The Neutrality Of Technology Writing Sample

Technology accompanies a person for a very long time. However, in modern society, the question of the neutrality of this aspect of society’s life has arisen. It is worth emphasizing that technologies can be used both for positive purposes, such as computers to search for information, and for negative, hacking secret data. This duplicity makes them neutral, despite the growing debate about the negative impact of technological development.

Further, technology has made a significant positive contribution to the development of almost all spheres of life. This applies both to everyday life and includes the creation of televisions, household appliances, and computers before the introduction of technologies for the creation of genetically modified products. The crisis that Gildmann spoke about is the problem of overconsumption and living beyond needs (“Paul Gildman: The Earth is Full”). In addition, research states that “the technology neutral approach may give rise to distorted technology choices given that it does not internalize the degree of substitutability across technologies” (Fabra and Montero 3). This problem can be solved through the correct and responsible use of technologies and the creation of strategies to reduce the negative impact on the environment.

Therefore, technological advancement due to the development of this sphere is inevitable and will correspond to the level of development of society. I believe that in the future, people will rely heavily on technology, which may have its implications. Hence, many will stop performing many actions on their own, for example, sending messages or cooking food, which will affect the overall decline in the education of society and its general degradation. Thus, I believe that technologies are important for many fields, for example, medical and scientific. However, a balance should be maintained so as not to be dependent on them.

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The Brick-And-Mortar Company: E-Commerce


Within the scope of this paper, we will discuss how Brick & Mortar Company might benefit from doing business online. The customer is king at Brick-and-Mortar establishments as well as at the most successful online merchants. Customer demands are evolving at a rapid pace, and online purchasing is becoming an increasingly user-friendly alternative. The e-backs need to either differentiate themselves or isolate themselves to attract clients and generate trust and commitment.

Issue Statement

Even though the proprietor of the Brick and Mortar firm has to direct her attention toward the delivery of new pay via electronic business, she is aware that this shift in activities demands the organization to concentrate on developing new advancements. The significant merchants provide the item with a replacement guarantee, free conveyance, and other features that are progressing toward turning into standards in the online shopping industry. The client still needs predictable as well as consistent information across all contact points, including the web, movement man, forthcoming, website, user-friendly application, customer organization, and web-based systems management. They want to be able to ask for, obtain, get, send, and return from anywhere, at any time, and from any device. To enhance the contributions made at each step, the e-rear ends need to investigate the lifetime of the customer relationship.


Cloud computing and mobile application development are the two technological advances that we choose. Cloud communications have the potential to be a fundamentally enabling influence, which may help electronic company associations ensure changed customer loyalty all through the buying cycle and also carry out effective and near-continual advertising efforts (Soegoto & Eliana, 2018). More clients are being identified even in more remote and common regions as a result of portable apps. Web-based business associations have been able to circumvent the organization’s cleft totally by providing organization updates and other communication via their portable applications, email, and SMS. This has allowed them to bypass the organization’s cleft entirely.

Business Requirement

Mechanical Requirement

The linked, obtuse, and transitory character of the channels has almost likely prompted an improvement in the pernicious dangers that are zeroing in on internet businesses just as they do retail businesses. The critical drivers of success all through the next decade will be focused on building a significant understanding of and relationship with the drawn-in client, rapidly integrating inconvenient advances, getting a handle on ground-breaking strategies in both the disconnected and online space, and establishing key capacities (Soegoto & Eliana, 2018). As a result of this change, there will moreover be difficulties to illuminate by experts in effectively getting ready relationships for change and realizing the required advances to convey issues relating to store closures, business (work incident/reskilling), and anticipated adverse natural impacts.


Increasing the company’s revenue via the implementation of various online business innovations is the primary objective of this article. The second objective is to determine which innovations are more convincing in this scenario. The rapid development of online and handy channels eliminated new business sectors and opened up tremendous opportunities for both newly founded and established affiliations alike.

A new organization, an improvement to an existing organization, or the dismantling of an existing organization may all be referred to as the “undertaking” that describes the work. A few different calculations can be affected by adventures. For instance, a project that moves on to another section of an organization’s internet business site may generate extra money and increase client satisfaction. The growth of e-Marketplaces may be attributed, in large part, to the expansion of Internet access and the increased use of smartphones. Mobile devices that are compatible with the web make purchasing more convenient for customers. E-marketplaces provide sellers with a platform for progress, allowing them to take a premium and be trusted in the process; this helps sellers scale their businesses more quickly, which increases their edge and is highly liked by consumers (Soegoto & Eliana, 2018). A non-stock collecting B2C show also makes it possible for online company players to provide alluring deals that are uncomfortable for stock-driven brick-and-mortar retailers as well as pure online retailers.

Contender’s Technology

Amazon is the most significant competitor of brick-and-mortar stores. Amazon’s rise was directly attributable to the fact that it was able to undermine more reputable choice rivals on the fronts of cost and convenience, which contributed to the demise of retailers like Borders and others. The mass migration of customers from offline to online shopping has not been as clear as was anticipated by knowledgeable people because a significant number of web business associations are opening actual stores at the same time that numerous ordinary retailers are strengthening in-store advancement (Soegoto & Eliana, 2018). Amazon Web Services provides a web business dispersed registration solution for virtually nothing and enormous organizations that want an adaptable, made-sure-about, extremely adjustable, and easy solution for online retailing and arrangements.

First Technology

Amazon’s internal business software is called prophet innovation. It has a large information base that stores customer-related details in its databases. The customer’s mentioning system has been automated to take in requests and, as a result, discover the most nearby spreading site for the movement. This system ensures that requests are fulfilled, follows through with demand, and significantly reduces the likelihood of any movement errors occurring.

Second Technology

Given the strength that Amazon Web Services has, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that Cloud Computing Technologies partners with them and enjoys the respect of their customers. They bring a lot to the table and have the might of a large corporation driving them forward. The cloud services that Amazon provides are distinct, and it is presently possible to get the AWS Amazon solutions that you want to guarantee that your business is well-prepared (Soegoto & Eliana, 2018). If you utilize Amazon Web Services, you can get the advantages of the cloud while at the same time having the peace of mind that comes with being backed by an organization in which you have confidence.

Third Technology

When you consider that choices like Amazon EC2 were the starting point for capacity, access, and security, you eventually realize that you are ready for anything that may come your way. When thinking about what Amazon brings to the table in terms of AWS, it is essential to keep in mind that Amazon Web Services gives you a variety of alternatives to choose from (Soegoto & Eliana, 2018). Choose an alternative that will be advantageous for your organization while keeping in mind that you will have the opportunity to broaden your options via the use of Amazon Web Services at a later point in time.


From what can be seen, the Brick-and-Mortar Company has access to a wide range of new technologies that it might put to use to boost the amount of money that it generates. Amazon makes use of a wide range of technologies, all of which contribute in their unique way to the growth of their online business. The brick and concrete sector has to be on the cutting edge of technological advancements to compete with Amazon and acquire a competitive advantage.


Soegoto, E. S., & Eliana, E. (2018). E-Commerce and business social media today. IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, 407, 012034.

Critical Analysis Of Moonlight By Barry Jenkins

The film Moonlight by director Barry Jerkins shows the challenges that Chiron encounters through different stages of development. Act 1 of Moonlight highlights the life of Chiron as a schoolboy, Act 2 his teenage years, and the last Act, his life as an adult. The movie’s genre is a drama with a focus on the themes of minority membership, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ), black ethnicity, and drug abuse (Kannan et al. 287). In the movie, Chiron struggles with his masculinity which greatly affects his socialization. His mother is a drug addict who is unable to establish a relationship with his son. Chiron is always bullied at school, and he struggles to express his sexual feelings throughout the film. Although Chiron is responsible and smart, his failure to become an alpha male (as influenced by his socialization and abject poverty) makes him retrieve to solitude.

Act one starts with Chiron, nicknamed “Little,” hiding from bullies in a crack house. He meets Juan, who accommodates him for the night leading to a solid relationship. After learning basic life skills from Juan and his girlfriend Teresa, the relationship is short-lived after he finds out that he is the one who introduced his mother to Cocaine. In Act 2, Juan dies, and teenage Chiron spends more time with Teresa (Moonlight). His mother sinks deeper into drug addiction, causing a significant strain in their relationship. Chiron has his first sexual experience with his childhood friend, Kevin, who kisses and masturbates him. Later in Act 3, Chiron goes by the nickname Black and, surprisingly, is now dealing drugs (Moonlight). He manages to reconcile with his mother but continues to struggle with his sexual identity. The last scene is Chiron’s confession to Kevin after dinner, saying that he has never been intimate with anyone since the last encounter they had at the beach.

The movie attracts a wide variety of audiences but would resonate more with the experiences of African Americans in the ghettos. For instance, Jerkins, the director, said that he identified most with the character of Chiron and his struggle to find a place in a society that only gives a chance to men with the alpha personality (Pulver). The purpose of the movie is to sensitize people about the struggles that people in minority communities face. It affirms the gay men that it is okay to be different in a world with expectations for people to portray masculinity in a way acceptable in the community. Thus, the director’s argument is that society still trivializes African American men with queer feelings.

Jenkins is a credible director of the film, given that he went through similar challenges as the character of Chiron. Specifically, he explains how his mother was addicted to drugs and unable to commit to her mothering responsibilities. At one point, Jerkins had to live under the care of his foster grandmother in a two-bed apartment that hosted eight people (Pulver). Jerkins’s experiences with poverty, racial discrimination, and inferiority make him suitable for directing a movie with similar themes. Moreover, Jerkins has been to film school and has experience working as a director (Pulver). Therefore, Jerkins has the professional and moral standing to write about black masculinity and its struggles.

Moonlight is fiction but based on a true story that reflects the lifestyle of people in a black ghetto community. The setting of the movie is in the ghettos of Miami, Florida, and at the Liberty housing project, which has a large group of African Americans. All the casts are black, which helps to give focus to the minority struggles even in the absence of the whites. The localities of the shooting serve both as evidence and struggle. The choice of the movie’s romantic setting at the beach is atypical of popular love scenes in real-life (Kannan et al. 293). The film considers people’s daily experiences, making it relatable to the audience. The transition of the protagonist, from Little to Chiron and later Black, is remarkable. However, despite his strides, his feelings of inadequacy remain constant.

Scholars and other people have given different opinions regarding the development of sexual minorities as a construct of socialization. Specifically, social, economic status, and relationships with the parent of the opposite gender are thought to be the primary cause of minority sexual orientation. For instance, the term “makeshift masculinity” has been coined to represent how the abject poverty experienced by the protagonist shaped his docile personality (Johnson 70). Even when he becomes a perpetrator of violence, he still feels inferior.

The protagonist’s relationship with his parents contributes to his life choices and sexual development. Chiron’s mother was addicted to drugs and never took care of him while growing hence a prototype of a disguised feminine figure who negatively affected Chiron’s attraction to people of the opposite sex. Notably, Chiron sees Juan as a father he never had and Teresa as the mother he wishes for since Paula is incapable of showing care (Kannan et al. 295). Juan disappoints him for having introduced his mother to drugs but is the first man to embrace him and his sexual feelings. Hence, upbringing and socialization are portrayed as significant factors in Chiron’s failure to develop hyper-masculinity.

Jerkins’s movie has a good storyline and mirrors the struggles that the people from minority groups, specifically the black gay men, face in a heterosexual and patriarchal society. The film won the best picture award in 2016, and its cast received prices for their performance (Kannan et al. 287). The film has received significant attention from scholars and the public alike. However, its failure to include white actors among the cast may have reduced its audience. In particular, Moonlight is a modern film with an all-black cast, which seems to suggest that it is a film for African Americans. It depicts some form of rebellion from the classic movies, which had at least 75% of whites (Kannan et al. 290). Such a development is advantageous as it eliminates the stereotypical tendencies of contrasting minority families with those of Caucasians. However, it is a drawback because it is focused on only one community making it unattractive to the non-black audience.

Conclusively, Chiron is influenced by his surroundings in developing a solitary personality and inability to fully express his feelings. In a society that celebrates hyper-masculinity, the protagonist finds it hard to find his voice. Nobody appears to understand or show attention to his plight. He navigates through life and finds himself doing the same things that he once detested. Chiron may be a fictional figure, but many individuals are experiencing similar challenges. The film’s storyline, visuals, and themes are perfectly done to attract many people. Thus, Moonlight is an excellent film, highlighting such topics as cultural transformation, appreciation of cultures, personal relationships and different sexualities.

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