St. Anselm’ S God Necessarily Exists Sample College Essay

Throughout history It has been adult male kinds quest to happen a cogent evidence of the being of God. Even today, spiritual archaeologist, loot the Earth, looking for Noah ’ s Ark, The Ark of the Covenant, or the site Jesus Christ was thought to hold been buried. These work forces and adult females are seeking for artefacts to turn out the being of God to people who believe there is no God. Many people, nevertheless, do non necessitate artefacts to turn out God ’ s being, they have faith, and like St. Anselm of Canterbury, believe that God is the greatest of all imaginable things, nil else can be thought to be greater than God.

St. Anselm states that he wants to happen a cogent evidence of God, non because he does non believe in God, but because he believes in God, he wants cogent evidence of his belief. This means he is non seeking for cogent evidence for his ain interest, for he already believes God exists, he is seeking for cogent evidence for his belief ’ s interest. He believes he was put on Earth to happen God, and he has non yet accomplished what he is seeking for. Knowing this, St. Anselm sets up an ontological statement to turn out the being of God.

First of wholly, to to the full understand this perplexing statement, you must strongly believe the definition of God St. Anselm gives, which is as followed: God is something that which nil greater can be conceived. This means that no 1 can believe of anything that is greater than God. Even if a individual does non believe that God exists, every bit long as the individual believes this definition of God, St. Anselm can turn out the being of God. The 2nd thought you must believe, in order to to the full understand the statement, is, it is greater to be than non to be.

Following, St. Anselm describes two sorts of being: being in the head, and being in world. Being in world is really easy to believe. If you can touch, see, smell, hear, or gustatory sensation something, in world it exists. Being in the head is harder to understand for some, because many people merely believe what they see. St. Anselm gives a beautiful illustration of how he can turn out that something can be in the head, and besides in world. He gives us the illustration of a painter, before the painter paints a image, in his head he has an apprehension of what the picture will look like. After the painter has made the picture, the painter will believe it exists in his head, for he had the vision of the picture before he performed it, and in world, because now he can see the picture with his ain eyes.

Now, St.Anselm has proven two things: God is that which nil greater can be conceived, and it is greater to be than non be. Given you already know that something can be in the head every bit good as in world, you are now to the full ready to understand St. Anselm ’ s ontological statement. Which is as follows:

God is by definition the greatest being possible.

A being who fails to be is less perfect than a being who exists.

Therefore, God must be, needfully.

If a being failed to be, the being would be, that than which nil greater can non be conceived. Since God is a being that than which nil greater can be conceived, God must be non merely in your head, or understanding, but besides in world. Therefore God exists. Now so, anyone who truly believes the defin

ition of God can still state God does non be in their head. However, in world, the individual who genuinely understands this ontological Argument can non deny the being of God. For God is that than which nil greater can be conceived.

After St. Anselm foremost interpreted this ontological statement, it was no surprise to that some one would state that his statement was flawed. Gaunilo was a monastic in the church along with St. Anselm. Gaunilo believed that you could put up this statement with anything, every bit long as it was by definition perfect, and do it look to be. The illustration Gaunilo gives is an statement of the perfect island. Gaunilo says that there is a lost island that no 1 has of all time found, it possess the most fertile dirt and wealths beyond any adult males dreams. Having no people on it, the island is more perfect than any other state. The statement is as follows:

The perfect Island is the greatest possible island.

An island that fails to be is less perfect than an island that does be.

Therefore, the perfect island exists, needfully.

St. Anselm responds by stating that, this would be true if perfect island was defined as that than which no greater can be conceived. Since about anyone can gestate something greater than an island, Gaunilo ’ s statement is flawed.

Gaunilo is non the merely other philosopher who has tried to happen defect in St. Anselm ’ s otological statement. Many have tried but it is about impossible. First of all, no 1 can gestate of anything greater than God, even if you did St. Anselm would state it is impossible. It could be possible to turn this ontological statement into a mathematical equation to happen merely how unflawed the statement is. For illustration, you can alter the sentence, ” God is by definition the greatest being possible, ” into, God is the greatest figure possible. Given that you know that the greatest figure possible is infinite, we would name God- all Numberss conceivable. The following sentence is “ A being who fails to be is less perfect than a being who exists. ” We could turn this sentence into, a figure who fails to exists is non conceivable and a figure that does be is conceivable. Therefore, God is all conceivable Numberss. Here once more, if I can non believe of a figure it does non be, if I can believe of a figure no affair how large it is, it will ne’er be bigger than God. This equation was non set up to demo any significance or to confute St. Anselm statement, it was set up to reenforce merely how unflawed it is.

The lone existent defect in the statement is how one sided it is. First of wholly, if you do non believe in St. Anselm ’ s definition of God, or if you do non believe to be is greater than non to be you can non utilize this statement. The statement merely proves that God exists merely if you believe that God is the greatest possible being. It has been proven over clip that this statement has non changed everyone ’ s mind that God exists. If an archaeologist was to happen the Ark of the Covenant, or Noah ’ s Ark it would hold much more impact on peoples beliefs in God than this statement. Second, If a individual believes that something, besides God, is the greatest possible being, so the statement would work for that. Then once more, I am certain St Anselm would state that whatever it was I believed in that was the greatest possible being, that thing would be the same as God.

Visual Analysis And Renaissance Art

The Renaissance Art period (c. 1400-1600) had a profound impact on the development of art history. Unlike earlier times when artists were considered skilled craftsmen with varying levels of recognition, the Renaissance raised their status in society.

However, during the Sassenach era, a transformation occurred. An artistic revolution emerged, revealing the magnificence of the oral realm to the global community. Prior to the Renaissance, religious themes greatly influenced the primary subjects of art. Artists sustained their livelihoods by creating religious depictions, saintly portraits, and paintings commissioned by nobility. It was widely believed that only religious imagery deserved to be painted. The painting technique was rather rudimentary, lacking proper consideration for anatomical precision, atmospheric elements, or geometric structure.

During the Renaissance era, paintings lacked depth and were dull in appearance. The subjects were often depicted in profile, lacking proper shading and perspective. However, this period sparked a renewed fascination with Greek and Roman culture, leading to advancements in understanding the human form as well as breakthroughs in mathematics and science. This era also introduced the concept of Humanism, which refers to the social philosophy and intellectual and literary movements that prevailed from 1400 to 1650.

The revival of pagan classics inspired secularism, the enjoyment of earthly pleasures, and most importantly enhanced the assertion of personal independence and individual expression. In this era, people were unafraid to challenge religious faith. Theories were validated by examining various facts and patterns, questioning the causes and motives behind events, and using logic to comprehend these inquiries. Suddenly, all of God’s creations, especially the human body, were respected as evidence of God’s immense power and flawlessness.

During the Renaissance, there was a strong connection between artistic beauty and morality, leading to a widespread admiration for beauty. This included different elements like portraying nudity in human figures, utilizing linear and atmospheric perspective, and having a greater fascination with nature. Artists also attained higher social standing during this time, as their works were no longer considered simple craftsmanship but rather awe-inspiring creations inspired by divinity. Furthermore, the Renaissance period witnessed the introduction of the printing press which played a vital role in facilitating the church’s reformation by allowing people to read the Bible in their native language.

During this era, the ancient Greek concept of the heavens came to an end. It was previously believed that the sun was at the center of the solar system and that planets revolved around it in circular orbits. However, observations proved this theory inaccurate. The Keeper proposed a more accurate theory stating that planets actually move in elliptical orbits and their speed varies depending on their distance from the sun.

Alongside these scientific advancements, there were also many talented artists during this time period. Notably, Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo emerged as prominent figures. Leonardo da Vinci is renowned for his masterpiece, Mona Lisa, while Michelangelo gained fame for his remarkable work on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

Leonardo da Vinci was born in Vinci, Italy on April 15, 1452. He was raised by his father and began his apprenticeship at a young age under Overarching, an artist from Florence. During this time, Leonardo dedicated himself to honing diverse technical skills including metalworking, leather arts, carpentry, and sculpting. In 1478, he attained the status of master artist in the Guild of Saint Luke and established his own workshop. It was during this phase that he encountered Ludicrous Sports, who would eventually ascend to the position of Duke of Milan.

In 1482, Lorenz De’ Medici, a man from a prominent Italian family, enlisted the services of dad Vinci to craft a silver lyre and present it to Ludicrous IL Moor, the Duke of Milan, as a symbol of peace. Dad Vinci complied and subsequently penned a letter to Ludicrous detailing how his expertise in engineering and artistry could greatly benefit the court. In this missive, he outlined various tasks he could perform for the Duke, including constructing bridges, tunnels, and fortresses. Additionally, he expressed his ability to create aesthetically pleasing and practical siege guns, mortars, and other machinery. Lastly, he mentioned his proficiency in painting.

Michelangelo, renowned for his artistic brilliance and as the quintessential Renaissance man, possessed talents that extended beyond his artworks. Like other influential figures of the Renaissance humanism movement, he also harbored a strong interest in science. He meticulously recorded his observations and innovations across various fields such as botany, military engineering, human anatomy, and architecture. One of his numerous extraordinary paintings that captivated the world was the Mona Lisa; it continues to astound humanity to this day. Widely regarded as one of the most famous masterpieces of the Renaissance era, this painting holds immense significance. Michelangelo’s birth took place on March 6, 1475 in Caprese, Italy.

Despite being born into a banking family, Michelangelo began his art journey by apprenticing with a painter. He honed his skills while working in the sculpture gardens of the influential Medici family. This led to great success as an artist during the Italian Renaissance and recognition for his exceptional talent. Notable works include the renowned statues “David” and “Pieta,” along with ceiling frescoes in Rome’s Sistine Chapel, including the famous depiction of “Last Judgment.” Pope Julius II commissioned Michelangelo specifically to paint the chapel ceiling, which also served as a venue for papal elections.

Michelangelo revolutionized the art world with his depiction of elegant nudes and powerful seated figures on the ceiling. Through his painting, he narrated the Old Testament, beginning with the creation of Adam and concluding with the prophecy of the savior. Additionally, Michelangelo introduced a new standard for representing the human figure, portraying it not only as a character in a story but also as an emotionally and spiritually expressive entity. In this masterpiece, Michelangelo portrayed Adam with an unparalleled divine beauty. His work on the Sistine Ceiling elevated the importance of the human body, making it the central focus of his frescoes in both aesthetic and symbolic terms.

After studying the Renaissance Art era, it becomes evident why these two individuals stood out as leaders during that time. They inspired Humanism through their artwork, elevating its significance and giving art a fresh interpretation. Not only were they artists, but they were also inventors, poets, scientists, and most importantly, they transformed the way people perceived art. Through their influence, artists became regarded as intellectuals. Upon close examination of Da Vinci’s various paintings, one can notice his distinctive use of colors, skillfully blending them together to bring his images to life. His paintings can be likened to contemporary pictures of our time.

Traits Of A Successful Entrepreneur

Therefore, students are required to explain relevant entrepreneurial traits and analyze through application on successful entrepreneurs. A) Students are required to identify and describe the entrepreneurial traits that highly needed and applied to operate the business by the entrepreneurs. Based on the traits provided below, explain each trait with a relevant example(s) in the business perspective. [Must use different entrepreneur as an example for each trait. (At least one example)] You must include the following traits: b) Write a brief biography of one successful entrepreneur of your choice in our own words.

Then, explain how he or she demonstrates ANY FIVE (5) entrepreneurial traits that highlighted in the QUESTION (A) and how this assists them to be successful in their venture. Choose any successful entrepreneur that involved in any industry. For example, you may refer to http://www. Forbes. Com/billionaires/Task 2 Students are required to transfer their written assignment to online material (blob) to reach global nineteen’s input, comment, recommendation and each other. In addition, students are given freedom to post any relevant material retaining entrepreneurship to escalate their blob traffic and connectedness.

Students are highly encouraged to use free online blob packages to fulfill this task. For instance: Free blob publishing Tools i. HTTPS://www. Flogger. Com/ ii. HTTPS://wordless. Com/ iii. Http://www. Squarest. Com/tour/floggers/ iv. Http://www. Correctable. Com/ v. HTTPS://www. Tumble. Com/login? Redirect_to=/finelflogmple: i. httpHttpathMathieuogBloodspotm/Com. httpHttpalamalignanciesogBloodspotm/Comi. httpHTTPSosmcompletenessrdwordlessm/Com. httpHttptkaoutsmartsmbTumblem/Comtorial Links i. httpHTTPSww. youtYouth/wMomch? =J_39eibowing1 ii. httpHttpebIwebbingouAboutm/ComcdoacredentialingBasgObliteratingm Tm. httpHTTPSwww. udemDemym/Com-to-create-your-free-blogblobsh-blogBloomberg’sinners/ iv. httpHTTPSearn. wordwordlessm/Comstructions: The written assignment and blogblobt be prepared on a group basis (5-7 members in a group). It is expected the content of the inscribed assignment will reflect group’s thoughts and analysis rather than the work of others. The selection of the group’s members MUST be from within the same group that the students attend.

After the formation of groups, each GROUP LEADER shall ubmivomit names of the group members to their respective lecturer by WEEK 3. Each group must submit a relevant formal report by Week 9 (exclude mid-term break). Group assignment guidelines/specifications are given below. *Refer flowchart of assignment submission. (Appendix l) Students are required to write in their OWN WORDS and Cite References in their group assignments. Failure to do so may result in either the project paper be rejected or failed or heavily penalized. Group Assignment Specification: The project should be neatly typed in Font 12 Arial with 1. spacSpacingA4 sAYe papers. Students are expected type page number, course code and course name in every page. Assignment must be written in ENGLISH. Students are expected to use APA PAPerencing style for their assignment. Students are recommended to utilize listed sources of research to gather information on entrepreneurs: Publications Technical/Academic/Professional journals e-book on entrepreneurship Textbooks on entrepreneurship Books about entrepreneurship Biographies or autobiographies of entrepreneurs Compendiums about entrepreneurs News periodicals Venture periodicals Newsletters Proceedings of conferences

The Internet Magazine Government Report Direct Observation of Practicing Entrepreneurs Interviews Surveys Case studies Speeches, Seminars, and Presentations by Practicing Entrepreneurs Online Library search Android/AppIPipesAPSer page should include the name of university, college, subject name and code, coursework title, name of student and student matrix number, group name, name of lecturer, and date of submission. The assignment should not exceed 20 pages excluding table of contents, appendices, cover page, marking scheme and references.

Each group shall submit the PRINTED GROUP ASSIGNMENT by Week 9, (Thursday), before 5. 00pmPme assignment should include the following: 1 . Marking Scheme (Rubric) for group assignment (Appendix IV & V) 2. Meeting Schedule (See Appendix Ill) 3. Table of contents 4. Task 1: The report (Introduction, Contents and Conclusion) 5. Task 2: Provide hyperlink and Print screen of BlogBlobReferences: Students are advised to incorporate American Psychological Association (APA)PAPde of referencing. i)http://www. apasEpistyleg/Org) httpHTTPSwl. ngliEnglishrdPurdueu/Du/resource/560/01/ iii) http://writing. wiscWiseu/Dudbook/DocADoctormlHTMLppendix (if needed) All pages in the written report should be numbered except for the cover page, Table of Contents, references and appendix. A copy of the marking scheme (Appendix IV) must be attached after the cover page of the assignment. Late Submission Penalty Clause Deadline for submission of the assessment item(s) is to be strictly adhered to. No extension of time will be allowed except in extenuating circumstances, e. g. eGicDeicedsons. Students who wish to apply for an extension of time for submission of the assessment item(s) after the due date shall put in writing he request together with validated documentary evidence to support the application to his or her class lecturer. The lecturer may consider and grant such extension of due date for the assessment item(s) based on the reason(s) provided. Any assessment item required by the Coursework Assessment which is submitted after the due date, without an approved extension, will be penalized.

Assessment item(s) submitted more than seven (7) days after the due date will be awarded with zero (O) marks. Plagiarism PlagPlagiarismdefined as the submission or presentation of work, in any form, hichwhichnot one’s own, without acknowledgment of the sources. If a student obtains information or ideas from an outside source, that source must be acknowledged. Another rule to follow is that any direct quotation must be placed in quotation marks and the source Immediately cited.

Plagiarism is also defined as a copy of all or part of the work of another student(s) of current or previous batch of this University or another higher learning institution. The University’s degree and other academic awards are given in recognition of the candidate’s personal achievement. Plagiarism is therefore considered as an act of academic fraudulence and as an offence against University discipline. Mode of Referencing Students are advised to incorporate proper academic modes of referencing.

The normally acceptable mode of academic referencing is the American Psychological Association (APA)PAPstem. Fieldwork Clause (where applicable) Students are reminded of the importance to consider their personal safety when conducting research in the field. You will be exposing yourself in new situations and meeting with people who are unknown to you. It is important that you are ware of potential dangers and take the necessary safety steps. You have to be extra careful and cautious if you are going to interview or conduct a survey with small, unknown organizations or individuals ‘on site’.

You should ensure you have the full details (full name, job title, organization name, address and telephone numbers) of anyone or organization you intend to conduct the field research. You should establish the credibility of these respondents before your groups visit them. The field research should be made in groups not alone. Leave word with your fellow classmates on your field visit details of place, contact numbers, a person you are interviewing or conducting a survey with, expected time of return, etc).

The field work should be at office hours. Appendix I – Flowchart of Assignment Submission Notes- Flowchart 1st week – Assignment distributed to the students. 2nd 2ndrd week – If any student fails to join any group, will be given “O” for assignment. of mOfks will be If any group fails to submit group members list, 50% deducted from the total score. 6th 6thk – Students are required to edit their assignment report according to provided guideline and roofroofedore submission to ensure quality of written assignment.

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