general. Hopefully, sometime In the future, we would be able to make use of hamsters, thus understanding It would be crucial. An Idea would be If we could somehow extract energy from hamsters. For example: the hamsters would try to solve the maze, and we somehow have a device that would somehow transfer the kinetic energy from the hamsters’ movement and convert it into electricity. So the more we feed the hamster, the more they would solve the maze, the more electricity a household would get.

This way, the hamster wouldn’t be overfed and get fat because they would have to work hard, be active and perspire before getting every meal. This would be a win-win situation for both sides. This is an example of what our SIP can hopefully lead to. This is an effective way that would utilize all the resources in our environments without damaging or giving negative effects to the environment. Understanding hamsters is just one aspect of the giant chains of CEO-systems we have. The more things we understand about it, the more we can put it to good use without harming them.

My Cousin As A Person I Admire The Most

Growing up I never had a hero. I always thought it was a pretended idea to look up to someone when they haven’t done anything to actually gain your respect. I thought that there was no one who I would admire in my life. The reasons being because I thought it have to someone who have done something extraordinary but In recent years Vive actually found a hero, someone who I can admire with my heart and be proud to say she’s who I admire. That person Is my cousin. Her name Is Ewe and she Is In her early thirties. She is a personnel manager In the one of the largest company

In the world as she live with her husband In San Francisco. When It comes to physical appearance, my cousin Is a very beautiful, I bet she often attracts men attention. She Is one of those tall and slim woman, who doesn’t need to worry about her diet and she truly loves It. What Is more Ewe has a pale complexion and naturally brown hair which she dyes black. On her face you can spot some acne scars but I think that her bright blue eyes take all the attention. Ewe prefers natural look as she doesn’t wear much make-up, only mascara on her lashes, which suits her perfectly.

Concerning the style my cousin isn’t so fancy about clothes, she likes to keep her wardrobe simple, sometimes adding jewelry to her dress when she go out. As far as her personality is concerned, she is the perfect example of the modern image of the independent woman with very ambitious goals. I admire her the most because of her hard work and sacrifice which she had to make for the past few years while reconciling her work with private life. Moreover Ewe is a perfectionist, which sometimes can be her flaw but I think it mostly helps her not only in her work but in mineral.

However, I would say that her real flaw is being impatient. Regardless if it’s about her work or any other subject, Ewe always become irritated when you ask her to explain to you anything. I think it might even come from her modesty but still I would really like learn about her more sometimes. As for hobbies, my cousin is an active type of person. She and her husband often take long rides on bicycles on the weekends and then send me really amazing photos from these trips. They also travel from time to time and recently they have been In NYC on Christmas holidays.

What Is more I think that Ewe might be the biggest coffee lover ever. She always starts the day with latte and regularly updates snaps with deferent looking coffees to her Google plus account. To sum up, I admire my cousin mostly because she Is the kind of person I want to become, successful, reaching for her goals and at the same time being a kind person who cares about her family. I am proud to say that she Is the reason I take up many actively to develop and trying new thing as she Inspire me to do It when I Just look at what she achieved by her hard work.

Romanticism And Death

The Renaissance was a time period In which had a much more calm way of eras. Looking at death. Yes they were a bit fearful of what happens after death, but they also viewed it as a way out for them, a place where they could go in order to lose all the pain they were feeling. Death was known as a sense of relief to the people, it was an escape from reality. William Shakespeare was a writer during the Renaissance and as one could tell from his pieces, he as well viewed death more positively versus negatively.

In the Neoclassical Era, death was viewed as a portal to the afterlife. In a writer’s perspective, they usually spoke about It leading to heaven Instead of hell, but the people of this time knew that heaven wasn’t the only place they could go, they knew hell was an option too. One writer is John Done who wrote “Death be Not Proud”. In this pieces of literature, Done speaks of death like it’s a human, telling it that it isn’t as scary as it thinks. One could tell that Done is from the Neoclassical Era when he says, “One short sleep past, we wake eternally.

This shows how the people of this Era thought. That no matter how or when you die, you will awake In the afterlife and live on forever. In the Romantic Era, death was focused more on an emotional approach, rather than on the actual action. Authors such as John Keats wrote to express and share their feelings towards death. Keats does so in Ode to a Grecian Urn, he says, She cannot fade, though thou hast not thy bliss, forever wilt thou love, and she be fair! ” The Romantic period thought death was a negative action.

As shown In the quote above, people couldn’t stand watching their loved ones pass. Keats expresses devastation when he sees that his beloved Is passing, showing a whole new view on the definition of Death then we have seen so far. The Victorian Era was more similar to the Romantic, but they mourned a lot more about the passing of their loved ones. The way the people in this Era viewed death is more of what we see in today’s society. When someone passed, in order to honor them, the people would mourn.

Everyone, even children were aware of what was going on hen a person passed. Death was the only thing people knew would definitely happen to them, so they taught their children that as well. A piece called Richard Core by Edwin Arlington Robinson shows that everyone is destined to die whether they are rich or poor. A man named “Richard” is viewed as a “king” because of all his money. The townspeople all envied him, but in the end found out he killed himself because he wasn’t “happy. The Victorian Era was one in which brought death to a reality.

They knew it existed and that it would happen to everybody so they decided it as changed in the past hundreds of years and I believe the views are based upon experiences that happened to those people. The definition on death changes with what one experiences causing them to see things differently. These days we see death as possibly all four of the examples I listed. Some believe it’s something to be a bit fearful of because we don’t know what happens after we die, some believe we go to heaven or hell, normally we are affected emotionally over our loved ones and lastly we all know that death is destined for each and every one of us.

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