This Wonderful House Sample Assignment

What a house! This is an awesome relaxing place to hang out. There is always plenty of food. The very unique recognizable smell of the ranch lifestyle, mostly the different animals . The gorgeous view of the mountain and the extraordinary land that surround this house. This are a few of the many reasons that this house is a great place where you can go to and forgot the 8-5 routine.

Walking into this house you can smell the warm freshly baked homemade bread. Beans are a must in this household, plenty of times you will see the clay pot on the outside stove with the hot boiling water and the steam coming out of the almost cooked beans and the savory smell just makes you so hungry, you can taste them. During the short months of winter the fireplace sparks with the blue and red hot fire. This is just the inside, outside there is much more to enjoy.

On five acres of land you will find horses, pigs, cows, chickens , goats, dogs, and a couple cats. You will find yourself looking around with excitement like a kid at a carnival to see what animal to go visit first. The cows asking for food as they see you walking towards them, they are fast to get up and expect some alfalfa. It sure is a pigsty when you walk around the corner with that awful pig smell and the messy look of the mud where the pigs like to roll around in. Before you know it after enjoying all the petting zoo, its time for the sun to go down.

As you walk around the land feeling the fresh breeze and breathing in the clean air, the sun ready to hide behind the mountains and make a beautiful picture of a red, orange sky. The brilliancy of the stars could almost be touched, and they light up the streets as if Christmas was here. Its so quiet and peaceful you want to rewind time and start this day all over. This Magnificent lifestyle is not for everyone and if you have never experience it.

The Picture Of Dorian Gray Characters

Harry is Pan, the piper who leads Dorian on his path to destruction, decadence, and moral decay. As with Pan, the merry and much-loved god, the victim of the god’s attention does not fare well. As Pan had Syrinx and Echo, Harry has Dorian. Pan caused madness and panic with his passions; Harry seems to have had the same result with Dorian.

Wilde reveals much of Harry’s character in the writing. His is the predominant voice; he delivers most of the dialogue. Is Harry the autobiographical character? He is shown as the clever, witty, blase sophisticate; jaded, bored, and poised for an interesting project. Enter Dorian, whose innocence and beauty present an irresistible challenge. Before Harry, Dorian was unaware of his beauty. “The sense of his own beauty came on him like a revelation. He had never felt it before.” (p. 18) It is Harry who makes him see and fall in love with his own beauty, and realize the brevity of youth. “Then had come Lord Henry Wotton with his strange panegyric on youth, his terrible warning of its brevity.” (p. 18)

In the space of an afternoon Harry has cast his spell; Dorian is convinced that youth is the only thing worth having. The gods had an unfortunate lapse in their wisdom. While Sibyl and her fellow goddesses asked for eternal life but forgot to ask for eternal youth, Pan has it right- the object of his affection will never become ugly and grotesque.

Harry toys with Dorian, takes pleasure in his game. “Talking to him was like playing upon an exquisite violin. He answered to every touch and thrill of the bowThere was something terribly enthralling in the exercise of influence. No other activity was like it.” (p. 26) This becomes a satisfying entertainment for Harry. He creates and dominates. “He would make that wonderful spirit his own.” (p. 27) He projects his soul into the pure and graceful form that is Dorian.

Business Plan: Smexi’s Bar

The industry you are in

We are planning to go into the food industry. Our bar will serve drinks and food from a small bar menu. The service industry is a hard, demanding and risky business but a person can have great success in it. It has been around for a long time dating back to the early centuries. The industry had a fall when alcohol became illegal, making the industries popularity and profit dropping. Currently in this economy most restaurants are down 10% in revenue. But new, innovative affordable restaurants are becoming increasingly more popular. The future of the industry is bright. People always like to go out and enjoy themselves, and it is not suspected to change anytime soon.

Background of your company

A partnership joined between two friends who wanted to venture into the business world. We chose to do a partnership/dual-ownership for the company and then hope to franchise it. We chose this because then we are both responsible and we feel like in the service industry it is the best option. We both also have different skills that we are good at, and combining those skills would make a knockout team. We want to provide people with the service of a fun bar/ restaurant that they can go to and be able to enjoy themselves.

We chose self-employment because we want to be able to make decisions that we want to make and not be heavily forced by anyone. We also feel like this is the way were we can make the most profit. There is also nothing really like what we are trying to do, and to some it might be considered a risky idea, making it the best choice for us to venture into it ourselves.

Description of your product or service

We are planning to build and interactive bar with cheap drinks and cheap food. The drinks will be innovative, trendy and good. The food will be on a small bar menu with a new twist on traditional bar food. There will be nightly performances by our staff, a mechanical bull and lots of exciting.