What If We Share Cultures? University Essay Example

The narrative of Hu starts towards the end of December 1721. When a French Jesuit named Jean François Foucquet is set to depart China with a treasure trove of empirical evidence, technical and linguistic abilities, books and manuscripts, and, not least, progressive views on the worth of Chinese rites, in his perspective. For Father Foucquet staunchly agreed with what the Second Vatican Council would consider being on the side of the angels. He spent his life studying ancient Chinese religion in the hopes of persuading his skeptical higher-ups in Rome that the Chinese version of Catholicism, with its rites and customs, was not contaminated by Taoist superstition and may be allowed to flourish, through careful argument and elaborate commentary. However, Foucquet had a tough time copying the manuscript, and he quickly needed a Chinese secretary. He swiftly asked one of them, John Hu, a 40-year-old widow and convert, the day before his departure. Hu has a dark complexion, is physically unappealing, and has “a desperate expression,” but he doesn’t have time to investigate further: “It’s that Chinaman or nothing at all.” Hu and Foucquet were sailing virtually at high tide.

The venture was a flop. Hu’s narrative in France was a headache for Foucquet from beginning to end. Instead of seeing what could be seen, the prospective secretary declined to study French or even transcribe Chinese, as he was paid to do. On the other hand, Hu showed no signs of assimilating to the society he encountered. For instance, He comes to a lone horse tethered to a post, grabs it, and rides across the countryside. When questioned in Chinese by Foucquet, Hu responds, “Why, if a horse isn’t being utilized, can’t someone else use it?” As the response demonstrates—and the Jesuit never knows whether Hu’s argument is clever or not—the Chinese do not lack words, logic, or an attractive purpose when he chooses to speak. Hu, for example, takes his Christian beliefs very seriously, which causes his master a great deal of bother and discomfort. He bows down at crucifixes, hopscotches over church floors to avoid stepping on cruciform ornamentation, and respects the nuncio as if he were the Chinese emperor. Hu believes in strange hunches, and superstitions, throws open windows in the cold, moves furniture about in strange ways, and harangues Parisian audiences in Chinese, becoming a familiar anomaly in the Marais.

A member of the Charenton staff provides him with a cozy, high-quality blanket to keep him warm during the night. He rips the blanket in half. As a Chinese tourist, Hu had many customs and ideas that were different from European culture. Understandably, some of the stuff he experiences in a foreign land would’ve taken Hu aback. Foucquet, who refused to help him cope with his problems, treated him as a kid and a servant. Hu’s scenes and episodes of disappearance worried Foucquet greatly. He left a note for Argenson, a Paris police lieutenant. Hus’ absence was a breach of his contract with Foucquet, but when Foucquet decided to send Hu to a mental institution, he went through the appropriate processes with zeal. For Foucquet’s associates to feed and accommodate Hu while they waited for four days for the documents to commit him to an asylum, it needed a lot of convincing, two personal visits, and more money than they thought. When the persons supposed to take Hu away arrived, they slipped a pair of manacles around Hu’s wrists and slammed them shut. He was fully aware that Foucquet and others were attempting to dominate him, and he fought back. He did not tear the blanket when the asylum workers gave it to him since he couldn’t stop himself. He explained, “Because it was given to me, the blanket was mine to destroy.” Hu deliberately decided to rip up the blanket in defiance of his captors.

Hu was also prone to acting rashly when confronted with new technologies, such as windmills. He has to jump out and look at anything new whenever he sees it. He must climb up atop a windmill and inspect its structure if one exists. He also believes that men and women should be kept apart. Men and women should be maintained in separate areas; Hu fashioned a little flag with Chinese lettering. By forcing Hu to dress in European clothing, Foucquet can dominate and modify him. If Foucquet wants to keep up with the rich, he’ll have to purchase Hu a suit of European clothing. For the impending fall, he orders Hu a full suite of finely woven, strong material, replete with a tight-fitting over-tunic. While he does wear his new attire and participate in certain parts of European society, he strives to maintain some of his traditional comforts. For example, when he had to sleep in a European bedroom, he found it stifling and disliked the fact that the bed was raised off the ground. He fought with some of the personnel at a hotel where he stayed, but he won in the end. Hu would now sleep on the floor, surrounded by the late summer air.

The priest longs to be free of the Chinese and plots with ambassadors, police lieutenants, and bishops to help him become one less than six months after arriving in France. Hu, still a silent chinese man, was eventually sent to a mental institution at Charenton, where he remained for two years. Finally, another Chinese-speaking Jesuit showed more patience and did not believe Hu was insane. Hu, on the other hand, was enraged because he had not been paid. Hu’s freedom is certain, however, to be fair to Foucquet, who is now a bishop and must defend his treatment of Hu, he acts no less weird upon his release than he did at Charenton or previously. Despite his desire to return home, he was compelled to join boats and ships bound for China. Hu sits under a banyan tree in the fading light, recounting Western stories but not in French, as the narrative concludes.


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What Is A Good Life And How To Live It Free Writing Sample


Living the good life can have different connotations to different people though in basic form, living a good life involves exploration that gives a person joy and satisfaction. A good life may mean finding purpose as well as meaning in life and obtaining happiness from what one does. Almost everyone aspires to live a good life though people have different meanings for what good life means to them. As some seek wealth, power, or social status to live a good life, others think living a good life entails having an honest, joyful, and happy life. This particular paper seeks to understand good life and how to live it by exploring what good life for everyone, how every person should live, the requirement for living good life, and the challenges and rewards of a good life.

What is a good life for everyone?

Living the good life for any person entails living a life that sets someone free, a life that fulfills a person, gives joy, happiness, and a sense of purpose in one’s life. A good life for everyone needs to be a worthwhile life, and one must also contribute to society instead of just living a self-centered life. Besides, a person living a good life must avoid mundane engagements. Life makes more sense and turns out to be good for everyone when everyone lives a life that adds value and plays a significant role in making the world a better place to live (Fischer 12). Giving such contributes significantly benefit one, especially in terms of personal growth. Achievement of a high standard of living alone may not be fulfilling as such, and for everyone to have a good life, there is a need for everyone to attain what they seek in life, which makes everyone free and live a good life.

Although people have a different purpose on what they want in life, a good life would be attained when everyone lives a purposeful life. A purposeful life deals with moving towards a specific goal that helps one align with personal values, passions, and things that make one happy. However, it is significantly important to admit that having a purposeful life is than it may sound since many people struggle with living a purposeful life. Apart from having a purposeful life for everyone, life needs to be a life of pleasure to be considered good. Live is worth living when every member of the society can experience pleasure since pleasure is fun and pleasant.

How should everyone live?

After understanding what good life for everyone entails, there is a need to consider how everyone needs to live that good life. Some experts claim that living a good life is not a sprint but rather an exerting marathon of perseverance, purpose, patience, and passion. Everyone living a good life means something they are doing that gives them joy, helps one develop love towards others, and attain the intended success. Living a good life involves observing some golden rules that members of the community need to ensure they observe while living a good life.

Achieving good life for everyone in the community demands people to live in harmony and promote peace. By doing so, society can maintain social order and hence have the freedom to do some of the things that make one feel satisfied, fulfilled, and do your own things to fulfill the purpose (Manuel et al. 35). Secondly, for every community member to attain a good life, critical virtues and values need to be observed, particularly respect. Respect greatly help in bringing a conducive environment whereby everyone lives without overstepping boundaries or doing things that would affect other peoples’ joy and happiness.

Furthermore, for every member of the community to attain a good life, it demands all people to be selfless and avoid things like greed, which promotes self-interests to appoint of doing anything irrespective of moral concept to attain what one wishes. Through selfless life, one can attain what they have worked for and give others an opportunity to also attain what they wish through working hard and exploiting the available resources. Some members of society have engaged in corruption deals because of being selfish and want them to be the only persons who have everything and achieve social status.

Society significantly needs to develop laws that everyone must abide by and be aware of to avoid engaging in some behaviors that can definitely interfere with life of others. Laws should for maintain tranquility and order. Through laws, it becomes possible to discourage vices that may interfere with the good life of others, including robbery or stealing.

What is required to live such a life?

Achieving a good life, especially for every community member, is not a walk in the park and demands observation of some golden tips. One of them includes experiencing true pleasure, which means one needs to keep their life simple. Since every person is after pleasure, there is a need to avoid shallow and transient pleasure, which sometimes only lasts within a short period. To attain the purpose, one has and live a good life, there demand extra working hard and working towards achieving the goal one has. Without working hard or towards the goal, it turns out to be extremely difficult to access some of the things that facilitate living a good life (Sutton 20). Money is one of the things that help people to get anything they wish, and without working hard to get money, it becomes extremely difficult to attain basic needs like food and other basic needs.People should also avoid excess and live in harmony. Too much ambitions make a member of society interfere with the life of others by disturbing them, especially when one engages in things that demand consideration of morality questions. Living a happy life demands members of the be responsible human beings and avoid emerging in things that could adversely affect lower other peoples’ life way of living a good life. Take care of those around you as well as consider preserving the surroundings since it is the source of everything we enjoy including food. Time management is also another consideration that greatly influences good life. When time is effectively used, one manages to fulfill their dreams within the stipulated time.

What are the challenges and rewards of such a life?

Although attaining a good life is possible, some factors significantly hinder people from attaining a good life. one of them is the presence of disasters and accidents that sometimes entirely change one’s life. Attaining a good life can also render one into some behaviors that affect their lives. A good life like achieving goals and living a luxurious life can make a person engage in things like just sleeping, eating, and doing nothing can affect one’s health by gaining too much weight and exposing one to lifestyle like heart problems (Sutton 41). Being health is part of living a good health and this means that all people need to be concerned with their health, and avoid things that can affect their health. In such a scenario, instead of a person enjoying life and living a good life, they end up living a life full of frustrations due to pain and interference.

When only a portion of the community members attain a good life, others are left in distress and discouraged. Such frustrations have significantly contributed to mental health complications, which explains why the rate of suicidal cases is very apparent today. Good life for everyone is very rewarding in many ways, including living in harmony since everyone is enjoying life and has everything they need. Therefore, no need to engage in activities that could interfere with other peoples’ lives.


Living a good life has a different meaning to different people though some of the basic things that help to identify a good life mean living a free life, having happiness, and other things like purposeful life. The paper has managed to define what good life entails, the means of living a good life, and some of the considerations that favor good life before looking at some of the challenges and benefits that arise from having a good life. society members need to understand what good life entails and how attaining it is as simple as knowing what one wants life and working towards it.

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What’s Behind The Health Expenditure Trends? Essay Example


In this essay, literature on the sum of possible clarifications for the increase in healthcare expenses in America is being reviewed. The charge of vanishing persons, elderly inhabitants, physicians’ revenue, technology, prescriptive drugs, administrative costs, managed upkeep and underfunding community health. Understanding the source of the increase in spending goes yonder simple explanations of drifts and hinges on how numerous sections and features of wellbeing and health care are appreciated. Superior prominence is sited on how wellbeing expenditures are restrained and the intrinsic faintness in the practice (Mehrotra, etal 2022). Discoveries shows that regularly it is problematic to precisely approximate how people services inspiration entire healthcare expenditures.

Factors affecting the trends in healthcare expenditures

The elderly populace will cause an increase in healthcare expenses in that in America, as persons live lengthier, there are different centuries to them for healthcare consumption, which might lead to advanced expenditures (Mehrotra et al., 2022). Investigation shows that spending of Medicare drives down as persons phase and regular yearly expenses of an individual who deceases at the phase of 85 will be lesser than that one who perishes at the age of 70. Medicare statistics display that the development in yearly expenses per enrollee has progressively weakened over a period. This turns hostage to the quarrel that the elderly populace will cause advanced expenditures, excluding the range that the elderly are the majority.

The actual anxiety respects the overall effects of the populace’s tendencies in the nearby imminent. The maturity of baby boomers would probably stress the health care economy, chiefly since there would be a dramatic upsurge in the sum of aging and a comparatively lesser proportion of workforces remunerating staff taxes. Whereas Medicare expenditures, which wage for the severe care facilities, rose gradually as individuals grew older, nurture home cost increased at an abundant advanced rate as affected aged (Mehrotra, A. 2022).

Connected to the elderly population are anxieties about the price of vanishing, and thus exclusive high technology amenities are being wasted on persons who are vanishing soon. Scheming the price of fading needs longitudinal statistics for persons, which are problematic to obtain. Instead, investigators often depend on statistics that are wrecked into phase associates (Mehrotra, A. 2022). Consequently, similar databases are frequently used for measuring the influence of vanishing on wellbeing expenses as those prone to admit the charges related with the ones vanishing on health expenses as those who assessed the price of the old population.

They were informal to envisage why the United States will have comparatively increased administrative prices. Administrative expenditures are another factor affecting the tendencies in healthcare whereby over the previous 20 centuries, sustained anxiety that administrative prices devour too ample of the healthcare buck has been there (Mehrotra et al. 2022). Investigators have projected that the Unified States dedicates 24.7% to organizational overhead. There are distinctive competencies in the based hire coverage scheme whereby each broker generates bazaars then vends its coverage goods in a submerged sum of people and minor companies.

In several previous ages, interest has augmented the rising price of prescription medications. The original and stunning cost medications are pouring the upsurge in the healthcare expenses and whether prices of the prescription medications are lashing the surge in healthcare expenses if the scientific benefits defend the charges. The motive as towards why drug expenditure is increasing is because pharmacological businesses are alleging a advanced value for similar medication, larger people sum requires the medication since a sickness load in populace is increasing, additional persons are taking medication because of promotion, and similar persons are taking medicines. However, they have gone to an advanced cost medicine.

Among the greatest quoted data in community health is the comparative underfunding of anticipation facilities associated with restorative care. It is thought that preclusion has described a huge portion of the country’s increased lifespan expectation and superiority of lifespan. An additional benefit is attained if supplementary is consumed on community health (Mehrotra et al., 2022). NHA computes the community health expenditure by totaling up the interventions’ accounts that emphasize community wellbeing at the central and national levels. The statistics display that the upsurge in community health expenditure has outperformed the entire health care expenditure.

The additional most important feature is the technology. When measured, most healthcare economic experts detailed that technological alteration in medication was the chief purpose for the increase in vigor expenses. Some trust the acquisition and usage of medicinal technology might partially explain the upsurges in healthcare expenditure (Mehrotra et al., 2022). Though technological alteration may version for most of the surge in medical expenses over a period, it conveys benefits in the calculation to prices, rises average life, increased superiority of lifespan, and fewer time vanished from the effort.

Managed care is another feature affecting the drifts in healthcare expenditure in that its strategies restrict admission to some medicinal facilities and diminish the usage of expensive assessments (Mehrotra et al., 2022). The globule of spending development is even attributable to the change to accomplish care healthiness strategies and their instrument of supervisory prices. Accomplished care attendance has abridged wrong hospital times and has still been directed to a lesser price per hospital charge.

Physician proceeds in America are extreme and have been directed to amplified expenditures. Some contend that obligation loads from medicinal schooling and also distance of exercise take part to safeguard higher returns to the doctors (Mehrotra, A. 2022). Associated with other industrial countries, United States physicians relish higher salaries comparative to the regularly employed people. Change away from payment for the facility may assist in reducing general costs.

In conclusion, the drifts in wellbeing expenses and also the causative to those tendencies turns out to be a significant national queries (Mehrotra, A. 2022). Data and economics are only superficial to clarify the increase in prices. By considering the weaknesses and strengths of the numerous statistics used in a quarrel about health care expenses, a conversation is enthused to a supplementary expressive level and expectation to concept change.


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