Website Critique: International Federation Of Journalists University Essay Example

The website is run by the International Federation of Journalists organization. This organization was first established in 1926 and its current chapter was launched in 1952. The IFJ is open to membership by journalists’ trade unions from all over the world. It presently has about 600,000 members from over 100 nations (IFJ, 2015). The organization’s headquarters are in Brussels while other offices are located in major cities around the world.

The mission of the IFJ, as articulated in its official website, is to defend press freedom by ensuring that independent trade unions of journalists are allowed to exist and thrive in all countries. In addition to this, the organization is committed to promoting human rights and democracy in the world. The IFJ also seeks to promote ethical journalism and prevent the use of the media for propaganda purposes or to instigate violence (IFJ, 2015). The organization acts as the representative for journalists in major international forums such as the United Nations.

The organization is owned and run by the journalists’ trade unions it represents. The IFJ relies on the fees contributed annually by its members to finance its various operations. The organization is run by a congress made up of delegates from all the member unions of the IFJ. Each delegate has a right to vote on important policy issues and the running of the organization (IFJ, 2015). Congress elects an executive committee that acts as the IFJ’s governing body. The executive committee appoints a General Secretary, who is the executive head of the organization.

The IFJ has several important agendas that it persistently pursues. High on its agenda is to promote ethical journalism internationally. In its Declaration of Principles on the Conduct of Journalists, the organization asserts that “respect for truth and the right of the public to truth is the first duty of the journalists” (IFJ, 2015). In addition to this, the organization seeks to obtain fair contracts for working journalists. In recognition of the fact that media organizations exploit journalists, the IFJ has engaged in various campaigns to pressure media houses into providing fair payment. The IFJ is also engaged in raising awareness on various issues affecting journalists. Through its reports, the organization addresses issues such as the safety and protection of journalists, gender discrimination, violence, and press freedom (IFJ, 2015). The IFJ maintains statistics on the number of journalists killed or imprisoned while on active duty. The organization serves as a rich resource center for journalists. Through its publications, journalists are provided with useful information that can help them improve their professional conduct and personal safety. Some booklets offer advice on safety in war zones and address workplace issues such as sexual harassment.

As an organization committed to promoting the interests of journalists and their trade unions, the IFJ has some biases. To begin with, the news reports showcased on the website are geared towards promoting the objectives of the organization. The news includes advocacy for freedom of the press and raising awareness on violence against journalists. The website focuses on the promotion of the rights of journalists and defending their trade unions without being critical of the conduct of journalists. It does not provide a balanced view of the specific conditions that might have necessitated the violation of the press freedoms in discrete events.


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International Realism, Pluralism And Structuralism


The historical roots of realism are from the writings of a Greek historian known as Thucydides who is regarded as the father of political realism. Realism is one of the three major conceptual frameworks that are employed in the study of international relations. Realism emphasizes the blocks on politics that are caused by human acts and the lack of a global governing body. It is based on various ideas.

First, it emphasizes the fact that sovereign states are the key players in maintaining worldwide relations. It also emphasizes that the sovereignty of a nation should not be broken through interference from the outside nations. According to realism, it is the main task of the state to look after its self-interests. This implies that it should establish a strong defense to ensure that the state is secure. According to realism, the state is the highest source of authority. While trying to establish international relations, conflicts and anarchy arise and hence war is in most cases inevitable (Gunderson 56).


Pluralism does not only imply diversity. It refers to the act of engaging with multiplicity. Pluralism is also used to describe the act of trying to establish an understanding of the different lines of differences. Tolerance is a required virtue in pluralism but it does not define pluralism.


The term structuralism is best understood from the term structure. Without understanding the term, it is difficult to understand how structuralism operates. The term has often been used to refer to physical buildings. From this definition, therefore it is clear that structuralism refers to an effort to construct models that aid in understanding the resources at hand.

They are all the conceptual frameworks used to understand the international political economy. They are all methods used in social research in political science. There are institutional relations amongst the three aspects that govern the interpretation of the external forces and approaching all the ideologies in a manner that acknowledges the absolute acceptability. The underlying economic structure is vetted accordingly as per the approaches. Each approach gives the best notion of its performance and the techniques that should be used in the utilization of the realist motives. Since pluralism covers or utilizes multiplicity, it follows that the ideologies of the realist should also cut across a political, economical, and international divide.

The peasants have to have the three ideologies properly indicated to be used in any form of structure and economy. The international mandates are ideally based on realist objections coupled with pluralism and the structure. It has been indicated that the internationally acknowledged policies must have three approaches. These approaches when used together or blend, excellent qualities will be produced in the place of application. It’s important to note that rules are the perfect measure of attaining these approaches in totality.

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Contract Law: 1861 Group, LLC V. Wild Oats Markets, Inc.

Facts: On March 3, when the plaintiff was asked by the defenders to enlarge the operations, the plaintiff disagreed alleging that it could incur expenses if at all it wanted to accommodate the defendant’s plan of which it was not ready. The defendants promised the plaintiff to help it negotiate with the other Lammert tenants to relocate. All of which the defendants did not do.

Issue: Under the Missouri laws, was there a crime committed under the promissory estoppels?

Answer: yes.

Courts Rationale: The prosecutor was able to assert a promise which relied on its detriments.

Significance of the Case: This case is so helpful in today’s society whereby parties are advised not to limit their negotiations on the act of faith. They should ensure written and signed agreements when making any deals.

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