Under The Articles Of Confederation, Why Didn’t The Federal Government Enforce The Laws? Writing Sample

“Public social programs can be established at any governmental level (city, county, state or federal” (The Judiciary as a Shaper of Social Policy, Program and Practice,Donald E. Chambers,Pig 32). As one may recall from school, there are three branches of government established by the U. S. Constitution. These three branches are legislative, executive and Judicial. The executive branch is headed by the president and he carries out the federal laws and recommends new ones.

The selective branch is headed by congress and it is their Job to make the laws. Lastly, the Judicial branch is headed by the Supreme Court. They have the power to Interpret the Constitution, review laws, and deciding cases Involving states’ rights. In this short essay, I will give a brief discussion about the legislative tasks and the roles of the judicial system. The legislative branch is made up of two houses of congress. They are made up of the Senate and the House of Representatives. Their main goal and duty is to make laws.

The first task is for an interest group to define its issues and achieve unanimity on the problem. The first take is extremely important because the legislators have to know what the group wants If they give public support. The second task Is to create a position paper that Includes pros and cons, and what Is known or unknown about the issue or problem at hand. The third task in the legislative process is to create solutions for the problem or issues that are being discussed. The fourth task is to organize the publics support for their issue or problem at hand.

A huge public support is needed for the legislators to identify themselves with the issue and to recruit other legislators. The fifth task in the legislative process is to convince a legislator to sign the bill, eventually officially introducing It as a legislative bill. Only a legislator can Introduce a bill. The sixth task is to organize appearances to committee hearing. The purpose for the committee hearing is for committee members to ask questions and debate the merits of the bill.

The seventh task in legislative process is to lobby the other legislators for their purport when the issue or problem when it is voted on by the whole legislative body. If the bill Is passed into law, the last task In the legislative process Is lobbying for money to fund the program. “The Judicial branch of government can wield great power because It can tell social programs the clients that must be served, can totally eliminate programs under certain conditions, and can entitle or distilled citizens from benefits, among other things” (The Judiciary as a Shaper of Social Policy, Program and Practice,Donald E.

Chambers,Pig 34). The judicial branch shapes public policy through court cases. All fields of practice are affected by social and organizational policies made by the Judicial decisions. Public policy holds human service workers responsible for their decisions that are made In their work environment. If the human service worker was to make bad professional decisions, they could ultimately be sued to the fullest extent of the law. To avoid these legal punishments, social workers must be aware of the laws and follow them within their organization.

Social workers and human service practitioners need to be aware of the Judiciary as an instrument of social policy as they assist in the preparation of court cases that have the potential to serve and better the Interest of their clients/ E. Chambers,Pig 36). The Judiciary can create both anew and reshapes old social policy. With a Human Services organization, such as the Department of Social and Health Services, laws influence the decision making. There are laws that are made, and they are to be held to the highest standard in human services.

The laws in this organization have a definite huge influence on the way the organization is run. When someone comes into ADDS, they are most likely looking for some type of assistance in their time of desperation. The social worker must abide by the laws and guidelines for approving a client for benefits. In order for the client to receive certain benefits, there are laws that must be followed. For instance, is they were receiving temporary cash assistance; they would be required to attend work shops and look for work for a certain amount of time a day.

This is put there to help the client get back on their feet. Being a human services worker can be a very difficult and rewarding career. Depending on which field one moves forward working for, the situations can be heart breaking. On the other hand, there is a huge personal reward for them when they are able to help their clients better their overall life. The laws should always be followed when working in this field. There are harsh punishments for a social worker f they do not follow the laws of the court and Judicial system.

Practice Questions Of Basic Computer Knowledge

If you are unable to see all of the fields on your display, click the ____ to give you more room on the screen to view the object’s contents.

Shutter Bar Open/Close Button on the Navigation Pane

Every foreign key must ____.

match the field value of a primary key in a related table

Which extension identifies a file as a Microsoft Access 2013 database?


A table’s contents are displayed as rows and columns in ____.

Datasheet view

In Datasheet View, clicking a record selector ____.

selects an entire row

A ____ is a question you ask about data stored in a database.


The Create tab has options to create all of the following EXCEPT ____.

other databases

Martha’s database had been working well but it has begun to behave in unexpected ways. What should she do?

Use the Compact & Repair Database option.

The ____ determines what type of values can be entered for a field.

data type

A primary key ___.

uniquely identifies each record in a table

If a primary key from one table is also defined in a second table to form a relationship, the field is called a ____ in the second table.

foreign key

The data type that allows you to indicate the absence or presence of a condition is ____.


A field defined as a Yes/No field type will be displayed as ____.

a check box

For a special report, Tom wants his donation fields to display in a Currency format that does not display dollar signs, so he will use the ____ format.


The ____ operator will cause a record to be selected only if two or more conditions are satisfied.


The symbols for the Access comparison operator for not equal to are _____.


An Excel formula always begins with a(n) ____.

equals sign

____ enters text based on patterns it finds in the data.

Flash Fill

Tyler notices that the Address column is too wide. He could use that extra space for other columns so he ____.

autofits the column by double-clicking its border

Samantha wants to find out how much money she will make on her largest order, which is currently in row E. Cell E4 contains the number of items ordered and cell E5 contains the price per item. An appropriate formula would be ____.


One way to ensure that you are using consistent formats is to copy and paste your formats using the Format _____.


In one of Harold’s columns there are too many numbers after the decimal place. It is distracting from the data and he really only needs two numbers after the decimal. How could Harold make the data appear cleaner in the most efficient way?

decrease number of digits displayed by clicking on the command in Numbers group

Harold would like to center a title across the top of his data. His data runs across five columns, from column A to column E. One way he could accomplish this is to _____.

type the data in A1 and Merge cells A1:E1

Antoinette wants all her worksheets to have the same formatting for text, colors, and graphical effects applied to create a specific look and feel. Antoinette needs to apply a _____.


Absolute references are marked with a ____.


The ____ dialog box provides options for moving charts to another worksheets or creating a new chart sheets.

Move Chart

Generally, _____ are given a “washed-out” appearance and are placed behind text or charts on the sheet so that they do not obscure any of the other content on the sheet.


The ____ is the first slide in a PowerPoint presentation.

Title Slide

A commonly used layout is the ____ layout.

Title and Content

A ____ is a coordinated set of colors, fonts, backgrounds, and effects.


In PowerPoint terms, ____ a photo means cutting off edges you don’t want to include.


____ handles are the small squares that appear in the corners and in the middle of the sides of the border of a selected object.


____ notes are information you add about slide content to help you remember to bring up specific points during the presentation.


When you print ____, the presentation is printed with one or more slides on each piece of paper.


When Ethan first opens PowerPoint, he has two ____ view options: 1) to open an existing presentation or 2) to create a new file.


Like shapes, you can rotate or ____ pictures using the Rotate handle or the Rotate button.


An installed theme can be applied by clicking on a theme in the Themes group on the ____ tab.


Use the Animation ____ to copy the animation, effects, and duration applied to one object to another object.


The most commonly used video formats are the MPEG-____ format, the Windows Media Audio/Video format, and the Audio Visual Interleave format.


After you insert a video, you can modify it by changing ____ options, changing the length of time the video plays, and applying formats and styles to the video.


If a video is too long, or if there are parts you don’t want to show during the slide show, you can ____ it.


Usually the date and slide number do not need to appear on the ____.

title slide

The Office ____ is a temporary storage area on your computer that holds objects such as text or graphics until you need them.


To copy selected text, you can use the keyboard command ____.


A ____ is a coordinated collection of fonts, colors, and other visual effects designed to give a document a cohesive, polished look.


The indent buttons on the HOME tab allow you to increase or decrease paragraph indenting in increments of ____ inches.


Charlotte knows that she will be drafting several contracts in the coming weeks, and each letter will need to be printed with specific headings and body text formatting. To save time, Charlotte should apply ____.


From the Navigation pane, you can ____ a subordinate heading to the next level up in the heading hierarchy.


When you press the Tab key in the last cell in the table, ____.

you add a new row to the bottom of the table

Which of the following is not a major tab stop?


To format part of a document in an orientation different from the rest of the document, you need to ____.

divide the document into sections

The best way for Josephine to organize her data in Microsoft Word would be to use ____.

a table

Monica has included a table in her report to give information on 20 key events. Since the table is text-heavy, Monica wants to make it easier to distinguish between the rows. Monica should use the ____ formatting to make her table easier to read.

Banded Rows

Monica is editing her report and notices that she has forgotten to insert a footnote on page 4. When Monica inserts the footnote, ____.

Word will automatically renumber all footnotes

WordArt is considered a(n) _______ that can be manipulated independently of the text.


Which of the following is not a wrapping style for graphics?


To cut off part of the graphic in an illustration, you would _______ the illustration.


The Unequal Sharing Of Electrons Flash Card

Each water molecule is joined to _____ other water molecules by ____ bonds.

“The Polarity of Water” a water molecule is joined to four other water molecules by hydrogen bonds.

a.two … polar covalent

b.two … hydrogen

—c.four … hydrogen

d.four … polar covalent

e.three … ionic

The unequal sharing of electrons within a water molecule makes the water molecule _____.

The electrons spend more time with the oxygen of the water molecule than with the hydrogens of water. Thus, the oxygen has a net negative charge and the hydrogens have a net positive charge.

a.have a low surface tension

b.change easily from a liquid to gaseous form




The tendency of an atom to pull electrons toward itself is referred to as its _____.





e.ionic potential

What type of bond is found between the oxygen and hydrogens?

What type of bond is found between the oxygen and hydrogens?

a.polar covalent—


c.nonpolar covalent



Which of these bonds is weakest?

Which of these bonds is weakest?

C. Hydrogen Bonds are weaker than covalent bonds because they do not involve sharing of electrons, and they are weaker than ionic bonds because they involve the attraction of partial (not full) opposite charges.

Why isn't this insect drowning

Why isn’t this insect drowning

a.The insect is swimming.

b.The insect is flying just above the water c.surface.

d.Surface tension.—

e.The insect is very light.

f.It is difficult to change the temperature of water.

Examples of adhesion

a. Water molecules cling to the side of a beaker

b.Water molecules cling to plant cell walls

Examples of cohesion

a. Water molecules attract to each other

b. A drop of water spilled on a table forms a drop on the table, rather than spreading out over the surface

Examples of surface tension

a. A water stride runs across a pond without breaking surface

b. A sewing needle floats when it is placed gently on top of water in a bucket

What is the pH of an aqueous solution with the hydronium ion concentration [H30]= 2×10^-14

pH=-log[H3O]=-log(2×10^-14) = 13.7

Carbonated cola is more acidic than coffee or even orange juice because cola contains phosphoric acid.What is the molar concentration of [H3O+] in a cola that has a pH of 3.120?


A 1M of solution contains

(a) one mole of solute per liter of solution.—-

(b) one mole of solute per liter of water.

(c) a one-to-one ratio of solute to solvent molecules.

Both (b) and (c).

None of the above.

Which statement must be mentioned in explaining why amphipathic molecules line up at a water surface?

a.Nonpolar groups repel water.

b.Polar groups attract one another.—

c.Polar groups repel water.

d.Nonpolar groups attract one another.

e.All of the above.

Dissolving is best described as

a.molecules breaking into ions.

b.a separation of molecules into neutral atoms.

c.breaking covalent bonds.

d.a change from a solid to a liquid.

e.a mingling of molecules and/or ions. —

Water is a source of ______________ for chemical reactions in cells.

Water is a source of ______________ for chemical reactions in cells.Many reactions incorporate O and H from water into biological molecules. This happens when you digest starch and protein, for example.

(a) hydrogen atoms

(b) oxygen atoms

(c) energy

Both (a) and (b)—

(a), (b), and (c).

Which statement is true of water’s tensile strength?

Which statement is true of water’s tensile strength?Because of hydrogen bonding, water coheres to itself and adheres to cell walls. That makes it possible to pull water through plants without breaking the water column.

(a) It results from hydrogen bonding.

(b) It helps to pull water through plants.

(c) It involves both cohesion and adhesion.

Both (a) and (b).

(a), (b), and (c). —

Water has surface tension because …

The hydrogen bonds between surface water molecules are normally slightly stretched. Like a stretched sheet of rubber, the surface tends to contract and resists being penetrated.

a. water tends to evaporate from the surface.

b.hydrogen bonds between surface water molecules resist being stretched.

c.cohesion forces are weaker at the surface.

d.there is positive pressure inside the water mass.

e.molecules at the surface make more hydrogen bonds.

Which of the following helps most to explain why water has a high specific heat?

Which of the following helps most to explain why water has a high specific heat?When you heat water, much of the heat is used to break hydrogen bonds. Only the remaining heat can increase molecular motion, raising the temperature.

(a) A water molecule can make 4 hydrogen bonds.—

(b) The water molecule has exceptionally strong covalent bonds.

(c) Water temperature is exceptionally sensitive to heat.

Both (a) and (b).

Both (b) and (c).

Which factor is important in making it possible to cool yourself by sweating? Think carefully!

Random collisions allow some molecules to accumulate more energy than other molecules. The weakness of hydrogen bonds lets those molecules escape, leaving the cooler molecules behind.

(a) Molecules collide with varied angles and speeds.

(b) Hydrogen bonds are relatively weak.

(c) Water has more energy at the body surface.

Both (a) and (b).

(a), (b), and (c).—

Though you add heat, the temperature of boiling water remains constant because …

At boiling, all the added heat is used to break hydrogen bonds. Free of the water mass, the departing steam carries away all the added energy, with none left over to raise the temperature.

a.It takes energy to circulate water.

b.Water has a constant boiling temperature.

c.It takes energy to break covalent bonds.

d.It takes energy to break hydrogen bonds.—

e.None of the above. The temperature rises during boiling.

Which statement helps to explain why ice is less dense than liquid water?

The ice lattice has open spaces because of the angles at which hydrogen bonds form. Heat energy can break water molecules free of the lattice so they move into the openings.

(a) Water molecules make hydrogen bonds at definite angles.

(b) Cold molecules move less than warm molecules.

(c) Hydrogen bonds lengthen in the cold.

All of the above.

Both (a) and (b). —

The open spaces in water’s crystal structure make it possible for …

The open spaces in water’s crystal structure make it possible for …

(a) aquatic life to exist at the North Pole.—

(b) water to have a low boiling point.

(c) life to occur in hot springs.

Both (b) and (c).

(a), (b), and (c).

Why doesn’t oil mix with water?

Water molecules cling to one another and won’t part to make room for uncharged (nonpolar) molecules. There’s no repulsion.

(a) Nonpolar molecules repel water molecules.

(b) Polar molecules repel nonpolar molecules.

(c) Polar molecules attract one another.—

(d) Nonpolar molecules attract one another.

Both (a) and (d).

Which property of water allows dogs to cool themselves by panting?

Which property of water allows dogs to cool themselves by panting?Evaporative cooling takes place when molecules with the greatest kinetic energy leave a fluid as gas molecules. Because of water’s high heat of vaporization, a large amount of heat must be absorbed for 1 gram of water to be converted from liquid to gas. The dog loses this heat as the water on its tongue evaporates, allowing him to cool down by panting. To understand why this answer is correct, read about evaporative cooling.

a.water’s high heat of vaporization

b.the formation of covalent bonds between water molecules

c.water’s high surface tension

Which property of water allows a paper towel to pick up a puddle of water?

Water adheres to the cellulose molecules in a paper towel, allowing the towel to pick up a puddle of water. This is similar to the adhesion between water molecules and cellulose in cell walls responsible for water transport in plants.

a.water’s high surface tension

b.water’s high heat of vaporization

c.adhesion of water molecules to other kinds of molecules—

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