What is a Quality Triangle?

Quality triangle as mentioned above is the graphic aid that is being used to look at the completion of the project along with the cost and the time aspects. This is important mainly because of the fact that unless and until the project is completed within the stipulated time and the cost it cannot be considered to be a success. The project scope also is also an important parameter that needs to be considered. This is mainly because of the fact that in many a cases when there is no clear scope that is mentioned we tend to go overboard on the time and the budget as there is no clear focus on the part of the team.

These three factors are opposing each other and thus Quality triangle tries to portray these three important parameters that are used in order to make things more easier for the people who are working in the project so that they get their act right. Thus quality triangle is a tool that is used by the project teams so that they are able to meet these constraints. There is another way to look at it. The three important parameters that are important for the project may be the finances, the time required to complete the project and the human capital that is required to do the job.

In a Quality triangle, both the inner and outer triangle is used to portray these aspects and thus it gives a more graphical representation which would make it easier for the team to understand and at the same time this would help them in planning things according to the changes in the situation. This would also help the project team to plan out for the contingencies that are present in any project. The distance between the inner and the outer triangle would be used to depict the contingency that is there in each of three aspects. Thus this would help the team to focus on those aspects, that are important and needs attention rather than focusing on other parameters that are going on smoothly.

Lewis was of the opinion that in any project the three most important contrasting functions needs to be identified and at the same time this should form the three sides of the triangle and at the same time the area represents the amount of opposition that they are bound to face from these factors. The real value of the area can give us a clear idea about the complexity of the project and it could help us in prioritizing those factors that needs attention in any project. Thus by looking at various aspects that can be depicted using this graphical aid we can safely assume that this would help the project team in planning out the project in a better manner and ensure that the whole team is focused on improving those factors that are important for the project.

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