The Three Requirements Of A Good Room Service Sample Paper

This kind of service requirements for the kitchen should be first of all to accept the customer’s order, and the second, after receiving the order soon assigned the tasks of the chef, and the third, to make the food on should be delivered to the room food storage room, room service to deliver food to the customer room, wait until the customers finished eating, clean up the health of the customer room. Tableware cleaning and neatly, waiting for a breakfast reservations. 1. Analysis problem: In this stage, we must know consumer’s means. Breakfast service will inevitably encounter a series of problems, such as A) Breakfast to the customer’s room is cold; the customer is no way edible. B) Room too late to affect the customer’s normal plan. C) Sometimes order because too many, and confusing, causing inconvenience to the customer. D) The food is not ready and sent to the customer’s room, the customer is not satisfied with the standard of the breakfast. 2. 0 Generally speaking, the following four aspects 2. Process and produces: The normal order should be made from level 0 good breakfast, and packing luck gave Level 1 and Level 1 arrange shipping time. And then sent to Level 2, Level 2 arrange some room needed utensils or cutlery ready with breakfast. Finally responsible for the delivery, and then wait until the customers finished eating breakfast, and then sent back to Level O cleaning dirty dishes all need to be cleaned by Level 2. Service personnel in the room must face with a smile, and the best attitude to face customers.

And must use some of the data in the course of transportation or written records to which room delivered what kind of breakfast, to record some information, such as customer service delivery process, to seek the permission of the customer feedback information collection, this can increase the level after breakfast. 2. 2 Area (Place): Venue for breakfast, we can see from the order to be sent to the customer room to go through a long period of time, and handing it over to a different place, from level O to level 2. Cycle for the insulation effect of the food is not very good, and other food to the customer’s room has no freshness.

Therefore, at the location of the program has a high selectivity. 2. 3 People (Staff Selection of employees is also very important, breakfast service requirements for service personnel is high, the first is the time to go to work, and breakfast is from 6:00 in the morning to start working, not until the afternoon before the end of breakfast service. And the quality of service must be very high, the regular use of a smile or a gentle tone to communicate and customers. For the requirements of the guests should always adhere to the principle of customer is God, as far as possible within the scope of the ability to achieved customer requirements. 4 Materials & Equipment: Level for food in the hotel is also very necessary, First breakfast in the hotel must be at least more than 10 kinds of breakfast menu for customers to choose, and for the freshness and appearance of the materials are high requirements. To accomplish the automation of equipment, all the food in nutritious and fresh conditions to use special equipment, such as food delivery elevator or insulation equipment for transport, so that the passenger personnel can eat the best breakfast in the hotel. 3. Cause & Effect Theory: Group exercise in which participants try to list all possible causes and their effects (and identify how they are linked) associated with a particular problem or situation. It aims at discovering possible or probable causal factors and their outcomes (not necessarily the root cause, the removal of which will stop the recurrence of the problem) and may lead to the creation of a cause and effect diagram. (Sources from http://education-portal. Com/academy/lesson/cause-and -effect-relationship-definition-examples-quiz. HTML . ) Cause and Effect Diagram helps you to think through causes of a problem thoroughly. Their major benefit is that they push you to consider all possible causes of the problem, rather than just the ones that are most obvious. Cause and Effect Diagrams are also known as Fishbone Diagrams. The box and line can be thought of as the head and spine of the fish. ( The Certified HACK Auditor Handbook: ASS Food Drug, and Cosmetic Division, John G. Sugar, Steven Wilson (2007) Page 134). 3. 1 Cause & Effect diagram: 3. How to improve breakfast order: Breakfast Room, there is often some unnecessary events occur, such as service breakfast sent to the wrong room, and the service staff is very rude attitude, there is no incentive to work, the delivery time is not allowed and so forth the problem. We have to solve this problem we must plan accordingly. 1. Hotel must order special breakfast reservation card. 2. Offers a variety of ways to choose the type of breakfast and ordering. Such as a phone book, online reservations, breakfast book card. 3.

Hotel preservation of food in the process of transportation can be quickly delivered to the guests. Breakfast order card (imaged form): Breakfast order cardamom No: Guest Name: Guest phone No: Date of Order: Breakfast order menu:l. American style breakfast. 2. Chinese style breakfast. 3. France style breakfast. 4. Japanese style breakfast. 5. Africa style breakfast. 6. (Other special menu). F guest want some special order please requirement in down: do you want delivery? What time Where do you want delivery? If you get some problem you can call 8888-8888. 3. 3 Advantage of breakfast order card: * Can be reduced to the lesser of the error in the course of transportation in the breakfast. * Can be very intuitive to see what the customers need, which is a kind of credentials to prove that the customer has booked breakfast. 3. 4 Solve customers’ complain: Hotel guest complaints should know which areas you do less than, seriously listen to the complaints of the guests, and comfort to the guests for the first mime, in exchange for forgiveness of the guests enough and sincere apology.

All requirements must be filled out by the customer according to the breakfast booking card above information to do it, as far as possible to meet the different needs of various guests, like, say, some guests like to eat raw eggs, some guests like to drink soda, these must fill guests, we can improve the satisfaction of the guests. 4. 0 Suggestion of delivery: Hotels in the process of transporting breakfast the most important is to ensure that the food is authentic, so it should be after the food is cooked out by the snacking, in the fastest time through the food channel directly to the room.

Hr Practices Of Any Real Estate Company

Thesis Proposal Introduction In the current situation of the organizations, different changes affect the technological and systematic innovation. The competencies include in the globalization and the international market also took part in the exploration of the organizations in improving the different areas in where they think the organization is losing the competency. One common and popular department is the human resources in which the training and development might be an effective solution in fighting the challenges and changes in the global market. Problem Statement

Human resource and the management is truly one of the functional and credible areas in the organization that plays an integral part in the project management. Because of the availability of different opportunities, there is an assurance that the challenges are tailing in the end of the detected opportunities. As considered the part of the dynamic part within an organization, human resource management has challenges that they must learn to recognize and learn to work out. However, what are the most significant challenges and changes in the function of human resource management present in the practice of the project-based organizations?

Aims of the Project The proposal is seeking the appropriate answer in the different challenges that the human resource management will meet soon. Moreover, learning the capability of the study regarding the operation of the business also matters. Through the application of the various strategic tools of the HRM, the proposal also extends it concern on the applicable practices that can help the department manage the challenges. Objectives of the Project The first objective of the study is to determine the challenges that can affect the performance of the HR in the project-based organizations.

Second is to discover the existing practices that can be applied to manage both the challenges and handling the workforce. Terms of References Human resource, HR manager, challenges, changes, project-based, organizations, HR practices, tools, and approach. Research Problems The study is entirely focused on the practice and functions of the human resource and its management therefore, the following questions are prepared to understand the different approach. 1. How mature or readiness of the HRM to accept the challenges and changes in the product-based organizations? . What are the estimations of the HR manager such as the application of the scheduling and monitoring intended for the workforce? 3. To what extent that the HR can support the innovative practices of the organization and be focus for managing the various HR challenges? 4. What can be appropriate HR tools or approach that is suitable for the organization? Review of Literature Project-based organizations face unique problems in terms of coordination and strategic direction and the teams are challenged in carrying the essential work within the organizations.

The project-based organizations usually compose of the experts, scientists, and other professionals that are dependent enough to perform in their nature of work (Olson, and Branch, 2002). Through the different qualifications and requirements in the various activities, the best design that the organization can apply is in the aid of the human resource management. The growing interest in different developing and empowering the employees in to the best knowledge team within the organization is extremely a challenge (Packer, 2009).

Most of the past researches are intended to place the state of knowledge on the human resource management or HRM in most of the project-based or project-oriented organizations because the project-based organizations differ from the classically or traditional organizations and there are complexities present in the operation of the organizations (Turner, Huemann, and Keegan, 2007). Proposed Methodology The study is openly suggesting the use of the surveys and questionnaires.

The main reason on this application is the need for the empirical and situational studies regarding to the issue of emerging challenges and changes. The broad issues of the human resource within the organization may help the researcher/s understands the various impact of challenges and changes not only in the department but also in the professionalism of the people. Part of the questionnaires stipulates the involvement of the best practice of the HR manager in the managing the people with even in the presence of the challenges and changes in the organization.

Identifing The Right College Courses

Mr.. Mallard has three sons; all are belonging to top ten in their respective classes. He thinks all the three have potential to help him realize his dream of establishing his own assembly plant. His immediate concern now is to identify the right college courses for his children. II. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM 1. What college courses will best suit Mr.. Mallard’s sons? 2. Will Mr.. Mallard’s sons accept their father’s idea? 3. How will Mr.. Mallard established his own assembly plan? Ill. CAUSES OF THE PROBLEM From the problems, we suggest that Mr.. Malarial should take into consideration the costs of his plans.

Mr.. Andy Mallard should first consult his sons for their willingness to participate in their father’s dream of having a plant and business. Lb. DECISION CRITERIA AND ALTERNATIVE SOLUTIONS Mr.. Mallard should consider doing a feasibility study in putting up the assembly plant. Mr.. Andy Mallard should inform his sons about his dream of having a plant and business. If they agree, he should pick the best course that would fit the personality and interest of his sons so that at some point, they will learn o love it and it will also give them the best opportunity for employment. V.

RECOMMENDED SOLUTIONS, IMPLEMENTATION AND JUSTIFICATION The following recommendations are being considered by the group: a. Mr.. Andy Mallard should suggest the following courses: Industrial Engineering or Civil Engineering for his sons. He should start now by enrolling his eldest children in review school that caters to college entrance test to ensure that he will be accepted in the top ten universities of the country. B. He should consult his friend about the intricacies of putting up an assembly plant. He should tap a consultant to do a feasibility study regarding his plan of putting up an assembly plant.

The feasibility study is an evaluation and analysis of the potential of a proposed project which is based on extensive investigation and research to support the process of decision making. (Wisped) VI. EXTERNAL SOURCING Courses. Com. PH According to Courses. Com. PH article posted May 25, 2012, How to choose the right COUrse in College? The following are things to consider 1 . Strengths and talents 2. Your willingness and interest to learn 3. Your goals Philippine Star Campus” Unofficial Top Ten University of the Philippines published last May 26, 2014 1.

University of the Philippines-Dilemma 2. De La Sale University 3. University of Santos Atoms 4. Atone De Manila University 5. University of the Philippines Los Basso 6. University of San Carols 7. Central Luzon State University 8. Mindanao State University- Align Institute of Technology 9. Saint Louis University 10. Map Institute of Technology Top Business Ideas 5 Reasons Why You Must Conduct Feasibility Study Before Starting a business 1. A feasibility study will help you to determine the profitability of the business endure.

Before starting a business, seasoned entrepreneurs and investors would want to know if the business would be worth their time, effort and resources. It is worthwhile to know that many entrepreneurs have abandoned solid business ideas because the profitability could not be ascertained on conducting a feasibility study on the business idea. 2. A feasibility study will help prove to the entrepreneur, venture capitalists, lenders and investors the existence of the market, the liquidity of the business venture and the expected return on investment. . A feasibility study will help you identify the flaws, business challenges, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and unforeseen circumstances that might affect the success and sustainability of the business venture. Just like the case of my dad’s business, the business failure and loss of money would have been avoided if we had carried out a feasibility study. We simply jumped in based on someone’s recommendations because we were flushed with cash and we paid dearly for it. 4.

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