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Turtle Island, Fiji

Turtle Island is one of the many islands in Fiji. Many say that it is the most charming island at that place besides. Turtle Island the Resort, is five star, and a perfect topographic point to pass your honeymoon, or a particular event. Though it may be expensive, it is worth it, it is one of those holidaies that you will retrieve for the remainder of your life. Turtle Island has some of the most beautiful beaches in the universe, including the Blue Lagoon. The people that work at Turtle Island are really sort and helpful; they want to do certain that your stay there is the best experience that it could perchance be. ? Everyone who leaves Turtle Island, leaves with a smiling on their face and a million memories in their bosom? says the staff at Turtle Island.

While fixing for your trip to Turtle Island, they suggest that you convey? cool, insouciant, and comfy? apparels. They besides suggest that you bring comfy places for walking, hike, biking, or jogging. Since you will be so close to the equator plentifulness of sunblock and a chapeau would assist screen you from the Sun’s beams. The conditions in Fiji is warm and pleasant without utmost heat. Normally the temperatures average 87? F, November-April, and a spot ice chest May through October. When you stay at Turtle everything is on a first name footing. Before you come the staff will bespeak to cognize what you would wish to be called, so they can cognize your name when you arrive. Turtle Island wants to do certain your? travel planning? is every bit easy as it could perchance be, that’s why they would rede you to allow them set up your flights.

During your stay at Turtle Island, you will remain in one of 14 bures. These bures are handcrafted by Fijian craftsmen. Your two-room bure is right on the beach of the unbelievable Blue Lagoon. Each comes with its ain separate posing room. The sitting room includes comfy Calamus rotang chairs and sofas with a full moisture saloon and a icebox stocks with your favourite drinks and an icemaker.

Grand Bures have a male monarch size four posting bed, a huge dressing room, a private? Hot Springs? jetted spa bath, walk in dual shower, dual amour propre, handmade hardwood furniture, an out-of-door shower and out-of-door gallery with queen size divan bed.

Deluxe Bures have a queen size four posting bed, two full baths, a Calamus rotang furnished sitting room and composing desk.

All Bures have hairdryers, Cadmium participants, tea and java devising installations, toilet articless, chainss and ironing boards.

Turtle Island besides has a brilliant bill of fare for breakfast, tiffin, and dinner. It has all sorts of nutrients from newly caught lobster to pumpkin Indian relish with curry sauce. They have a day-to-day bill of fare enchantress ever consists of fresh lobster or some kind of fresh seafood. Besides there is a bill of fare for field daies, which has a more common list of nutrient picks, such as chili and ceasar salad. Besides the people at Turtle would wish to cognize if you have any particular demands, such as dietetic or medical demands. Let them cognize when you make your reserves, and they will make everything possible to suit your personal


One of the most beautiful things at Turtle Island is its? 14 of course happening thenar fringed beaches. ? Most of the beaches are lined with high rocky hills, or volcanic stone, that make it seem like you are in your ain private Eden. The Turtle Island staff wants to do certain that you know that your clip on Turtle is your ain. For case, whether you want to saunter on the beaches, swim in the turquoise Waterss, or merely swing on a knoll staring into the beautiful sundown, is wholly up to you. Turtle Island is quiet and secluded, and it is ideal for a field day on the beach.

What is at that place to make on Turtle Island? Well Turtle is equipped with many merriment and memorable activities, such as, aqualung diving, snorkeling, deep-sea athleticss fishing, and wing fishing. Turtle is a brilliant topographic point for aqualung frogmans. The H2O is really clear so you can see everything really clearly. There are 100s of species of fish. In the deeper parts offshore, many people have spotted mahimahis, tuna, pilot giants, sailfish, marlin, manta beams, and many other species of fish. The lone thing is that you must be certified, and you must convey your ain regulator, there is rental available, and dive card. They will supply you with all of the equipment that you will necessitate, every bit good as professional way from their really good informed staff. Deep-sea fishing trips are scheduled to travel out every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The fishing boat is a 36-ft. dua

cubic decimeter hull catamaran, ? Manta Ray? . Most of the gimmicks include fish such as xanthous five tuna, trevally, strawberry bush, Spanish mackerel, mahi mahi, barracuda, shark, Euthynnus pelamis tuna, rainbow smuggler, and the occasional sailfish. Turtle Island does non supply direction for fly-fishing, and you would hold to convey your ain equipment. Turtle besides has activities such as seafaring, windsurfing, sundown sails, kayaking, and snorkeling. Some of the things provided for you to make on land are horseback equitation, mountain motorcycle equitation, visits to native small towns, bubbly field day tiffins, hike, and hammocking. If you are a nature lover, Turtle Island is the topographic point to travel. Travel Magazine says? Turtle Island is a nature-lovers Eden? . Many of the boosting waies lead meander through the grassy Highlandss with breath-taking positions. Besides there are legion Grovess of coconuts, bananas, Mangifera indicas, and papaia. There are besides waies that lead to brilliant positions of the tropical rain forest. There are many species around on Turtle Island such as, parrots, doves, 15 different species of butterflies and that rare and endangered-banded iguana. Hikers have nil to fear though, because? Pacific Island Monthly? reported that Fiji has? the safest tropical rain wood on the planet. ?

Scientists say that the saving of Turtle Island’s native and wildlife and home grounds, makes the resort a great theoretical account for eco-tourism. Richard Evanson has been carry oning big undertakings like a immense re-afforestation plan, 300,000 trees have been planted on the island in the last 26 old ages. They are really concerned about continuing the Island, because it has such a natural beauty to it. There is a three-acre vegetable garden, which supplies the island with fresh veggies. Turtle Island is besides profoundly concerned for the well being of its sea polo-necks; Evanson has started a run to salvage the endangered sea polo-necks. Environmental audits, concluded that? Turtle Island is a cherished gift of mature and something to me cherished and protected … ?

When you are booking a flight to Turtle Island, Fiji, you can either make it through Turtle Island or you can make it your ego. Say for case you were traveling to go forth on March 30, 2001 for two hebdomads at Turtle Island, the monetary value would be about $ 1,478.00 plus $ 65 Fijian Tax. The clip you would be in the air, including all of the stops, would be about 18 hours and 45 proceedingss. An illustration of the trip to Turtle Island would be if you took Northwest Airlines flight 945. If you left on March 30, from Seattle at 2:40, you would get at 6:41 p.m. , ( Hawaii Time ) in Honolulu. Once you arrived at the airdrome you would hold a 3 hr and 40 minute stop. Then you would alter to a different air hose, Air Pacific flight 821. The going clip would be 12:40 ( March 31, the following twenty-four hours ) a.m. , and arrive at 5:25 a.m. ( April 1st ) in Nadi, Fiji. During all of the winging you would free a twenty-four hours, because, you would be traveling through two clip alterations. The clip alteration from Seattle to Honolulu is two hours, so if it were 3 O? clock Seattle clip it would be 1 o? time Honolulu clip. Then there is another clip alteration from Honolulu to Nadi, which is another two hours, for case, it’s 1 O? clock in Honolulu, so that means that it would be 11 o? clock in Nadi. From Nadi, Fiji, Turtle Island has a hydroplane that would pick you up at that place and you would get at Turtle Island about 30 proceedingss subsequently. When you arrive you will be greeted by the whole Turtle Island Resort Staff. Besides when it is your bend to go forth, you? ll find everyone at the dock to offer you farewell. Besides when you are go forthing from Nadi on your manner place, there is an airport going revenue enhancement. It is collected old to your going, so be certain to maintain $ 20 per individual in manus when you are go forthing.

Bing a five star resort, your stay at Turtle Island will non come cheap. All of the charges include the cost for your private two-room beachfront bungalow, all repasts, and all drinks including their all right vinos, all activities, and besides your wash services.

Ratess for Across-the-board Package is per individual per twenty-four hours are broken down as follows:

Bure Type Accommodation Food, Beverage, and Activities

Deluxe Bure US $ 225.00 US $ 320

Grand Bure US $ 340.00 US $ 320

All charges are capable to an extra 10% Fijian authorities revenue enhancement. Besides because your stay at Turtle is prepaid, you might desire to convey a small excess money with you for local currency and clip in Nadi sight seeing of shopping. The bank is unfastened 24 hours a twenty-four hours at the first office on your left after uncluttering imposts at the arrival multitude.

Actividad 7 Writing Assignment Unad

Marketers are required to do the following:

  • Analyze and figure different groups of shopper who are distinct in their desires and preferences (market segmentation).
  • Choose specific target markets to enter (market targeting).
  • Set up and transmit the distinctive benefits of the corporation’s market offering in each target segment (market positioning).


A process of dividing a total market into different groups of customers with distinct desires and features that may require separate goods or marketing programs is called market segmentation. The role of segmentation is about to vivid a huge market into small markets of shoppers who have similar needs. If companies want to start their businesses, firstly they need to accomplish segmentation for products before launch them out market. This step consists of 4 forms: geographic, demographic, cryptographic and behavior segmentation.

  • Geographic segmentation: This stage bases on region, city size, climate. Most of companies prefer to locate their stores or branches in big cities. For instance, Nikkei has placed their shops in China, only in big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, not in rural areas. The company focuses on those cities because tizzies in there are willing to buy products like shoes or shirts for exercise or sport. Otherwise, Nikkei also utilizes software on smart phone to show geographic locations of their buyers.
  • Demographic segmentation: In this process, corporations rely on income, age, gender, generation… To segment merchandises into market. * Age: Adults and children have different wants. * Gender: Men and women have different views, attitudes and behavior. For example, women are more communal-minded whereas men are more self-expressive and goal- directed. Income: First and middle classes tend to buy much more than lower class. Generation: Each generation is affected by the time.
  • Cryptographic segmentation: This segmentation, which connects to demographic, includes 3 factors: lifestyles, motives and personality. Customers are divided into those factors. For example, Aids ‘s products target on people who are simple, fresh and dynamic while Nikkei ‘s items aim at modern lifestyle, unique and colorful.
  • Behavior segmentation: Customers are segmented into distinct groups on the basis of their knowledge, attitude towards, use of response to a product.

Selecting the market segments

After evaluating different segments, the corporations need to find market segments to enter and how many segments to serve. There are 5 patterns of target market selection that companies must concern.

  1. Single segment concentration: companies pick one potential single market for further segment
  2. Selective specialization: companies pick a number of attractive expansion. Segments that are matched with objectives and resources of companies. If a segment is not attractive any more, firm still can get money from the others.
  3. Product specialization: Companies focus on one specific product and build a strong reputation for that product.
  4. Market specialization: Companies focus on collecting needs of customers.
  5. Full market coverage: Only big companies such as Nikkei or Aids can undertake a full market coverage strategy by serving all consumers groups with all products they have.

For example, Nikkei targets all types of customers, especially people from 18-30 years old because at this stage people can afford products for themselves. They like fashion and some of Nine’s products are fashionable. Therefore, they don’t hesitate buy these goods such as shoes or clothes.

And with a slogan ” just do it ” Nikkei make consumers fell aggressive and curious to try Nine’s product. Otherwise, Nikkei also focuses on people between 30-50 years old because they are middle high income social class.


A product occupies clearly, distinctively and desirably place in the mind of the target market is called market positioning.

Determine the positioning for each target segment: Companies need to understand their current positioning by doing market research. Use a perceptual mapping to depict consumer perceptions of how goods compete based on mutual attributes. Relocating is hard and often hardly if current brand associations are too healthy.

Develop a market mix for each target segment: Company’s marketing mix must be driven by company’s desired positioning. Promise, performance and consumer perceptions of company determine positioning. Positioning is the long-term process and requires significant resources.

For example, Nikkei and Aids have a lot of stores in the world and the way they sell products is totally different. Aids have located in a fairly traditional sport goods store layout, garment in the front and shelves of shoes in the back. Nikkei has an alternative approach, allocating their branches by sport. In each sector such as basketball, running, soccer, consumers are surrounded by Nine’s vision of a specific sport and all products are sold to make customers see that vision is a reality.

Nikkei and Aids also have a different service in the way they contact with customers online. For instance, Nikkei totally integrated in part of Nikkei. Com. Nine’s shop is the best store for all things golf. Nikkei did the same way in its shop layout, a narrative around its gold items. Nikkei has not sold customers a pair of golf spikes , it has been selling consumers Nikkei golf.

On the contrary, Aids golf has own website, which co-brands with Taylor Made and Seaworthy, two other golf brands. It is absolutely surprising when customers cannot access Aids golf from its Aids. Com website. Segmentation, targeting, positioning are the three marketing tools used by marketers. However, don’t focus them too much because targeting and segmentation narrow the market and reduce potential sales of companies. Positioning indicates whether customers interested in products or not. If companies are truly consumers focused, segmentation will be inappropriate and positioning is self-defeating.

Customer Interaction Is Key To A Company’s Success

Through customer interaction with the company it gives the customers all the information necessary about their product and their services, the quality of the product and the performance of the product this makes the customers better understand what hey are using and they are able to evaluate if these products and services are meeting their expectations. It also gives customers enough information of about what is new in the market and what the latest service for the respective customer base is.

Because the company knows preferences and taste of their customers they will definitely produce products and services that suits their needs and wants. I will try their products and services without even visiting the kiosk because have full access of their services the reason being their online platform it gives full information about the services. Visiting the kiosk I will consider it as an additional task which is not even required. 2. How does New Balance Hubbub strive to provide customer service?

This company’s mission is to ensure customer service is the main service that they are selling to their customers and ensure this is achieved they have the top of class website and their social media pages that allows full interaction between customers and the company. Customer and company interaction allows the customers to give out their comments about the companies services, if they have questions they are also allowed to ask and even if they have complains on owe product are distributed they are free to raise the complains.

This company encourages people to post their feedback and give out their opinions and views on how the services can be improved and be made better to satisfy their needs and wants. This kind of customer and company’s interaction helps the Hubbub to boost their corporate image and increase their social responsibilities to their customers. This marketing strategy helps the company to maintain their customers because the clients finds it core comfortable to use the services which they knows better and they know how the products performs.

Generally Hubbub it strives to customize their products and services as much as they can for their clients. Their main aim is to provide high quality services to their customers rather than focusing on what they get nurture from the customers. 1 . Based on the number of bike stations, what level of distribution is Hubbub aiming for? A. Exclusive distribution b. Selective distribution c. Intensive distribution d. Broker distribution Hubbub is aiming for intensive distribution this is because this company is aiming to increase the spread of their services to the customers.

This being intensive distribution many people they can confuse it with selective distribution because this company is very selective and categorical on the type of clean service that they are offering. The company aims at reaching their customers wherever they are and giving high quality service to those potential customers. They mostly focus on how improve their service and meet the expectations of their customers. Service rendered to the customers it’s the major factor which this company gives the first priority, 2. Which type of monster retailer is New Balance Hubbub? A. Automatic Vending b. Direct retailing c.

Shop at home network d. Telemarketing This is shop at home network because with an online platform which is available to this company. The company is in a position where the customers can access the services and products at any time any place they are. Customers can access the services through the laptop or any other device while they are at home remotely. Through this online platform customers are able to post their feedback about the services and they are free to give out their views about the performance of the product. This makes the company to be able to improve their revise so as to meet the expectations of their clients. . Which of the following is true about New Balance Hubbub? A. It has a high level of service with a narrow product line. B. It has a low level of service with a wide product line. C. It has a low level of service with a narrow product line. D. It has a high level of New Balance Hubbub has a high level of service with a wide of product line. This is because the kind of bikes that this company provide to customers they have a range of choices and the company has expanded their business across many points so as to reach out many customers.

Hubbub aims at increasing the services to their potential customers; they have achieved this by making shopping to be easier to their clients by providing them with an online platform whereby they can access the information about the company and the type of product that is in the market currently. 4. Which channel for consumer products does New Balance Hubbub use? A. Direct channel b. Retailer Channel c. Wholesaler Channel d. Agent/Broker Channel The company uses direct channel because the customer they don’t need to go and see the agent/broker for any inquiry about the product.

The customers’ eels with the company direct and even the interaction between the customers and the company is direct. This kind of channel it gives the customer to have a better understanding of the company and its services. The customers are able to access full information about the compass product and services and they are able to make better decision on what type and which product will better suit their needs. It also help the company to improve their performance because dealing with customers direct they will get feedback about their services. . Which factors have the most influence on the method and level of distribution intensity New Balance Hubbub uses to distribute its rental service? A. Market factors b. Product factors c. Producer factors d. Price factors In this case the market is the customers or the clients, the company focuses on providing the best quality of service to thief potential customers. The company will make their decision depending on the potential needs and wants of the customer and design the products that will satisfy these needs.

It will not make any sense and at the same time it will be unproductive if Hubbub design and distribute their product considering any other factor. Customers will have a great impact on the performance of any business so the targeted market is the main factor which should be considered in making any decision on how to design and distribute the services. 6. Which of the following is the best classification of New Balance Hubbubs retail operation? A. Department Store b. Off-Price retailer c. Convenience store d.

Specialty store This is a specialty store because Hubbub Company solely concentrates on producing and providing bikes as their main service. This company it majors only on one type of product and it makes sure these services are available to the customers at the right time and also using the right channel of distribution. It also makes sure that the right kind of information about their products is availed to customers. Customers will make their decision based on the information provided by the company so its up to the company to give the right information about the services they offer to avoiding confronting with customers potential needs. . When New Balance Hubbub discusses managing how many bikes are in various stations, it is focusing on which aspect of service distribution? A. Minimizing wait times b. Managing service capacity c. Improving service delivery d. Data mining the stations Point out here it’s so clear since the aspect of improving and increasing service delivery to the customers its also involved in the management of service capacity. The main aim of the company is to improve the service rendered o their customers and to make sure they completely meet their expectation.

This business it will be able to increase the quality of the service given to the customers by getting feedback and views about their services from the customers and they will be able to know their weaknesses and work on them. If this business is given point thrives, many bikes are offered in order to satisfy the emend of the customers. 8. Developing the app Spectacle, which allows customers to see where the best station to drop off their bike is by rating how full, empty, or nearby stations are is one way that New Balance Hubbub minimizes wait times. A. True b.

False This is true because the customers can go and access the next station if its not full and they are able to access the next station if it’s not full. This is the best shopping process because clients are able to know where to get the bikes that they will meet their expectations and to know when it’s the best time to get those bikes. This will help the company to minimize the waiting time for the customers and also to reduce the congestion of the buyers. This is the best way for this company to provide the best and quality service to the customers whereby they WI be n a position to maintain their customers and even attract more customers. . New Balance Hubbub is a major player in non-traditional service retailing, and demonstrating how new technology can offer new ways of providing great service. A. True This is true because Hubbub it has one of the best offered service online and this brings great satisfaction on the customers demand. This online platform it ivies this company an added advantage over their competitors because they have a unique way of marketing and distributing their services to their potential customers.

Shopping at home or everywhere you are it makes the clients to consider it more convenient. Customers have enough information on the products and services that they are using and also they know where to get the services.

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