What Is The C_(p) And Cpk_(pk) Index Number When You Have A Six-sigma Capability? A) Cp=1.0 And Cpk=0.5 B)

What is the C_(p) and Cpk_(pk) index number when you have a six-sigma capability? a) Cp=1.0 and Cpk=0.5 b) Cp=1.5 and Cpk=2.0 c) Cp=3.0 and Cpk=6.0 d) Cp=2.0 and Cpk=2.0 e) None of the above

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In Six Sigma methodology, Cp (Process Capability Index) and Cpk (Process Capability Index with respect to the process center) are used to assess the capability of a process to meet customer specifications.

These indices are calculated using the following formulas:

Cp = (USL – LSL) / (6 Standard Deviation)

Cpk = min(USL – Mean) / (3 Standard Deviation), (Mean – LSL) / (3 * Standard Deviation))

USL is the upper specification limit

LSL is the lower specification limit, and the Mean is the process mean or average.


In a Six Sigma process, you typically aim for a Cp of 2.0 and a Cpk of 2.0. This level of capability means that the process is capable of producing products or services that are well within customer specifications, with a very low defect rate.

So, the correct answer to your question is:

d) Cp=2.0 and Cpk=2.0