Store Information Like Regular Laptops Essay Sample For College

A laptop computer, also known as a portable personal computer, is equipped with the same components found in a desktop computer. Its purpose is to perform various tasks including internet browsing, document creation, graphic design, file storage, and communication. Originally created for military purposes, laptops initially had limited acceptance due to their smaller size and lower storage capacity compared to desktop computers. Nevertheless, significant technological advancements have greatly improved the storage capabilities of laptops.

Despite being more expensive than desktop computers, laptops are extensively used by businesses and scholars. However, there are cheaper laptops available with less storage space compared to desktops. Laptops can be powered either by a battery or by connecting to an electrical outlet. They perform typed commands and are commonly employed for communication, document creation, and design production.

In addition, laptops have internal software storage capabilities, and some components are optimized for high-performance gaming. The laptop consists of several essential parts such as the monitor, keyboard, mouse, computer memory, hard disk, motherboard, and central processing unit. A description of these parts and their functions is as follows:

– Keyboard: This device is used for inputting information and can be likened to a typewriter since it contains letter keys and symbols. Furthermore, these keys generate electrical signals that are registered by the keyboard’s circuitry.

– Mouse:

The mouse is a plastic device used for pointing objects and detecting two-dimensional motion. It converts hand motions into computer movements using mechanical sensors. The monitor, serving as an output device resembling a TV screen, displays text, images, or graphics while transmitting commands. Memory is stored within silicone chips in the computer and is utilized for storing vast amounts of information, as well as temporary or permanent files. The hard disk in the computer’s disk drive stores digitally encoded data.

Motherboard. It is a socket on the side of the computer that is used to install or connect additional components.

Central processing Unit. It is an electronic circuit that executes commands implied by computer program instructions.

Operating Description and Conclusion. A person operating a laptop can accomplish various tasks as its main function is to respond to commands that produce documents, retrieve information, or communicate with others. Commands are typed into the keyboard and executed by the computer processor, with the signals then transmitted on the computer monitor.

Furthermore, individuals can use a mouse to control laptops and carry out specific tasks such as file operations (e.g., opening and closing files) and document creation. The impressive efficiency of laptops is greatly appreciated by entrepreneurs, leading to a surge in demand for portable computers. This trend can be attributed primarily to the enhanced storage capacity of modern laptops, enabling them to handle multiple tasks similar to traditional desktop computers.

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Holography can be known as a relatively new system of Organizational governance where authority and the decision-making powers are equally vested and distributed to diligent and skilled members of the workforce. Unlike the age-old Hierarchy System of management where all powers were virtually centralized and vested with the company executives and higher level of management, Holography seems to be a new villain in the corporate world which empowers all employees with a voice to govern and decide the business strategies that will define the outcome and the sustainability as well as profitability of the organization.

This new system of Business Governance is more based on the democratic system of governance. Holography ideally is well suited for small well knitted organizations such as not for profit organizations but of late this system of business management seems to be adopted by Larger organizations and we may not be surprised if in the coming days will be the most preferred system of management due to the mere fact that it engages all members of the workforce and stimulates their mind to think like executives and motivates them.

Holography as mentioned before emphasis on the fact that decisions are made by particular normal workforce who have a certain degree of expertise in the field and are well adaptive to the ever changing business market that have been exposed to the world. Multinational companies have to be well aware of all changing government policies as well the new tastes of the customers. Holography is more sort of a self-governing system of business where powers are not centralized and are flexible.

Equal importance is to be given to the fact that a capable person can hold and perform various roles that the most fruitful outcome. These roles are collectively performed in circles that are to a certain extent self-organized with efficiency in mind. These circles Page | 1 have the right to conduct their meetings as well as elect their capable members for projects. This in return creates their domain of authority and governance. What one needs to bear in mind though is that these different circles are interconnected and dependent on other circles of a role for the end product to be fruitful.

The business processes are variable created to meet the business, and operational requirements and each member with various specific roles have pacified duties and need to be fulfilled in a systematic and efficient manner. PERSONAL EXPERIENCE During my medical experience days back in Nepal, Katmandu, I was assigned to a task by the Red Cross and The Lions Club to conduct medical tests and come up with reports in regards to the general health of the citizens living in the rural area.

Though OUrs was not practically a large organization, we constantly had to switch role and wear different thought hats on so as to come up with a most concrete and accurate report. At the same time, being the doctor in the team also had to work as a logistics personnel whereby giving me the opportunity and the role of the person in charge of the travel and accommodation facilities. Other members in my circle were in charge of the accounts and finance as well as the field knowledge expertise so as to make sure that were on the correct path to the rural areas we were assigned to.

To be honest, I was completely unaware of this system of governance until coming through this topic and realizing that we had a similar system where we shared the decision-making. LINEAR PROGRAMMING Linear programming is a known mathematical method used to achieve the best outcome as, in this case, to decrease cost by calculating the linear relationships between the unknown X and Y quadrants. This system examines and calculates the X and Y values for the best option available which shall yield the best known outcome which is to reduce Page | 2 cost and utilize the option that will have the nearest value with optimum output.

This system in simple words aims to achieve Profit Mastication and Cost Reduction. However, the limitations of this system of linear programming are its rabbles known as constraints and in this case are the X and Y variables which requires having values greater than or equaling to 0 due to the fact that different business decisions have fixed requirements that have to be met for the outcome to be produced. Very often, these requirements may be difficult to be achieved in one instance, and the option that may not be the best but near to it may be taken on board by management.

With the economy and the world markets always changing and not being stable, every management needs to bear in mind hat such mathematical calculations and methods are a necessity to reach the intended and required goals and budgets which are cost effective and outcome focused. Once again during my medical experience when the economy was not strong back home in Nepal, the hospital that I was working in was in a dire economic situation as the cost of medicines and costs of overheads were going high.

Therefore to provide the best medical and general health care to the customers and the general public, the management had to come up with a decision that was cost effective bearing in mind the business sustainability of the hospital. Various factors such as skilled labor as well as general labor as well as cost efficient general products for day to day administration was to be bared in mind.

Advertising And Body Image Assignment

Who do you think the target audience for each of these ads are? Personally, I think both these ads are directed towards teenagers aged 16 – 28. I came to this conclusion about the target audience due to the fact both models in the ads are in that age group, and the photographer used ” sexual / intimate ” poses to engaged the target audience and advertise the product or company. How do you think the target audience is expected to respond to the visual ads? Personally, I think they are expected to be engaged to the ad being shown.

But, reasonably I think some people are more offended than others. The creator of this ad is trying to sell the ad by showing sexual poses or revealing photos, something a teenager would be drawn to. How much of each advertisement is taken up by the actual product? Give a percentage in your answer! For the Barometric ad, personally I think only 6% of the ad is used for the product being shown, witch in this case is the Barometric jeans. For the “Shalom” ad, personally I think only 25 % of the ad is used for the product being shown, witch in this case is the perfume.

What do you think each ad is actually saying? Hind the Barometric ad is almost saying that if you are a guy, this is what you have to look, perfect abs and a perfect body. Think the “Shalom “ad is saying that if you have this perfume, you will look like this or feel like this. This ad is very miss leading to young women or adults. Where might these ads appear? Be specific and give reasons for your answers! Personally I think these ads may appear in magazines or on a billboard sign when driving on the 401.

When looking at the Barometric ad, it looks to me that the ad is displayed on a large billboard sign, placed beside a busy road or highway. The company purposely does this to advertise the company by using a busy place knowing that a lot of people would see it while driving by. I think the “Shalom “ad would be found in a women’s magazine to catch the eye of women, to purchase the product. Also think you find this ad in a sports illustrated magazine, knowing that men would see the product and think about buying it for there wife or girlfriend for her birthday, Valentines Day or even Christmas.

In advertising, camera angles are a powerful way to involve and influence the viewer. For each ad what camera angle is being used? What message does the ewer receive from their involvement with each ad as a result of the camera angle? For the Barometric ad, personally I think that the camera angle being use is “low’. When you look at the ad, you are looking up making the model look dominate and in a more powerful position. I think the viewer does receive involvement when looking at the ad due to the fact that they are drawn to the dominate image right away, selling the product or company to the viewer.

For the “Shalom “ad, personally I think that the camera angle being used is “Straight on”. When you look at the ad, you are looking straight on, giving the ewers equality. This gives the viewers a feeling of equal power, and allows the viewer to see ever part of the ad clearly. How do you think these advertisements can affect teenagers of body image and self esteem? Think both these ads; do affect teenagers in a negative way. These ads make teenagers feel, “less valuable” because they don’t look the same as the models in the ads.

This then relates to teens self esteem and lowers there confidence. Think media is revolving in a negative way, media is changing the way we think and act towards these ads, and we end up changing our true beauty for something we saw in a magazine. The Barometric ad is making men / boys think having a 6 pack abs is normal, when we know its not. The “Shalom “ad is showing young women that beauty is being flawless with not a freckle in sight, but is this really possible? If god wanted us all to be the same, what would be the point of having the word unique?

With so many advertisements like these surrounding us and affecting us either directly or indirectly, what are the challenges of living a life according to Jesus’ teaching of the beatitudes? As part of your answer, witch beatitudes would be most difficult to follow considering the messages in these ads? Hind some of the challenges we face trying to live a life according to Jesus, is the fact that our world is not perfect and it’s hard not to get sucked into life’s little things instead of looking at the big picture.

Jesus always wanted us to put others before ourselves and think of people’s best interest before we make a decision. Think Jesus is right when he says those things in the bible, but are we really living a life that’s like that anymore? Those are the questions we have to ask our self when looking at the beatitudes. I think the hardest beatitude when relating back o these ads would be “Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for the kingdom of heaven” I think this beatitude shows that its hard to stand up for what you believe in when everyone else is going against you.

Its like the ads, how do you look at these ads and not want to change or look like that, you simply have to take a step back and think of your beliefs and what god would want you to do! Now choose an advertisement form a magazine or the internet that could negatively affect a teenagers self esteem / body image and attach it to your assignment. Answer the following questions. What Product is being sold? The product being sold in this advertisement is “Milk”. Who is the target Audience? Personally, I think the target audience for this ad, is directed towards women/ young girls of all ages.

What camera angle is being used and how does this affect the viewer’s involvement with the image? Personally, I think the camera angle being use is “Straight on”. I think this because when looking at the advertisement it is showing equality towards the viewer, and that its an eye level advertisement making it a straight on camera angle. What messages(S) in the ad are being sent? Consider both words and images! Personally, I think the message being sent, in picture and in words is that, if you drink milk you will look like this and somehow get a milk moustache.

The words impact the viewer’s knowledge and the picture gives a visual that milk is good for you. If advertisers are aware that ads like these negatively affect the self esteem of thousands of teenagers, why do you think they continue to create them? Think they continue to create these ads in order to make money. No one in the advertisement business is trying to hurt anyone with these ads it’s simply about the money, and how much revenue they can make on each ad.