Sustainable Business Design: Bicycle Parking System In New York Free Sample


The modern world is widely discussing the environmental issues that uncontrolled human activities have led to during the last two centuries. Water and air pollution, soil damage, and melting of the Arctic ice are the most often cited effects of what is nowadays called technological progress. Drawing from this, the modern world of business has environmental protection and being environmentally friendly, i. e. sustainability and economic effectiveness, like its two basic requirements that either facilitate the company’s success in the market, in case if they are followed or place the company under public condemnation if the environmental concerns are ignored. The business project discussed in this paper, the bike parking system in New York City called BICO, belongs to the former group as sustainability is its basis and one of the major sources for economic prosperity and development.

Project Summary

The essence of the proposed business project lies in the creation of the bike parking system for New York City. The major point about the project is that the carbon gases emissions in the air equal the estimated figure of 6.676 tons of CO2 per person annually. At the same time, the bicycle is the most environmentally friendly way of transportation. Due to this, the discussed project focuses on facilitating the use of bicycles for transportation in New York City. The project also solves the issues of bike theft and the lack of bike parking places in the city by arranging considerable and accessible bike parking facilities and opportunities for bike purchase and rent. The ideas of sustainability and economic efficiency are crucial to the project.

Project Analysis


On the whole, sustainability of the business is defined by Smukowski (2006) as “the increase in productivity and/or reduction of consumed resources without compromising product or service quality, competitiveness, or profitability”. In other words, sustainable business is the one that brings profit without, or with little, harm to the environment, society, the economic conditions of the community, and the health of this community (Business Link, 2005; SAS, 2009; Sustainability Report, 2009). The BICO project discussed in this paper meets this definition of sustainable business as its main focus is to make a profit by reducing the CO2 emissions in the air and providing better traffic opportunities for people using such an environmentally friendly way of transportation as a bicycle.

Further on, the issues of business sustainability are regulated by various international organizations that are either governmentally authorized bodies like the United Nations Organization and the Rainforest Alliance or community-based companies like the Network for Business Innovation and Sustainability (Capra and Pauli, 2000, pp. 12 – 13; NBIS, 2009). The BICO project is also planned to cooperate with those organizations and undergo the certification by the Rainforest Alliance to ensure that the project’s effect on the environmental and economic conditions of the community it is launched in are positive and sustainable for both the community members and the project developers (The Global Compact, 2007).

Economic Effects

The economic effects of the proposed project can be observed in two major planes, i. e. the effects for the project developers and the community or the customers in New York City. On the whole, NBIS (2009) single out the economic profitability of business put under the community and environment needs as the basis for sustainability (NBIS, 2009). Therefore, the character of the discussed project allows speaking of its positive economic effects as a part of the overall project sustainability. In more detail, the project developers plan to retrieve profit from the set of services that include the building and exploitation of the bile parking tower, the bike rent, purchase, and delivery services, the sponsorship from the governmental and non-governmental agencies as well as from interested bicycle manufacturers (SAS, 2009; The Global Compact, 2007).

Thus, the economic effects of the project on its developers are positive and also not harmful to the community and environment. BICO will retrieve its profit from solving one of the burning environmental problems and facilitating the development of the community consciousness regarding the CO2 emissions and their reduction (Sustainability Report, 2009). Moreover, BICO will benefit the community by reducing the traffic loads and assist in solving the two bicycle parking issues, i. e. the lack of parking places and the associated bike theft issue. Finally, the BICO project is intended to be integrated with the government-originated environmental initiatives to create win-win cooperation.


Thus, the above discussion allows concluding that the proposed BICO project for designing the bicycle parking system in New York City is a win-win community benefiting and an environmentally friendly project that, moreover, allows its developers to gain profit from solving the environmental problem of the CO2 emissions and the community issues associated with heavy traffic and bike theft. So, the BICO project possesses sustainability and the potential for positive economic effects in the spheres of business and community development.

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Affordable Care Act Replacement Bill And Its Issues


The health care system is definitely one of the most significant structures for the US. Logically, it has always been quite challenging to manage because for this huge country with such a diverse population, it is tough to come up with a solution that will satisfy everyone. The government puts a tremendous amount of effort to make medical support as available as possible but it faces a lot of obstacles. The Republican Affordable Care Act is one of the controversial programs.

The purpose of the meeting, key participants, key agenda items, and meeting logistics

On May 10, 2019, a Republican politician, Tom MacArthur, was leading a town hall meeting in Willingboro, New Jersey. He was answering questions regarding an amendment that he drafted in the House-passed Republican Affordable Care Act replacement bill. This amendment included points that allowed states to apply for waivers denying health insurance coverage for certain pre-existing conditions. It also lets states not give some health coverage and services. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss health care and, specifically, how the new amendment would affect it. Constituents were able to ask direct questions and MacArthur gave them answers.

Background information and a description of the committee

The Affordable Care Replacement Bill came to replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which President Obama enacted in 2010. ACA changed the situation in the US healthcare tremendously as it increased the number of insured citizens, and it also made care easier to access. Levitt et al. emphasize, “as of the end of the third open enrollment under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), 12.7 million people had signed up for coverage in the health insurance marketplaces” (p. 1). More people than ever before we’re able to get subsidies, which could increase their quality of life. However, after Donald Trump won the elections in 2016, the government started changing the direction of the way the health care system operated. According to Heitkamp (2019), all the bills funded by Republicans to replace Obamacare never intend to boost the well-being of US citizens. Thus, The Republican Affordable Care Act replacement bill created a lot of negative reactions to it. Originally, it was created to improve the situation in the insurance market. In reality, the audience claimed that this amendment would leave many people without medical support and would decrease the welfare of US communities.

One specific topic that was discussed at the meeting and an explanation of the committee process

One of the crucial issues raised at this meeting was about the pre-existing insurance coverage, especially for people with life-threatening diagnoses. One of the participants, Geoff Ginter, stood up and presented a situation he is currently in. His wife was diagnosed with cancer when she was 40, and his two children both have pre-existing conditions from birth. Thankfully, Ginter is fortunate enough to have a job that covers tremendous sums of money for treatments. Otherwise, there is no chance he would be able to afford expensive care. If The Affordable Care Replacement Bill is enacted, this man will lose the subsidies and his family will face awful conditions with the risk of lethal outcomes for his wife and daughters. Ginter mentioned as well that the insurance sphere is complicated enough for many and that the existing government has to acquire a deeper understanding of how it actually works. To summarize, this amendment will most likely put a substantial number of individuals in severe financial conditions, which, as a result, raises certain morality issues.

An analysis of the key stakeholder positions related to the topic discussed

MacArthur did not give the direct answer to this question, probably, because Ginter refused to hear the explanations. However, the politician stated the governmental position earlier by saying that in reality this amendment is created to protect people with pre-existing issues rather than to worsen their situation. He said that the program intends to make taxpayers instead of employers sponsor individuals with serious problems. MacArthur argued that the idea behind is to expand access to insurance for other groups of citizens.

Key interactions that occurred at the meeting

Over main interactions, participants discussed a lot of crucial topics. Those included the significance of coverage for pre-existing conditions, as well as the situation for private employers. The last but not least, one of the key topics was also assigning states to decide which health benefits to consider essential. Overall, the way the audience communicated with MacArthur was quite tense. Constitutes raised their voices and often did not let the politician answer questions or confront complaints. People tended to insult him, reacting aggressively, and it seemed like they did not believe MacArthur’s words at all.

Outcomes of the meeting including the specific topic focus

The main outcome of this meeting supports its main idea – the health care system requires some major changes. Republicans are sure about the fact that Obamacare might not be as effective as it seemed. Bauchner (2016) supports these thoughts by saying that there is not enough high-quality data demonstrating tremendous improvements and raises in life quality. Indeed, it is difficult to judge if the program worked or not in such a short period of time. To have a better understanding of the outcomes, years have to pass so the situation will be seen in dynamics. The meeting ended with the remained constituents trying to attract the attention of the politician to the moral issue coming from the implementation of the amendment.


To conclude, it is not an easy task to decide whether applying The Republican Affordable Care Act is a great plan or not. However, it is clear enough that the reaction of the audience cannot be called peaceful. Therefore, it is undoubtedly worth carefully monitoring its implications, collecting all the available data and statistics, and examining the results. The Health system is one of the main indicators of the country’s well-being so no concern can be underrated.


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Skype Limited Acquisition: Qik


One of the surprise acquisition announcements that was made and closed within a single month was the acquisition of Qik by Skype Limited (Venture Deal, 2011). The acquisition deal was announced at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on 6 January, 2011 (Indvik, 2011). The acquisition was completed within a period of a week, where it was officially announced on both company’s websites on 14 January, 2011 (Skype Limited, 2011b). There are several aspects distinctive to this acquisition, other than the fact that it is the first acquisition by Skype. In that regard, this paper will attempt to cover the main point of the deal.


First and foremost, the acquisition perfectly fits within the strategy of Skype, in terms of goals, aims, and sphere of business. A business strategy is “concerned with ways of achieving, maintaining, or enhancing competitive advantage in product market”; video conferencing is one of the products of the company, which competitive advantage it intends to enhance (Sudarsanam, 2010). The aim of the company- Skype, in that regard, can be seen through enhancing the competitive advantage of the company, through adding new capabilities to its portfolio represented through the service offered by Qik, and the expertise of its human resources. Additionally, both share “a common purpose of enriching communications with video” (Indvik, 2011). The capabilities include “adding recording, sharing, and storing capabilities to Skype’s product portfolio” (KS&R, 2011).


It can be stated there are no apparent regulatory implications for the acquisition. The only aspect that can be discussed in this case is the possibility of antitrust and government competition policies. Nevertheless, the environment is competitive in this sphere, where it can be stated that the acquisition might be increase competition with other products such as Apple’s proprietary Face Time software (Skype Limited, 2011a). Additionally, the acquisition can be characterized as friendly, specifically considering having two common board members, Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz, “who could have helped facilitate the deal” (Indvik, 2011).


The details of the deal were not disclosed, and at the same time, there is no financial information available on the revenues of Qik. Thus, it can be assumed that the valuation of the company was based on potential user base, and the estimation of the company’s stream-line video technology. With the absence of corporate information, it can be assumed that the valuation was based on relative valuation, i.e. valuation based on comparable companies and comparable transactions (Dash, 2010).


The sum paid is correlated between $100 and $150 million, with the latter being stated to be divided between $121 million in cash and up to $29 million in contingent payments (Venture Deal, 2011).

Defence Tactics

Considering that here are common board members in both companies, the defence strategies are mostly to increase the price of the offer. Thus, the announcement of the partnership with T-mobile, and the rapid growth from 600, 000 users to 5 million users within the period of a year -2010, can be seen as an external defence strategy for informing analysts about “company strategy, financing policies and investment programmes” (Sudarsanam, 2010).


The integration of the companies is unlikely to be difficult, and as of the present time, considering the number of staff employed and the nature of the business operations. As of now the companies continue to operate within their usual mode, and in the same strategic direction. It is likely that the integration will lead to collaborative efforts in the development of Skype products, while the Qik’s main service will continue operating on its own. It can be stated that in such acquisition, both parties are winning, with the factors cited for the success of mergers being applicable in this cases, including a clear purpose of acquisition, good cultural fit, and in-depth knowledge of the industry (Arnold, 2009).


It can be concluded that despite the apparent benefits of the deal, it is still early to evaluate its success. The main risk in that regard is for the present acquisition can be seen in the failure to deliver value to the investors. Considering the expertise of the companies, it is more likely, however, that the acquisition will prove to be successful in delivering the common objectives of both companies.


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