Several Scholars Have Stressed The Importance For Organizations In South Africa, Particularly

several scholars have stressed the importance for organizations in south africa, particularly in management, to better equip themselves to understand and relate to different generations. provide suggestions and strategies to south african enterprises which they apply to manage the diverse set of values, expectations and characteristics that are brought by millennial generation into the workplace.

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Managing a diverse population of employees is a difficult task to any organization. Moreover, the expectations and abilities of millennials is completely different from the previous generation. This is especially true because millennials are the first generation to be born during and after the computer revolution.

Following are some of the ways to manage the expectations of diverse employees.


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Adopt an open internal communication method :

Millennials expect their employers to be open in their communication. Since they have access to social media and other information sources, companies cannot expect to adopt double standards in their business.

Value Diversity in the workplace

Employees with diverse background bring different perspectives to a problem. The employer should appreciate their views and pay attention to their suggestions.

Provide Competitive Salary :

Employees are aware of the benefits offered by different employers. Hence, it is important to offer competitive salaries and other perks to employees.


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Offer career growth opportunities :

Employees expect their work to be rewarding and challenging. Hence, it is important to offer growth in the workplace to employees.

Support learning and development :

Employees expect to leran new skills especially through digital formats. Hence, employers should support such learning of employees.


We provided a set of strategies for employers.

We provided a set of strategies for employers to attract and retain a diverse set of employees.