The Story Vs Evan Almighty Short Summary Essay Example

To start with, the story and the movie are both involving a ark & that arc carries a variety of animals. The arc are both built involving a man talking to god. When god speaks to both of these men, they are spooked by god. In both, the story and the movie, god gives instructions to both of the men- which they both listen and follow. When they both were building the ark, everyone were thinking the both men were crazy, which that led to no one believing except there family. They both have long hair and wear very comfortable robes. In both the stories they both bring together 2 paired of each animal. Both there families help them build the ark.

The main differences in both stories are that one is visual and the other is in a story. When god calls Evan he argues with god at first but then accepts it. When god calls Noah, he immediately accepts his request. They both have different time zones. God dislikes the people in the story for having too much violence and not praying or following him, which makes him intentionally cause the flood.

In the movie god knew the dam was unstable, so he wanted Evan to build the ark for all the animals and neighbors to not die in the flood, unlike the story. When god asked Evan to build an ark he intended to save the lives of the men and women. When god told Noah to build the ark he wanted the violent men to die, which wiped off everyone on the earth. In the movie god appears to Evan in human form.

Noah was a good man and his spirit is with God. Seeing that the earth was corrupt and filled with violence, God instructed Noah to build an ark in which he, his sons, and their wives, together with male and female of all living creatures, would be saved from the waters. Evan Baxter leaves Buffalo behind when he wins a seat in Congress.

In the movie god gives the items to Evan, which makes it easy for him to start with. In the story, Noah had to go and get the items and build the ark. In the story and the movie, they both use the same tools & wood. God has to bother Evan by throwing signs at him that he really is god, which took Evan awhile to accept it, he eventually did. When god called Noah he understood immediately that he actually is god, it didn’t take him awhile to build the ark.

God saw how great wickedness had become and decided to wipe humankind off the face of the earth. But one righteous man among all the people of that time, Noah, found favor in God’s eyes Over the course of time as the children of Adam populated the earth, humans continued to overstep the limits God had placed on them. Man’s increasing disobedience caused God to reassert his lordship by engineering a fresh start that would give the human race another opportunity at obedience with Noah surviving.

The main point of the movie was “A Random Act Of Kindness (ARK). Which involved saving the lives of all the animals and neighbors. In the story intends to kill all the violent men, which is the point of the story and how Noah survived the flood, when god wanted the men dead he called out only to Noah, in other words he let all his children die for having wars and not fearing himself (god). God found the good of saving all those lives, seeing how bad the dam is by making Evan creating the ark to grab people’s attention, thinking Evan is crazy and getting them to safety into ark, which saves all the neighbors of Evan.

The Story Of Rebekah

This paper is going to look at the Story of Rebekah and her twins, a mail order bride who believed that getting married to a westerner would be her escape from poverty. As the social worker that is working with this client, certain things that I would look for in this particular case would be the biological, social and psychological milestones developed in children by the age of one. I would also look into law that was created for mail order brides established after World War Two, which was predominantly used for soldiers that fought overseas and wanted to bring their foreign spouse to the States. Personally, I do not agree with the mail order bride law that can now be seen as human trafficking and exploitation of women.

The Story of Rebekah begins with an ad that was posted for a mail order bride, meaning men could now search through ads or the internet to look for brides or partners. The man that Rebekah got involved with was a 58 year-old that had a history of domestic violence. He had three previous marriages and had previously spent a year in jail for a domestic violence case between him and his last wife; he was also an alcoholic but told Rebekah that he was a changed man. Dealing with poverty in her home country Rebekah saw this as an opportunity to escape but she was not in the ideal situation. Per the immigration marriage law, the couple had 90 days to get married once Rebekah was brought over to the states.

A month after she arrived they got married, and a year later they got pregnant with twins and the physical, emotional and verbal abuse began. Being an immigrant Rebekah did not speak English therefore, she could not obtain a job and with no family around her she relied completely on her abusive husband. Although she was constantly locked in the house she was able to escape the home one day with her twins. While reading the case of Rebekah there were quite a few concerns that I had, the first being that a 58-year-old man was choosing a woman to be his wife out of a magazine, he was an alcoholic with three failed previous marriages and who also had a record of domestic violence.

According to the Raising Children Network “the first five years of a child’s life are critical for development” (RCN 2018). Biologically, at this stage in their lives children’s brains are developing and creating the connection between the things that they see, hear, touch, and taste. During a traumatic event the brain goes into a “state of fear-related activation” (Perry, B& Marcellus, J), causing it to make changes in emotional, behavioral and cognitive functioning. This can cause the child to develop anxiety, behavioral impulsivity and it can furthermore increase the chances of the child emerging mood problems, and attentional issues that can later cause distress in their lives according to Dr. Bruce Perry. At the age of one twins should be able to crawl very well and possibly are walking, they are very explorative and reach around their environment (Zastrow, Ashman 2019). I would look for specific characteristics like are the children able to move their heads, do they have stranger anxiety and do they recognize faces. Socially one year olds are gaining communication and language skills, movement and physical developments and emotional developments.

According to Rhonda Walter Md, children of this age should be able to say one or two words and wave goodbye. Children this age tend to enjoy laughing and seeking attention, and they begin to parallel play (Healthwise, 2018). Toddlers growing up in an environment where their mother is constantly getting abused can cause the children to experience high levels of distress, causing them to be unsettling and more difficult to soothe (Health& Human Services). During the first year of life, according to Erikson’s oral stage of psychosocial development, an infant can go through the predicament of “Trust vs Mistrust”. McLeod, a psychologist at the University of Manchester, speaks about how during this particular stage in a child’s life they are developing their sense of trust, so being in an environment where “the care has been harsh or inconsistent, unpredictable and unreliable, then the infant will develop a sense of mistrust and low self-confidence” (McLeod 2018).

As a social worker, looking over Rebekah’s case one of the essential things would be to check on the physical, emotional and psychological status of the twins as well as hers. For Rebekah being married was the only thing that was keeping her from getting deported back to her home country. She depended completely on her husband because she spoke poor English and could not get a job, he threatened her both physically and emotionally. According to the National Domestic Violence Hotline leaving is a very difficult decision for the victim because the main thing about abuse is having power and control. Sarah Buel who has worked with abused women for over 30 years’ states that without the proper resources or even access to another location, to the victim it may seem impossible to leave the relationship (Buel, 2013). In an article featured in Psychology today, “emotional abuse is more psychologically harmful than the physical abuse” (Lahlah 2013). Emotional abuse tends to happen more constantly compared to physical abuse and it also tends to be more personal. Being locked in the house and having the constant threat of being deported could be seen as forms of emotional abuse that Rebekah endured.

Some concerns that would be raised are how the twins developed and reacted in a hostile environment. In an article written by the Human Health Services, trauma has a serious effect on toddlers; it can disrupt important aspects of child development (Health Human Services). These disruptions can cause a child to develop anxiety; they can be affected by loud noises and foster separation anxiety.

The Mail Order Bride law also known as the War Brides Act of 1945 was established was typically used for soldiers returning from Europe to bring back their foreign spouses and be able to surpass the U.S. immigration law (Carney 2015). This act allowed the number of immigrants that were allowed in the country to change drastically, “The official number of foreign-born war brides was listed at 115,00 in 1945” (Carney 2015). I believe that in today’s society those agencies are used more towards exploiting poor women. Shalie Holway wrote about how there is a higher chance of domestic violence in mail-order-bride marriages, also known as marriage immigration. Mail-order-brides can also be another form of human trafficking, which is the “exploitation of a person through force, fraud or coercion for labor or commercial sex against their will (Human Trafficking)”. Women that advertise themselves believe that getting a western husband is an easy way to get out of poverty in the country that they are from, but even with the use of agencies it is a high chance that the women would be put into harsh situations.

Relationship Between Lydia And Frank

I respect Lydia for being honest with Frank. As hard as it was for Frank to talk to Lydia about expanding their relationship, it must have been hard for Lydia to decline his offer. She seems to really respect Frank’s friendship and seems to genuinely want to be friends with him. So, why wasn’t Frank honest with Lydia? She felt safe enough to be honest and he should have as well. If he can’t see past this bump in their relationship, he needs to be honest and not make her think everything is fine when it is not. If they are true friends, he will come out and be honest. I believe this quote perfectly represents Alexandra Robbin’s belief about some of the parents in this book. Specifically, AP Frank’s mom and Ryland’s parents. AP Frank’s mom pushes AP Frank and Richard so hard that it seems to hurt them in the end. They become resilient and they have a hard time deciphering what it is they want and what it is that their mom wants. Ryland’s parents are almost the opposite. They don’t believe in Ryland, yet they push him to do more.

They discourage Ryland from taking ADD/ADHD medication, even though he really needs it and it would help him. It is parents like these, that makes one question if they have their child’s best interest in mind. As much as I understand why C.J.’s mom shared her scores, I agree with C.J. on not wanting scores shared with others. C.J.’s mom was only showing how proud she was of her daughter and she did not see the harm in sharing her scores. While nothing deadly will happen by sharing her scores, it opens your personal business to others. When other people learn their peer’s scores, some may feel down about their own scores, if they are lower. Even though they may still be good, having a score lower than someone else’s may make one feel less excited about their score and how hard they worked for it. Also, when scores are shared, there tends to be an untold competition. People feel the need to compare themselves to others.

I feel like this is the climax in AP Frank’s life. Everything is changing, for the good. Richard is safe and happy in foster care. Leading into the falling action, you have AP Frank attending summer camp as a counselor, staying with his dad over the summer and his dad leaving AP Frank’s mom. Life is beginning to work out for them. I feel slightly sorry for AP Frank’s mom because she was trying to do what was best for Frank and Richard. She was raising them the way she was taught to raise them. No one should have to have their children taken from them, but it was what was best for Richard and Frank. I hope she was able to understand that. Alexandra Robbins gives a perfect inside perspective on what a summer is typically like for a lot of teenagers. We have time to relax, but as we get older, summer is less about relaxing and more about preparing for the real world.

We continue our studies and if we are not taking classes, we get summer jobs. You learn about managing money and driving a vehicle. You visit colleges, attend open houses and look into different majors and minors. If you don’t have a summer job or if you are not taking summer classes, you can be seen as being behind. Alexandra Robbins clarifies what people think about our summers. Most think that we have lots of free time, being lazy, watching movies, sleeping and hanging out with friends. While we do that, we also have a summer job, or year round job, work on summer projects, research colleges and future plans, help around the house and gain driving hours for our driving log. Our summers are no longer useless days off, that we spend rotting our brains out in front of the TV. I believe summer is a class of learning about life. During the school year, we do a lot of studying, a lot of preparing for tests and working on projects, but summer is a time to learn about managing money, learning about having a summer job and about having a schedule. It is a time to learn life lessons when you won’t have to worry about school lessons as well.

It is nice to see that the counselor is trying to help Ryland, by having a meeting with all of his teachers. Mrs. Locklear is an amazing guidance counselor, with amazing advice and a great personality. I imagine this guidance counselor being similar to Mrs. Locklear. Ryland’s teachers won’t know what is going on unless they are talked to. However, Ryland was having a hard time expressing his thoughts and concerns. This guidance counselor seemed to have helped Ryland out and given him the extra hand. He seems to support Ryland, even when the support at home is lacking. This guidance counselor seems very similar to Mr. Murphy. They both seem to have genuinely cared about the students.

My mom always tells me that everybody has advice and they feel the need to share the advice. While advice can be a wonderful tool to make a decision or gain some information, it can sometimes be too much. When everybody feels the need to share their thoughts, it can make one second guess their decisions. For example, Julie was given so many opinions about Dartmouth that she couldn’t figure out what she really thought about it. Her thought about Dartmouth was covered by everyone else’s thoughts, even when hers were most important. Why does everybody feel the need to share their opinion? I feel like they just want to help, but do they know when they have contributed too much? Do they know when they need to let the person make the decision for themselves based off of their own opinion? In less words, do they know when to step back?

Life can be stressful. As a teenager, you worry about school, grades, sports, extracurricular activities, growing up, getting a job, college, etc. As an adult, you worry about your job, family, marriage, money, etc. However, life shouldn’t be so stressful that one feels the need to self-harm. Why didn’t Ryland’s parents see that he needed help? Why didn’t they realize that he was hurting, that he felt trapped and that no one was helping him? Did they realize what he was happening in his world? Why should life be so stressful that one feels the need to self-harm? There has been an obvious increase in mental health problems in the past few years. Many go untreated, they keep thoughts to themselves and in the end it does not turn out well. The rest call for help, by talking to family, friends, therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, etc. and times tend to improve. It is nice to see that places, like colleges and universities, are going to the students to help them. They are not waiting for them to come get help because many won’t ask. While it is nice to see people trying to help, shouldn’t we be focusing on the root of the problem? Shouldn’t we be looking at what is causing the increase in mental health problems and suicides?

If we don’t focus on the root of the problem, then isn’t it as if we are putting duck-tape over a crack? We aren’t fixing the crack, we are just simply mending it together until the crack gets larger. At this moment in the story, Julie has had a breakthrough. Like many, Julie struggled with being happy with herself, being comfortable in her own body and proud of her accomplishments. She had a hard time accepting her weaknesses, using her strengths and not listening to what others said about her. Many know that they should be able to accept themselves for who they are, but they don’t. It takes a long time to come to that thought, but it is nice to see that Julie has made it there. She fully realizes that the world will not always accept her for who she is, so she needs to. Alexandra Robbins has told us about Julie since the beginning of the book. We have seen her progress from the beginning of senior year to graduation. We have seen the ups and downs and now the breakthroughs.

Against AP Frank’s mother’s beliefs, I believe that going to camp to be a summer counselor will help AP Frank. It will give Frank the opportunity to bring out an inner child, to enjoy summer and to be a well-rounded person. Frank should be able to be a summer counselor if he so chooses to be. He should also be able to choose his own future. If he does not want to be a doctor or lawyer, he should not have to be one. He should not have to negotiate his future with his mother. However, I don’t doubt that Frank isn’t the only one who lives like this, having to negotiate their future with their parents. Everybody is granted freedom, shouldn’t they be able to choose their own future?

This quote, in part, shows Alexandra Robbin’s purpose in writing her book. She writes about the Age of Comparison, which is taking over our world. She writes how perception is often wrong. When people say, don’t judge a book by its cover, this is why. So many people are perceived as being something they aren’t. They get caught up in what people see in them, that they lose sight of what really is in them. Alexandra Robbins also relates to the story. Part of why she wrote the story was because she was like many of these students in high school. She wants to help the root of the problem. She wants to end the Age of Comparison, she wants to help lower stress levels and lower the amount of mental illnesses in humans. It is nice to see that she can easily relate to her book and that she is not looking down upon these students like many people will. She understands were they come from, why they think the way they do and why they act the way they act.

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