U.S. Interest Group: National Organization For Women University Essay Example

The U.S. interest group chosen for this discussion post is the National Organization for Women that was created in 1966. All the necessary information regarding this American feminist organization may be found at their website. The mission statement is to “take action to bring women into full participation in the mainstream of American society now, exercising all the privileges and responsibilities thereof in truly equal partnership with men” (Friedan). This organization’s particular interest is the rights of all women.

The goals of the National Organization for Women is to use intersectional grassroots activism in order to eliminate discrimination, lead societal change, and promote feminist ideals. Moreover, NOW is aimed at achieving and protecting the equal rights of all girls and women in all aspects of economic, political, and social life (Friedan). I decided to pick this particular interest group because I am a feminist, and I support NOW’s actions and goals.

The first function of all interest groups is representation – bringing problems to a broad audience and influencing policymaking through collective action. NOW tries to achieve equality for women by affecting people and the government. The second function of interest groups is educating other people about current issues. The National Organization for Women creates a significant number of articles, videos, and resources that inform and educate the audience. Moreover, sometimes NOW organizes special meetings to discuss the problems and future plans, which simultaneously addresses both functions.

To get more people to join them, the organization may use a special incentive. For example, it is a good stimulus to describe in detail what the world will be like if it is possible to achieve all the goals of NOW. When people see the bigger picture, they will probably want to take part in the creation of a better world. As I understand, this incentive belongs to the knowledge of the results type. If a person knows the future results, he or she is more motivated to achieve them.

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IPhone 12 Mini Product Analysis


Apple Inc. is a worldwide technological company founded by Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne, and Steve Wozniak; its headquarter office is in Cupertino, California. The company develops and designs new computer and phone devices using the most advanced technologies (Heracleous & Papachroni, 2016). Last year Apple introduced a series of new iPhones of the 11th generation (Price, 2020). This year the corporation is planning to launch a brand-new iPhones 12. Therefore, the chosen product is the iPhone 12 mini, which will be the smallest version that Apple has ever introduced. Its size will be equal to 5’4 inches, and it will be designed with a metal frame similar to the iPhone 4 (Brown, 2020). The new device will be available in five colors: black, white, red, green, and blue. Its packaging will resemble the one of an iPhone 11.

Target Customers

Apple is debuting with its new iPhone 12 lineup this month; therefore, it has managed to meet its customers’ needs by implementing new technologies to alleviate people’s lives. Primarily, Apple pays attention to its target audience, divides it into smaller groups, and produces items for each. As a result, the iPhone 12 mini will target clients aged between 25-55 with a medium and high income up to 100,000$ a year (Price, 2020). This version of the iPhone’s main peculiarity will be more appealing to people who like compact devices. Apple has its stores in 155 countries where iPhone 12 mini will be available after its release (Peters, 2020).

Purpose and Price

The iPhone 12 mini will be the smallest new model with a big screen. The main screen features of this device will let make high-quality photos and videos. The frontal cameral will also enable its users to take professional selfies. Moreover, it is possible to work on some documents and files due to is diagonal equal to 5’4 inches. The iPhone 12 mini’s core memory with 6GB will allow storing much data and uploading multiple apps. In general, this phone will be useful for those who like to use smartphones with one hand. The new model’s price will range from $699 to $749, depending on the internal storage. Such a price is affordable for everyone, and it is average on the market.

Promotional Techniques

A large part of Apple’s marketing strategy is that they try to offer their products unique value rather than join the price wars. Apple’s devices always differ from its competitors due to the original features. Despite that their price may be slightly more than average, people still purchase Apple’s new phones, computers, and watches because of their functionality. Moreover, the company aims to improve users’ experience by adding fascinating features and applications (Heracleous & Papachroni, 2016). For any device Apple releases, they make sure their product is high-quality and offers a wide range of possibilities. It is essential to stand out in the market while the competition is wild. Therefore, Apple focused on a specific feature of the iPhone 12 mini, which is its handiness.

The other marketing strategy to be implemented concerns advertising. Apple does not need to pay much attention to advertising its products as it keeps focused on the buzz created by the media and celebrities. Therefore, the iPhone 12 mini’s multiple ads would be unnecessary as the public is already aware of the new iPhone line-up coming in October (Price, 2020). Customers may know possible prices for the products and the presumable design. The third strategy relates to the affordability of the products. This autumn, Apple issues several new iPhones 12 for each sub-category of their target audience. Therefore, the iPhone 12 mini fell under the affordability criterion being a version that people with any income can purchase.

Places for Selling

iPhone 12 mini is supposed to be released this October; thus, the customers will have to wait until it is in the stores. The approximate wait time should not exceed two months because Apple products are popular, and people want to purchase them straight away. The best place to buy an original iPhone 12 mini is the Apple Store. Moreover, after a device release, it can be pre-purchased online; however, there is also a wait time. The next option for placing new iPhones for sale is the phone company resellers, which have the authorization to sell Apple’s products. Undoubtedly, customers will have easy access to the iPhone 12 mini after its appearance in stores.


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“The Love Of My Life” By T. C. Boyle Critical Analysis

The Love of My Life” is a fictional story by T. C. Boyle, an American short story writer, and novelist. The narrative presents the dramatic events in the lives of the two young characters, China and Jeremy, whose irresponsible behavior forced them to make a cruel life-changing decision and question the meaning of love. The following paper will analyze the theme of the story, the symbol, and the literary theory that might be used to critically read the story and understand its meaning.

The contemporary fiction genre determines the story’s close connection to the modern world with its realistic characters and an approachable theme. Common themes in literature, such as love, death, or loss, allow the reader to learn more about human similarities despite cultural differences (Kusch, 2016). The story’s main theme is teenage love in the form of an infatuation, while true love requires responsibility. At the beginning of the literary work, the reader learns about Jeremy’s belief in eternal and unconditional love shared by his lover. The character often expressed his love for China by saying, “I love you,” and she would do the same, as “a hundred times a day she said it, too” (Boyle, 2000). While the characters were confident in the eternity of their love, their irresponsible behavior challenged the strength of their feelings when they learned about China’s pregnancy.

The high-school couple could not risk losing the comfort of their current lives or taking responsibility for their actions, so they decided to hide the pregnancy and then murder the baby. At this point in the plot, love cannot be viewed as unconditional or eternal as it starts to fade. Jeremy began to notice the faults in his lover’s character, whom he described as “stupid” and “spoiled by her parents and their standard of living” (Boyle, 2000). The story ends after China agrees to testify against her lover in court. The event signifies the decline of the loving relationship between the young characters, as China mentions in the final lines that Jeremy “was the love of her life” (Boyle, 2000). Overall, the author questions the validity of teenage love by utilizing the theme that displays the transformation of the characters’ feelings from unconditional love to indifference caused by irresponsibility and guilt.

The main symbol in the literary work is a tree that transforms its appearance across different settings throughout the story depending on the situation or the period in the characters’ lives. According to Kusch (2016), symbols “create a shorthand for referring to the larger concept” and “translate that concept into a tangible object” (p. 48). Thus, the tree might be viewed as a symbolic tree of life representing the characters’ personal development based on a series of life-changing decisions. The story begins with the description of the trees covered in ice, which might be interpreted as a calm, stable, and dormant period in the story without any dramatic events or changes.

The next symbolic setting was in early spring, when the leaves on trees turned green too early, which might be a reference to China and Jeremy’s premature introduction to adulthood and future parenthood. The street was decorated with blossoms of “fruit trees in the development” when Jeremy told his lover to relax and “experience” life (Boyle, 2000). Along with the green color’s symbolic meaning of fertility, the blossoming trees symbolize the beginning of the new life signifying the downfall of the young lovers caused by their immaturity and lack of responsibility.

The story might be read using the literary theory of formalism, which emphasizes the role of the form and literary devices in the text. The interpretive approach concentrates on the objective analysis of the literary devices, as the Formalists deny the importance of cultural context and the author’s personal or professional background (Brewton, 2020). Since the story is rich in literary devices, such as foreshadowing and the aforementioned symbolism, the analysis of its form might help the reader to understand the author’s intent and the meaning of the work. For example, while watching a horror movie, Jeremy said that “teens have sex, and then they pay for it in body parts” (Boyle, 2000). Jeremy’s words serve as a reference for future events crucial for the development of the theme and might teach the reader about the consequences of irresponsibility. Thus, the formalistic approach allows the reader to detect the foreshadowing at the beginning of the story, which gives some hints about China’s pregnancy and the attempts to get rid of the baby.

“The Love of My Life,” the title and reoccurring phrase in the story, is a serious statement that contrasts with the author’s choice of immature characters, whose actions express infatuation rather than love. Focusing on formal aspects of the literary work, such as the repetition of a particular phrase, helps the reader to understand the moral or social mission of the author (Bertens, 2017). As the characters are still alive, the choice of past tense in the phrase “he was the love of her life” does not make sense (Boyle, 2000). It possibly translates the author’s message reminding the reader that promises of eternal love are meaningless without responsibility. Overall, critical reading using a formalistic approach and the analysis of the theme and the symbol of the story facilitated the understanding of the story’s meaning and the author’s moral message.


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