Your Company Of Your Choice Is Considering Implementing A Balanced Score Card BSC To Improve

Your company of your choice is considering implementing a balanced score card BSC to improve its performance and transform its self into an efficient entity with a clear vision, capable of implementing and evaluating and controlling its strategies. 1.Prepare a Balanced score card (BSC) with three specific goals that your company could set for each of the four perspectives of the Balanced score card (BSC). 2.Explain how they would use the four perspectives of the Balanced score card (BSC) and how they are interconnected.

Company use Econet Wireless for Zimbabwe

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To develop a well-rounded Balanced Scorecard (BSC) for Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, it’s crucial to carefully analyze the company’s goals and performance indicators from different angles. The BSC usually comprises four perspectives: Financial, Customer, Internal Processes, and Learning and Growth. Each perspective sheds light on a distinct aspect of the company’s overall performance.

Balanced Scorecard for Econet Wireless Zimbabwe

1. Financial Perspective:

Goal 1: Boost Revenue

Objective: Increase annual revenue by 15%.

Goal 2: Cut Costs

Objective: Reduce operating costs by 10%.

Goal 3: Invest in Innovation

Objective: Allocate 20% of the budget to research and development.

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2. Customer Perspective:

Goal 1: Happy Customers

Objective: Achieve a customer satisfaction rating of 90%.

Goal 2: Expand Market Share

Objective: Increase market share by 5%.

Goal 3: Reliable Services

Objective: Maintain network reliability with 99.5% uptime.

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3. Internal Processes Perspective:

Goal 1: Work Smarter

Objective: Reduce service activation time by 20%.

Goal 2: Upgrade Infrastructure

Objective: Improve network infrastructure to support increasing data demands.

Goal 3: Improve Call Quality

Objective: Achieve a call success rate of 98%.

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4. Learning and Growth Perspective:

Goal 1: Train Employees

Objective: Provide training to enhance technical and customer service skills.

Goal 2: Happy Employees

Objective: Increase employee satisfaction to 85%.

Goal 3: Embrace Innovation

Objective: Implement two new technological innovations per year.

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Financial Success drives Customer Success:

More revenue allows for better customer-focused initiatives.

Customer Success drives Internal Process Success:

Satisfied customers lead to efficient internal processes.

Internal Process Success drives Learning and Growth:

Efficient processes free up resources for employee training.

Learning and Growth drives Financial Success:

Skilled and engaged employees contribute to innovation and growth.

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe can create a comprehensive plan by taking into account these interconnected viewpoints. This will help align their operations and resources with their overall vision and mission. Continuously assessing and adapting their goals and KPIs will guarantee that the Balanced Scorecard continues to drive performance improvement and transformation effectively.