The Right To Vote Essay Example For College

Situated between majestic Great Lakes and the marshes, Ortonville is much like any other small northern Michigan town. It was election day, looking forward to a visit to the ice cream shop, I accompanied my grandpa as he drove the fifteen-mile tripe into town. Country life offered little excitement, but that day an air of uneasiness replaced the usual contentment I felt while passing aged buildings, their drabness contrasted sharply by a few colorful, modern improvements.

Having spent the first of my teen years here, it was easy to detect any change in the town’s mood. I pondered the worried expression on the faces of the few people we saw on the streets. It seemed everyone was in a hurry. There were not the usual groups gathered to exchange local gossip.

Most noticeable was the absence of kids playing in the near by park.As my grandpa messed with the radio in our rusted out Chevy, we approached the traffic light, greeted-not by flashing red, yellow or green, but by uniformed police men armed with guns and appearing much out of place in such peaceful surroundings. As our vehicle slowed to a stop, I was shocked as I saw before me a huge machine gun, pointed in our direction. A young officer walked slowly to the truck and explained, what was going on, “Sorry Sir, but we’ll have to search your truck, just routine procedure.

” As the car was being searched, we learned the reason for such drastic precautionary measures. A man whom we knew and who was a candidate for the sheriff’s office, had been brutally murdered in the presence of his wife and daughter. It was rumored that the opposing party was responsible for the fatal shotgun blast, and other rumors stated that explosives would be brought into town to bomb the courthouse. As this unbelievable information was being given, I sat petrified, trying to convince myself that this was the same town where, only yesterday, I was shopping here with my friends, and talking about school.

Where dogs and children had ran freely on the sidewalks cops now stood with shotguns. Strangely, all this had changed overnight, and the preconceptions I had about my peaceful country and the glorious right to vote were beginning to sound as a sour note. Marching through the streets like ants, the cops with guns gave the appearance of towns I had seen in the movies. Towns which did not know freedom, but captivity.

“He’ll probably go home,” I mused to myself as my grandpa began changing the gears to move on. Surely no one could be so stupid as to go into that courthouse now! Thinking how wonderful it would be to get back to the safety of our farmhouse, I was somewhat taken aback when Grandpa parked near the entrance of the threatened building. The lines in his face seemed to be carved with determination, and with unfaltering stride he quickly mounted the steps to the building. A man had died at the hands of those who tried to control a county’s right to vote.

That “right” was now even more precious. Grandpa was going to vote.

The Characters Of “Othello”

Behind the face is a retained or damaged soul. William Shakespeare clearly shows the true identities of the characters of Othello during their times of greatness. The themes that are thoroughly portrayed throughout the story and the temper of certain characters end up in a killing spree. The advancement in ranking ends up in a man vs man conflict, and that shows how Jealousy and Honor.

The general argument of all characters ends up be trail and a shit load of jealousy and that shows that close friends can end up stabbing each other in the back and showing how selfish one can be. Honor and jealousy are truly being shown through the story of Othello while the same emotions and ideas are running in Shakespeare’s life. At the moment of rejoice and happiness Othello comes in after war and shows great gratitude amongst his people. However he didn’t know what was going on amongst the ranked and the royalty.

With trust being a huge issue at the time, the city’s royalty broke into two. The sense able and the selfish. Through the first couple of acts it was hard to distinguish due to the temporary Utopia. At the moment of true betrayal was when Desdemona cheats on Othello and the whole handkerchief scheme unravels and Othello goes on a rage. At one point Cassio asks Desdemona to help him get his job back after Othello fired him for fighting drunkenly the night before.

Desdemona agrees to sweet talk Othello until he gives in and says he’ll take Cassio back. Later, Desdemona comes in and finds Othello upset. She tries to comfort him, but accidentally drops the special handkerchief that Othello gave her. At this point the whole identity of life itself fell apart and turned into a living hell. The trust fell apart

Elie Wiesel – Short

n the Night, Elie Wiesel recalled his experiences as a young Jewish boy in a Nazi concentration camp. During his experience in the death camp, he lost his faith in God, closed to his father, and became inhumanity.
First of all, he was weakened on the belief of the God due to all the evils he experienced in the death camp. Elie Wiesel grew up in the Jewish community of Sighet and his life centered entirely on his religious studies. However
Towarded the end of his time in the concentration camps, Elie witnessed a boy being hanged. He immediately questions God’s presence at that moment: “where is god?” He could not even believe or except that a god would exist or be a present force in the world when small children perish in such a torturous manner. Even after this, Elie asked god yet, another thoughtful question: “What are You, my God?” Elie doubted that God could even endure himself while all these things were happening; he was challenging God to confront himself while there are issues at hand in the world. Overall, various questions display the distortion that the holocaust leaves on Elie’s Faith.

Furthermore, Elie’s experience changed his weakened faith not only in God but also in humanity. Elie also became aware of the cruelty of which he himself is capable. Everyting he experiencee in the war showed how humanity is lost when we allowed ourself to be cruel to each other. For example, Elie saw that the prisoners respond to their circumstances by turning against one another. The son had beaten his father do death for just the bread that his father had saved for his son and the son himself was then brutally beating by othe rcamp members. Elie’s experience has changed him that the Nazis’ ckruelty distorted his perspective and lost faith of humanity each other. Self-presercation became the highest virtue in the world of the Holocaust and led prisoners to commit horrendous crimes against one another as they lost the humanity in theire callous will to survice.

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